Friday, September 30, 2011

Vacation Friday

I'm following an example from one of the locals, and calling it a day.
Lots to do tomorrow - stay tuned!!

Today's blessings: MK with Lindley and friends; race expo with Molly and Steve; lunch with Molly; babysitting a sleeping Lindley

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Settled for the Weekend??

Thursday's List: Check out of hotel #1, Check into hotel #2 (room not ready), Check into hotel #3 (room ready but none of us are staying in it), wash existing dirty clothes (to prevent clean underwear dilemma), get on internet (because it's now free/included in room rate); make plans for lunch-then change plans four times, go to hotel #2 (because now room is ready and we're staying in it), unload car, park car in next county because that's where self parking is, get map and find room that is apparently located in no-man's land; start process of taking Steve to play golf only to discover once outside that room keys and phone are still in room (but Maribeth is in connecting room so I can bang on her door to let me in and get needed cards), take Steve to golf, call Maribeth to check on Sam/Lynnette/Lindley's flight and find out they're on time only to get call from Maribeth two minutes later that they're actually at 10,000 feet which means they're landing one way or the other, speed to airport stopping long enough in 7-11 parking lot to grab carseat from back and secure it in car, return to speeding to airport while saying mean things about slow dump truck and stupid people who have never driven to the airport and did not realize that there are signs that don't require stopping the car in the middle of the road to read, pick up Sam/Lynnette/Lindley and speed back to hotel because Lindley is first not happy because we cannot stop on the turnpike for her to go the pool (which is actually an alligator-infested swamp) and then to hide her dismay she decides it is nite-nite which means nap which as any parent knows is golden and is never to be ignored, then arrive at hotel trying to explain why I want to valet the car even though the parking tag says "Ogle" and my room key says Steve and I am neither, calling Maribeth to set up crib NOW, get Lindley and Lynnette into elevator and to room, wait for Sam to check in and be confused because LingLing the reception person asked if Sam had checked in online which technically Sam had but because physically it had been done by someone else (me) Sam did not know this thereby confusing both LingLing and Sam and LingLing wanting Sam to sit down to go over packet which if you've been to Disney as many times as we have really isn't necessary, then once the S/L/L group is in the Ogle room yet unpacked in the S/L/L room Maribeth and I return to the other within walking distance room to check facebook in time to wait for Steve to catch a cab back to the hotel to wait for Lindley to wake up so we can go watch for boats and eat dinner then go back to S/L/L room to wait for the Ogles and later Ann and even later Molly to arrive.

Hopefully, LingLing has already gone home by then.
Today's blessings: Everyone's safe arrival for a weekend of Disney family fun!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Catch Up Blogpost #2

Wednesday's List: Attempt to sleep after checking in to Jamison Inn at 12:45 am, only to find that cold caught yesterday somehow decided to reside in my left sinus cavity, causing great throbbing, thus preventing any decent sleep. Since I am awake at 5 am, decide to get up, take shower and get on the road to Orlando. Wake up Maribeth and haul stuff to car, stopping for breakfast and to gas up car. Drive to Orlando, stopping for lunch and nap breaks at rest stops. Arrive at All Star Sports to meet up with Steve, have Maribeth and Steve bring me take out for dinner, pass out in bed at some point during "Suburgatory." Thankfully, loaded up on drugs for cold symptoms. Do not awake for television noise, outside noise, or kids returning from The Magic Kingdom noise next door.

Sleep (and cold meds) are good!

Today's blessings: arriving at WDW without having wrecked the car by falling asleep; safe road trip; dinner delivery via Steve and Maribeth; sleep!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Catch Up Blogpost #1

Tuesday's List: Butt camp, clean house, pack clothes, pick up Molly's suitcase, go to Blast! with Maribeth, leave at intermission, pick up Sam/Lynnette/Lindley's suitcase, drive south of Chattanooga and check into hotel around 12:45 am (as in Wednesday am). Somewhere along the way, catch a cold.

