Monday, March 31, 2014

Reclamation Day

Today's the day to reclaim my sunroom.  After months of being filled with our and other people's junk and boxes of junk, the sun room needed to return to its purpose - a room to sit in and enjoy.  The only bad part is the work that it's going to take to get it there.

First there's the cleaning out of the junk we put there in an effort to close up the yard sale.  Those things would include the no-longer-needed hangers, the tape/stickers/paper/etc that was needed to put prices and directions on all the yard sale junk, and all the stuff that team members decided we wanted to keep after all.  There's also the remains of a few Sonic runs, and doughnut runs, and pizza runs.  And maybe even a few leftover Twizzlers.  In other words, there's a lot to clean out.

There's also a lot to sort.  There's the stuff to sort to whomever decided to keep whatever it is.  There's stuff to sort as to whether it stays in the sunroom or finds a home elsewhere.  There's even stuff that belongs in the sunroom that needs to be sorted back into its proper location - wherever that may be.

Finally, there's some real cleaning that needs to happen.  There's dirt and dust and cobwebs and grit everywhere.  There's dusting and mopping and wiping, oh my.  That is, if I can get through all the mess to get down to the dirt.

Hopefully by the end of this week the sunroom will be back to normal and once again a nice place to sit on these delightful spring mornings.  Lindley and Everley can once again play and jump on the trampoline without having to navigate the maze of boxes and junk.  And I can start my workout routine (stop laughing!!) on all that exercise equipment that I will unearth in the mess.

And the last thing I will do?  Devise a booby trap for any person who tries to bring a box-o-junk into the room!!
Today was a great day because:  beautiful spring day; getting started on cleaning the sunroom; Steve cooking pork chops for dinner 

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Stick A Fork In Us - We're Done!!

A Beautiful, Clean Sight!!
With yard sales.  Forever.  We deign to hope ...

Today's weather was pretty much as expected - beautiful and sunny but a little chilly.  Nevertheless, we tried one more day to get rid of our treasures.  We had people come buy and we managed to get rid of more stuff in exchange for more dollars.  One lady came in a truck to pick up the mattress and box springs - and we pretty much loaded her truck down with as much stuff as possible - for around $15.  Once we were done, we loaded up the leftovers and some guy Sharon found came by and picked it all up.  And we're out.  Hoping this was it.  But we've said that before ...
Today was a great day because:  beautiful sunny day; KB and MB bringing lunch; Edible Arrangement sent by Marilyn; Steve's safe return home; Applebees for dinner; Molly visit; being D-O-N-E!!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

And Then It Was Garage Sale Day ...

And the rains came.  And it got colder.  But we had a few buyers, so we made a few dollars.  And thanks to my fantastic neighbor who lent us his tailgating tent, we stayed dry.  Maybe not so much warm.  Anyhow, we unloaded some stuff for some dollars.  Then the question became, "What do we do with all the leftover stuff?"  Should we have another garage sale in the next few months?  Should we just cram it all into boxes and get rid of it?  Should we continue this fun tomorrow, since we have the tables until Monday?

Low on energy, sustenance, and brain cells, we decided to let it all sit another day and continue the fun tomorrow.  When it's supposed to be cold but sunny.  I don't think we had any brain cells at all when we came up with this plan ...
Today was a great day because:  Udderly Pink yard sale fun; some of our purchasers; lunch from Jet's Pizza; sign putting-up with Molly; Lindley and Everley time; Everley sleeping over; chatting with David and Cody

Friday, March 28, 2014

'Twas The Night Before The Yard Sale ...

And I'm worn out.  I've had a hot shower and two Advil, and it's time for a little sleep before the big deal in the morning.

I didn't think we had much junk - until we started pulling it out and organizing it.  Lynnette came over at lunch and the rented tables arrived a bit later.  As we started to pull stuff out of the boxes and sacks, it just seemed to multiply - by tens and thousands!  Lynnette was a lifesaver, and we managed to get most of the stuff out before Molly arrived - with more stuff.  She unloaded her car and sorted stuff until Bruce and Sharon arrived - with more stuff.  They made a run to get rolls of plastic sheeting, as it's supposed to rain tonight/in the morning.  They helped sort more stuff until KB arrived - with more stuff.  Everyone sorted and unloaded.  Lynnette had left earlier to pick up Lindley, and probably take her own Advil.  Molly left with Adam and a load of books, dvds, and cds to sell at McCays.  Bruce and Sharon left to listen to a singer downtown.  KB priced a bunch a stuff and then left to clear her brain, but first helped cover the tables of stuff.

