Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Or you can't teach an old dog new tricks.  Or as Anne of Green Gables said, "I never make the same mistake twice." To which Marilla replied: "I don't know as that's much benefit when you're always making new ones." In other words, take your pick of quotes - it's happened again.  To me.

"What happened?" you might be wondering.  Four words - iPhone - top of car.  That equation turns equals new iPhone (again) for LaLa. But I digress.  Let me explain.

Today I picked up Lindley and Everley from school and brought them home.  Maribeth had volunteered to pick up JAlex for dinner if I did the school run.  Anyhow, we played and watched Disney Jr and ate dinner.  Everley and Maribeth went home.  Sam, Lynnette, and Lindey prepared to go home.  I went out to accompany Lindley, apparently with my phone in hand.  Lindley asked for some milk for the ride home, and of course I returned to the house to comply with her request.  I gave her the cup-o-milk and she and Lynnette left in her car and I returned to the house.

About five minutes later, I realized that I did not have my phone.  Of course I checked all the usual places (which would be all over the house), to no avail.  I had the feeling that my phone had been left on top of Lynnette's car. Since we have no landline and Steve was out of town, my only method of communication was email.  Which Sam or Lynnette may not read immediately.  I emailed them both, asking them to call my phone, just in case I had put it INSIDE Lynnette's car.  I then emailed Maribeth, asking her to call them.  Maribeth answered the email and called them.  Meanwhile, I got in my car and started driving the route that Lynnette probably would have taken to her house - by the way, it was pitch-black dark by then.

Long story short, there was no phone to be found.  Anywhere.  No phone lying around or shattered about.  Maribeth tried calling my phone, but it went straight to voicemail.  She tried the "Find My iPhone" thingy, but there was no response.  So I determined it was dead, possibly on I65, shattered by some semi. (Later Molly would determine that it probably fell off on our street, and some unsavory person who apparently roams the streets looking for random iPhones found it, turned it off, and has since sold it for millions of dollars).

By this time, it was around 8pm.  Maribeth said she would go with me to Target, where we would purchase a new iPhone.  However, when we got there, the person in charge of telephones in the electronics department had left for the day.  Meanwhile I had already made the next appointment at the Genius Bar at the Apple Store - which would be at noon tomorrow.  We determined that we would go to the Apple Store, regardless of the fact that (a) we had no appointment at the Genius Bar, and (b) it would be closing in thirty minutes.

We arrived at the store and noticed the line of people outside the store (apparently waiting for their iPhones).  We ignored the line and went inside, where Dude #1 checked us into his iPad.  Soon Dude #2 came to us, I explained the circumstances, he explained my options, and thirty minutes later I walked out with a brand new iPhone 6 (the smaller one).  And a new two-year contract.  And considerably less spending money than I had thirty minutes earlier.

I am not sure this will ever happen again.  This time I did purchase Apple Care, which may or may not have been a wise choice.  I just hope I purchased the right iPhone - like one that does not like to travel on top of cars!!

Today is a gift because:  Taking Molly to the airport; picking up the girls at school; Maribeth picking up JAlex dinner; iPhone experience with Maribeth's help

Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday, Monday

So it looks like it's going to be a typical Davidson travel week.  Some going out, some coming back, some packing/unpacking/repacking suitcases, and a few airport runs.  Oh, and some are just staying put.

For instance, Steve is flying to Ft. Lauderdale today until Wednesday. Meanwhile, Molly (who returned from Orlando last night) will be flying to Las Vegas tomorrow.  Sam is going somewhere (but he's always going somewhere). Steve will return on Wednesday but then head to Columbus, MS, on Friday for a GDiz visit and the BIG GAME between MSU and Texas A&M on Saturday.  But before that, I will fly to Orlando on Thursday, meeting Molly who will be flying in from Las Vegas. Sam will be flying in and out, going places (we check the family Google calendar and/or Facebook to see his exact whereabouts).  That at least gets us through Saturday - I think.