And this was the plan??

Today's blessings: getting all of the above accomplished without major catastrophe

Monday, September 26, 2011

A Perfect Monday Afternoon At The Park

Quack-quacks are fun!

Today's blessings: Monday butt camp with the buds; picking up Lindley at day care, then to Pinkberry and to feed the ducks at the park; Steve's safe arrival in Ft. Lauderdale

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Another Great Weekend

Another Saturday, another 5K. Another Sunday, another day with family. Errands run, tasks completed, lists made. Tomorrow starts another week, with lots to do. Cleaning, paying bills, packing, going to TPAC, and getting ready to go out of town on Tuesday night. We're going to Orlando (can you guess where?) to meet up with family and have another fun weekend, AND another 5K, this time through Animal Kingdom (I think).

It was a great weekend, with more to come. Life is good, and I am truly blessed!

Today's blessings: Factory takeout with Sam, Lynnette, Lindley, Maribeth, and Molly; Rambo hunting with Molly; afternoon Lindley time; Steve's birthday dinner with the family, dinner cooked by Molly

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Best 5K Ever!!

After nearly sixty 5K races, including one last week that involved fire-jumping and mud-swimming, one would think it would be hard to choose a favorite. One would be wrong, because today's race clearly will stand out as my favorite.

It all started several months ago when several of us decided to participate in the Women's Running Magazine 5K here in Nashville. There were several of us veterans that signed up - the Karens, Gloria, and me. Soon we heard from another butt-camper, Michelle. She let us know that it had been a dream of hers to do a 5K, and she thought maybe with the pace, she could do it. Karen blogged about it today, telling a little more of Michelle's story. We all told Michelle she could do it, so she signed up. We planned to train for this one, and we did. Once. After that, we sort of all trained on our own. "Sort of" being the key words.

Our Training Group. And Training Day.

Anyhow, before we knew it, race day was here. We all met downtown. During the past month, Molly had decided to run with us, and we had two more newbies from butt camp - Sharon and Jo (who happens to hold the record for sit-ups at butt camp. We'd hate her taunt little guts if she weren't so funny and sweet). Michelle's family was there to cheer her on - which was good, since she was a bit nervous.

She was a worried that she would be swept - taken off the course if she didn't keep up the required pace. I told her that I would walk with her (not mentioning the fact that they would have to get a forklift and haul my butt off the course, not to mention that if I had to hunt down the director herself, we would get our medals for finishing - no matter which day, week, or year we came across the finish line).

The National Anthem was sung, and the half-marathoners were off. Soon it would be time for us to take off, and take-off we did. Jo sped ahead of everyone and finished with a great time (I think her fab abs helped). Karen P and Gloria ran together, Molly ran by herself, Karen B and Sharon ran together, and Michelle and I paired up. Up the bridge and around the stadium - Mile One. Around the the stadium and up another hill - Mile Two. Down Broadway and back and around - Mile Three and the Finish! We did it, and thanks to Karen, our medals were waiting for us.

When we saw the finish line, Michelle turned to me and said, "I hope you don't mind if I start crying when I finish. This is a dream of mine to do a 5K." I told her that I would be surprised if she didn't cry. When she crossed the finish line, we all cried. We cried because we love Michelle and we understand her pride and joy in accomplishing her goal. We cried because we were all so happy to be able to witness her personal triumph. We cried because we saw her family loving her and being so proud of her. And we cried because that's just what friends do - every tear is just one way of showing our love.

Today's blessings: 5K, butt camp buds; Michelle's family; Lindley time; errands with Maribeth

Friday, September 23, 2011

It's Friday!!

This just seems like a Friday video. Sure, it's an ad, but I am addicted to it!!

