Tuesday, March 24, 2015

And Now It's Tuesday ...

This morning started off much better, since by the time I got to Everley's, she was awake. We got to school before morning snack and everyone was happy to be back on schedule.

Even better is the fact that this March creeping respiratory crud is just about gone. No more hacking my lungs out, no more decisions about which Mucinex to take, and no more draining resulting in dripping, sneezing, coughing, and just general yuck.  Here's hoping that I will actually make it through the spring pollen sprinkles without another extended reign of respiratory terror.

Anyhow, life is back to normal, sort of, if normal is being behind in everything, having a messy cluttered house, and still eating too much and exercising too little. Yup - things are back to normal!!
Today is a gift because: taking Everley to school; feeling better

Monday, March 23, 2015


 This morning I went over to Everley's to wait for her to get up so I could take her to school. Only she decided to sleep in - until 10am. Which meant by the time she had breakfast and adjusted to being up, there was no point in going to school (at least according to LaLa Logic). So instead Everley and LaLa decided to have a day of fun (again, according to LaLa).

Once we were finally out of bed and on speaking terms (sometimes this takes a period of adjustment), I fixed Everley some breakfast. And then tackled the result of Tangle Monster's work during the night (aka bedhead with a tangly mess - thank goodness for No More Tangles!). Then it was time for a wardrobe (and diaper) change. Thankfully the clothing items I chose were acceptable (not always the case).

Next it was time for the trip to LaLa's, carefully negotiated so that we could indeed move locations (LaLa had stuff to do at her house). Once there, some of us watched television while others of us did stuff. Eventually a nap was involved (not saying for whom) and we ended the day with dinner at Red Lobster with PawPaw and Moo, compliments of my friend Pam. And of course before I could return Everley to her home and her mom, we did have to make a Target stop.

It was a fun day, even though somebody didn't go to school and somebody didn't get a lot of stuff done. Some Mondays are just like that!!
Today is a gift because: spending the day with Everley; dinner with Everley, Steve, and Molly; Target shopping with Everley

Sunday, March 22, 2015

And Here We Are Again!!

And where would that be? We are caught up yet once again. And since I don't have any trips planned anytime soon (at least as of this moment), let's hope it stays that way. And maybe I will finally get over this cold thing so my head will be clear and I will get back to those deeply thought-out, provocative blogs that we all love - well, maybe I'll start writing those.

Anyhow, I am still buried under a load of stuff to do, although I did get my den and kitchen floors mopped (relatively speaking). I also got some laundry done and put a new roll of toilet paper on the spindle (and we all know which one of those is the most important).

So here's one less thing hanging over my head on my to-do list. Now I just have to decide which one to do next ...
Today is a gift because: Lindley time at the Doik; Steve's return home after his stint as a volunteer at the golf tourney; future cruise planning; clean sheets on the bed (mainly because some recent visitors might have left cracker crumbs in the bed)

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Just A Little Shopping

Today Everley spent the day with me while her mommy delivered the mail. First we had to go to Target to get chocolate-chip muffins since Lindley had informed me we were out. However, we could not find them at Target (although we did locate colored paper for cutting and bumble bee wands for blowing bubbles). So, this necessitated a trip to Kroger (I have plenty of gas, thank you) to procure the much-needed food item (along with some cocoa krispies for Net Net, bread for PawPaw and a lunchable for E's lunch).

As you can see, I had help since little grocery baskets are available. The only difficult part was keeping her from racing down the aisles - LaLa doesn't move as quickly as she used to. Everley also managed to scan and bag the items, although the bagging got a little complicated since she kept wanting to take the bags off, resulting in a weight difference, resulting in the message "attendant has been notified to help you."

Oh well, now we have mini muffins!
Today is a gift because: spending the day with Everley; avocado toast dinner at Sam, Lynnette, and Lindley's; shopping with E

Friday, March 20, 2015

Who Do You Believe??

So I've been meaning to get gas, but just haven't gotten around to it. Today as I was travelling about to run errands, I noticed that my gas was getting low. The gas police said I had only two miles left while the gauge police said I had two bars. So exactly who was I supposed to believe?

Had I passed by gas stations? Why yes, I had. But they were in Brentwood and gas was ten cents higher than in my neighborhood. I was bound and determined that I was NOT going to pay that extra ten cents. Because in my Prius C, which holds maybe eight gallons, that would amount to a whole eighty cents. And eighty cents saved is eighty cents earned. Never mind how much it would cost me if I ran out of gas and had to call somebody. Or rent a gas can. Or something like that.

So I kept going, coasting as needed (because I was certain that would save me a few ounces) and eventually made it to my Kroger gas station to save my ten cents. I still don't know who to believe, the gauge or the miles left, but maybe next time I won't wait until dilemma time!!
Today is a gift because: taking E to school; picking up completed projects; meeting Everley's neighbor