Thursday, June 30, 2016


Today we landed at one of my favorite ports, Skagway. It's a small little town surrounded by beauty and mountains. While it was a little cloudy and cool when we first got off the ship, the weather cleared up later.

Arriving in Skagway - one of the most beautiful spots for a ship photo.

Looking from one end of Skagway to the other end - and the Wonder!

Steve at the White Pass Train Station - and that's an ice removal train car.

Something about seeing such beautiful flowers in Skagway made me very happy!

Everley - climbing high!

Later in the day - posing (and maybe needing a potty break)

Old bridge on the White Pass railroad excursion

So long Skagway!!
Today's blessings include: walking around Skagway; White Pass train ride and Liars Camp

Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Today was a sea day/glacier day. We couldn't get in to Tracy Arm, so we went to a different one. Glacier Day is always one of my favorite - it's just so beautiful and peaceful and serene. It takes awhile to get to the glacier, so today we went to the Character Breakfast. And on to today's photos ...

Goofy Time!!

And Pluto Time!

And of course, a photo with Captain Mickey!!

Moo and Everley and I did crafts in the lounge.
Moo got very energetic with the Elmer's - but managed to get all the glue off the walls ...

Going in to the glacier region is almost as beautiful as the glacier itself.
A peek at the glacier

And there it is!!
Today's blessings include: character breakfast fun; the ride into the glacier; soup on deck

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Sea Day

Today was a travel day, which meant a lot of meandering up the coast to get us where we need to go. There was eating, there was napping, there was looking at the scenery from the verandah, and there some eating. And maybe a visit with a frozen princess or two ...

Today's blessings include: quiet day on the water

Monday, June 27, 2016

All Aboard - Again!!

Yup! Today we're boarding again!  But today we're boarding the Disney Wonder!  For a cruise to Alaska!!  Yippee!!

Finally the whole travel party is here. Moo and PawPaw were already here when Lynnette, Lindley, Everley, and I arrived. Sam and Adam arrived yesterday. So I think we're all ready to get onboard! Well, I guess we'll wait until they say we can get onboard ...

The ship is here and we're here. What's the deal? 
Oh yeah, those other people have to get out of our rooms and off the ship.

Guess we'll have some breakfast first. Doughnuts - what else??

We're on the ship!! And of course it's time for our drink of the day - whatever it is!!

Sail away party time!!  That's Lindley in the pink shirt and yellow whatever around her neck.
No, she's not that tall unless she's on her daddy's shoulders.

And it's time to collect confetti after the party - because that's what we do!

Favorite spot to sail away on the Wonder - the 7th deck secret deck.
Despite their appearances, they really like it.

And finally, one of the things we do best - eat!!
And tomato soup is one of our faves!!

Today's blessings include: finally boarding the ship and getting the appropriate kids club registrations; sail away party; getting this party started!!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

All Aboard!!

Yup, today our little travel party is boarding a train!!  To Vancouver, Canada!!  Fun times ahead!! Today we'll just share our stories via photos ...

First we had to get a taxi to the train depot. Of course the front desk at the hotel said the depot was "within walking distance." To her, maybe ... Once we got here, we checked our bags and got in line to get our seat assignments (luckily I observed other people doing this - I was unaware that this needed to be done). We were going out of Gate 4. Along with a whole bunch of other people.

Once we were called, we headed out to our train car. And there it was!!  Yippee!!

And so we boarded. Lucky for us, this was the only train that was leaving. Not that Lynnette and I didn't check ourselves and the train and the time and the train number, several million times ...

This is why you have to get your seats. Because otherwise you get the four that are right behind each other. Even though there are seats across the way that are bench seats. And some that are facing each other. Clearly those that are in the know get to the station early enough to get those seats. At least there won't be any "you're touching my half of the seat" discussions ...

And here's the reason to choose this train trip. It was fun to watch the towns and scenery. There were only a couple of stops, and in some places, the people along the way waved as we went past.