Today's blessings: Friday butt camp and blob tag; expo volunteering and fellow volunteers; seeing Jo and Sharon at the expo; afternoon nap; cruise date change; soup night at Molly's with Sam, Lynnette, Lindley, Maribeth, Molly, and Adam

Thursday, September 22, 2011

All We Wanted Was An Antibiotic Ointment

Steve had a coupon for a free breakfast for his birthday (which is coming up) that we needed to use. So, we decided to go to a breakfast place that is fairly new in the area. After eating breakfast (I had a bacon and cheese pancake topped with strawberry jam that was absolutely delicious), Steve and I walked over next door to the walk-in clinic.

A few weeks ago, Steve's lip had gotten sunburned really bad and it wasn't healing as fast as desired. Steve decided maybe a doctor could look at it and prescribe some kind of ointment so that it would get better. The clinic is fairly new, and nobody was waiting when we arrived, so Steve got in pretty quickly. Unfortunately, I went in with him. About an hour later, we finally escaped, AFTER the doctor took a picture of Steve's lip with his iPhone (the doctor's, not Steve's), AFTER the doctor brought in a dermatology encyclopedia so we all could look at gross lip pictures in hopes of finding one that looked like Steve's (although we found several that were so gross that the doctor said, "You don't want to get one of those"), and AFTER we heard all about the doctor's Crohn's disease treatment and his best friend Joe (along with lots of other family history - the doctor's, not ours or Joe's). I think he (the doctor, not Steve) wanted to trade facebook pages and emails, but once the door was opened, we ran like bats out of you-know-where and fled to the car.

But we did get prescriptions for ointment AND oral antibiotics. And a standing date to return, should the lip not improve. However, before that happens, I think Steve will be doing this:

Today's blessings: Breakfast with Steve; clinic adventures; Women's Half-Marathon expo volunteering and shopping; fellow volunteers; seeing the Karens and Michelle at the expo; CPK via Steve for dinner; phone chat with Marilyn; brief visit at Molly's

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Today We Did A Little Pilates at Butt Camp

... need I say more?

Today's blessings: butt camp stations with the girls; checking on MB's house remodel; invites ordered for brunch

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Didn't Want to, Wasn't in the Mood ...

... but did it anyway. Butt camp, that is. Upon arrival in the parking lot, I waited for Karen. We discussed the idea of skipping and going for breakfast instead. We decided to put it all on Molly. If she showed up, we'd go. If she didn't, we'd leave.

I texted her, but no response. I called her and she said she was on her way. Rats!! Karen and I walked toward the gym. Halfway there, I realized I had left my water in the car, prompting a decision to return to the car and retrieve the water, or return to the car and go for breakfast. I retrieved my water.

In the end, all three of us managed to get through butt camp. We were sort of glad we did. We also decided that if one of us weren't coming, that person should text the others.

We'll see who takes responsibility for leading the slackers down the wrong path!!
Today's blessings: After much hesitation, going to and finishing butt camp with Karen B and Molly; Steve's grilled cheese for dinner; phone chat with Marilyn

Monday, September 19, 2011

Thank You, Mr. Pinkberry

After picking up Lindley at daycare, we made the obligatory Pinkberry visit (it doesn't help that her day care is across the street from Pinkberry). Lindley is fairly unwavering in her choice - original with a cookie or bananas. Today when we went in, there were no cookies or bananas to be had. I didn't think it would be a problem, as Lindley loves her Pinkberry.

I was wrong.

Upon sitting down with her small container of yogurt, Lindley inquired as to the whereabouts of her cookie. Maribeth and I assured her that there were none, and continued to assure her as her queries as to the whereabouts of the cookie increased, as did the volume level. Maribeth and I began sorting out our options - continue to deflect the cookie questions, get some other snacks from her bag in the car, or just leave all together.
At Query DEFCON 5, which involved a pathetic frowny face, lip puckering, eye tearing, and very audible sounds of heart breaking, Mr. Pinkberry (who was busy cleaning the lights) looked over. Much like a lifeguard, he went into action to save a drowning soul. In this case, he went into the back, opened the big box of cookies, pulled out a cellophane sleeve of cookies, and handed two over to Lindley, whose world promptly righted itself.