Now I just need to make a few signs and we'll be ready to go.  Let's just hope the rain stays away but the customers don't!!
Today was a great day because:  Lynnette came to help sort stuff and find out the ending of the stupid movie I was watching:  Molly, Bruce, Sharon, and KB helping with the yard sale; David and Cody bringing the bed down from upstairs; Lynnette and Molly bringing needed foodstuffs during the day

Thursday, March 27, 2014


So I like throw-it-back Thursday because it saves me a day to think deep thoughts.  This picture was our first trip back to Disney since Molly was a baby.  For those of you who don't know, this was a water park at Disney World.  It was called "River Country" and yes, the main "pool" was a lake/pond type thing.  These three hated it.  There was sand on the bottom and the water was murky and they were not fans.    But the most important thing was that Molly and Sam had the same haircut.  Anyhow, the next day we went to the other water park with the cement swimming pool, and all was good again.  And thus began our Disney dalliances ...
Today was a great day because:  3.1 miles with KB;  vacay plans for friends; visiting Molly and Rambo; phone chat with Marilyn; phone chat with Garmin watch dude

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I Hate Having Yard Sales

Nevertheless, I am having one on Saturday.  It became super-official today when I ordered the tables.  Yes I order tables.  Nobody has enough usable tables and junk sells better if it's off the floor.  It at least gives the appearance of something worth handing over some cash for.  And it's easier to sort the glut of junk we (the Udderly Pink team) have managed to cull from our homes.  Again.

So the question is, WHY ARE YOU HAVING A YARD SALE IF YOU HATE IT SO MUCH?  Basically, I am having it for the following reasons:

1.  The last time I had a yard sale, I swore by everything I know that I would never ever have another one.  For sure and for realzies.  That alone should have been an indication that I would have another one, possibly in the same year.  So this time, I am saying that I am having another one, date to be determined.  And I'm leaving it at that.

2.  Apparently the junk that was in my house and didn't warrant a yard sale position last year has now multiplied into an even huger plethora of stuff.  So I must get out the stuff that didn't make it and all of its junky offspring, before "Hoarders" calls and tries to film my house.

3.  Apparently the other members of Udderly Pink have also had the junk virus hit their homes, and they too have hoards of junk that must be excised from their homes.  Wonder if we picked up that virus from the 3-Day ...

4.  And then there's the other family members who have dumped generously donated their crap into my sunroom.  Yep, they're "helping the cause."  And getting their house cleaned out in the process.  Aren't they benevolent human beings?  They must have had excellent mothering.

5.  And finally, the real reason we're doing this is to raise money for our 3-Day Breast Cancer Walk, this time in Philadelphia in September.  If for some reason you can't make it to this bleepity-bleep wonderful occasion of a yard sale, feel free to donate your hard-earned cash to members of our team.  You can do that if you click here on Udderly Pink.  I've reached my goal, but my team members can use your help.  And your donation will help someone who's been diagnosed with disease and those who love her.

So, in conclusion, the yard sale is at my house this Saturday from 7am until noon.  Come and unload some of that money you've been stashing in that sock drawer.  Oh, and be sure to come to my next yard sale.  Because I'm having another one.  For realz ...
Today was a great day because:  Steve recovered from the stomach thingy he had yesterday; tables ordered for yard sale; moving/exchanging furniture ; Molly's electric fence dude; Sharon and Bruce bringing more crapola over; Molly bringing Wendys for dinner

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Nobody Needs A Grumpy Day

Last night I went to bed grumpy because I had not done some stuff that I needed to do.  Then during the night I had a dream that made me grumpy.  The dream was that I was on a cruise (Disney, duh) but on my cruise reservation it had the wrong name so I had to track down the cast members to get it straightened out, but then the people I was travelling with (I shall not name names because I am nice like that) would not tell me our stateroom number and I had to stand around trying to find our stateroom.  I finally started going to every stateroom to try to see if my key worked.  I had not found my stateroom by the time I woke up, so that put me in a grumpy wake-up mood.  Then my ankle started twitching and I was supposed to walk with KB, so that added to my grumpiness.  However, once we got out in the cold weather and started trudging down the road, things improved.  Still don't know where my stateroom is, though ...

Anyhow, as I was picking up my sausage biscuit from McDonald's, I wondered about how other people might handle their grumpy days.  Would the person preparing my sandwich spit in it because he/she was having a grumpy morning?  Would the person who had a grumpy dream behind me in line honk at me because I wasn't moving fast enough?  Would my cat scratch my one piece of unscratched furniture because I didn't feed her a can of tuna?  In a term used normally for good, What Would Grumpy Do?

