Thursday, September 18, 2014

We Made It!

Molly picked us up for an airport run at 7am (our first flight was 8:15). While Steve and I were at the gate waiting to board, I noticed a couple across from us who had a DCL Castaway Club bag. She noticed my bag and we discovered we are both on the same cruise. (I saw another lady board who was carrying a very elaborate pirate hat - I'm guessing she's on the cruise, too). The lady (wife?) of the couple (they look like maybe they are in their 40s) said they were meeting up with their facebook group (yeah, we missed that memo) and doing some stuff in San Juan.

We flew to Tampa and waited for our next flight - the one that flies into the heart of hurricane territory and over the ocean. We noticed several other family groups that are probably headed for the same reason to San Juan. In fact, as we were boarding and I was searching for Steve (he's always A16 on Southwest and I am A16++ or B), I heard someone who was already seated say, "I think she's going on the same cruise we are!"

Once we are all seated and ready to go, the flight attendant, in her feeble attempt to be cute, said, "Oh, and today's the pilot's first trip. He's going to try something special!" Not funny, lady. Especially since the pilot kept the seatbelt sign on most of the flight and had the flight attendants sit down the whole time because of "weather." And the fact that the internet did not work for 90 minutes because we were out of range of the internet. Like over the ocean. Which wouldn't be a big deal except for the fact that I was unable to check out the weather so I would know exactly how much longer the seat belt sign was going to be on.

Nevertheless, we made it to San Juan without further incident. We got a cab to the hotel, angering a man who was trying to get in our taxi without going through the taxi police station. Luckily the taxi driver took care of the situation, telling the man that he needed to go to the taxi station and get the white piece of paper that Steve was holding. We got in our cab and soon we were at our hotel, passing a Starbucks, Wendy's, and Dunkin Donuts. Steve went out and got a pizza, which we ate, and then I pretty much went to bed - happy vacation!

Tomorrow there are no real plans, just hanging around. I'm sure Steve will head to the pool and/or beach. I shall concentrate of getting out of the bed.  It may be harder than you think ...
Today is a gift because: safe flights to Tampa and San Juan; room ready when we got to hotel; close stuff to walk to; i-chatting with Everley and Lindley; night thunderstorm

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

And We're Going To ...

San Juan, Puerto Rico.  But only for a few days.  Then we (that would be Steve and I) are getting on the Disney Magic cruise ship (don't even say it).  Technically, Molly and Steve (and I) booked this cruise eons ago when it first was announced. It's the first time the Magic has docked and left from San Juan (although Molly and I were on a Disney cruise that did make a stop here). Unfortunately, Molly found out she has a conference that she was "strongly advised" to attend during this time period, so she won't be with us (insert sad face here). Steve booked the pre-cruise stuff, which is why we're here a few days early.  I've tried to ignore it all, since I am aware of how long (two flights) that it will take us to get there, and the possibility of hurricanes (hello hurricane season!). Anyhow, now you know where I'm headed next.

I am looking forward to the cruise.  Steve will be spending most of his time at the pool, so I will be free to do nothing. The ports we are going to are: St John's, Antigua; Castries, St. Lucia; St. George's Grenada; Bridgetown, Barbados; and Basseterre, St. Kitts. Never been to any of them. My sister Marilyn and her husband are spending a week in St. Kitts, so we will meet them there for lunch on the 26th.  All in all, it looks to be a pretty fun vacation!

At least until the 27th, when I have to get back on that plane during hurricane season to fly over the ocean back to Nashville via Tampa ... I know, you have no pity for me at all!!
Today is a gift because:  getting packed for next adventure

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Back Home ... For Now

Yes, September is a busy month.  There are races to run and birthdays to celebrate (and in the fashion that 2014 seems to dictate).  There are places to go and people to see.  So today I will unpack one suitcase, wash clothes, and start to think about packing another.

It's a blessing to have the opportunity to travel.  It's a blessing to be at home.  When they both occur in quick succession in a limited period of time, it tends to get to be overwhelming.  Travel has lots of possibilities for seeing and doing new things.  Being home has lots of responsibilities for cleaning stuff and catching up on stuff.  But somehow, neither proves to have any opportunity to rest.

I'm not complaining - really.  I just wish I had it all together enough to keep it all together all the time.  Maybe I should just have a bag packed, ready to go.  Maybe I should keep an eternal list of everything that needs to be done at home, all the time. Nah - I think I will just enjoy the moment - wherever it is.  Because more than likely, by tomorrow I'll have forgotten it.