The rest of the family will stay home and take care of things (get the mail and the paper, water the plants, scoop the poop, and otherwise keep the house standing).  It's not that they don't never get to go anywhere - it's just their travel time hasn't arrived yet.  It will come, and I will be the one at home taking care of stuff. And that will be a pretty good thing!
Today is a gift because:  Airport run for Steve; getting a few things accomplished at home; taking Everley to school

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Last Sunday In September

Yup, September is rolling right on past.  Since I've spent much of the month out of town (no comments, please), the passing of September days seems even more rapid.  It seems as the days of summer are quickly turning into the days of fall and even (eeks!) slipping into the holidays.  So I guess I'd better get caught up (and we all know what that means!).

So today, the last Sunday of September, I am choosing to be thankful.  Thankful for the opportunities to travel and a home to return to.  Thankful for granddaughters who can make me feel old and young at the same time.  Thankful for cats who will rip up the corners of my furniture and cuddle up at night and purr in my ear.  Thankful for friends to have fun with and who hang with me through the tough times.  Thankful for feet that may be slow but still carry this body over the miles I chose to wog. Thankful for my family who knows the good, the bad, the ugly, and everything else, and yet continues to look forward to the next thing.  Thankful for this life which may not be everything that I had planned, but much more than I deserve and certainly more than I could ever hope.

So today, as September continues to roll on past, I am choosing to be thankful.  Because in the end, that's the true value of each day - recognizing that with which we have been blessed. Every day is truly a gift - and I hope you've found yours today!
Today is a gift because:  Lindley and Everley time; dinner with the family

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Fun In The Airport

After the not-so-fun embarkation part of our cruise, we were a bit wary as to how the debarkation would go.  Apparently the people leaving the ship last Saturday spent hours getting through customs and to the airport.  We decided to do our best to avoid all that.  We should have remembered one of the Davidson Rules of Travel - if you think you need extra time, you will get to your destination many hours before you need to; however, if you think you have plenty of time, you'd better be checking the flight schedule for a flight the day following your scheduled flight ... because you're probably going to miss it.

So, we decided we would keep our luggage and walk off with it rather than have to wait for it in the luggage room.  All walk-off passengers were told to go to one of the lounges at 7am.  We did and waited a bit and then walked off - and to a waiting cab.  The whole process took about 10 minutes. So we ended up at the airport about five hours before we were scheduled to leave.

Just to give you an idea, we got to our gate and the only people down there were the cleaning crew and a few of the kiosk employees.  There weren't even any other passengers down there yet.  If only they had lounge chairs there, we could have taken a nice long nap.  Instead we had a few snacks and I bought a book to read on the way home (since we would be flying over the ocean for around 90 minutes and I needed the distraction).  Eventually (and I mean hours later) more passengers showed up, and eventually we boarded our plane for Tampa.

We had a short layover in Tampa and soon we were headed home.  Time to unpack the suitcase and sleep in my own bed for a new nights before ...  You know the drill - stay tuned!
Today is a gift because: safe, smooth flight over the ocean; great book ("Natchez Burning" by Greg Isles) to keep me busy during the flights; short wait in Tampa; sleeping in my own bed

Friday, September 26, 2014

St. Kitts

Today is the last day of our cruise and our last port.  Tomorrow we will be back in San Juan, waiting for our plane to take us back to reality.  But we still have one more day to enjoy the Southern sun ... Except that today the sun decided to hide behind the rain clouds.  All week we've had beautiful sunny weather, so for one day, and the last one at that, I suppose we can handle a little bit of rain.

Anyhow, my sister Marilyn and her husband have been vacationing in St. Kitts all week, so the plan was for us to meet up for lunch (we were supposed to dock around 11am).  As the ship headed into port, Steve and I decided to go to the top deck to watch the ship sail in, and maybe see if we could see Marilyn and Eddie.

We looked at all the people beyond security, and sure enough, we saw a couple over to the side with a sign.  Of course our binoculars were down in our cabin, but we were pretty sure it was Marilyn and Eddie.  I even asked the lady next to me if her camera would zoom in, but even it had its limitations. Anyhow, we waved and the couple waved back, and sure enough it was them!


Today is Steve's birthday, so we all went to a nearby restaurant and had a great birthday lunch.  The rain came and went, and came and went some more.  After lunch we shopped around a bit more, then decided that we would each go to our own (and dry) vacation homes (for this week anyway).  They went back to their resort and Steve and I headed back to the ship.  It was really fun to be able to meet up this way!