 At the end of our car, there was an empty spot where we could all look out the same window. Of course, some of us appreciated the scenery more than others ...

There was a snack car where you could purchase snacks. They also had big tables to eat at and color on. That is, when there was sharing of the materials. Otherwise it was a place to contemplate the injustices of life ...

Probably my favorite view. Absolutely beautiful.

Eventually we pulled into Vancouver and went through customs. It was pretty easy - the customs lady only gave us a couple of quizzical looks and questions (of course I had ninety-eleven different forms of permission slips and letters that said Everley was permitted to travel with me). We found a cab that took us to our hotel where Moo and PawPaw were already waiting for us. Time for some naps and swims and food - another adventure awaits tomorrow!!

Time for some Canadian McD's!!

 And perhaps some Canadian television and a Canadian nap ...

The view from our window in our room - guess what we'll be doing tomorrow!!

Blessings today include: fun times getting to the train station, getting on the train, and while on the train; people waving to us from the streets; fun on the train; cab drivers and customs lady; finding our luggage along the train; seeing Moo and PawPaw

Saturday, June 25, 2016

And We're Off!!!

Today begins our great vacation adventure. I'd tell you all about it, but isn't the suspense of knowing what the heck we're going to be doing much more exciting?? And it certainly will help my blogging topics!!  Anyhoo, on to today ...

This afternoon, Lynnette, Lindley, Everely, and I boarded out Southwest plane to ... (wait for it) ... SEATTLE!!  That's right, we're headed to Seattle!!  As you can see, everyone chose their own seats. And who was the winner?  That's right, Lynnette, who gets to sit with the other two!  Of course, I'm on the aisle seat across from them, but guess who's the first responder? There might have been some discussion on who got the window seat, but by takeoff, all was resolved. The flight was fine, and fairly smooth. In fact, the only time the flight attendants had to sit down was naturally when Everley was in the toilet - and I was monitoring from my aisle seat a few rows up (no, I was not going to form a line at the back obstructing the aisle). Anyhoo, the pilot asked the flight attendants to sit down, and of course, Everley was locked in the toilet. And at some point couldn't get the door unlatched. Thankfully there was a flight attendant seated just by the door who managed to free her. And I think mentioned to her that she was too little to be there by herself.

And I guess I should mention here why Everley is on this trip without her parental units. Well, one is on National Guard deployment in Guantanamo, Cuba (he'll be there until December). The other one is with Everley's 3-month-old baby sister (who is too young to travel on this adventure) back in Nashville. I'll leave you to figure out which is which ...

This is what baggage claim probably looked like when
it first opened. Add a bazillion people with at least
17 checked bags each, and you have an idea of what
we were trying to navigate ...
This was a nonstop flight, and we left a little after lunch, Nashville time. We arrived in Seattle several hours later, Seattle time. Which means it was two hours earlier than Nashville time. Which meant we needed food, as it was meal time somewhere. However, first we had to get our checked bags (of course we had checked bags - we had children with us!). We managed to get off the plane with all children and carry-ons accounted for, make a stop by the ladies restroom, and eventually find baggage claim - otherwise known as chaos central. Basically, the bags come out of the attic and go crashing into the roundy-bouty thingy. Meanwhile, Lynnette and I are trying to keep track of Everley and Lindley and any potential kidnappers and hidden dangers and potential disasters waiting to happen. Did I mention we needed food?

Eventually we got our bags and headed for the taxi people. We found one who spoke enough English to get us to our hotel, where we managed to check in and ask where the nearest food was. Luckily it was down the street. And it was a bar that served food, so all was good. Once fed, it was close enough to bedtime somewhere to return to our rooms and get ready for some sleep. Tomorrow begins the next leg of our adventure!!

Today's blessings include: safe flight to Seattle and helpful flight attendants; getting everyone off the plane and getting our luggage and getting to the hotel; dinner; a good night's sleep