Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Good in Crochety Machines

Our DVD player has an attitude. Sometimes it plays without problems. Sometimes it refuses to even recognize the DVD we've fed into it. Sometimes it plays and stops. I'm beginning to think it's because it is also a critic.

This afternoon I rented "The House Bunny." What can I say - that's all that was in the Redbox. Anyhow, I put it in and started watching it, taking a catnap here and there. About the middle of the movie, the DVD player decided it had seen and heard enough and stopped playing the movie. It even refused to spit the DVD out, until I pulled the power cord out. I was really glad, because I had seen enough of the movie also, but was just too lazy to stop the machine.

Maybe sometimes machines quit or slow down or blow up for a reason. And while that machine malfunction may irritate us, maybe it's for our own good. I know it saved me some otherwise wasted time today!

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Steve said...

It knows good movies from the lousy ones.