Tonight we will see our favorite server Sylvester at Palo, where we will definitely eat too much.  Isn't that the way one ends a great vacation?!
Today is a gift because:  lunching and shopping with Marilyn and Eddie; seeing them from the ship with their sign; dinner with Sylvester

Thursday, September 25, 2014


Barbados. Compared to the other islands, Barbados is very flat. We had no excursions planned, so we just got off the ship and decided to head into town. The ship’s shopping literature said that there would be a complimentary shuttle to town. It also said that it is against the law for anyone, even for children, to dress in camouflage clothing or carry items made with camouflage material - so glad I left mine at home.  However, in the case of the shuttle, complimentary meant there would be one available, not free. However, since we did not know exactly where we were going, the $2/person charge was acceptable.

We walked out to the shuttle/taxi department, thinking there would be a bus marked Disney Cruise Line. However, we were directed to the line of white minivans. One was filled and was leaving, so we were directed to get into the next one. Eve (as in Adam and Eve in the Bible and now we’re in the Garden – as she told us), our driver, told us the fare amount, and I handed her a $5 bill. She didn’t have change, so I told her to keep it – I am a big tipper. Anyhow, we now got to wait until the van got filled. After a few minutes, another couple from the neighboring NCL cruise ship got on. We started chatting (because we were obviously going nowhere with only four people in the van). They asked us about the Disney cruise and about Nashville and what would be the benefits of retiring there. They were from Tampa, originally from Puerto Rico, so mainly I wanted to impress upon them the fact that the weather might be a little colder. Anyhow, after about five more minutes, an older lady couple got on and then a few more and then a few more until we finally had a full bus. Eve dropped us off in town and headed off to the beach with the Tampa couple.  

We got a really sweet deal on this excursion ...
We wandered about town, purchasing nothing, although we were shown necklaces made by one dude and offered a three hour tour by some other dude. We declined both offers and decided to walk back to the port rather than try to find Eve or some of her counterparts. Eventually we made it back to port and on the ship, where we commenced our usual afternoon activities.

Tomorrow we go to St. Kitts, where we will meet my sister Marilyn and her husband Eddie. They’ve been vacationing there all week, so they should know where to go. Or at least know a cab driver or two…

Today was a gift because: beautiful weather; Eve and our fellow bus riders; walking about town and seeing all the sites; walking back to the ship along the water

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Highs Of Grenada

Today we didn’t have an excursion and decided to just walk around town on our own. The day was beautiful – and very, very hot. With the temperature in mind, we decided to get off the boat in the morning, before the heat became broiler level.

We walked around town before deciding to walk up to the fort. And by up, I meant way, way up. Eventually we made it, or should I say my heart made it. The views from the fort are breathtaking – the fort, not so much. It’s a little confusing, because the fort is in disrepair, yet the fee is $2/person to look around. In one part of the fort, a man was standing outside shaving. In another part, one room is dedicated to being a weight and workout room. There was a military-type person outside of this room, but he offered no information on the fort or the room. We walked around and took some pictures and decided to go back to town. As in downtown – way down a couple of flights of stairs.

Once there we shopped a little. We had walked past a optometry shop that was selling breast cancer t-shirts, so I went in to get one. The employees were all dressed in cute little red uniforms – quite a difference in my usual optometry shops at home. I asked for an XL t-shirt and the lady had to look a bit. Judging by the size of their red uniforms, they don’t sell many size XLs.

Anyhow, we decided to call it a day and head back to the ship. At least there we can cool down a bit!

The Fort.  From down below.  Waaaay down below.
Steve on watch.  Hopefully not aiming for our ride home ...

Did I mention how far down our ship is? And this is only halfway down!
However, going down is MUCH easier than going up!
Today is a gift because:  beautiful weather; walkabout with Steve; t-shirt shopping and optometry ladies; watching men buying fish

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

St. Lucia - Segway Style!