I know what Grumpy would do - stay grumpy.  But maybe that's the lesson I have to keep in mind.  Just because I'm grumpy doesn't mean anybody else has to be.  Just because I can't find my stateroom is nobody's problem but mine, so why make problems for someone else (except the two offspring who wouldn't tell me).  In other words, Grumpy does not have to be as grumpy does.  Maybe it just takes shaking it off, or letting it go, or walking it off.  But most of all, it takes exchanging Grumpy for Happy.  After all, they are in the same gang!
Today was a great day because:  Two slow miles with KB; picking up McDs for breakfast; Steve's dancing solars for KB and Co; snowstorm; call from Miami half marathon about mailing me my medal

Monday, March 24, 2014

Everybody Needs A Zero Day Now And Then

Especially if it's on a Monday.  Today it was Lindley's turn.  This morning she told her mom that her belly hurt a little.  That, accompanied by Lindley's not eating her breakfast and the news that my and Maribeth's GI systems were a bit out of whack yesterday, led Lynnette to decide that perhaps today was a day to stay home from school for Lindley.  Lynnette had several clients, so I told her to bring Lindley over and she could stay with me today.

Well, there was no running to the bathroom or reticence from consuming apple crisps, so I'm guess that maybe things were quite as dire as Lindley might have believed.  She seemed to have recovered enough to go back home with her mom this afternoon, in hopes (for some more than others) that tomorrow school will once again be on the agenda.

But at least Lindley got a zero day - and I got a Lindley Day!!
Today was a great day because: spending the day with a not-so-sick Lindley; Everley time; getting my car cleaned; turtle brownies; picking up KB at the airport

Sunday, March 23, 2014

My Sunday. In Living Color.

This is how today sort of went down ...

Some people took naps ...
Some people got new sparkle skirts.  Don't they look like loving cousins?
Of course they do.  However, this was five minutes after the crying,
screaming fight about a toy and not sharing and wanting to play by
oneself.  Amazing the peace-keeping properties of a sparkle skirt!!

At some point during the late afternoon, I started having a few gastrointestinal
issues.  I decided that a hot shower would be in order.  As I was letting the steaming water warm up my body, I looked down at my feet and discovered that I had no nail polish on my big toe.  I was a bit amazed, as I had not taken off any fingernail polish on my big toe.  I felt the toenail in question, and there was a toenail there - but it was weird.  I then surmised that my toenail with polish had fallen off (this was the toenail that had the blister under it after the Dopey races in January).  Then the bigger question became, "Where is the painted toenail?"  Did anyone want to help me look? Of course not!  However, while I was picking up some stuff in the den, I found it.  Between Lindley's chair and Steve's chair.  So what does one do with an old toenail?  I will have to look on Etsy to get some ideas.
Anyhow, that was my Sunday - hope yours was equally as fun and exciting!!
Today was a great day because:  visiting Charity at Sonic; Lindley and Everley time; finding my lost toenail; finishing Lindley and Everley's sparkle skirts

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Saturday Stuff

After starting the day with Krispy Kreme, would could be next?  Well, I went to Molly's to help with cooking (I'm not much help) because we are again trying the thing where we Molly cooks a bunch of meals, the three of us (Maribeth, Molly, and me) divide the meals up, and we have some pre-made meals for the week.  I will say that the meals I made (some kind of spinach thing and some kind of boxed mashed potatoes thing) didn't look all that great, but I'm sure it will be lovely this week when I have nothing else to eat.

After that, it was time to go pick up Everley at the babysitter's.  She was not interested in going back to LaLa's house, so we stayed at her house and played around until Maribeth came home from her mail delivery route.  Then we had a battle of the wills to see if Everley would get in her carseat in my car (she wouldn't but had a great time playing in the back seat) or go back inside after her mommy had time to take a shower (she eventually did, but only after a promise of bath paint, crayons, etc).  After she got in the tub, I left, changed cars, and went to pick up Steve at the airport.

I'm not sure what the rest of the evening entailed, except for a hot shower and bed - which seemed like a pretty good way to end the day!!
Today was a great day because:  Lindley and Everley time; cooking meals with Molly; Steve's safe plane trip home; beautiful spring day

Friday, March 21, 2014

Another LaLa Sleepover!

Due to various commitments by their parental units, Everley and Lindley were open for another sleepover at LaLa's tonight.  Lynnette came over, prepared to also stay should I need reinforcements.  However that plan was nipped in the bud when Lindley asked twice when Lynnette was going to leave, and then told Lynnette that she could go ahead and leave and have some quiet time at home.  To which Lynnette complied.

After consuming something that resembled dinner, another viewing of  "Frozen," and a bath that involved several bath drops (little beads that turn the bathwater colors, but when you have two girls put in two drops each, it turns the water a color similar to wretched river water green), foamy soap, bath paint, and bath crayons (hey, whatever it takes to get them in the tub), we were soon ready for bed.  It was decided that since PawPaw was out of town, we would just all sleep in LaLa's bed.  There was a bit of position jockeying, but soon we were settled with Everley in the middle.  We watched a bit of Disney Jr until Lindley decided we could turn it off.  Then we had a bit of conflict resolution, since Everley likes to sleep sideways and kick whatever is closest to her feet - which might have been Lindley's stomach.  Then it was time to get up, change one's diaper while the other one went potty, and then brush teeth.  Back to bed and eventually to sleep.  With no more kicking.

