Saturday, April 30, 2016

Nashville Half Marathon Day!

Nope, I didn't do it. For many reasons, most of them "the gently rolling hills" of the course. It was also slightly sprinkling for the race, which made it another reason not to do it - or at least glad that I didn't do it.

However, Molly did it, as did Katie, who flew to Nashville to do it (she needed to do a non-Disney race to know if there was a difference). KB and I found a spot along the course, donned our ponchos, and waited for Molly and Katie to appear (the race was delayed almost an hour due to wet and stormy weather). Eventually they both showed up (around Mile 4) and KB and I went home and left them to finish the last nine miles. We support, but only up to a point!!

Katie came by first. I don't know what the dude in black to her left was looking at.
Some dude slipped and fell just before this point, but he got up and kept going.

Molly wasn't far behind. She was a little wet, but clearly was enjoying the race.
The dude to her left was very colorful, but I don't think she caught his name.
Thankful today for: watch the runners with KB; seeing Molly and Katie; Molly and Katie finishing the race

Friday, April 29, 2016

Sisters - Think Pink

Again, with the lookalike sister outfits, mainly because that is the only way someone will put on her clothes and go to school. And apparently someone also made good use of the hair chalk, which someone else really can't use due to the lack of hair.

Oh well, they're super cute, don't you think??
Thankful today for: hair chalk and 4-year-olds; matching outfits for sisters; getting Everley to school and her sweet teachers

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Throwback Thursday - Because I Can

Apparently these two thought this was the Olympics. And they wanted to make sure they were in the first wave at the start line. As if there were waves (when there's only a few hundred in the race, there's one wave - a wave "hello" and "start").

By the way, I don't think they won, but they looked warm and cute anyway!!
Thankful today for: old photos and fun memories; getting a few things accomplished at home

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Grocery Store Shopping

I hear that senior citizens can get help going to the grocery. I think I have a helper that will be ready for action. You just have to follow her instructions, like getting the little cart, and letting her scan the items that she wants (and totally ignore the length of time that may take, and you might as well forget about asking if she needs help scanning anything), and allowing her time to pick up any and all trash she might spy during the excursion (because she is a burgeoning conservationist and insists on picking up all litter she sees - in the store, in the parking lot, wherever). I think we got everything on our list (actually we didn't have one) and maybe a few other items that we've seen on television ...

Thankful today for: my helper at the grocery store; remembering the important things on the grocery list that is on the counter back at home; dinner with Steve and Sam

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Gettin' Busy

Maribeth has had some foilage that needed trimming. I attempted to start and use Mathieu's weed wacker, but was unable to get it working. So I decided on another tactic. This tool (which I had to google to get the actual name of "Double Blade Weed Cutter" - fancy, I know) was one that we had back on the farm in the old days. Did I use it then? Of course not. Did I observe other people using it? Why yes, yes I did. I knew the basic principle is to "sling it thisaway and slang it thataway." And so I did. An old, overweight, outtashape granny. I guess the neighbors weren't looking, because 911 never showed up. I did take a few breaks, since I did decide to do this in the shank of the day (and why not? - oh yeah, it was a bit warm and sunny).

Anyhoo, Weeds - 0, LaLa - 1!!
Thankful today for: memories of the old days on the farm; locating weed wacker at Home Depot; success and victory over the weeds

Monday, April 25, 2016


I do want to point out a few things, based on my knowledge of sisters ...

1. This sweetness is temporary - the bow will be out of the hair momentarily.
2. The hug is genuine - as is the screaming at each other that will occur in approximately 8 years.
3. The dressing alike is adorable - and at least one of them will balk at it in a very short time.
4. The lounging on Mommy's arm will last forever - and possible create an epic arm war.
5. Sisters do last forever - for better and for worse - thank goodness!!

Thankful today for: sweet girls in yellow outfits; sisters

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Yup, They're Mine Alright!!

Silly, photogenic, beautiful, and brilliant!  Just like their Lala!! Especially the little one, who has clearly had enough of this whole thing!!

Thankful today for: these three above

Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Trouble Moo Gets In To!!