In the end, it was another example of someone doing something nice. Mr. Pinkberry didn't have to do anything - there were no cookies on today's offerings.

He could have just gone to the back and waited for us to leave. But he didn't. He saw a customer with a need and solved it.

It's great when an employee goes the extra mile for a customer. But it's even nicer when it's just one human being helping another.
Today's blessings: Crazy-early lap walking before butt camp and then "the corner group" butt campers; rainy cool day; pizza lunch with Maribeth; picking up Lindley at day care, then Pinkberry and Elmo

Sunday, September 18, 2011

It Was A Good Weekend

It's not often that you get to swim through a mudhole; crawl along the ground in a hot, dark tent; jump over fire, and climb over junked cars, all the while calling it fun. It's made even better when you can do this with friends - friends who will ride in the van with you for an hour to get to this event and bring the wine, cheese, crackers, fruit, bagel, and creme cheese to celebrate it all on the hour ride back home. But the best part is that the friends who join you in this adventure are the ones you can count on for anything - a laugh to share, a hug to keep you going, a shoulder to cry on, and in the case of the group above, a reason to show up every morning at 5:45 to lift and crunch and run and plank.

Because of them and all my beloved friends, I am truly blessed.

Today's blessings: Steve's french toast breakfast with the family; an hour with Jena at Massage Envy; Costco-ing with Molly; Factory pre-Emmy dinner with Steve, Maribeth, and Molly

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mark That One Off The List

Not that the Warrior Dash was ever on the list. But, because of some swell butt camp buds, I entered the Warrior Dash. I managed to start, do some of the obstacles, and finish. I would explain the whole thing, but I think the pictures say it all:

This was pre=race. We look like fairly intelligent people.

This was the first obstacle - climbing over hay. And avoiding the rope trip-ups on the way down.

This was the black garbage bag tent where one crawled on the ground. My idea of a fun Saturday afternoon. Well, maybe not.

After you managed to walk through a sea of tires, you got to crawl over some wrecked cars.
At least I didn't wreck any of them.

At the end, after jumping over two walls (well, little walls) of fire, you got to crawl through a mud pit. I think you can go to a fancy schmancy spa and pay big bucks to do this.

Of course, there were several other obstacles, some of which I did because it looked like I would not kill myself. There were several other obstacles that had "senior citizen death trap" written all over them, and I walked to the side around it. Of course, bringing my walker, wearig my ADT alert necklace, and saying, "Hey Sonny," to the officials around said obstacles helped.

All in all, it was a fun day. We dashed and had turkey legs and partied in the van on the way home. The best thing is that I'll never have to do this again!!

Today's blessings: Lindley time this afternoon; Karen B and Molly doing the course with me; Warrior Dashing; goodies on the way home; a special memory with some very special buddies!

Friday, September 16, 2011

I'm Sure I've Had Dumber Ideas ...

... but I'm just not sure of what they were.

Tomorrow is the Warrior Dash. Several of my buds from butt camp and I are doing it. The dash is a 3-ish mile race out in the wilderness with a bunch of "obstacles" thrown in. Here are two examples of the obstacles:

My goal is to finish intact. Meaning with no broken bones, two contact lens still in my eyes, no hair/clothes/body on fire, and no tetanus-shot-needing gashes. One can always dream ...

Stay tuned for tomorrow's full report!!

Today's blessings: sleeping in; Avis lady at the car rental counter; Steve fixing MSU Edam cheese grilled cheese sandwiches; Food Truck Friday and Curious Heart Emporium with Molly

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pretty Much A Normal Day ...

It started off with butt camp and two of my fellow butt-ies, Karen P and Gloria, both of whom weigh about 16 pounds each, soaking wet. They decided that they had "gained weight" over the summer (and their 18-month old toddler clothes were feeling a little snug). So, they came up with the brilliant plan of meeting a little early at butt camp to do a little pre-butt camp jogging, which they did on Tuesday and proclaimed it simply wonderful.

