Thursday, June 8, 2017

Yup. Here Again ...

Yes, once again I am behind on blogging. Why? Well, there's the whole CNN thing that compels me to watch everyday to see what's going on in Washington. Then there's the whole lazy thing, which I shall illustrate in a few minutes. Then there's the whole sleep thing that I may or may not be getting, depending on how things have gone on CNN and whether or not I have a date with Insomnia. And then there's the whole list of things to do thing that we needn't even speak about...

Anyhoo, my friend Emily checks in from time to time to make sure I am still around, since my lack of blogging seems to coincide with my lack of facebooking. And so I shall try to catch up once again. Because I have places to go this month!!

And here are my current lazy excuses ...  And yes, I could have spent the time finding and copying and posting all these, to come up with a mind-blowing blog. And if you believe that, you are reading the wrong blog!!

Blessings today include: an actual decent night's sleep; two miles in the hood with KB; Steve's safe travel to Columbus; successful Wal-Marting; party planning with KB

Saturday, April 22, 2017

10K and Flower and Garden Eats

Today was the Dark Side 10K. I was supposed to participate, but decided that I just didn't want to do it. And so I didn't. Kate met Molly in the lobby, and they headed off to the bus. At 4:00am for a 5:30am start. Ugh!

This 10K course is a little different, It started in the MK parking lot. It winds around a bit, eventually going past Boardwalk, which is where we are staying. I tracked Molly and Katie and got to see them when when they passed.

Once finished, Molly caught the bus back to the hotel. She cleaned up and we decided to to Epcot's Flower and Garden Festival (mainly for the food kiosks). Since we're staying at Boardwalk, it's just a walk over. We didn't count on it being hot and sunny, which makes the walk not so great. And once we got to Epcot, it was still hot and sunny. However, we managed to stop at a few of the food places and eat - I guess I should have taken photos ...

Anyhow, it didn't take long for us to decide that perhaps we were not enjoying the hot and sun, and decided to make our way back to the hotel. Once there, we cooled off, took a hot-weather-induced nap, and then headed to Disney Springs for our third movie. This time we decided to go fancy and go to the "dine in" theater. Basically this means that you sit in big recliner-type chairs with a table and you order food (for a price) which they bring to you. So it's kinda like eating at home! We ordered loaded tater tots and a chicken tenders. It was all pretty good, especially if you don't like your food steaming hot. Molly mushed up the tater tots which made them a little better. Anyhow, it was a fun way to watch a movie.

This time we decided to see "Fate of The Furious" which is apparently the eighth installment of the "Fast and The Furious" franchise. I have seen none of the previous movies, nor has Molly. It didn't make a difference to us, but if we had, we would have been as audibly excited when certain characters appeared on the screen like our fellow movie-goers. Basically the plot goes like this - there's a group of men and women who can steal, fix, operate, and do missions with cars. In this case, Vin Disel is on his honeymoon with one of the girl car people when Charlize Theron (who is bad) convinces him to join her in her bad mission. She's a big computer person who wants to steal a big bomb, the Russian nuclear codes, and a Russian nuclear submarine. Vin goes along, but Kurt Russel gets the rest of the car group together to stop Vin and Charlize. There is a lot, a lot of car chasing and crashing and fighting involved to try to catch Charlize before she does her nuclear thing. There is also a baby involved. Eventually everything gets worked out and the baby is fine. Apparently a lot of characters from former movies showed up, as evidenced by the gasps when they appeared on screen. I would give it a thumbs up - perhaps two if I had seen the other movies.

We headed back to the room to settle down for the night - Molly has a half marathon tomorrow! I'm not doing that one either!!
Blessings today include: seeing Molly and Katie on the Boardwalk; eating at the F&G kiosks; going to the movies with Molly

Friday, April 21, 2017

Dark Side 5K

Time for a 5K! Katie met us in the lobby (she and Nancy are staying at a nearby hotel) at 5am (yes 5am). We decided to drive to the start rather than take the bus, so we have a quick ride after the race. Once we got to the parking lot at Epcot, we sat for a bit (the race didn't start until 6am) and then headed to the corrals. I was in a corral ahead of Molly, and Katie decided to join her (because they both knew they would catch up to me rather quickly). Anyhow, it wasn't long until the race started and we were off!

The course is the usual 5K course. Of course I was going as slow as molasses, but so were my peeps around me. Molly and Katie eventually caught up to me. They stayed with me for the last part of the race, and we spent the time figuring out how to make the best photos. Which, as you can see, we managed to do. Eventually we made it to the finish line and got our medals, our post-race snack boxes, and another photo or two.