The girl just doesn't think through things. Like the times I tell her we're going to get something to eat, and we end up running 478 errands - all mine of course. Or the times I told her it was just "60 miles in 3 days" and she signed up. Or today, when I said we were just going to deliver a dollhouse (in the box, totally unassembled) to Maribeth's house. And then when we got it there, Moo was going to "help" put it together - which basically meant she would end up putting it all together herself (I got out the nuts and bolts and handed them to her - not necessarily the color that were supposed to go places, but nuts and bolts that fit into the places). Oh, and Moo had another helper - Everley. And since Maribeth doesn't do cable television, we were relegated to watching old black and white westerns shown on the local channel. But it got put together, and Lindley came over to enjoy Barbies.

I guess that's what being a good aunt is all about!!
Thankful today for: Molly putting together the Barbie house; Everley and Lindley playing with the Barbie house; 

Friday, April 22, 2016

Dracula Day

Well, not really - just my usual visit to the Red Cross for some bloodletting. It's always an interesting visit, wondering how the tech will be, will my iron count be high enough, what the after-bloodletting snacks will be, whether this will be the visit that I get up to walk out and pass out.

I can say that this visit was good - my iron count was good and the tech was good, although there seemed to be an adjustment needed in the tubing at some point. She was pretty good about getting the needle in without a problem. The post-snacks were the usual, although I wish they would go back to having cranberry juice. And I made it another visit without passing out - I never have, but you just never know.

Anyhow, just another pint down - that would be #40 for me!
Thankful today for: good visit and deposit at the Red Cross; 

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Slept Like A Baby

Just in case you wondered what the expression meant, this is it. Obviously one needs a brightly colored sleeper, cozy socks, and a blankie to wrap around one. And I guess it helps to have a nice warm bottle of milk and someone to rock you to sleep. And then check to make sure you are breathing. And have another warm bottle of milk in case you awaken hungry. And then rock you all over again. So there you go - sleeping like a baby. At least one person is ...

Thankful today for: sleeping babies; quiet day at home

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Doik Daycare

Obviously (a) someone thinks she is either in charge of or supervising
diaper change, (b) someone things the diaper changing pad is her
own personal lounge area, and/or (c) someone is a cat and we
needn't even concern ourselves with what she thinks and does ...

Obviously someone doesn't care where the cat is or what the cat thinks,
as long as there is human entertainment available.
And a bottle warming nearby ...
Thankful today for: Maggie and Minnie cats and for their entertainment and affection (although I could do without their irritation and annoyance); Emmatha time

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Impossible Quotes

Because we need to remember that impossible is indeed possible ...

Thankful today for: finally getting unpacked; fun times at Toyota with MBs van

Monday, April 18, 2016

Fo Realz ...

Okay, let's face it. I'm waaaay behind on this blog. Sure, I could just skip all the days that I am late and get current in a hurry - but I won't. Why? Because ever since I started this blog, I have made a daily post (let's not get all technical about the fact that those "daily posts" might have been a day, a week, okay a month later - the fact of the matter is that it would appear that I posted daily. ALTHOUGH - I have just checked back to my gallbladder-ectomy days, and apparently I was not as anal as I am now. I shall attribute that to my lack of a gallbladder. And if any of you have enough time on your hands to go through every day of every year since this blog began, and wish to compile a list of non-blog-entry days, please do so. You also need a life). ANYHOW - because I have obviously compensated for my non-gall-bladder-ness, and now have become demented committed to daily blogging, we are about to enter one of those "catch up" periods. What does that mean? Lots of baby photos and assorted nonsense. In other words, the usual blog. One day I shall wax poetic about all this that need waxing about. I'm just not there yet. Thank your lucky stars for that.

And so, here is a photo of things to come. Of course, she is probably ready for college now ...

Yes, that's how we roll - one paci in the mouth,
and one in the corner, just in case!!
Thankful today for: good night's sleep in my own bed; Emmatha and Everley time

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Half Marathon Day! And Travel Home Day!!

This is why I do these races - the bling!!!
Today was another super-early start, since the actual race started at 5am (that would be dark-thirty in the morning). Along with Katie, Molly, David, and Steve, I got on the bus before 4am along with the gazillion other runners, and trudged our way to the start. Eventually our corral started and off we went (some faster than others - all faster than me). The day got warm fairly quickly, and I questioned my ability to finish since my knee was getting all wonky. But God saw me through and eventually I made it to the finish line. Where I had to wait for the bus back to the hotel along with the gazillion other runners in the hot sun (but still thankful for a bus at all). Since we had an early afternoon flight, there was enough time to shower and get our stuff packed up before we headed to the airport. It was a quick trip, but a good one!

