Sunday, January 11, 2009

It Is A Small World After All

I am back home after a busy week at Disney World. I registered runners for nine hours on Thursday, walked a 5K on Friday, wogged a half-marathon on Saturday, and cheered the runners and monitored the course for the marathon on Sunday. The weather was great, and I enjoyed it all.

I came back with many things. I received shirts, a jacket, medals, credentials, a park ticket, and free lunches. But I really came back with much more. I came back with memories of thousands of people I met this weekend.

I met all kinds of people - runners and their families and friends, fellow volunteers, and other tourists. I met people of all colors, all races, all nationalities, and all ages. I met people with disabilities and differences. I met happy people, grumpy people, and a lot of tired people.

Most of these people I will probably never see again. But for one weekend, they changed my life. They inspired to me to keep training regularly, to believe and hope earnestly, to smile and laugh frequently, to cheer enthusiastically, to wog faster, and to make new friends constantly.

They changed my life, and I hope that maybe, just maybe, I changed theirs, too.

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