Being of small brain and big thighs myself, I became convinced it would also be a brilliant idea. Keep in mind that butt camp starts at 5:45 AM, and getting there early means 5:15 AM. As in the dark-thirty in the morning. Also keep in mind that this will require getting up even earlier to get dressed, find the car keys, and drive to butt camp. The only reason I decided to do this is because I live only 5 minutes away. I won't even mention that Karen and Gloria have to drive 30 minutes to get to butt camp. Just the sheer calculation on what time they must have to get up in the morning to do some pre-butt camp recreational jogging sets my slide rule on fire.

Anyhoo, I get to the gym, only to find Karen and Gloria sitting outside in the dark. Because the key-keeper to the gym hadn't arrived yet. I seriously need to sniff the contents of their water bottles. Luckily (for whom, I don't know), Key Keeper Carmen arrives followed by Butt Coach Josh, and we get into the gym for this hallowed jogging thing.

Of course, Karen and Gloria zip off to the races. I had already confirmed that I would be walking, and since I am a woman of my word, I did as I promised. It wasn't too bad, as the breeze that accompanied every lap that Karen and Gloria passed me with, managed to cool me off. Not that I was breaking a sweat. I didn't have to do many laps until it was time for butt camp, which today was "Kill Your Thighs Day."

After butt camp, a breakfast stop at Sonic, and a much-needed nap, I decided to prepare my shirt for the Warrior Dash on Saturday. Please take a gander at what this race is all about. A bunch of the butt camp crew decided to enter this thing. I think I will blame it on Gloria and Karen, since they probably lost all that summer weight gain this morning and need to be punished. We decided to wear our butt camp shirts, but wanted to warrior them up some. Using my huge creative talents, a oversized magic marker, and a pair of scissors, I came up with the frock to the left. I don't think I'll be making Project Runway anytime soon.

After a leftover hotdog lunch, I procrastinated as long as possible and decided to take a walk with maybe a jog step or two. I have a few races coming up, and I thought some training might be in order. I probably should have rethought this plan since I was barely one-tenth of a mile down the street, stepped on a twig and rolled my ankle. Yes, a wide street with nothing on it except one twig, and my foot managed to find it and use it to twist my ankle. It was painful enough to sit down on somebody's front yard and utter some colorful language. I took off my shoe and ankle brace (which I guess kept my ankle from snapping off) and limped back home.

So, now I will skip butt camp in the morning in hopes of giving my ankle a chance to deflate so I can participate in the Warrior Dash on Saturday in my super-cool warrior shirt.

Just another regular day in my life!!
Today's blessings: Butt camp with my buds; warrior dash prep; watching MSU football on TV; usual ankle twist

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Question of Talent ...

Today as I was working on yet another "project," I realized that much of what I've done in life has to do with very little ability and/or talent. For instance:

1. Playing the piano. I took lessons for nine years and two different teachers. While I can possibly play a simple tune, I never quite moved over to that "wow, that's beautiful music you're making there," stage.

2. Twirling the baton. I took some lessons and was a majorette in high school. I still have my baton. I twirled knives once, but I never quite mastered the double spin toss (or whatever it was called).

3. Playing the saxophone. I was in the school band for six years. I was in the concert band and stage band, and even had a solo in a concert once, but I never managed to riff like the cool sax players.

4. Sewing. I grew up with my mother making most of my clothes. My father taught me how to use the sewing machine. I spent an entire semester sewing in 8th grade home economics (hey - this was back in the dark ages) where not only did you have to make your own dress, but then had to wear your creation to school. I still know how to use the sewing machine - but some of my "creations" might make the casual observer wonder about that fact.