PawPaw, Emmatha, and Total Stranger Dude taking naps on the flight home!
Thankful today for: travelling to the race start with Katie, Steve, Molly, and David; starting and finishing the race; John and Anne and David taking the little girls to brunch; safe smooth flight home; sleeping in my own bed

Saturday, April 16, 2016

10K Day!

This morning was the 10K. For this race weekend (The Star Wars Dark Side Challenge), we are doing the 10K and the half-marathon. Why?  Because if you do both, you get an extra medal. And because since we did the Star Wars races in January at Disneyland, we get an extra medal for doing those and these. Obviously we like medals. However, we obviously did not spend the money to get the official race photo. Oh well - do we look like we are having fun?

Tomorrow is the half marathon - super fun awaits!!
Thankful today for: early wake up with Molly, Katie, and Steve for the 10K; Molly and Katie hanging with me during the race; finishing the race

Friday, April 15, 2016

Animal Kingdom!!

Today's agenda - Animal Kingdom!!  And pool time.  And nap time. Just another Disney Day!!

Tusker House with Donald!!  Emmatha's first character photo!
Clearly she's all over it ...

Cousin David and Everley parading around during lunch!
Who's having more fun - David or Everley?

Uncle John and Emmatha - I think Uncle John is fully prepared for any spit-up incidences!

The Lion King with Cousin David!

Donald and Everley!
Thankful today for: family time at the Animal Kingdom and lunch at Tusker House; David having fun with Everley

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Magic Kingdom!!

Lunchtime for everyone!
Today we had fast passes at the Magic Kingdom, so Maribeth, Anne, and I loaded up the girls and headed out. Of course, once we arrived, Everley decided that she didn't want to ride the fast pass rides, so she decided on other activities.

Meanwhile, it got pretty warm pretty quickly, so I decided to take Emmatha to the baby center to change her diaper and sit in the cool air. Eventually Maribeth and entourage joined me (Maribeth needed to pump), so Anne and I took the girls for some lunch. Once that was accomplished, we decided to return to the hotel, since PawPaw was back from golfing and was ready to take Everley to the pool. And if Everley is going to the pool, you know what that means - naptime for the rest of us!
Thankful today for: Molly bringing back Cobb Salad from WWOS; fun times at MK with the girls and ladies; baby center at the MK

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

And We Made It!!

No babies slept with stuffed toys.
This is a photo op only ....
We all made it to Disney World!! Molly actually took the butt-crack-of-dawn early flight, and arrived hours before we did. Unfortunately our rooms weren't ready, but she managed to keep busy by eating around the World at the Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot.

Steve and I loaded Maribeth and the girls and their stuff (stroller, rock-n-play, breast pumps, breast milk, diapers, etc., etc,) into the van and to the airport. Once we boarded the plane, Maribeth, Everley, Emmatha and I found a seat at the back so Maribeth could pump indiscreetly. We didn't choose the back seat - that was taken by three college dudes who thought they were hilarious - they weren't. Luckily for everyone, they quieted down and the flight went by quickly.

Soon we were in Orlando and Maribeth, Steve, and the girls went to procure the rental car while I procured the luggage. Soon we were on our way to Disney World!!  The rooms were ready when we got there (not so our magic bands, some of which worked and some of which didn't), so once we had unloaded, we decided to take naps. Or go to the pool, depending on our wishes. John and Anne will be arriving later this evening, and David arrives tomorrow.

Time for some Disney fun!!
Thankful today for: safe, smooth flight for everyone; Emmatha's first flight success; great car rental; ease in loading bags here and there; rooms ready upon arrival; finding Bing Bong in time for bedtime

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Disney Bound!!

Tomorrow we will be going to Disney World (I know - you're shocked). Steve, Molly, and I are going for the Star Wars Dark Side races, and Maribeth, Everley, and Emmatha are joining us (yes, Emmatha is only four weeks old, but she's got to start going sometime). Once we get there, my brother John and his wife Anne and their son David will join us. David is going to be joining us for the half-marathon - his first - and his parents are going to cheer him on.