Now to pay bills and catch up on the mail.  And where I am going again?
Today is a gift because:  Sonic for dinner with the family; Lindley and Everley time; catching up on the home stuff

Monday, September 15, 2014

And We're Done!

Usually we head back to Nashville right after the Closing Ceremonies of the 3-Day.  But Southwest didn't have any late flights, so we decided to spend the night and head back early this morning.  It proved to be a great idea, since we didn't have to pack last night and rush to the airport in our walking clothes.  Instead we were able to eat dinner, take any needed meds, and sleep one last night in Philly. We considered a night bus tour of the city, but decided to return one day - when 60 miles isn't on the schedule!

After doing this walk three years in a row, Team Udderly Pink has decided to take a break.  How long is anybody's guess.  Last year we said we wouldn't do it again, and you see what happened.  So you never know ...  But for now, we're holding firm to a break.

But the thing is, once you do these events, you're forever tied to them. And why?  It's not because of the thrill of walking 60 miles and patching your feet and taking Tylenol on a schedule.

It's because of people like the lady in this picture, who was at the last few feet of this weekend's walk.

It's because of Marilyn and Emily and Mary and all the other survivors who live with a diagnosis and a cure.

It's because of those who live with a diagnosis and continue with radiation and chemotherapy in hopes of achieving that cure.

It's because of Debbie and all those who are gone too soon after battling and losing to breast cancer.

It's because that maybe raising some money and walking some miles may make a dent in finally finding a cure for breast cancer. Because there always has to be hope - hope for a future without breast cancer.

Today is a gift because:  safe, smooth flight back to Nashville with Lindley as my seatmate; talking and picking up Lindley from school; dinner with the fam; Lindley and Everley time

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Philly Breast Cancer Walk - Day 3

The rain was gone and today's weather promised to be perfect.  We got a later start today - the course didn't open until 7:30am, so we could sleep until 6:30!!  We headed to camp, ate breakfast, and soon were back out on the course.  Today's official course:  Approximately 14.6 miles - The final day will feature a complete tour of Center City. The day will be filled with all the hotspots and hidden treasures of Philadelphia! From the Constitution Center and City Hall to Love Park, there is much to see and enjoy. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Philadelphia walk without South Philadelphia and Pat’s Steaks. At the end of the journey, enjoy sharing a celebratory Closing Ceremony with your family and friends at the historic Navy Yard.

Molly prepping her tootsies for the day.
Molly - all dolled up and ready to go!!
Team Udderly Pink - Ready to head out for Day 3!!
It's 7:30am - do you know where your walker is?
We headed out and about, and were surprised to find ourselves headed back into town - right past our hotel!  But we kept going past several statues, historical buildings, and cheering supporters.  

One of our favorite supporters.  She's from Kentucky, and came up to cheer on a friend who's doing the walk!!

Somewhere along the route - our hotel's way back  yonder in the city ...
LOVE!  Need we say more?
Pit Stop!!
Lunch Stop!  Sam and Lindley met us for lunch!
Which was actually only 1.5 miles from our hotel,
but it took us 8 miles to get there ...
Walkers stopping at an unofficial pit stop.  Clearly a good time is being had by all ...
And we made it!!

Molly and KB taking those last few steps.
Molly is done!!  And done!
Molly's toes.  And ankles.  Ready for a rest.

Team Udderly Pink, 2014 Edition

Closing Ceremonies - we're behind the three people on your right.

Raising our shoes for the survivors as they walk in.
One of the most poignant moments of Closing Ceremonies.

We raise the flag to close out the walk -
And with that, the Philly 3-Day Breast Cancer Walk was over.  There were high points and low points, and happy times and not-so-happy times.  But we got through it as a team and hopefully made a difference in this fight against breast cancer.  Will we ever do it again?  We're not planning on it. But if you've never done one, and just might be considering it, let me know when you sign up.  You never know when Udderly Pink may make a comeback!!

Today I walked for Marilyn, Sandy N, Betty, Debbie H, and Andrea.

Today is a gift because: seeing a lot of the sights of Philadelphia; finishing the walk; Sam coming to Closing Ceremonies; Closing Ceremonies; bus ride back to hotel; dinner with Sam, Lynnette, Lindley, Sarah, and Melvin; KB getting her picture at the Rocky statue; not going back home and instead spending the night