And all was good for a few hours - at least until 7am, when it would seem that everyone was up, or in the words of Anna of Arendell, "The sky's awake so I'm awake." It was time for breakfast.  As in the breakfast of champions. 

Hey, a LaLa's got to do what a LaLa's got to do!!

Today was a great day because:  KB airport run; Lindley and Everley time; MB picking up Baja for dinner

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy Spring!!

According to various sources, today is the first day of Spring.  Of course, these sources would not be those who are still seemingly in the throes of winter - and expecting more to come.  In Nashville, we see it as a day on the calendar for hope for warmer weather, while we still keep an eye on our coats and gloves - and on our supply of milk and eggs in case of that freak winter storm that might come our way.

There are signs of spring.  My tulip tree is sprouting buds, which I hope don't get nipped by a sudden cold spell.  My knockout roses are showing new sprouts and I'm wondering if I should prune them back yet.  The grass is slowly turning green again and I'm wondering if that's the grass or weeds.  And as things turn green, I'm reminded of the cold winter we had by the brown parts of my yard, and I'm wondering what has actually survived.

Of course there are other signs of spring - baseball spring training in Florida (Steve's annual trip - that I didn't go on this year), college basketball's March Madness (which I understand is a doozey his year), and of course, Disney's Flower and Garden Festival (which I'm not at - at least yet). 

So I guess, spring is here - hope your winter is over!!

Today was a great day because:  I watched two more movies via DVD (a record week for me); got one or two things accomplished; four slow miles with KB

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I'll Always Come Back ...

One of my favorite artists is K. T. Oslin. For those of you who don't know her, google.  For those of you that do, then you should remember her song "I'll Always Come Back.".  I've thinking of this song since I'm behind blogging - again.  I've been thinking of this song because no matter what, unless physically incapacitated (and hopefully someone will inform you of this), I'll always come back to this blog and attempt to catch up (even though it was suggested that perhaps it's time to stop blogging - can you imagine?!!).

Anyhow, I would attempt to garner your sympathy with a lot of excuses as to why I'm behind - again - but there aren't any.  Just me still not with "the program" of my life.  I still haven't gotten my act together so that I can do everything I want to and need to with such skill that I amaze even myself.  But one day I will.  And I will be blogging with such regularity that it will put Ex-Lax out of business.  And my blog posts will be amazing and astounding.  And this temporary blip in my blogging world will be just another topic to remember and write about what was but is no longer.

Yup, it will happen.  And once it does, I shall blog about it.  So prepare to be amazed.  Just don't start preparing yet - I'm still several days behind ...
Today was a great day because:  watching DVDs at home; chatting with neighbors Lauren and Bennett; getting a few things accomplished; beautiful afternoon weather; two slow miles in the hood; getting registered for another half marathon

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tuesday Tidbits

This morning started with my looking at my online charge card statement, looking to see if Blows had refunded my phantom dryer money.  Lo and behold, they had - with a small problem.  It wasn't for the full amount that had been originally charged to my card.  This meant I was going to have another round with the Blows crew, and I certainly wasn't looking forward to it.  But, after only being routed to a few different store people, I finally talked with Angelica, who got right on the problem, figured it out, and said she would credit my account immediately.  Where was Angelica last Saturday?

Anyhow, with that issue being tackled and solved, I decided to make a Wal Mart run.  Being somewhat efficient, I had actually made a shopping list.  I grabbed my stuff on the way out the door, drove to the Mart, grabbed my stuff, and headed into the store.  I glanced at the list I had picked up from my desk, and - you guessed it - it wasn't the list that I had made, but some random scribblings from the last few days.  Luckily I remembered most of the list - and added only a few zillion more things.

Obviously I had accomplished so much in the morning, it would seem that I was on a run and would get much more accomplished.  Or maybe not.  Later that afternoon we had a girl party (since Sam and Steve were out of town) and had Calypso CafĂ© takeout at the Doik.  And since my copy of "Frozen" had arrived, it was a necessity to watch it - and the two Easter Eggs that somebody had read about (Rapunzel and Flynn Rider walking into the castle for the coronation and a Mickey Mouse doll on a shelf in the gift shop that Anna goes in).

And that was pretty much my Tuesday.  Exciting, huh?
Today was a great day because:  dryer issues settled; watching "Frozen" with the girls; Lindley and Everley time

Monday, March 17, 2014

Dryer Drama

Last Friday Steve's dad's dryer quit working.  Apparently the belts fell off or something (I have since learned that the dryer was 40+ years old, so it would seem that it was due for some belt-falling-off).  Anyhow, it was deemed that it was time for a new dryer.