In other words, it's going to be a fun week/weekend. And the photo on the left?  It's not current (taken sometime last year), but hopefully not an indication of the trip to come!!
Thankful today for: getting everything ready for travel tomorrow

Monday, April 11, 2016

Because They Grow Up So Fast

I am finding that when there's a new baby in the house, and the other children are older, it's easy to forget that the older ones were once little. And that's why it's fun to look at photos like these. This one is only two years old, but it seems like eons ago.

They grow up so fast. Or maybe it's because as a grandparent, you are much more aware of how quickly they are growing up and how quickly time is passing.

Anyhow, it's a blessing to have these two little girls in my life, now joined by a new little girl. And it's a blessing to see them grow, however quickly it happens.
Thankful today for: getting packed for trip this week; cleaning up several tasks

Sunday, April 10, 2016

A Full Sunday

Lynnette's car decided to have a meltdown. The AAA dude who came by managed to get the car started, and then proceeded to give Lynnette a list of procedures to get it started again, should the car decided to have another meltdown. I think at the end of the procedure she was supposed to dance an Irish jig, but I sort of faded out after Step #14a ...

Molly and Melissa decided to take Everley to the baseball game. I'm not sure if they actually saw any of the game, since Everley prefers to run around on the grass rather than sit and watch the game ...

Everley and Emmatha came over and I watched as Emmatha seemingly gets bigger by the minute - why do they grow so fast?

Sister thoughts being passed through the head?

Happy Sister thoughts!

Sweet toys from the other LaLa!

Someone is growing up entirely too quickly!

Somebody else went to the Sounds baseball game with Moo and Melissa
Thankful today for: AAA and the dude who got Lynnette's car started; having a spare vehicle so Lynnette isn't stranded; Molly taking Everley to the game; Laura's gifts for the girls

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Party Time!!

Everley's party ended up being a great success. With the lego table and magnetic block building and pinata bashing and princess cupcakes, the party was enjoyed by all.  Molly made the cupcakes and even the boys seemed to think they were pretty cool. Somehow we managed to get through the event with no tears or major arguments. Sure, it was only two hours, but do you know how many meltdowns can occur in that time period?  Anyhow, everyone left with an amazing backpack filled with goodies, thanks to Maribeth's amazing bargain shopping.  And the best news?  No more parties until next January!!

Thankful today for: Everley's birthday party with friends; Everley's friends and their parents

Friday, April 8, 2016

Friday Fun With Family and Friends

Today my Princess Bridesmaid Friend Laura called and said that she and her husband Marc would be in town and would stop by to see me. Since she had never been to my house before, I was very excited - and then wondered how many cleaning companies I could employ before she made it over in a few hours (she lives in East Tennessee). Pretty soon I did the math and decided I would have to take out a second mortgage on the house in order to accomplish that, and it would still be an impossible task, so I decided to let the house (and myself) just to stay as is - as if Laura would be surprised at my slovenliness. Anyhow, I had other things to do.

Mainly, Lynnette, Molly, Maribeth, and I were going to have a party planning meeting tonight. Everley's birthday was last week, but her official "friends" party was tomorrow (yes, tomorrow, we don't want to plan too far ahead). We needed to decide things like what we were going to do with a gaggle of 4-year-olds and what we were going to eat (and then go purchase supplies). We met, assigned duties and made grocery lists, and then they departed to their respective houses with their duty lists.  Emmatha stayed to spend the night (thank goodness for breast pumps) so Maribeth could get her list together.

Laura called to say that they had made it into town, and she and Marc headed over. Luckily she didn't feel the need for a hazmat suit, and we had a great time chatting and catching up (and she practiced feeding the baby, since her first granddaughter is due in a few weeks).

Family and friends - what better way to finish a Friday?!

I am not sure if Maggie Cat is making a claim to her new bed,
or offering her services as a potential nanny.
Either way, she didn't get moved ...

LaLa #2 - yep, that's her grandma name, too!!
Hopefully she will add some class to the name ...

Thankful today for: party planning with the girls; granddaughter time; Laura and Marc visit

Thursday, April 7, 2016

For Your Thursday Viewing Pleasure ...

