Monday, November 7, 2016

Yup, It's Me Again!!

Yes, I am at this point again. Behind in blogging. Again. I don't know what to say except that it seems like yesterday I was caught up (relatively). And yesterday Emmatha was born. And tomorrow it will be Christmas. In other words, time is cruising right on by, and I just seem to be running in circles.

Oh well, not to fear - I shall get caught up again. I shall start by getting caught up for the past six weeks, and then get caught up for all of last summer. I thought it might be odd to get caught up for time so far past, but then I realized - you read history books, right??

Anyhow, here we are again. Catch you on the next circle!!
Today's blessings include:  waking up in my own house and snuggling with my bed buddy for the night, Everley; getting caught up with stuff before the next trip

Monday, September 26, 2016

I Watched The Presidential Debate ...

Actually, I couldn't say if one candidate was better than the other (although I had my favorite). And actually, I didn't watch the debate in its entirety, because it did start to get on my nerves. And I really don't like arguing/debating anyhow, so when two adults start interrupting and saying stuff just to be heard, it really gets on my nerves. And when the moderator doesn't take charge and keeps mentioning a time limit but doesn't enforce it, my nerves have had enough.

Is there going to be another one?
Today's blessings include: Ms. Indira taking care of Emmatha's "code brown" upon arrival at school; spending a lazy zero day at home; planning for Disney races/trips; Steve's safe travel to Memphis and then Birmingham; Catching up on blogs for September 21, 22, 23, 24, and 25

Sunday, September 25, 2016

A Busy Sunday

Steve has been in Boston for the weekend to watch Mississippi State play football. The game was yesterday (MSU won), and Steve took the early flight back this morning. He even managed to pick up doughnuts on the way home from the airport! Which worked out well, since Everley was awake by the time he got home.

Tomorrow is Steve's birthday, but since he is going out of town, we decided to have his party this evening. Sam's gift to him is twofold - #1 is getting rid of the monster tv in the living room. It's an old (relatively) big screen tv that's about five feet wide and three feet deep. Steve has maintained it for years with new bulbs and whatnot, but I'm ready for it to go (maybe it's my gift). Sam volunteered to put it on Craig's List and get rid of it. His #2 gift is to upgrade the wifi router thingy so hopefully our internet will be better - but since I am rather technologically illiterate, I'm not sure how that's going to happen - maybe with a magic wand?

Anyhow, Lynnette and Lindley were out running errands, and stopped by for doughnuts. They had a Mother-Daughter book club (part of Lindley's 1st grade class) before Steve's party, so they left for a while. Meanwhile, Dude saw the tv on Craig's List and contacted Sam to pick up the tv. Maribeth needed to meet Renee, the person in charge of deciding finishes for the house remodel, at Maribeth's house, so she and I loaded up Everley and Emmatha in the car to meet Renee. While we were there, Dude came by to get the tv, and Steve and Sam then left to get a new tv. Which ended up being just as wide, just not as deep. It does have a nice picture, though.

Anyhow, eventually everyone ended up back at the house to celebrate Steve's big day. Sam cooked burgers on the grill, and we had Rotel dip, baked beans, and mashed potatoes to even out the dinner. For dessert we had old-school chocolate cake, which Everley and Lindley helped me make. After opening gifts and playing with the packing styrofoam from the tv box, it was time for everyone to head back to their houses.  It's been a good Sunday!!
Today's blessings include: Steve's safe travel home and picking up doughnuts on the way home; Everley, Lindley, and Emmatha time; Lynnette bringing Panera lunch; Sam getting rid of old tv and going with Steve to pick up a new one; meeting with Renee and Maribeth to go over house layout

Saturday, September 24, 2016


After last night's BuJo party, you might think I would be all tuckered out today. And maybe if I had actually BuJo-ed, I might be. But I didn't, and so Saturday was here for me to do stuff. And so I did.

Molly came over with breakfast because we had some future vacations we needed to make plans for. While she was here, Lynnette and Lindley stopped by to pick up Everley, who was going to play at their house for awhile. When they got ready to leave, I went with them in order to pick up Mathieu's truck at the car place (it was in for maintenance). Once I got back to the house, Molly and I looked at flights and car rentals and other vacation stuff.

By this time, it was lunch time. Neither of us had a plan for lunch, and shot down several ideas before decided to just get in the car and go eat Mexican. We got in the car, but decided to just drive until we found something. We are both on a mission to eat at new places, so we were hoping that some place new would appear before our eyes. And then Molly suggested Gabby's Burgers and Fries.

Neither of us had ever been there before. I had never heard of it, but Molly said she had wanted to eat there for awhile. And so we went there. I think it would qualify for the show "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives" - I'll let you decide which category Gabby's would qualify for. We went in, ordered our burgers, and sat down to eat. Emmatha was with us, but doesn't eat burgers yet, and doesn't exactly sit in a generic restaurant high chair yet, so that added an extra special touch to lunch. Soon our burgers arrived, and I have to say it was pretty good! I guess I would go back - apparently there is a "secret menu" that I might need to know about.

Gabby's is #4 on my new restaurants list. Yesterday Sam and I ate at Elliston Place Soda Shop for lunch. It's an iconic Nashville spot, and I pass it frequently as I head downtown. It's one of those places that I have said I wanted to eat at, and just haven't managed to. Sam had suggested lunch, and I decided that in my quest of new restaurants, this might be a good one. I think my expectations were a little to high. Maybe I thought I would be transported back to the days of the soda shops of the 50s. While some of the decor suggested that, it just wasn't quite as special as I had hoped. The food was fine - just nothing spectacular. Maybe I should have ordered the special for the day ...

Anyhow, the rest of today was spent quietly, as you can see below. Hooray for Saturday naps!!

When Emmatha naps, everybody naps!

And when Emmatha is awake, Maggie Cat gets a massage!
Today's blessings include: Molly bringing breakfast and planning vacations; Lindley and Everley time; lunch at Gabby's with Molly and Emmatha; naps with Emmatha and Maggie Cat

Friday, September 23, 2016

Bullet Journaling

I am fortunate that I have daughters who let me know what the latest thing is. Of course they also let me know when my things are ridiculously out of date/style/whatever, but that's a different story. Today is about their new latest thing - bullet journaling.

Of course, do I know anything about it? Of course not. But apparently it is the newest coolest thing to do in order to organize oneself. Even though I was not shall we say, "enthusiastic," they decided that we needed to have a bullet journaling get together. Lynnette was also intrigued by the idea, so since Steve was out of town this weekend, tonight was our BuJo party (see how cool I am already?).

Apparently when doing BuJo, you need a lot of supplies. As in a journal, markers, stickers, pretty tape, a ruler (or a t-square if you're Maribeth), stamps, and whatever other things that make you happy. Once you have it all assembled, you start BuJo-ing. Which looked like scrapbooking to me, but what do I know? I decided I would rather rock Emmatha in the other room, which I did. I apparently have friends for whom this is a wondrous thing, since we texted Pam during the party.

Anyhow, the party was deemed a success (possibly because Rotel dip and chips were involved also), and everyone went home having happily and successfully BuJo-ed. And as for my BuJo?  Ummm, yeah - I'll need some time and special remediation on that ...

The work table. There's a lot going on here! Including Rotel dip!

Maribeth's BuJo work in progress. Apparently BuJo-ing is a lot of fun.

Even Lindley and Everley got their own supplies for their own BuJo.
Lindley is drawing a cruise ship.
Maybe I can get into BuJo-ing if cruises are involved!
Today's blessings include: lunch with Sam at Elliston Place Soda Shop; BuJo party; Steve's safe flight to Boston