I volunteered to take charge of this project, because it seemed fairly simple.  I could look online at a popular household-type store, let's call it "Blows" and order one to be delivered to him.  However, after thinking about it for a minute (my usual thinking timespan), I decided perhaps the easier thing would be to call the local store in his town and complete the transaction with a real person via telephone.

I called the store, chatted with Bubba, who filled out the form and then transferred me to Customer Service and I talked with Beatrice, who completed the order.  One of them took down the delivery address (although when Beatrice pulled up the order, she did ask me if my name was Rosa Mendoza or something - I should have heeded this red flag).  Anyhow, Bubba said that the dryer would be delivered on Saturday, although he didn't know when, but the delivery dudes would call.  Of course did I ask for a purchase order number or for the purchase order be emailed to me?  Of course not!!

Saturday arrived and I expected a call saying the dryer had been installed.  Steve's dad's birthday party was going on at his house, so I knew somebody would be there.  By the end of the day (and the party), however, no dryer had been delivered.  Steve's sister made a few calls and they eventually found the order - but under a different name (but with the correct address).  Again, did I heed the even redder flag?  Of course not!

Sunday came and went with no dryer.  I called Blows HQ and talked with Tinamarie, who couldn't pull up jack squat on her computer.  I assured her that I could clearly see that my Visa had been charged for a dryer, which apparently at this point had become a phantom dryer.  She then connected me with the local store and I chatted a few minutes with Ricky Bobby, who put me on hold while he talked with Joe Don, and then got back on the phone to tell me that the store was closed, the 'puters were shut down, and I would need to call back tomorrow.

So now we are at Monday with no dryer.  I called the store and talked with Operator Olive, who transferred me back to appliances.  Rita Mae was working (guess it was Bubba's day off) and after searching (and putting me on hold), she said she didn't have any record of any dryer.  She then transferred me to delivery, who answered the phone and then apparently put the phone in a barrel, as I was still connected but could hear nothing.

So I disconnected and called the store back and asked to chat with delivery again.  Marty answered and actually had the full story.  Apparently they delivered the dryer on Saturday.  To what address, I do not know.  However, when they got to the mystery address, the lady who answered the door said that she did not order a dryer and that the credit card had been stolen.  To which I told Marty that the credit card had indeed not been stolen, as I could plainly see that I had been charged for the dryer.  To which he said that when they called the store to report the no-dryer-ordered/stolen-credit-card dilemma, the store people told him to bring the dryer back to the store.  He then connected me back to customer service.

I then told this whole story to Yolanda, who said that I needed to talk to the manager and she would connect me.  After five minutes of being on hold, then being told that the manager was out on the floor and would need to be paged, and then holding some more, and then being told that the manager was on another call, Yolanda took my name and phone number and said the manager would call me back.  She didn't but Yolanda did and told me that the dryer was brought back and my credit card was refunded the money.  I told her I didn't see it on my online credit card information, and she said it would take three to five days to show up.

So Steve's dad had no dryer (and I would suppose a lot of wet clothes).  Yolanda said I would need to do the order all over, and connected me back to appliances and Rita Mae, who was not so thrilled about taking my order.  When I requested the dryer that I had ordered on Friday, she told me that they didn't stock that dryer anymore (I guess a lot happened over the weekend).  To which I replied (very nicely, I might add) that this whole process had been a mess, and thank you very much, but I was going elsewhere for my dryer needs.

Thirty minutes later, after calling a local appliance store in town, I had a dryer headed for GDizzle's house.  And Dizzle would have dry clothes by suppertime!! 

Now to go check my Visa statement ...
Today was a great day because:  breakfast with Marilyn, Eddie, KB, and Molly; hemming Everley's curtains and removing closet door; A1 Appliance people and getting GDiz a dryer

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Happy Birthday GDizzle!!

Happy Birthday Granddaddy!!
Today is Steve's dad's birthday.  He's 97 years old.  Although he has helpers who stay with him, he lives in his own home and gets out and about to tend to his business (like keeping Radio Shack in business).  And no, these goofballs with him are not part of a "GDiz and the GKids" pop group.  This picture just goes to show that no matter how old you get, you never have to stop having fun.  Especially if you have goofballs for grandkids!!
Today was a great day because:  family time; visiting Molly's house with Marilyn, Eddie, and a box of Krispy Kreme; Lindley and Everley time; SW trip planning with Molly

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Moving Mountains

"A man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones."    
- Anonymous -
I have a lot of mountains that I want moved.  Of course, I want them moved yesterday, preferably by someone else with little or no effort on my part.  But then would it really be my mountain, my victory?  Would I even notice that it had been moved?  Would I have learned something from it that would keep the same mountain from rising again?
A previous rock-moving adventure ...
Nope.  In order for my own personal mountains to be moved, I have to do it myself.  Sometimes with a little help from friends and always with a lot of help from Above.  I'll have to carry away a little at a time, perhaps not even noticing the slightest of change in the mountain.  But I'll keep working, keep removing stones, keep hoping that a change will happen, until one day I'll look up and see the mountain no more. 
Maybe that's why my mountain was there in the first place - to get me moving in the right direction.

