Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Merry Doikmas!!

Merry Doikmas to Everyone!!  Of course, do I have any photos? Of course not! It gets too busy and loud and crazy to stop and take photos. Next year. Maybe. Anyhow, here are the highlights ...
  • Menu was Merry Quichemas and a Sloppy New Year. That means we had several different quiches (from Puffy Muffin) and Sloppy Joes. Because that seemed right. We also had marshmallows for dipping and other stuff, but again, in the heat of the festivities, a lot gets lost. We also had our own personalized drinks. In other words, it makes Doikmas a lot easier if you can order out for stuff.
  • Gifts - there were a lot of them. Nobody draws names, and this year you could get anybody whatever you wanted. We did make a smart move and let the little girls open theirs first so they could play while the adults opened theirs. And the other smart move was hiring Melissa to play with them during that time. We get better at Doikmas each year!
And here are the photos ...

Our Doikmas Welcome Sign by Lindley.
Obviously if your name was not on the sign, you weren't invited.

Maribeth's contribution to the meal was cheesecake -
From Junior's in NYC.
Ordered out and sent in.
Brilliant!  And delicious!!

Multiply this number of gifts by 10 and you have an idea
of how many gifts there were. A Lot!!
Our Doikmas Drinks - adults only!!

Doikmas fun!!

And the Doikmas Dinner!
Or at least the remainder ...
Blessings today include: family time Doikmas; Melissa coming over to help; delicious dinner and dessert; terrific gifts

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