5. Foot races. I've wogged 120 races from 2.3 miles to 26.2 miles. In my first race, my niece Lucy and I were dead last. In most of the races, I usually am one of the "back of the pack-ers" and proud of it. But I have finished every race I started. We'll just leave off the races I entered but never actually made it to the start line.

So there you go. Just a short list of things that I can do, but not necessarily do well. It's probably due to lack of practice, lack of effort, and loads of lazy. I probably could list more, but there are more important things to do.

Maybe I'll go sew a wogging outfit, find a piano and saxophone and record a tune for my race playlist, and practice my baton twirling so I can be the "baton-twirling jogger". Better late than never?

Today's blessings: Molly returning to butt camp; lunch with Maribeth and Molly; Molly's potato soup for dinner; final details for Warrior Dash complete

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Toddler Talk

If you've ever read "Five Minutes Peace," then you will totally get this video. If you've ever had a toddler, or babysat a toddler, or even know what a toddler is, then you will get this video. And if you don't get this video, then go find a mom with a toddler and babysit -that mom would LOVE five minutes of peace!!

Today's blessings: Butt camp outside; Sharon joining the Women's 5K group; picking up Lindley at day care; Pinkberry and the park with Lindley, Steve, and Maribeth; Steve cooking hot dogs on the grill for dinner

Monday, September 12, 2011

And We're Back at Monday ...

Is there a net for catching the time as it flies by?

Today's blessings: Back to butt camp with the girls and renovated gym; JoAnne's and Red Lobster with Maribeth and Steve; Bill Cox's plans for Maribeth's house; moving stuff to Maribeth's attic

Sunday, September 11, 2011

I Remember

I was sitting in an early morning teachers' meeting, waiting for stragglers to come in. One teacher came in to tell us the news, and a teacher with family in New York City left to call them. We watched and listened on the classroom television until we finally had to tear ourselves away to go to our rooms to receive our students and attempt to explain to them what was going on. I arrived in my classroom just in time to turn on the television and see the second tower being hit, at first thinking it was a rerun, only to realize the tragic gravity of the situation.

We all remember where we were and the images we saw. We remember the stories and the people and the absolute incredulity of what we were witnessing. Ten years later I am still compelled to see the same images and then hear of how life has changed for so many who were there or had loved ones there. For some, life continues and for others, life stopped somewhere during these last ten years.

Tonight as I was watching one of the many television programs, I heard one comment from someone who basically said that while it was a horrible tragedy, we should celebrate the generosity and humanity of all those who lost their lives trying to save others.

I guess what I take from that is to do my best in the world to help a fellow traveler on this earth. Because in the end, a life spent trying to make someone's life a little better, or a little easier, or a little happier, that caring life is never lost. That life goes on in the lives of those helped and those who hear about it. The caring just keeps going. That's the kind of life that can live forever.

Today's blessings: Cinnamon rolls breakfast and spending the day with the family; Michaels shopping with Maribeth

Saturday, September 10, 2011

It's Good To Be Home

My own bed, my own refrigerator, my own television, my own routine and schedule.

However, now it's time for unpacking, laundry, cleaning, catching up on bills, catching up on everything, and back to butt camp. Small price to pay for being back at home.

Today's blessings; shopping during MSU/Auburn game; safe road trip home; seeing Phil and Ben; phone chat with Marilyn; Maribeth at house

Friday, September 9, 2011

Luanne, Maribeth, and Molly ...

... planning their next Disney vacation.

I'm in Opelika, Alabama. We're stopped here overnight so Steve can attend the Mississippi State vs Auburn college football game tomorrow. There are no screaming children running through the halls, no heated swimming pools, no Mickey bars, and no fireworks. Guess I'm not at Disney World any more!
Today's blessings: Safe road trip from Orlando and travel through the countryside; afternoon doing absolutely nothing; lunch at the hotel and sweet waitress; cheese and cracker delivery

Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Disney Day

It started at Animal Kingdom where I got to see Jabali (that's his little elephant butt behind the tree) with his mama. It was all so super cute!!

