Friday, April 1, 2016

Maybe It's The Swaddle Itself

Same swaddle, different day ...
Like maybe the design on this swaddle is defective. It's certainly not because the arranger of the swaddle is incompetent. This particular swaddle incident looks like she is fashioning a scarf around her neck. And no, she's not in danger of strangling herself. I think she just wants to point out that this is not her favorite swaddle.

In other news, we made it to Dream More, Dolly's Dollywood hotel. We are here because it's Everley's 4th birthday, and she wanted to come here. So Maribeth and I loaded up her van with numerous baby items, loaded the 4 year old and two week old, loaded the breast pump and everything that goes along with it, and headed east. Once we arrived at the hotel, the bellman loaded up all the stuff and hauled it to our room. Steve arrived shortly after we did, so now we're ready for a fun weekend!!
Thankful today for: safe trip to Pigeon Forge; room ready when we arrived; nice bellman dude who helped us unload the car

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