Saturday, January 31, 2009

The End Of January

Two half-marathons. Two 5Ks. One week at Disney World. Two sessions with Bridget at Massage Envy. One hundred books culled. More Disney reservations booked. Book finished and delivered. All in all, a good month. On to February!

Friday, January 30, 2009

My New Potential BFF

I'm hoping to have a new best friend. Her name is Mother Nature. I am trying to win her favor by becoming a little greener, but it's a slow process.

I recycle plastic, cardboard, and paper. I'm working on not drinking from plastic water bottles, which is easier since I've learned that if you macrobiotically chew your food 50-100 times each bite, you get a whole lot of water through your food. I reuse paper printed on one side and reuse scraps of paper, which almost led to my being buried by reusable paper until I had an intervention with myself and recycled some of the paper.

I try to remember to take my own bags when I shop, although I forget more times than not. I try to remember to refuse a grocery bag when I've forgotten my own bags and don't really need a grocery bag. When I do need grocery bags from the store, I save them for recycling.

I've dabbled in conserving water when showering and washing dishes, but that's still a huge work in progress. I am aware of the water going down the drain. I did water my plants with water leftover from cooking, until the plants starting stinking and I got mad at them and put them all out in the sunroom. I think I missed a step there.

Today I took a few more steps forward. I installed two programmable thermostats (even though I still have some cosmetic wall work to do). Both are have some kind of energy star thing, which means it has a preset program and temperature. Which means we may be wearing layers to bed. Unless the wiring is haywire and I burn the house down. The good news is that the real AC people are coming Monday for our annual winter tune-up, so they will check everything out.

Today I also found a spot for my outside composter. I realize right now everything I put in it will probably freeze, but that's probably a good thing since it gives me time to figure out what the heck a composter is supposed to be. My main concerns are stinkiness and a free dinner party for the local rabbits and squirrels. Then of course, there's the question of what to do with the compost once it becomes compost. But at least I now have a place to empty my countertop composter which will keep my kitchen smelling a little better.

Anyhow, as you can see, I am making efforts to make Mother Nature my bestest friend. Maybe that way, she'll do a few favors for me - I have a few droopies and wrinklies she could reciprocate by working on!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday's Ten Things

1. Almost installed programmable thermostats. But the residual hole upstairs from the old thermostat is larger than the new thermostat, so it created a dilemma that will have to be resolved another day.

2. Watched an episode of "Wife Swap." Where do they get these people and why do they apply to do this?

3. Went to the grocery store and prepared dinner this morning. Hooray for the crock pot!

4. Got a Staples Reward Card. I just got tired of them asking me if I had one every time. Now if I can just remember where I put it for the next computer paper shopping trip.

5. Installed two new smoke detectors. Now the nonexistent occupants of the upstairs will be safe.

6. Put new air filters in. Now I can breathe easier and my electric bill will be lower. Especially if I install those new thermostats.

7. Soaked in the tub. Always a good thing.

8. Found a spot to put the new composter thingy. Gotta read up what to do next.

9. Took the cardboard and plastic to the recycling place.

10. Misplaced the tv remote upstairs, forcing me to watch the beginning of another episode of "Wife Swap." Thankfully, found it (and a hairball from Shaggy) before my brain exploded.

Aren't Thursdays great?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Big Job = Big Rewards

I love music. Sometimes it clears my head, sometimes it soothes me, sometimes it invigorates me, and sometimes like today, it sends me a message. I just don't listen to it as often as I should.

Most of the time I listen on the car radio. I do have an Ipod thingy, but when I got a new laptop, something happened with the music/Ipod hookup/thingy/something-or-other. Basically, I need to upload (or is it download) my CDs again - I think. I've been putting it off because it's a time-consuming task for me to do.

But I'm missing out because I'm putting it off. I'm missing out on that clearness, that peace, that energy, and that message because I've convinced myself that the effort involved is too mundane.

So maybe instead, I should be focusing on the rewards I will receive. Instead of looking at all those CDs, I should be thinking about the music that is on each one. Maybe instead of bemoaning the task, I should be anticipating the results.

