Saturday, July 25, 2015

Movie Review Time!!

Since my goal with my Movie Pass is to see at least four movies a month, I want to be a responsible movie-goer and offer you my insights into the movies I am viewing. Because even with my reviews, should you go to see the same movie, my review and your viewing and resulting opinion will probably have nothing in common. Anyhow, on to this month's movies ...

"Minions". I didn't go see this with Everley and Lindley and their parents. Which was probably a mistake, since I ended up seeing it by myself. And with the other three people that were in the theater (that's what I get for seeing it at lunch time on a week day). Anyhow, it's about these little yellow dudes from "Despicable Me", versions 1 and 2. This movie is about how they got started and eventually ended up with Gru. Sandra Bullock voices the villainess. It's cute, it's funny, it's entertaining - even though I did want to take a nap in the middle ...

"Trainwreck". Totally a switch from "Minions". In other words, NOT a kid movie. Lots of explicit talking about sex. Lots of main character Amy having sex with a bunch of different dudes. Basically Amy's life is sort of a mess and then she meets a doctor dude that she's supposed to be interviewing for her magazine. They sort of start liking each other, but because her life is a trainwreck (hence the title of the movie), things get a little complicated. Not to worry, as it has a good ending. Just brace your ears and eyes if you've just come out of an Amish existence.

"Paper Towns". Based on the book by the same author as "The Fault In Our Stars." Both books are about teenages. And since it's been eons since I was a teenager, and only a little less time since I was rearing teenagers, I found the movie a bit slow. In the movie, "Q" is a senior in high school. A girl named Margo moved in across the street when they were kids, but once they found a dead guy and she wanted to go to Sea World in the middle of the night, so Q decided he couldn't go, so they went their separate ways as they grew up. Except he had a crush on her all the time. Then in their senior year, she sneaks in his room in the middle of the night and gets him to go with her on a revenge mission because her boyfriend was a cheat. And then she disappears and Q and his quirkly friends go in search of her. I spent some of the movie reading on the internet about the movie, since I was going to have to leave early for my mammy-gram. There was a lot of teenage dialog, which made me sleepy. If this dude writes another book that gets turned into a movie, I will probably just wait for it to be on HBO.

"Infinitely Polar Bear". I'm not sure about how to describe this movie. It's about a dad and mom and their two school-age daughters. The dad is bi-polar (hence the polar bear reference). It's set back in 1970s and shows how mental illness evolved over the years - kinda. Basically the dad has an "episode" and goes into the hospital so the mom and daughters have to move to a rent-controlled apartment. Then the mom gets into graduate school and the dad takes over care of the kids. There are a lot of side stories that made me ask a lot of questions. That didn't get answered. The movie was very interesting and sweet and a little odd. But it kept me interested because I didn't need to check the internet or want to take a nap.

I hope to see another movie or two before the month is out, but I figured four reviews was about all you could take in one sitting. Happy movie-going!!
Today is a gift because: going to the movies; quick visit at Everley's house to drop off her stuff; getting tasks completed

Friday, July 24, 2015

Squeezie, Squeezie!!

Since yesterday it was time to get the downtown checked out, today it was time to get the boobies squoze in the mammary machine. Again, it's a simple test (at least for someone of my boobage) to check for cancer, so it's a no-brainer for me. Today's mammographer was a sweet young girl who got the job done as efficiently as possible.

I hope that any woman who reads this and is of the correct mammogram age, has had or is getting her mammogram for 2015. Because a few minutes of squishing is certainly worth a lifetime!
Today is a gift because: watching "Paper Towns" with Maribeth and Molly; getting mammogram and sweet people at that office; watching "5 Flights Up" and "Unbroken" at home

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Another Sign of Time Passing ...

It happens every year. I go for my yearly gyno check, get weighed, and swear by next year I'll have lost so much weight that the weight-checking nurse will probably faint. And yet every year that has yet to happen. Maybe it's because the year passes so quickly that I barely have time to get a diet regime in place. Maybe it's because I'm worried about the nurse fainting. Whatever the reason (and it has nothing to do with zero effort on my part), today another year has flown past with zero weight loss - the nurse was safe again for another year.

I don't mind having my gyno appointment - by this time in my life, it's really not a big deal. And if it's one more way to have a cancer check, so be it. And so I go. And get weighed in. And swear that next year I will have lost significant pounds of weight. And since next year will be rolling around pretty quickly, I just hope the nurse has her helmet on her head!
Today is a gift because: visit with Dr. N and her nurse; getting a prescription for a shingles shot since Walgreens won't give me one without it; going to see "Trainwreck" at the movies

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Naps - They're Not Just For Kids!

One of the best things about getting old is the ability to take and fully appreciate naps. In this case, when a certain somebody gets home from work, a nap is in order - how else will he last through the rest of the day?!

Today is a gift because: Steve's burgers on the grill (after his nap!); orders delivered

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

My Current Workout Plan ...

Yeah, I don't know why I'm not losing any weight either ...

Today is a gift because: nice concierge lady at the Toyota place; getting Maribeth's van serviced and cleaned; Everley time; two miles with Molly and KB