We also saw the lion walking around voicing his opinion of the morning. We saw the lioness stretched out on her rock, not listening to a thing the lion was saying. We saw the cheetahs walking around. We sat on the safari for 10 minutes waiting for a giraffe to clear the road, which he wasn't going to do because he had found a prime piece of munchies hanging from a particular tree - which happened to be in the middle of the road. We watched as an AK truck came in to help persuade the giraffe to move, which it did, only to return to the road once the truck had driven away. And then we watched as the truck returned again and again to try to talk some sense into the giraffe. And yes, we helped Wilson catch the poachers and rescue the baby elephant.

At Downtown Disney, I happened upon the newly Bippity Bopped princesses as they were having their royal parade. I watched as they rode the carousel and the cast member blew bubbles around. I waved back as the little princesses waved their best royal waves.

I had my burger at Beaches n Creme and stared (like everyone else in the restaurant) at the group that was going to undertake the Kitchen Sink.

I ended my day watching Fantasmic! at Hollywood Studios. Although it's not my favorite fireworks show, I couldn't help but clap and yell whenever Mickey came onstage. It was a great ending to this current Disney vacation.

M-I-C -- See ya real soon (like in about three weeks)
K-E-Y -- Why? Because we like you (and we don't want to vacay anywhere else!)
Today's blessings: safari fun and seeing Jabali; bippity bop parade and princesses; Fantasmic and dinner with Steve

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Just Another Vacay Day for Steve and Luanne

Today's blessings: Really sleeping in; walk around the resort with my Ipod; 2012 cruise planning; reading by the pool; Ikea scavenger hunting and Mimi's dinner with Steve

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Okay, I admit it. Once again I have no idea of a blog post topic. Smart thinking would say, "Then don't blog - wait until inspiration strikes." That would be great advice, except for the fact that this blog would become dead in the water. As in cease to exist. Because my habit is, if it's not a habit, then it doesn't get done.

I am a creature of habit. I don't have many regular habits, as evidenced by my current physical state. I have fairly regular hygienic habits, although there have been times that I've rebelled and gone to bed without brushing my teeth.

However, this blog is one thing that I force myself to do every day. The only times I've not blogged have been during 3-day weekends or when I was in the hospital parting ways with my gallbladder. In other words, the only reason I don't blog is because I physically cannot do it on my computer.

So, the question remains - why? Of all the habits that you need to work on, why is this one the one habit that you faithfully (and almost compulsively) keep?

I have thought about this (for at east three minutes) and have come up with the following reasons:

1. If I don't write something, I won't write anything. Possibly ever again. It's easy to stop doing something forever, if you stop it once. At least it is for me. So I post every day. It may be an amusing and/or comment-provoking blogpost, or it may be a cartoon, but there's a post.

2. If I waited for inspiration to strike, we'll all still be waiting. Sometimes inspiration doesn't strike until the fingers start striking the keys. And I won't start striking the keys unless I make myself, so I make myself start striking every night.

3. I keep hoping one good, regular habit will help me keep other good, regular habits. Still working on that one.

4. I like to keep you thinking - "Will tonight be a good one or another kitten video?"

Anyhow, that's why I keep this thing going. Because for me, it's what I need to do.
Today's blessings: watching movie on tv; getting projects completed; ESPN Club for dinner with Steve

Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day

Today's blessings: getting stuff done; Giordano's pizza and movie with Steve

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Five Things I Like About Disney

1. No matter our ridiculous my outfit of the day is, there is always someone whose outfit is even more ridiculous than mine. And I'm assuming that I'm somebody's "more ridiculous" outfit person.

2. No matter how tired I am, there's always somebody who's more tired than I am. And she is usually screaming at the top of her little two-year-old lungs.

3. No matter how much Disney crapola I purchase, there is always somebody who's purchasing even more unnecessary crapola than I am. But since it really looks like some really cool stuff, I have to go hunt it down and put it in my basket.