Today was a great day because:  Marilyn and Eddie's safe arrival here and picking up lunch AND dinner; Lindley and Everley time

Friday, March 14, 2014

It's Friday, Y'All!

To start off the day, I took Steve to the airport for a 6am flight.  In case you haven't done the math, that means we left the house at 4:30am.  He's going to Orlando - I'm not (I know - shocking).  I managed to make it back home and into bed again by 5.  I caught a few zzzs before getting up again - I had stuff to do.

I had some bills that needed to get mailed, so I managed to accomplish that task before the 2pm mail pickup.  I considered doing some other errands, but since I was still in last night's pajama ensemble (sweat pants and WDW t-shirt), I decided perhaps not.  Instead I cleaned up (relatively) the upstairs in anticipation of Marilyn and Eddie's visit this weekend.

For lunch I decided to splurge (both calorie-wise and price-wise) and order my very own pizza, just the way I wanted it.  That meant it was a pan pizza with ground beef, ham, tomatoes, and pineapple on it.  And I ordered a 2-liter Dr. Pepper (I'm still basically off the colas, but today was an exception).  I think every bite was about 80 bazillion calories, but it was delicious.  I also had it for my afternoon snack and dinner - by that point I had had enough.

I had to revise some of the recent vacation plans that I had booked for Molly, so I did that, along with reading the internet a bit to catch up on the important news (basically, there are a lot of crazy people in this world).

Anyhow, the rest of the day was spent fiddling about, cleaning the kitchen (relatively) and moving stuff around in the effort to look like I cleaned up a bit.  Looks like I'll be up early tomorrow morning getting serious about getting the house in order!

Now to go watch the Redbox movie I rented ("The Family") and see what papers I can shuffle around on my desk - I like to at least look busy!!
Today was a great day because:  pizza lunch and delivery lady; transforming the guest bed quilt; quick visit to Molly's house; face-timing with Everley; seeing Lindley's video performance

Thursday, March 13, 2014


This is a picture of my grandmother, Nannie, with Sam, Maribeth, and Molly.  Nannie lived in the house next to mine on our family farm.  She was my dad's mother, and the only grandmother I knew, since my mom's mother died when I was very young.

Because of Nannie, I know the kind of grandmother I want to be - just like her.  There are many things I learned from her about being a grandmother - and these are just a few:

1.  Love.  I've always said that Nannie loved me the best because she always wanted me to be whatever I felt God wanted me to be.  She had no expectation of what I "should" be.  She just wanted me to be me.

2. Feeling Special.  I spent a lot of Saturday nights at Nannie's house, spending the night.  She would always fix me a special drink - cranberry cocktail juice with a saccharine tablet in it.  It was our special drink that we shared.  Once I painted a monster in my elementary school art class (not because I was artistically inclined - back then art was a weekly class for every student).  My mother was not too impressed with my creation, but Nannie hung it up on her wall where it stayed until it disintegrated (or the termites ate it).  She never criticized but thought whatever I did was great.

3.  Fun.  Nannie was all about having fun.  She joined the old folks club at church and played the triangle in the club band.  She went to Hawaii with her group.  She taught me to drive her tank of a car (1950s Ford).  She let me play her Readers Digest compilation record collection.  She loved my friends and they loved her back.

4.  Belief in God.  Her faith never wavered.  She was at church whenever the doors were open.  She served her church, her God, and her community.  Although she had her share of tragedies in her life, she always prayed and believed that God was in control of her life.

5.  Life.  Nannie believed in living every moment.  She loved being with family and friends, and made sure that the time we spent together was precious.

This week is Nannie's birthday week, and the best way I can celebrate her life is to be the kind of grandmother she was to me.  I certainly had a great role model!
Today was a great day because:  Lunch at the Lobster with Everley, Steve, and Molly; Target shopping with Everley; Steve's Edam cheese grilled sandwiches for supper

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Royal Company

Today Everley's parental units had to go to Birmingham on business, so Everley spent the night with PawPaw and LaLa.  What you see is Everley in her crown.  Sitting in my lap.  Asking me about every minute object she can see and touch.  While I am working on the computer.  While I am talking to DVC about an upcoming vacation trip for Molly and her friends.  While Everley is going through everything in the drawers in my desk, whether they are safe for an almost-two-year-old or not.  And of course, Jake and The Neverland Pirates is playing on the television in the background.