Once we were back in the car, we decided to drive by Chick Fil A to pick up some breakfast. We phoned those non-5K-participants back at their respective hotels and got their orders. Since the phone app wasn't working, we actually had to drive up to the drive through window and vocally make the order. Tough times, I know! Anyhow, we got our order (and a bag of honey for Nancy) and headed back to the hotel. We dropped Katie off, parked the car, and headed to the room. We ate, showered, napped, and then decided to go see another movie.

This movie, "Unforgettable", was basically a Lifetime movie that somehow got a real movie debut. Basically, if you couldn't predict every next move in this movie, then you clearly have not seen enough Lifetime movies and need to go binge watch some. Here's the plot: Katherine Heigl was married to beer dude (who was Mary's husband on Seventh Heaven). They have a young daughter. They got divorced. Beer Dude meets Rosario Dawson and they decide to get married. Heigl is crazy. She decides to sabotage Dawson. Lots of deception and evil acts (which are totes predictable). Heigl is cray-cray because her mom (Cheryl Ladd of old-school Charlie's Angels) is also cray-cray. Final dramatic scene (also totes predictable) clears it all up - until last scene when cray cray makes an appearance. I might have watched on Lifetime, but in the movie theater was a little over the top for me. No thumbs - up or down.

Once we were done, we headed back to the hotel to meet up with Steve who had procured dinner from Giordanos. Time for bed!!
Blessings today include: 5K fun with Molly and Katie; movie watching with Molly; Steve picking up dinner

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Molly's Here!

As usual, Davidson travel plans are fluid. For example, Molly was originally supposed to come on the late flight tonight, getting in around midnight. But yesterday she went to the doctor for her allergy crud and got a steroid shot and a z-pac and decided what the heck, she would just come early today. So Steve and I picked her up, we all ate at KeKes for breakfast, Steve dropped us off at the expo to get our race stuff, and then he headed back to the hotel to go swimming/golfing. While we were at the expo, we met up with our cruise/race buds, Katie and Nancy. We lost them at some point, so Molly and I caught the bus back to the hotel to take a nap.

Once we were rested, we decided to go to Disney Springs to the movies to see "Gifted." This movie is about Chris Evans who is raising his niece who just happened to be a math genius. By the way, she's 7. Eventually you get over the fact that Captain America is now living in Florida working on boats and get involved in the story. Uncle Chris decides that niece needs to go to regular school (he had been home-schooling her). Once she's at the school, the teacher and principal discover she's gifted and want her to go to smart school. But Uncle Chris says no, so they track down the grandmother, which is when you find out all about the family dynamics and why Uncle Chris has custody. Eventually things get worked out in spite of the family issues. I would give this a total two thumbs up - I liked it a lot. All the characters were good and I quite enjoyed it.

Once the movie was over, we met Steve at Wolfgang Pucks for dinner and then headed back to the hotel. We have a 5K tomorrow!!
Blessings today include: picking up Molly and eating at KeKes; going to expo and seeing Katie and Nancy and Aisling; watching the movie with Molly and then having dinner with Steve

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

And It's Travel Day!!

Today (technically this afternoon), Steve and I are headed to Disney World. Shocking, I know. This weekend is Star Wars Dark Side Half Marathon Weekend, and there are intentions to do a couple of the races. Molly is coming down tomorrow and will also be doing the races. So, most of my day was spent doing two loads of laundry and putting them away, doing a load in the dishwasher, making sure the litter box was cleaned, and attempting to straighten up the house. Amazingly, I managed to get it all done in time to leave for the airport.

We had a nice flight down. We decided not to take the early flight and this flight was just right. We arrived in time to eat dinner at Freddy's and run by Publix for some groceries. While we were leaving Publix and putting our groceries in the car, a mom and her teenage kids stopped us and asked us where the nearest "Wendy Burger" was. She wanted to know if it was within walking distance (it isn't). We directed her to Freddy's, which was just across the parking lot. She then informed us that they were from England, and Wendy Burger was the thing to go to here. Hope she wasn't disappointed!

We got to Boardwalk and got a cart dude to get all our stuff. Our room was ready and I headed there to wait for the bell dude while Steve went to park the car. Of course, when I got to the room, my Magic Band wouldn't work. Steve came up and his wouldn't work either, so I sent him down to the desk to figure out the problem. Meanwhile, the bell dude arrived with our stuff and didn't seem to happy that I couldn't let him in - luckily Steve was right behind him and all was resolved.

By the time we got unpacked and the groceries put away, I was ready for bed. Molly decided to come in on the early flight, so we need to be up to go get her!
Blessings today include: getting the house ready for my departure; safe, smooth flight to Orlando; dinner at Freddy's; Publix run and chatting with the English family; Steve getting the Magic Bands resolved; seeing video of Emmatha's first steps walking