Monday, February 20, 2017


So, here's how it happened. Yesterday I was tired of this small little bump I had on my upper abdomen. I thought maybe I could "squish" it out (like a massuse did or at least try to a few years ago). Well apparently I tried to squish it the wrong way, as it decided to squish the other way - like inside instead of outside? Anyhow, the result was a very angry red area where the bump used to be. I hoped it would go away, but since it was tender to the touch, I decided that if it was still an issue today, I would go to the doctor (I have a trip starting on Wednesday and I didn't want it to be an issue then!).

This morning it was still an issue, so off I went to the local non-emergency care clinic. They were not busy, so I got right in. After showing/discussing with the nurse, I waited for Jasen, the PA. He came in, gave my angry spot a look, and said we needed to do something about it. He stuck a needle in it but really didn't get much of anything out (the angry spot was also tender to the touch and puffy). He then told me how the squishing had sent the infection inside and made the angry spot. He said he would treat it like a staph infection (I guess that means it is a staph infection?), which meant I would get a shot in my rear-end and a 10-day supply of antibiotic. And he wants me to come in tomorrow to make sure that the angry spot is chilling down a bit and not so angry and big. I also got a DPT shot, since I couldn't remember when I had last had one (now all I need is that dang shingles shot - just a few more months!).

So, all day I have been reading up on staph - the good, the bad, and the ugly. I prayed that God would heal it, and He said He would - I just have to quit obsessing about it (and take my meds as directed). Of course I keep wondering if I have a fever (I haven't and don't), if it's spreading (Jasen marked where the angry spot was, so he/I could check it tomorrow), and if it's going to get worse (because I want it better - like now!). I feel gross and germy and like I have the cooties (since it's contagious if I were to rub my angry spot on your open wound). I couldn't wait to take a shower in an attempt to get the staph washed off.

And yes, I have read all about it. And not just from wikipedia. I know all the facts. And I have looked up my pills (Sulfameth/TMP 800/160mg) which are pretty powerful. I am confident that Jasen and God will clear this up. I just wish it were cleared up now.

Patience is a hard lesson to learn when you're almost 60!
Blessings today include: clinic receptionist, nurse, and PA Jasen; getting my desk cleared a bit; texting with Pam and Laura about our toes and upcoming Princess weekend; picking up Lindley at camp

Sunday, February 19, 2017

A New Breakfast Place

Today Molly and I decided to try a new breakfast place. It's called "Holler and Dash - A Biscuit House." It's a fairly new chain, an offshoot of Cracker Barrel. Anyhow, we decided to give it a try. And it was pretty darn good!

As is our habit this weekend, we did eat too much. I ordered the "Hollerback Club" which had Bacon, guacamole, fried green tomato, and Hollerback sauce. Molly had "Kickback Chicken" which had fried chicken, goat cheese, green onion, and sweet pepper jelly with a kick. And of course we had to share a "Grit Bowl" which had McEwen & Sons grits, bacon, cheddar, fried eggs, and a shot of hot sauce (on the side for me). You go to the counter and order and pay, they give you a table marker, you choose a table, and when your order is ready, they bring it to you. The decor is country and cute, and it was quite a nice place to start the morning.

As for me, I'm glad it's the start of a new week. All this eating too much has been too much!!
Today's blessings include: breakfast with Molly; getting kinda packed for Princess weekend; getting the house kinda cleaned up; taking Maribeth, Mathieu, Everley, and Emmatha to the airport for their Montana trip

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Toe Time!

Since my toenails were getting long enough to scratch my leg, I knew it was time for a pedicure. And with Princess Weekend on the horizon, it was seriously getting time to get my toes all prettied up. So when Anne suggested we get pedicures, I was ready!

Molly came along and soon we were in our chairs, relaxing and getting our toes presentable. They had some new "treatment" where you got to choose a package of stuff (soak, cream, oil, lotions) for the techs to use. Of course, we each had to try one. I chose the lavender because it was supposed to be relaxing. My verdict? It was fine, but not quite the experience I thought it would be. Maybe I needed a lavender sachet to put over my eyes...

Anyhow, once that was done, we headed back home to load everyone up (John, Anne, Sam, and Lindley) to head downtown to meet Michael and Mathieu and the girls for lunch. Where Molly and I ate too much again. After lunch, everyone headed back to their own agendas and finish their Saturday. Another fun weekend day!
Blessings today include: pedis with Anne and Molly; lunch with the family at Demos' ; Lindley and Everley and Emmatha time

Friday, February 17, 2017

Bloodletting Time Again!

A good thing about donating blood with the Red Cross is that they will call you when it's time for a needle. And so they did, and so today I went in for a pint - to donate, that is.

Now that they utilize Rapid Pass, the check-in procedure goes pretty quick (Rapid Pass means you can answer the health questionnaire at home, print it off, and present it to the nurse at check-in). It was a fairly quiet day, so I went straight to my chair (facing the television, which is good). The actual donation went pretty quick, although the techs didn't think it was going fast enough and had to fiddle with the needle a couple of times to "gitter-goin".

Anyhow, soon it was all over, I had my snacks, and headed home. I gave John and Anne an outside tour of Maribeth's and Molly's home remodels (the inside tour would be later tonight).

John and Anne were going to have lunch with Mathieu, so Molly and I decided to have lunch at Puffy Muffin. Where we ate too much.  Maribeth, Mathieu, and the girls came over for a dinner from Whitts. All in all, a pretty good Friday!!
Today's blessings include: A great check-in lady at the Red Cross; giving my pint; lunch with Molly; Everley and Emmatha time; John and Anne providing dinner

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Danger Baby

Granted, Emmatha is growing up and learning new tricks. She is 11 months old, and while she is not walking by herself yet, she has no problems getting around. Tonight she and Everley were over visiting, and Emmatha decided to crawl over to her rocking chair. And then crawl up on it. And then stand. LaLa needs a drink now!!

Even though the chair is probably 60+ years old, it is very sturdy.
And it seemed like a good piece to practice one's standing.
Sure, it might slide a bit, but Emmatha had it all under control!

All was fine here. She crawled up by herself for a little sit-down.
Or so I thought ...

And then, what seemed like a split-second later, she was up on the chair.
Standing. And beginning to attempt rocking.
LaLa saved the day. And an expensive ER visit!!
Today's blessings include: Two miles with KB; replacing smoke detectors and toilet flapper; finishing laundry; Emmatha and Everley visit; safe trip to Nashville for John and Anne