Because sometimes on a Thursday,
you need a polka-dotted nekkid man
to get you through to the weekend!!

Thankful today for: hanging out with Emmatha

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Let's Talk Politics

On the other hand, let's not. I think there are plenty of people out there with very strong opinions that have no qualms about voicing their opinions with no regard to my opinions. And my opinions? I have them. And maybe when some of the candidates stop yelling and saying stupid stuff and ragging on the other opponents, maybe I'll have other opinions.

For now, let's just say I will be voting. For whom, we shall just have to wait ...
Thankful today for: future vacay planning; paying bills; getting new yard people

Tuesday, April 5, 2016


These days and nights, I spend a lot of time at Maribeth's. With Mathieu deployed in Cuba, and with a newborn and a four-year-old, Maribeth seems to welcome any help I can offer. Of course, things are different than they were when I had little ones at home, so I try to pay attention to the latest things in baby-rearing. For instance, mandatory car seats were just getting serious when we had our first baby, and let's not even get started talking about breast pumps and feeding. I just try not to look completely ignorant and out of date.

Anyhow, I try to do the right things and not totally corrupt my granddaughters. And just about the time that I think I am doing it all wrong, I just remember the thing that is most important - being a grandparent is all about love. While we want to offer our expertise (no matter how long ago we were experts), or question the latest trend (which changes quite often),  our most important job is to love as unconditionally as we can, especially when they are little. I had that blessing as I was growing up with my grandmother, Nannie, who loved me for who I was, not who I should become. And so I shall try my best to continue that legacy - because in the end, love is the most important thing I can do.

Thankful today for: Lindley, Everley, and Emmatha time - and at different times!!

Monday, April 4, 2016

Goodbye Dollywood!!

Although Maribeth and I and the girls had planned to return home tomorrow, we decided to leave later this evening. We figured the girls could sleep some on the way home and then sleep in their own beds tonight (okay, so maybe we were looking forward to that, too). And we wouldn't have to load up all the stuff in the morning. But before we left, we still had a few things to do.

Eventually we finished our plans, loaded up the car, and headed out. We only had to make a couple of feeding/diapering stops, and soon we were back home.  It was a great birthday trip!!

Sisters - Part 2!

We needed to go to The Island for a bit of moonshine shopping.
All these people were probably waiting to eat at Paula Dean's.
It was a beautiful day just to sit and enjoy!!
Thankful today for: beautiful day in Pigeon Forge; riding the trolley and shopping with Everley; eating at the Apple Barn; safe road trip home; McDonald's parking lots along the way

Sunday, April 3, 2016


Need I say more?

Thankful today for: Steve's safe travel back home; Wal-Mart shopping with Everley; beautiful day looking at the mountains

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Happy Birthday Everley!!

As I said, Everley's wish was to come to Dollywood for her birthday, which is today. So this morning, PawPaw, Everley, Emmatha, and I loaded up the supplies and stroller, and boarded the trolley for the park. Maribeth stayed back to get some rest - not that walking around the park two weeks after having major surgery wouldn't be a great idea ...

We had a great morning at the park, although it was chillier than I expected. Everley had her sweatshirt and we kept Emmatha warm with her blankies and in the stroller, but the senior citizens of the group got cold and decided to call it a day. 

Once back at the hotel, we had some lunch and PawPaw and Everley went swimming. Afterwards there were some gifts to open - and Everley declared her birthday a success!!

Our first stop was to get a birthday button!!
Everley's first stop was going to be the fire truck roller coaster.
So we trudged up the hills to get there, only for her to decide that she didn't want to ride it after all.
So we went back down the hills, stopping at her favorite photo op.
No trip to Dollywood is complete until she gets her face painted.
Usually it's a tiger, but today she opted for a panda.
Guess she's growing up ...
PawPaw rode the carousel with her.
We were going to ride the train, but it was chilly and was going to be awhile before the train arrived.
So we convinced her to go back to the hotel.
Only because there's a heated swimming pool there ...
Thankful today for: fun day with Everley and Emmatha at Dollywood; nice lady who helped with PawPaw's Dixie Stampede ticket; vendors from different nations during festival at the park