I guess when you're a princess, you're entitled to do whatever you want, whenever you want.  At least when you're at LaLa's house ...
Today was a great day because:  Everley and Lindley time

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Words Worth Repeating

Several years ago, I kept a journal of quotes I liked.  At the time, I was listing a new quote on the sidebar of my blog, so I was reading a lot of them.  Every time I found one I really liked, I wrote it down.  I had forgotten about this journal until today, when it suddenly came to mind.  I pulled it out of the drawer and browsed through it, reading and remembering the quotes that meant so much to me at the time.  It was like finding treasure - again.

As I read through several of the pages, I attempted to find one to share today.  But it seemed that I liked every one I read.  Finally I decided on this one:

"Things are only impossible until they're not."
- Jean-Luc Picard -

I like it because right now there are many things that I want to do in my life - and some of them seem rather unreachable right now.  I hope I can remember that the impossible is possibly only temporary - and keep going.  After all, can't impossible also be considered "I-(A)m-Possible?"
Today was a great day because:  Steve's safe travel home and airport pickup?"

Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday at LaLa's

I probably need to clean the house and stuff ...  I also probably need to do a lot more stuff ...  But instead I think I'll just see how long I can stay in my pjs - ya gotta have a goal!!
Today was a great day because:  airport run with Steve; quiet day of not much

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Weekend At LaLa's - That's A Wrap!!

Despite going to be super-late last night, both girlies decided it was time to get up again before 7am.  KB texted about the same time asking if it was okay to stop by to pick up her Batch box that I was holding for her.  I was a bit confused at why she was up so early - which got explained once she arrived and started talking about Daylight Savings Time - which I had totally forgotten about.

Anyhow, she also brought breakfast which included pancakes and bacon (which Everley consumed - Lindley stuck to her diet of dried apple slices and milk).  KB hung around awhile to chat and visit with E and L before leaving to visit her mom (who is doing much better after her recent fall and bout with pneumonia).

Anyhow, the rest of the day consisted of NOT changing clothes (why bother when nightgowns are so cute and comfy and do not cause distress for one who is questioning the validity of changing clothes).  Maribeth came over and we had grilled cheese (MSU Edam cheese, thank you) sandwiches before naptime, during which Molly and I made a run to the Disney Store in search of another stuffed Olaf - to no avail (although as we were waiting in line at Starbucks at the mall, we saw a girl walking around with her parents and she had one under her arm - clearly we arrived at the mall too late).

Eventually, all parents claimed their children and headed home with them.  It was a fun weekend - wonder how long it will take the girls to detox from it!!
Today was a great day because:  Lindley and Everley time; KB visit and breakfast; Steve's safe travel from Mississippi; Sam and Lynnette's safe travel from NYC

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Weekend At LaLa's - Day Two

We started the day off with pancakes - mainly because I had the mix and little else in the house.  Everley ate the pancakes - Lindley ate three bags of Mickey Mouse dried apple slices and milk (sounded nutritious to me).  After breakfast (did I mention that they both woke up before 7am - on a Saturday? Clearly their parents are doing a poor job of explaining Saturday to them) we played and watch Jake/Sophia/Disney Jr until Moo came over for a field trip to the mall.  Lindley was a go from the moment we suggested mall.  Everley decided a day at home would be more to her liking.  So Moo and Lindley headed off to the mall and Everley and I stayed home to eat, play, watch tv, and nap (pretty much a usual day for me).

Scenes from the mall - Lindley ordering.  Basically chocolate milk and dessert.  In her haute couture Cracker Barrel outfit.  Which Everley refused to wear - she's an individual ... 

Another look at Lindley's stylin' outfit - shoes courtesy of Aunt Moo and The Disney Store.

Eventually the shopping trip ended, the shoppers returned home, and everyone took a nap.  Soon we were joined by Mathieu and Maribeth, home from work.  I went out to pick up dinner (seriously - you thought this weekend would be the one I decided to start cooking?) and we chowed down.  One by one, the other adults went home, the girls got another bath and clean princess/Jessie nightgowns, and were eventually in bed and asleep - like by 11pm.  What a great night for Daylight Savings Time to start!!
Today was a great day because:  Lindley and Everley time; Molly and Lindley's trip to the mall; Calypso dinner with the gang; eventual sleep time!!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Weekend At LaLa's - Day One

This weekend, Lindley's parents are living it up in NYC, supposedly as part of some big 10-year wedding anniversary project.  Everley's parents are both working on Saturday and have to be at work early.  So, I get to have both girls at my house for the weekend.  Did I mention that Steve is out of town for the weekend?

Anyhow, I picked them both up from their schools (after Everley spent 10 minutes discussing whether or not she was going to get into her car seat for the ride to Lindley's school - I ended the discussion, to which Everley voiced screamed her dissenting opinion).

Once we were all safely in the car, we headed to Cracker Barrel for old-folks early dinner (like around 4:45pm) to meet Maribeth, who was out of class.  We managed to feed everyone (after Lindley picked out outfits for herself and Everley and each got a light whirly-gig thing) and headed home.  We managed a bath, pajamas (Maribeth had purchased matching for the girls - LaLa got nada), and everyone into bed at a reasonable time - I think LaLa is going to need the sleep!!

