Thursday, June 30, 2016


Today we landed at one of my favorite ports, Skagway. It's a small little town surrounded by beauty and mountains. While it was a little cloudy and cool when we first got off the ship, the weather cleared up later.

Arriving in Skagway - one of the most beautiful spots for a ship photo.

Looking from one end of Skagway to the other end - and the Wonder!

Steve at the White Pass Train Station - and that's an ice removal train car.

Something about seeing such beautiful flowers in Skagway made me very happy!

Everley - climbing high!

Later in the day - posing (and maybe needing a potty break)

Old bridge on the White Pass railroad excursion

So long Skagway!!
Today's blessings include: walking around Skagway; White Pass train ride and Liars Camp

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