Sometimes the biggest jobs yield the biggest rewards. I just won't know until the job is done, and it won't be done until I start.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Reality of Watching Too Much Television

I have just watched the Duggars on TLC. I am about to watch Toddlers and Tiaras. Then for good measure, I will watch the latest episode of Real Housewives of Orange County. No wonder my brain is numb and I cannot think of an intelligent thought. (At least that's my story tonight!)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Shaggy's Little Secret

In the few days before leaving for Miami, I noticed that Shaggy seemed to be sleeping a lot. I was not overly concerned because he is, after all, getting on in years, and I know how we seniors like our naps. But I knew that sleeping 24/7 might be a signal that something could be wrong.

However, I think I discovered the whole story. Today while I was putting things away in the pantry, I noticed the baggie of catnip that I used on his scratching pad. It was on the floor instead of on the shelf, and it had distinct claw holes in it. In short, Shaggy had found his stash and has been catnippin' trippin'.

I should have figured it out because of the cat food he seemed to be inhaling and the fact that he was sleeping all through the night (thus letting me sleep). I guess I was in denial. Wonder if I should search for a catnip detox center? Maybe when Shaggy's through guarding my recycle paper basket, he'll be ready to go!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Another One Run and Done

Well, I guess wogged would be more accurate, but I did manage to complete the Miami Half Marathon today. The weather was excellent, I met some nice folks along the way, and I felt good during and after the race.

Of course, perfection would have been to board one of those cruise ships we passed along the course, but there's always next year. Then again, it's always nice to come back home and sleep in your own bed - even if it's 44 degrees colder!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The 5K That Wasn't (And Why)

Okay, so maybe it was but we weren’t. Last night at dinner Steve and I managed to down a couple of baskets of pre-dinner rolls. While they were delicious (as evidenced by our scarfing them down), they were probably ill-advised, since we still had our lasagna/chicken parmigiana still to go. Without the weary details, our stomachs decided to keep us awake at various hours during the night to ask us the eternal question, “Was it really worth it?”

Since tomorrow’s half marathon is THE race (with Steve being a charter runner of the race, having run all 7 years, which qualifies him for special swag on anniversary years) tomorrow is important. Today’s 5k needed to be sacrificed for the cause tomorrow. Yes, I probably could have done the 5K, but since the aforementioned dinner rolls were still sitting like bricks in my hoping-to-be-macrobiotic stomach, I decided sit this one out.

Now the inevitable question remains - why did we suck down the rolls? Leaving Steve to answer his own moral dilemma, I shall attribute my behavior to cheapness and poor starving Chinese children. Growing up, I was encouraged to eat all that was placed in front of me because there were starving children in China. I guess I could have inquired as to the feasibility of shipping the food over to them, but being a shushed Southern girl, I knew better. Instead, I just ate, never considering that putting food in my stomach did not morph into food in a Chinese child's stomach.

The cheap part of this equation is mine alone. The problem is if someone puts food in front of me that I’m paying for anyway, I feel I must eat it all. Because otherwise it is wasted, therefore leaving me guilty of contributing to landfills and the eventual destroying of Mother Earth.

So, now that I have recognized the root of my issues (well, this one anyway), perhaps I shall do better in the future. Perhaps the next time I dine out, I shall ask if I will get pre-dinner rolls (and watch when the McDonald's dude is confused). If there are dinner rolls planned, I shall ask that they be sent directly to starving Chinese children. I shall also pretend that they cost extra, therefore refuse them simply based on economics.

However, should they actually appear on the table, I shall take evasive measures, such as:

1. Send them to the cute dude at the bar - people do it with drinks, so why not bread?

2. Learn to juggle. After they fall on the floor a couple of times, maybe the dirt and germs will deter me from consumption.

3. Slit them and use them as earmuffs. Sometimes those restaurants are too cold, anyway.

4. Play chicken and sit on them, hoping they will hatch.

5. Stuff them in my bra and use them as boob implants.

At least when I get thrown out of the restaurant, I won’t have eaten the rolls!

Friday, January 23, 2009

All Kinds of Crazy

Right now I am sitting in my hotel room in Miami. Steve and I are here for a 5K tomorrow and the Miami Half Marathon on Sunday. Yes, I just did a half-marathon two weeks ago. And yes, I have another one scheduled for February 15. And yes again, then there's the Princess Marathon at you-know-where on March 8. And no, my training techniques have not improved.

Then there's the whole Princess Marathon weekend. Basically, it ended up that Maribeth and I are planning to spend a week wrapped around that weekend at Disney World. Then Molly mentioned that she and her roommate wanted to take a trip, so I convinced them to go the week before my scheduled week so I could go with them and do the ESPN 5K the weekend before the Princess 5K/Half-Marathon. Two weeks. Disney World.

