Saturday, April 30, 2016

Nashville Half Marathon Day!

Nope, I didn't do it. For many reasons, most of them "the gently rolling hills" of the course. It was also slightly sprinkling for the race, which made it another reason not to do it - or at least glad that I didn't do it.

However, Molly did it, as did Katie, who flew to Nashville to do it (she needed to do a non-Disney race to know if there was a difference). KB and I found a spot along the course, donned our ponchos, and waited for Molly and Katie to appear (the race was delayed almost an hour due to wet and stormy weather). Eventually they both showed up (around Mile 4) and KB and I went home and left them to finish the last nine miles. We support, but only up to a point!!

Katie came by first. I don't know what the dude in black to her left was looking at.
Some dude slipped and fell just before this point, but he got up and kept going.

Molly wasn't far behind. She was a little wet, but clearly was enjoying the race.
The dude to her left was very colorful, but I don't think she caught his name.
Thankful today for: watch the runners with KB; seeing Molly and Katie; Molly and Katie finishing the race

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