Today our excursion was a Segway tour of St. Lucia. Steve had never been on a segway before, so he was not so sure about the whole thing. But once he got on and realized how much fun it was, he was hooked! Our tour guides were terrific and we had a great time. After our tour was over, we came back to the ship for our regular activities – eat/pool/nap. St. Lucia is a beautiful island and the weather was perfect (just warm), which made for a terrific day!

The machines await - let's not even think about the last time those helmets were sanitized ...
Our guide explaining the view of what we're seeing - clearly someone is listening intently.

Our next stop is up this hill - on foot.  It's steeper than you think ...

Once your heart gets you up the hill (and is still pumping), you get to feed the fishies.

This is the fish pond (and the bread we fed the fish).
Do you see the naturally made face in the side of the hill?

Soon it's time to go back down the hill.  Which was much easier than going up.

One of several bunkers built into the side of the hill.
They were used to store ammunition during the battles between
France and England to control the island.

Our mid-excursion snack.  Fresh watermelon, mangoes, oranges, bananas, and coconut juice.

Clearly a Segway Master.

"Look!  No Hands!"  Of course, the segway is not moving ...

Another stop on our tour - Segway Master considered being a boat captain.  Didn't happen ...

I think there's a job opening here...

As long as you pass Marie's muster ...
Today is a gift because: fun tour, fellow excursion-mates, and tour guides; beautiful day; beautiful sights of St. Lucia

Monday, September 22, 2014

Hello Antigua!

Today we docked in St. Johns, Antigua. We booked the excursion “Amazing Antigua” in order to see the island and learn about it. We scored on both accounts. Our bus tour and tour guide Mikeela took us all over the island, showing us old forts and telling us about the island’s history.

Of course, my first thought when getting off the boat was, “IT’S HOT!” Because it is hot. But several times we found a spot in the shade and the breeze was quite lovely. The hot – not quite so lovely.
The view from our place - from where the Magic is docked.
The view from one of the old fort sites.
Another view of Nelson's Dockyard down yonder.
Even though the tour included a rum drink, we behaved, thus preventing a night's stay here ...
Once our tour was over, we headed back to the ship for our usual plans – eat and then pool/nap (you guess who did what).

Tomorrow we’ll be in St. Lucia – never been there either!
Today is a gift because: fun and exciting excursion on the island; tour guide Mikeela; seeing our KY table mates on another tour

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Pilot Boats

Last night as the ship was leaving San Juan, we watched as the Pilot Boat pulled up alongside the Magic to pick up the pilot. In several ports, a local boat pilot person will board the boat to guide the ship in and out of port. Along with the pilot boat, there was a police boat to insure things were safe (from people in rouge boats, I guess).

As I watched, I thought about having pilot boats in life. Wouldn’t it be great if, when you were in uncharted and unfamiliar territories, that someone would pull up beside you and guide you to a safe landing? Wouldn’t it be great if there was also a someone who stayed close, to keep you out of trouble and to keep others from hurting you? Wouldn’t it be great if you never had to worry, because you always knew these two would be there whenever you needed them, and in sometimes, whether you needed them or not?

And then I thought about today being The Lord’s Day, and what that really means. I thought about that God is indeed those pilot and police boats, all rolled into one. God is the one who will steer us into safe territory and keep us safe when the territory is not safe. All we have to do is allow him to come into our lives and let him take charge.

Sure, Captain John could refuse any help and hope for the best. But he knows better and accepts the help he needs. Surely I can be that smart and rely on The One who knows all and loves me more than I could ever imagine. Today, on His day, I am thankful for my Pilot Policeman, and hope that I will always be open to His direction in all things.

Today is a gift because: quiet day at sea; meeting our other tablemates from Kentucky

Saturday, September 20, 2014

We're On The Ship!!

Our original plan was to leave the hotel around 10 and head to the port. We figured we could just as well sit around the cruise terminal as sit around the hotel, and hopefully be on the ship in time to eat lunch. At 9:30 we decided to go ahead, thinking we’d just spend a little more time at the terminal. We had no idea how long that little more time would be …

We arrived at the port just as it started to rain. No problem, since we would be waiting outside under a covered area. We were probably 25th or so in line. People continued to arrive as we all waited. And waited and waited. Nobody was going in. Steve and I started entertaining ourselves by talking about the other cruisers (because that gives them license to talk about us). There were many people who were part of groups – as evidenced by their matching t-shirts. There were many people who were long-lost friends – as evidenced by their hugs and yells. There were many people who spoke Spanish – as evidenced by their speaking Spanish. And after awhile, there were many more of all of these many peoples.