Isn't there some of reality/therapy/addiction/cuckoo-head/intervention television show I should be on?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Here I Go Again!

I'm doing it again - I've signed up for the 2009 Breast Cancer 3-Day, this time in San Diego! My experiences in Atlanta in 2001 and the Twin Cities in 2007 were incredible. I'm so excited about this event, especially since I know what I'm getting myself into. This event isn't easy, but I promise you, I wouldn't be doing it if I didn't believe 100% that it was worth every muscle ache, weary night, and training walk!

The 3-Day is a 60-mile walk over the course of three days that raises funds for Susan G. Komen for the Cure and the National Philanthropic Trust Breast Cancer Fund. My goal this year is to raise $3000, and I plan to raise the money by earning it. I'll be doing a variety of activities during the year to personally work for every dollar you contribute (in case you need your car washed, papers graded, or dog walked).

My first project is a self-published book entitled Slices of Life, a collection of observations of everyday life. It's available from Cool People Care, and for every book you purchase, $10 will be contributed in your name to the 3-Day. In addition, when you purchase additional items in the Cool People Care Store, they will contribute 10% of your total to the 3-Day. All you have to do is add the coupon code LUANNE3DAY when you check out. A few weeks later, you will receive your receipt for your tax-deductible contribution. After your purchase, please send me the names of anyone you know affected by breast cancer. It will be my privilege to walk in their honor or memory as I proudly display those names on my shirt.

Without a cure, an estimated 5 million Americans will be diagnosed with breast cancer, and more than 1 million could die over the next 25 years. That's a pretty startling statistic. No one should have to face this disease, so in order to create a future without breast cancer, I walk in the Breast Cancer 3-Day. I walk because everyone deserves a lifetime. I walk because I can.

Thank you for your support. Together, we can make a difference in the fight against breast cancer.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Women's Room

Every other week I meet with a group of women. We talk about what's going on in our lives and about the relationships in our lives. We come from different situations and backgrounds, but in this group we find we have much in common. By sharing a bit of ourselves, we offer a place of support and acceptance, and find that we're not so alone after all.

In some ways I think our group could be a microcosm of our much bigger world. We tend to isolate ourselves from others, thinking, "they're just too different." But if we would just take the time to listen and consider, we would find that not only do we have important things in common, but we can also learn from and support each other.

All it takes is sharing ourselves and listening to what others have to offer. The commonalities are there - we just have to discover them together.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day!

I didn't intend to, but I got sucked in. I planned only to watch the swearing-in ceremony. But as I was waiting for my breakfast to cook, I turned on the news and that pesky Diane Sawyer reeled me in. With all her facts and trivia and cohort Charlie Gibson, she hypnotized me into watching the entire thing in my pajamas (although I did put on my inaugural t-shirt and jogging pants when I went to get the mail). I did manage to shower during the parade - I wanted to be fresh when the ball coverage starts!

I'm not an overtly political person. I vote and try to be informed. But today was history in the making, and I wanted to see it. It was a day full of emotion - smiles, tears, and cheers. It's a day my parents didn't live to see, and probably wouldn't have believed it anyway. It's a day that I can appreciate because I know what was and what is.

Today I really did nothing but sit on my couch and watch television. But what a great day it was!

Monday, January 19, 2009


Today is a day to talk about dreams. It the day we specifically honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and his dream. It is especially poignant today, since tomorrow his dream comes full circle. I can only imagine his joy, could he have been present tomorrow.

I grew up in the 1960's in a small town in Mississippi. Segregation was the way of life. I grew up on a farm out in the country, and the only "neighborhood" kids were the black children of the families who worked with my father. We played together during the day, but of course they weren't allowed to spend the night. I knew they went to different schools, sat in the balcony at the movie theater, and even had a different doctor and waiting room at the clinic, but I accepted that as normal. And being a little girl in the South, I certainly never questioned the status quo.

Life began to change when I was in sixth grade. That year, amidst a lot of talk among the grown-ups, a little African-American girl enrolled in my school and my class. Her name was Annice Davis, and we were friends (we're the two on the end). It was strictly a school relationship, since I knew better than to ask if she could come over. She left after sixth grade, and I never heard from her again. She opened my eyes to a different way of life, and I regret that I never told her.