4. No matter how much I manage to stuff in my face and eat at Disney World, there's always something even more delicious to eat just around the corner. I just have to waddle around the corner and get it.

5. No matter how many times I see Illuminations: Reflections of Earth, I still love it as much as I did the first time I saw it. I still get all verklempt and get chill bumps. I think it will never be as good as it is at that moment. And it isn't - until I see it the next time.

Today's blessings: saying goodbye to Migdalia; checking in at Beach Club Villas; shopping and lunch at Red Lobster with Steve; clerks at Christmas store at Downtown Disney; Epcot walking; Big River Grille dinner with Steve; watching Illuminations fireworks from the balcony

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Okay, so I changed the blog all up. Usually I change it on my birthday, which I did this year. But it just never really felt right. I'm not sure whether this layout will stay around - but then again, it just might.

The important thing here is to change stuff if it just doesn't suit you or feel right. Don't hang on to the "way it is" for any reason except that it is what you truly like. Switch things up as many times as needed until you find just the right thing.

Because if it's truly YOUR thing, then you're the only one to whom it matters the most and the only one who knows what that right thing is.

Happy changes!!!
Today's blessings: Three laps around the resort; ten short laps in the pool; quiche for breakfast and chef salad for lunch; Ghiradelli for dinner and Big Mac for dessert; Disney mini-golf with Steve

Friday, September 2, 2011

Just Call Me Jabali

Last week on my birthday, a baby elephant was born at my favorite place, Animal Kingdom. He did top me slightly in weight, coming in at 311 pounds, and will probably grow to weigh over 10,000 pounds (although I hope to go the opposite direction weight-wise).

Today the keepers gave him a name - Jabali - which means "strong as a rock" in Swahili. Somehow, this inspires me to do better, try harder, and be stronger. Watch me and Jabali go!

Today's blessings: SLEEPING PAST 5AM!!!, 3 laps around the resort lake; phone chat with Marilyn, chat with housekeeper Migdalia; swim in the quiet pool; shopping and dinner with Steve

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Customer Service

Example #1: We ate lunch at Truett's in Atlanta. When we were checking out, we noticed a big sign advertising their t-shirts. We asked the person checking us out about the shirts. She asked several people, then went to the back office. After several minutes, she and the manager (I guess) came out. The manager started rummaging around underneath the counter. One of the employees told the manager that there were no shirts, to which the manager replied that she thought there were a couple of extra-smalls left (a size I haven't worn since I left the hospital as a newborn). The manager conceded that there were no more shirts to be had, then mumbled something about them having not decided if they were going to order the same shirt or not. She then proceeded back to her office, leaving the sign still in the display window. There was no acknowledgement about their error, no mention of being sorry about taking up our time, no "sorry for your inconvenience, here's a coupon for a free sandwich," or something like it. Not even an attempt to correct an obvious erroneous message front and center. More like, "too bad, so sad, see you next time." While we will return in the future, we did leave a bit disappointed.

Example #2. Tonight we checked in to our resort at Disney World. When we finally found our room (we are sometimes directionally challenged), we went inside the room and unpacked. We noticed the toilet was still running, and was going to need a jiggle to stop the water flow. We also noticed a rust-looking ring in the bowl. It was sort of gross. We walked to the gift shop and I stopped by the front desk to voice my potty concerns. I assured them that tomorrow morning would be adequate for a remedy to the situation. Fifteen minutes later, someone had already been to our room and fixed and cleaned the toilet. Fifteen minutes earlier, I was questioning whether we would return to this resort, a feeling that was totally changed because somebody in charge wanted to make sure I (their customer) was happy.

Usually all it takes is just a few minutes and a little effort to make or keep a loyal customer. You just have to be willing to try.

Today's blessings: safe road trip to Florida; Walls shopping; Giordanos with Steve; Coronado Springs staff