Finally after about two hours, the Puerto Rico DCL people let us in the door. Steve and I got checked in and looked for chairs to sit in. There were about 25 for the Concerierge people (who paid good money to get a chair) and about 25 for the other 2000 cruisers. Steve and I sat in the common folks chairs for awhile until the talking and yelling and happiness of those around us started closing in on me, and I suggested we go stand somewhere. Steve agreed and we found a spot closer to where I hoped we would be entering the walkway to the ship. I just didn’t know it was going to take another two hours. In a lobby full of 2000 people waiting to get on the ship. It started to get warm and the available air began to disappear and nobody would tell us what was going on. Finally, the world turned on its axis and they started letting the passengers in.

On board, Steve and I headed to eat, because that’s what we do. It was already 1:30, which meant as soon as we finished eating, our room would be ready. Steve, of course, headed for the pool. I, or course, headed for the room and a nap. The bad news for Steve is that the ship had run out of Coca-Cola, which meant there was none aboard. Except for the 2-liter bottles that were by the drink machine. Anyhow, he managed to get through it, mainly because I shelled out the money to buy him a canned Coke at the bar.

We did the lifeboat drill thing (our station is inside a restaurant, which leads me to believe that perhaps we will be last to board the leftover lifeboats) and then Steve started watching the MSU-LSU football game. We had to turn it off for dinner (we met two of our tablemates, a couple from Missouri – the other people were MIA tonight), but skipped out on dessert so Steve could watch the last of the game. It was very nerve-wracking, but MSU pulled it out for the win! Now the ship can set sail. And it eventually did, about two hours later than scheduled.

Anyhow, the good news is we’re on the boat, the Coke shortage has been remedied and is now flowing freely,  and we’re headed out for a week to places we've never been. Sounds like a plan to me!!

Today is a gift because: cab driver and getting to port; lots of waiting at the port; finally getting on the ship and making Palo ressie; naps and pool time; dinner and tablemates; MSU win; watching the pilot boat pick up the pilot

Friday, September 19, 2014

Just Another Day In San Juan

It’s hot in San Juan. Sure, I should have known that by now, but having spent a week in Alaska and a few days in a cooled-down Nashville, I was not prepared for this heat.

I roused myself from bed to go to the CVS down the street to get some drinks (I refused to pay the quadrupled prices in the hotel). Having spent most of the morning lounging around in the hotel room, I was shocked by the onslaught of hot mugginess that I encountered. And where was Steve? Out in his element – in the blazing hot sun on the beach. And yes, I do prefer to have pasty white legs rather than cook them in the broiler that is known as the beach. And yes, Steve did offer to procure an umbrella should I wish to join him. I wished not.

See Steve?  He's framed perfectly between the rails.

Now do you seem him?  The one sans umbrella!!!
Anyhow, I got the drinks and took Steve one – and promptly turned on my heels and headed back to the cool comfort of the hotel room. I am on vacation, you know.

After baking for his pre-determined length of time, Steve also returned to the room and cleaned up. We then strolled down to the Starbucks where we both got a drink and then to Wendy’s so Steve could get some lunch. Because when you’re out of town, you go to the local places – and in this case, Starbucks and Wendy’s counts. We then decided to pack it in and pack up for tomorrow – we have a boat waiting on us!!

Today was a gift because: walking about the neighborhood, not evaporating in the heat (probably because there’s a lot of me to evaporate)

Thursday, September 18, 2014

We Made It!

Molly picked us up for an airport run at 7am (our first flight was 8:15). While Steve and I were at the gate waiting to board, I noticed a couple across from us who had a DCL Castaway Club bag. She noticed my bag and we discovered we are both on the same cruise. (I saw another lady board who was carrying a very elaborate pirate hat - I'm guessing she's on the cruise, too). The lady (wife?) of the couple (they look like maybe they are in their 40s) said they were meeting up with their facebook group (yeah, we missed that memo) and doing some stuff in San Juan.