Although life was slowly beginning to change, I had little idea of why. I didn't know who Dr. King was or what he represented. But because he had a dream of a different life, he changed mine.

I had many dreams when I was young. I dreamed of being a veterinarian, a writer, a teacher, an efficiency expert, and Mary Richards (I probably watched too much tv). Some dreams came true, and some were discarded along the way. But as I realize that it took 46 years for Dr. King's dream to finally come to fruition, I know that my dreams can come true. I just have to keep dreaming. And maybe along the way, my dreams can change someone else's life, too.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Just In Time For Tuesday

I'm a little tired from a quick trip to Columbus, so I thought I'd highlight cats who support the President-Elect. And no, Shaggy's not one of them. He says he's Independent. As most cats are!

Saturday, January 17, 2009


I am currently at the local McDonald's in Columbus, Mississippi. I have very little power left in my laptop, and of course didn't bring my power cord along. Hopefully I will finish this before my power runs out.

I am again in Mississippi, visiting my father-in-law. I managed to do a few things around his house which made him happy (not that being a busybody makes me happy). Thanks to a busybody guy at McDonald's, I managed to get online and notice/find out why my laptop screen has a blur on it.

Sometimes being encountering a busybody can be an annoyance. But sometimes their intrusions can help, if we can look past our feelings and look at their motives. Sure, they want to intrude. But usually it's because they think they can help. They may seem arrogant, they may seem to know it all, and sometimes both things are true. But sometimes we need to know what they know.

I'll try to remember this the next time I want to butt in. I'll try to consider if I really want to help, or just to share my expertise. If I get the right answer, I'll busybody.

Let's just help those I busybody understand the art of busybody-ing as well as I do!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Yay Moments

I have a lot of "yay" moments. Every time I cross a finish line, I cheer, even though the finish line people are probably waiting for me so they can go home. Each time I gave birth was a "yay" moment. Getting a great new job or leaving a crummy one are all "yay" moments.

But this morning as I lay on my back while Bridget worked at unknotting my back, I thought, "This is a yay moment." It was a moment where I was happy and felt good (or was getting there), and all was right in the world.

There are yay moments every day. I think it's just time to notice them and "yay" them, because our yay moments are those that give us great joy. So cheer, and yell, and celebrate. Yay!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Turning the Quilt

Right now it's cold in Nashville. On our bed we have a quilt. It's designed so that there's extra material at the head so that you can tuck in the pillows. However, the shorter sides tend to create quilt-stealing wars between the bed's occupants, especially when it's this cold.

Today as I was putting clean sheets on the bed, I decided to turn the quilt. This way, the longer part of the quilt is now on the sides, instead of going top to bottom. It looks a little odd because the quilt is very close to the floor on each side. But there won't be any pulling or fussing about stealing the quilt because there's plenty to go around. I had a choice between what looked good and what made sense. I chose what made sense.

Sometimes the best decision may not be what looks best. But it's the right decision because it fits your purpose best. It provides the best benefit and best serves those involved. And in the end, it's the best decision.

It just looks a little odd. Sometimes the best decisions do.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hope It's Not Too Late For Your Cat!

Since today is National Dress Up Your Pet Day I thought I would offer the following "What Not To Wear":

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Being Somebody

My new outside composter thingy is sitting in my hall, waiting to be assembled and placed in my yard. I recycle cardboard, paper, and plastic. My rain barrel has been drained, awaiting spring. I am trying to conserve and do with less, at least some of the time. Today I wondered, will the little I do make any difference?

I thought a little more and decided it would. For one thing, maybe if I'm doing something, someone else is too. And if someone else is doing something, maybe there are lots of somebodies doing something.

Maybe my efforts will go unnoticed. But being noticed is not why I'm trying to make a difference. I'm trying because I hope things will change for the better, and the only way anything will ever change is if somebody starts somewhere.

And today, that somebody is me.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Shaggy Has Issues

The last several nights at Disney World, I slept little because of early times for races. I thought I would get a great night's sleep in my own bed last night. I was wrong. Shaggy felt the need to wake me up every few hours, just so I could check the level of his food. Although I have no actual documentation, I found the following cartoon that pictures Shaggy's behavior pretty accurately:

Sunday, January 11, 2009

It Is A Small World After All

I am back home after a busy week at Disney World. I registered runners for nine hours on Thursday, walked a 5K on Friday, wogged a half-marathon on Saturday, and cheered the runners and monitored the course for the marathon on Sunday. The weather was great, and I enjoyed it all.

