Friday, January 16, 2009

Yay Moments

I have a lot of "yay" moments. Every time I cross a finish line, I cheer, even though the finish line people are probably waiting for me so they can go home. Each time I gave birth was a "yay" moment. Getting a great new job or leaving a crummy one are all "yay" moments.

But this morning as I lay on my back while Bridget worked at unknotting my back, I thought, "This is a yay moment." It was a moment where I was happy and felt good (or was getting there), and all was right in the world.

There are yay moments every day. I think it's just time to notice them and "yay" them, because our yay moments are those that give us great joy. So cheer, and yell, and celebrate. Yay!

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