We flew to Tampa and waited for our next flight - the one that flies into the heart of hurricane territory and over the ocean. We noticed several other family groups that are probably headed for the same reason to San Juan. In fact, as we were boarding and I was searching for Steve (he's always A16 on Southwest and I am A16++ or B), I heard someone who was already seated say, "I think she's going on the same cruise we are!"

Once we are all seated and ready to go, the flight attendant, in her feeble attempt to be cute, said, "Oh, and today's the pilot's first trip. He's going to try something special!" Not funny, lady. Especially since the pilot kept the seatbelt sign on most of the flight and had the flight attendants sit down the whole time because of "weather." And the fact that the internet did not work for 90 minutes because we were out of range of the internet. Like over the ocean. Which wouldn't be a big deal except for the fact that I was unable to check out the weather so I would know exactly how much longer the seat belt sign was going to be on.

Nevertheless, we made it to San Juan without further incident. We got a cab to the hotel, angering a man who was trying to get in our taxi without going through the taxi police station. Luckily the taxi driver took care of the situation, telling the man that he needed to go to the taxi station and get the white piece of paper that Steve was holding. We got in our cab and soon we were at our hotel, passing a Starbucks, Wendy's, and Dunkin Donuts. Steve went out and got a pizza, which we ate, and then I pretty much went to bed - happy vacation!

Tomorrow there are no real plans, just hanging around. I'm sure Steve will head to the pool and/or beach. I shall concentrate of getting out of the bed.  It may be harder than you think ...
Today is a gift because: safe flights to Tampa and San Juan; room ready when we got to hotel; close stuff to walk to; i-chatting with Everley and Lindley; night thunderstorm

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

And We're Going To ...

San Juan, Puerto Rico.  But only for a few days.  Then we (that would be Steve and I) are getting on the Disney Magic cruise ship (don't even say it).  Technically, Molly and Steve (and I) booked this cruise eons ago when it first was announced. It's the first time the Magic has docked and left from San Juan (although Molly and I were on a Disney cruise that did make a stop here). Unfortunately, Molly found out she has a conference that she was "strongly advised" to attend during this time period, so she won't be with us (insert sad face here). Steve booked the pre-cruise stuff, which is why we're here a few days early.  I've tried to ignore it all, since I am aware of how long (two flights) that it will take us to get there, and the possibility of hurricanes (hello hurricane season!). Anyhow, now you know where I'm headed next.

I am looking forward to the cruise.  Steve will be spending most of his time at the pool, so I will be free to do nothing. The ports we are going to are: St John's, Antigua; Castries, St. Lucia; St. George's Grenada; Bridgetown, Barbados; and Basseterre, St. Kitts. Never been to any of them. My sister Marilyn and her husband are spending a week in St. Kitts, so we will meet them there for lunch on the 26th.  All in all, it looks to be a pretty fun vacation!

At least until the 27th, when I have to get back on that plane during hurricane season to fly over the ocean back to Nashville via Tampa ... I know, you have no pity for me at all!!
Today is a gift because:  getting packed for next adventure

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Back Home ... For Now

Yes, September is a busy month.  There are races to run and birthdays to celebrate (and in the fashion that 2014 seems to dictate).  There are places to go and people to see.  So today I will unpack one suitcase, wash clothes, and start to think about packing another.

It's a blessing to have the opportunity to travel.  It's a blessing to be at home.  When they both occur in quick succession in a limited period of time, it tends to get to be overwhelming.  Travel has lots of possibilities for seeing and doing new things.  Being home has lots of responsibilities for cleaning stuff and catching up on stuff.  But somehow, neither proves to have any opportunity to rest.

I'm not complaining - really.  I just wish I had it all together enough to keep it all together all the time.  Maybe I should just have a bag packed, ready to go.  Maybe I should keep an eternal list of everything that needs to be done at home, all the time. Nah - I think I will just enjoy the moment - wherever it is.  Because more than likely, by tomorrow I'll have forgotten it.

Now to pay bills and catch up on the mail.  And where I am going again?
Today is a gift because:  Sonic for dinner with the family; Lindley and Everley time; catching up on the home stuff

Monday, September 15, 2014

And We're Done!