I came back with many things. I received shirts, a jacket, medals, credentials, a park ticket, and free lunches. But I really came back with much more. I came back with memories of thousands of people I met this weekend.

I met all kinds of people - runners and their families and friends, fellow volunteers, and other tourists. I met people of all colors, all races, all nationalities, and all ages. I met people with disabilities and differences. I met happy people, grumpy people, and a lot of tired people.

Most of these people I will probably never see again. But for one weekend, they changed my life. They inspired to me to keep training regularly, to believe and hope earnestly, to smile and laugh frequently, to cheer enthusiastically, to wog faster, and to make new friends constantly.

They changed my life, and I hope that maybe, just maybe, I changed theirs, too.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Thank God He Cares About My Races

Last night I was really tired, so I didn't prepare for my half-marathon today as I usually do. We had to leave the resort this morning at 4:45 am for the race, in order to be there by 5 am (the race started at 5:50). I was not really prepared this morning, but that was okay because of one of the members of my support team. God, who watches over me always, was in charge of my race prep today. Here is why:

1. I had dressed and put on the new shirt I was planning to wear. I looked in the mirror at the last minute and noticed the price tag sticking out of the neck of the shirt. Certainly not a big thing, but would have been irritating after a few miles.

2. While I was downstairs waiting for Sam and Lynnette, I noticed a lady walk past with her clear gear bag. I happened to look at her bag and noticed her Gu. I remembered that I had left mine up in the room. While I could have maybe done without it, I didn't feel today was a day to determine that, so I quickly ran upstairs, grabbed my Gu, and got back downstairs before Sam and Lynnette appeared.

3. Finally, we were in the car, driving into the parking lot at Epcot. We were talking about a friend of Sam's, George. I remembered a race we were in, along with George, and remembered how he had forgotten his timing chip. I then thought for a minute, looked at my shoe, and realized I had forgotten mine too. I panicked for a moment, then let Sam and Lynnette out, called Marilyn to find, grab, and get downstairs with my chip, and then Steve drove me back to the resort to get my chip, attach it to my shoe, and arrive back at Epcot in plenty of time for the start.

I could also tell you about how God has gotten me through each race I've done. I could tell you about the marathons where we've had some deep conversations about life in general and that particular race in particular. I could tell you about the hymns and prayers that got me through another mile. I could tell you about all these, but these things happen on a regular basis.

Today God knew I needed some extra help and He provided it. But then again, He always does.

Friday, January 9, 2009

A Long Day ...

... means a picture essay. Here are a few of today's highlights:,

Thursday, January 8, 2009

It's Been Fun, But Boy Am I Tired!

Today was my day to volunteer at the Expo at Disney's Marathon Weekend. Yesterday I volunteered to work an extra shift, so basically I've been handing out bib numbers and timing chips since 11 am and now I am tired. So, my usual profound and thought-provoking blog will have to wait until tomorrow.... or maybe next week .... or maybe never?

Whatever - stay tuned!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

There's Zebras and Then There's Zebras ...

I didn't get to Animal Kingdom today because of several trips to Wide World of Sports and a few rain showers. However, my niece Rachel provided me with a view of zebras in Bolivia where she is working.

I haven't seen much of this world, and I'm thankful for those who do, and share it with me!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I'll admit I am not the most dedicated athlete. But I heard once that you should carbo-load before a race. I also heard that carbos are sugars. Ergo, I decided to pass off my double-fisted foray into French pastries today as just another training technique.

I don't think my body is buying it, since it is about ready to fall asleep. Maybe the carbos will translate into energy by Saturday!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Walking to Walgreens

Apparently I recently encountered something that my body decided to reject. I don't know what the offending item was, but the result has been a red, itchy rash on my neck. The first day I scratched the dickens out of it, which made it irritated and sore. Before leaving town, I purchased some poison-ivy and psoriasis (never had it, so figured it could be it) products to use. Today my neck resembled that of a chicken - all wrinkled up and tight, and flaking like dandruff. I called my resident RN, Marilyn, who suggested some other creams and lotions to try. This was a good idea, except for a few minor details - I'm on Disney property, Walgreen's is not a Disney affiliate, and I don't have a rental car.