No, people were not sitting at the table behind and left - I actually think people were fighting to sit behind these two - okay, maybe not ...
Yes, I know - they are the cutest things ever!!
Lest you think this was a norm for the weekend, there was also yelling, pushing, wailing, and the gnashing of teeth during the weekend ...  and not by LaLa!!

There might have been presents involved ...

Today was a great day because:  picking up Lindley and Everley at school and eating dinner at Cracker Barrel with Maribeth; bath and bedtime with no troubles; Lindley and Everley time!!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Throw It Back Thursday

Thank goodness, because I am so behind it's ridiculous.  Anyhow, thought I would include this one, because it is definitely a throw it back (yes, I know that's not what TBT is, but in this case - THROW IT BACK!!!)

And you snorted your drink through your nose when you saw the picture?  Serves you right for laughing at people.  Even if they are so hilarious you couldn't help yourself.

And finally, I have retained a lawyer and all rights to this picture.  So if I see that you have posted it to "People of Wal Mart" or "Awkward Family Photos" or "Are These People For Real?", then I hope you have a lot of money because I'm coming after you !!
Today was a great day because:  Lindley and Everley after-school time; Maribeth picking up dinner at Baja; Steve's safe travel home

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Snow Day!!

Schools in Nashville were closed for a snow day today - the third in a row.  In my yard (and most everyone's in Nashville) there was no snow.  However, because the Nashville school district covered the entire county, there were treacherous roads out in the county.  And because it is a county-wide district, all schools were closed because of these roads.

Anyhoo, even though Everley's daycare was open, she is having a period of resisting the luxury of clothing.  In other words, she would prefer to remain in whatever clothes she happens to have on, or no clothes at all.  In the case of changing clothes, she remains violently opposed.  This morning Maribeth called requesting a LaLa taxi to daycare, as the morning was not going well.  Everley was expressing her opinion of dressing (NO SHIRT!!!  NO DIAPER!!!  NO PANTS!!!)  I went over and promptly decided she could spend the day with LaLa (although I'm sure the outfit I managed to get her into - legwarmers, the t-shirt she slept in, and socks - might have been acceptable).

Once we arrived at LaLa's house, everything was good again.  We did have a meltdown when a new diaper was required, but she did eventually forgive me.

Let's just hope she doesn't convert me to her new form of attire!
Today was a great day because:  Everley time

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

My Spend The Night Buddy

Yes, those are Disney resort key cards (which I will no longer have because they've totally switched over to Magic Bands - of which I already have a Ziploc bag full)
Yes, that bag is/was full of the key cards - which were soon scattered all over the floor - did you know that key cards scattered all over the floor are a hazard due to their slippiness?
No, the cards didn't get picked up.  LaLa is still recovering from vacation!!
Today was a great day because:  smattering of snow on the ground;  Everley spent the night with me

Monday, March 3, 2014

And We're Back To Winter

In the past 10 days, I have gone from below freezing to 80 degrees down to 60 degrees and back to 80.  Now that I'm back in Nashville, it's going back down to below freezing.  I've read that Spring is around the corner, but I'm wondering how many swings in the weather it's going to take before it gets here!

Meanwhile, I managed to unpack a suitcase and put some of it away.  I've gotten caught up on most of the bills so that no one will be banging on my door.  My house, as soon as I walk in the door, becomes a shambles and stuff is all over the place and everywhere.

Did I mention that I'm glad to be home?
Today was a great day because:  sleeping in my own bed; spending the day with Everley and watching "Frozen"

Sunday, March 2, 2014

And Now It's March

So the first two months of 2014 have flown past.  I've done a bit of traveling and completed a few road races.  I'm way behind in my weight loss efforts, but hoping to get that going.  And my house is a mess, but hopefully I'll get that going - just in time for our 3-Day Yard Sale at the end of this month.

I'm looking forward to being home awhile and completing several tasks and projects.  I've heard that spring is on its way, and will be welcome whenever it decides to get here.  So in other words, Hello March - I'm glad you're here!
Today was a great day because:  time to visit with John and Anne; Lindley and Everley time; pedis with Molly; watching the Oscars on tv

Saturday, March 1, 2014

There's Flying and There's Flying ...

First, flying with Lindley on Dumbo - delightful!!

Second, waiting for four hours on a delayed flight to go home - not so delightful.  At least there were enough entertaining people in the airport to keep us entertained (and an iPad to keep a four-year-old entertained).
Today was a great day because: riding Peter Pan, It's A Small World, the train, and Dumbo with Lindley; meeting the cast member from Nashville at Gaston's tavern; quick nap before boarding the Magical Express; safe, smooth plane ride home; John and Anne picking me up at the airport; sleeping in my own bed