Usually we head back to Nashville right after the Closing Ceremonies of the 3-Day.  But Southwest didn't have any late flights, so we decided to spend the night and head back early this morning.  It proved to be a great idea, since we didn't have to pack last night and rush to the airport in our walking clothes.  Instead we were able to eat dinner, take any needed meds, and sleep one last night in Philly. We considered a night bus tour of the city, but decided to return one day - when 60 miles isn't on the schedule!

After doing this walk three years in a row, Team Udderly Pink has decided to take a break.  How long is anybody's guess.  Last year we said we wouldn't do it again, and you see what happened.  So you never know ...  But for now, we're holding firm to a break.

But the thing is, once you do these events, you're forever tied to them. And why?  It's not because of the thrill of walking 60 miles and patching your feet and taking Tylenol on a schedule.

It's because of people like the lady in this picture, who was at the last few feet of this weekend's walk.

It's because of Marilyn and Emily and Mary and all the other survivors who live with a diagnosis and a cure.

It's because of those who live with a diagnosis and continue with radiation and chemotherapy in hopes of achieving that cure.

It's because of Debbie and all those who are gone too soon after battling and losing to breast cancer.

It's because that maybe raising some money and walking some miles may make a dent in finally finding a cure for breast cancer. Because there always has to be hope - hope for a future without breast cancer.

Today is a gift because:  safe, smooth flight back to Nashville with Lindley as my seatmate; talking and picking up Lindley from school; dinner with the fam; Lindley and Everley time

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Philly Breast Cancer Walk - Day 3

The rain was gone and today's weather promised to be perfect.  We got a later start today - the course didn't open until 7:30am, so we could sleep until 6:30!!  We headed to camp, ate breakfast, and soon were back out on the course.  Today's official course:  Approximately 14.6 miles - The final day will feature a complete tour of Center City. The day will be filled with all the hotspots and hidden treasures of Philadelphia! From the Constitution Center and City Hall to Love Park, there is much to see and enjoy. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Philadelphia walk without South Philadelphia and Pat’s Steaks. At the end of the journey, enjoy sharing a celebratory Closing Ceremony with your family and friends at the historic Navy Yard.

Molly prepping her tootsies for the day.
Molly - all dolled up and ready to go!!
Team Udderly Pink - Ready to head out for Day 3!!
It's 7:30am - do you know where your walker is?
We headed out and about, and were surprised to find ourselves headed back into town - right past our hotel!  But we kept going past several statues, historical buildings, and cheering supporters.  

One of our favorite supporters.  She's from Kentucky, and came up to cheer on a friend who's doing the walk!!

Somewhere along the route - our hotel's way back  yonder in the city ...
LOVE!  Need we say more?
Pit Stop!!
Lunch Stop!  Sam and Lindley met us for lunch!
Which was actually only 1.5 miles from our hotel,
but it took us 8 miles to get there ...
Walkers stopping at an unofficial pit stop.  Clearly a good time is being had by all ...
And we made it!!

Molly and KB taking those last few steps.
Molly is done!!  And done!
Molly's toes.  And ankles.  Ready for a rest.

Team Udderly Pink, 2014 Edition

Closing Ceremonies - we're behind the three people on your right.

Raising our shoes for the survivors as they walk in.
One of the most poignant moments of Closing Ceremonies.

We raise the flag to close out the walk -
And with that, the Philly 3-Day Breast Cancer Walk was over.  There were high points and low points, and happy times and not-so-happy times.  But we got through it as a team and hopefully made a difference in this fight against breast cancer.  Will we ever do it again?  We're not planning on it. But if you've never done one, and just might be considering it, let me know when you sign up.  You never know when Udderly Pink may make a comeback!!

Today I walked for Marilyn, Sandy N, Betty, Debbie H, and Andrea.

Today is a gift because: seeing a lot of the sights of Philadelphia; finishing the walk; Sam coming to Closing Ceremonies; Closing Ceremonies; bus ride back to hotel; dinner with Sam, Lynnette, Lindley, Sarah, and Melvin; KB getting her picture at the Rocky statue; not going back home and instead spending the night