Now the prudent person would probably just get a taxi to the store. That person, however, would not be me. I knew where the nearest Walgreen's is, having visited there many times - when I have a rental car. Anyhow, I decided to walk since I probably needed to walk/train for the half-marathon on Saturday. So, I took off from Downtown Disney, traipsed the two miles to the Walgreen's, purchased my stuff, and returned safely back to my room.

I guess it's a start, since that pesky Sam is all about the physical challenge for 2009. I want mine to be finally winning that 68-pound weight loss. Maybe that's why the chicken neck came about!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

One of God's Favorite Sounds

Today as my flight for Orlando was taking off, I heard the child in the row behind me. She was laughing and chuckling as we were taking off, obviously delighted. As I heard her laughing, it dawned on me that a child's laughter must be one of God's greatest joys. He must know how innocent and pure a child's laughter is. He must love it because He created the little soul that is expressing such joy. He must enjoy hearing the pure expression of wonder, unencumbered by the worries and details of this earthly life.

Then it dawned on me that God must equally love my laughter. He knows how pure it can be, because He knows the worries and concerns of my life. He must love it because He knows every part of my soul and the heartache that would try to squash the joy and laughter. He must enjoy hearing the true expression of continued delight in an earthly life that has seen so much confusion and chaos. He must love knowing that in that laughing instant, I have once again realized the life that He wants for me.

So knowing how much God loves me, and loves the sound of my laughter, I hope to do it more. I hope to find those joys He has placed in my daily life, and express that joy. I hope to apprciate the blessings I have been given and applaud them through laughter. I hope to practice that sense of wonderment and delight that my little friend expressed so freely. In doing so, I am thanking God for the joys of this life and letting Him know how much I love Him.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Good in Crochety Machines

Our DVD player has an attitude. Sometimes it plays without problems. Sometimes it refuses to even recognize the DVD we've fed into it. Sometimes it plays and stops. I'm beginning to think it's because it is also a critic.

This afternoon I rented "The House Bunny." What can I say - that's all that was in the Redbox. Anyhow, I put it in and started watching it, taking a catnap here and there. About the middle of the movie, the DVD player decided it had seen and heard enough and stopped playing the movie. It even refused to spit the DVD out, until I pulled the power cord out. I was really glad, because I had seen enough of the movie also, but was just too lazy to stop the machine.

Maybe sometimes machines quit or slow down or blow up for a reason. And while that machine malfunction may irritate us, maybe it's for our own good. I know it saved me some otherwise wasted time today!

Friday, January 2, 2009

The 100 Book Club

When I was in first grade, I was a member of the 100 Book Club, which meant I had read that many books. Today I became a member again, but for a different reason.

It all started with Dave Bruno and his 100 Things Challenge. It sounded like a good idea, so one day I decided to look at my "stuff" and see if I could embark on the same challenge. It proved much harder than I could have imagined.

I decided to take the idea and tweak it a bit. Instead of trying to pare down to 100 things, I decided to pare 100 things from my stuff each month. By the end of 2009, I will have whittled 1200 things from my life. In addition, for every thing I receive this year, through purchase or gift, I will remove one thing so that I don't add more stuff to an already overstuffed existence.

So, for January the 100 things are books. I have many books, some I haven't read and will probably not read. There are a few I might read, but why let it sit around gathering dust waiting? I have a little card that entitles me to check out all the books that Nashville has - why not let them house the books?

The first forty books were easy, then the task got a little more challenging. I had to be honest about the books. In the end, I realized there were probably more I could let go, but I stuck with the 100. By the way, I bought a new scrapbook for my race memorabilia, so I got rid of an unused photo album. So far, so good.

It's good to see what I don't really need and how to let go. It helps me to realize my value of the stuff that I keep. And in the end, it's all just stuff.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Good Start

This morning Steve, Sam, Lynnette, and I got up to do the Resolution Run 5K in downtown Nashville. It was cold but sunny and beautiful, and was a nice run. Afterwards, you get a bowl of black-eyed peas and cornbread.

After Lynnette and I had picked up our race numbers and timing chips, we headed back to the car to put our stuff on. I was walking past a man putting his chip on, and I looked at him with that thought of "I think I know him." He looked at me the same way, and in about another second, we recognized each other as teaching colleagues from many years ago. We were good friends that had lost touch for the past several years. It was a special treat on the first day of 2009.

January 1 has been a beautiful day. The weather was lovely, I got in a wog, I ate some good luck food, and I connected with an old friend. If today is any indication of what 2009 holds, it's going to be a great year!