Monday, November 24, 2014

It's A Start?

Yes, the tree is as small as it looks. I "downsized" last year without really thinking about how downsized this tree was. The good news is that it's small enough for Lindley and Everley to see all the ornaments and really enjoy it. The bad news is that as of this moment, there are no ornaments on it to enjoy.

My plan was to get it out, put it up, and adorn it. I guess two out of three ain't bad. I have to get the ornaments on it, because we leave for Florida on Thursday and I won't be back until December 12. And I have a ton of stuff to do before Doikmas (Davidson family Christmas) on December 20 (including a non-Disney half marathon in Atlanta on December 14). So in other words, the tree needs to be ready to go before I leave. And I'm hoping that the ornaments will still be on the tree upon my return.
And then there's this stack of Christmas cards. It's the stack of cards that we received last year, that I bundled up and put on the mantel. The stack of cards that I planned to respond to all during the year (since I didn't send out Christmas cards). The stack of cards that sat on the mantel and I never responded to all year. And so now I have to decide whether to send the senders Christmas cards from me this year.  So if you sent me one, don't wait by the mailbox waiting - but then, if we're close enough for you to send me a card, you probably know by now the probability of my sending you one back!!

Merry Christmas season, y'all!!
Today is a gift because: getting stuff accomplished and starting to pack suitcase for upcoming trip; new Pandora charm from Marilyn; completing details for girls March cruise; lower price on rental car

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Bedtime Stories

This morning, Maribeth and Everley are headed to North Carolina to spend some time with Mathieu's sister and kids. Their flight leaves at 6:30am, so that means Mathieu and Maribeth will come by at 5am before going to the airport. Last night after the girls had gone to sleep, I got up and went back to watch some adult shows on television - before you get all excited and wonder what I would be watching (technically the end of the MSU-Vandy game), an adult show is anything that is not Jake, Sophia, Doc McStuffins, or anything on the Disney/Sprout television network (that designation is via Lindley).

Anyhow, at some point I went in to check on them, and I found Everley in this position - half on/half off the bed. Clearly she considered getting up and then decided against it - she just couldn't hoist herself back up on the bed before falling back to sleep. Yup, I know how that feels ...
Meanwhile, on another bed in the house, this happened. Which wouldn't be a big or unusual thing, except that this is a new bedspread that had just been delivered in the mail. I had just made the bed and walked out of the room. Upon my return, I see Minnie Cat testing it out. And probably leaving plenty of black cat hairs to mark her spot (and hopefully nothing else).

Clearly stuff happens when I leave the room...

Today was a gift because: Everley waking up happy and ready to travel; Everley and Maribeth's safe travel to NC; Steve's safe travel back home; Sam and Lynnette's safe travel back home; Lindley's hair-cutting experiment (at her house while under her parents' supervision); Molly's leftovers for dinner; vacay planning with Molly

Saturday, November 22, 2014


Everybody wanted chocolate rice krispies, but nobody liked them ...
Of course, Saturdays are for getting up early. My question is, what happened to network Saturday morning cartoons? I remember getting up on Saturday mornings and planting myself in front of the television from early morning until noon. Thank goodness we have cable and can find Jake and/or Sophia. Anyhow, that was our morning plan. And perhaps to brush hair and change into daytime clothes ...
Miranda the babysitter came at 9am. Maribeth asked me earlier this week if I wanted Miranda to come over, and I said yes. Mainly so Lindley and Everley could get a break from LaLa. And so LaLa could do a little retail therapy. Of course, judging from the bags, you can guess where and for whom I shopped for.  Anyhow, eventually I returned home, relieved Miranda, and took over the reins. Everley was supposed to go home and sleep, since she and her mom were going out of town the next day, but that did not suit Everley, so she stayed the night. And after a nice, long cousin bath time, it was time to watch a little television and go to sleep. Guess who got the middle?
Today is a gift because: Lindley and Everley time; Miranda coming over to play; lots of retail therapy; MSU win over Vandy

Friday, November 21, 2014

Weekend In LaLa Land!!

This weekend Steve is taking GDiz back home, and Lindley and Everley are spending the weekend at my house. Their respective parents are either out of town or working early and long days, so the easiest thing on LaLa is for them to stay at my house.

I think I've stocked up on everything needed (mainly mac and cheese). I did get the message that Lindley told her mom that I would have new toys for the weekend (I think I mentioned something like that when I was getting one of them in the car, as an excuse for why they couldn't spend that night with me, because I had to go to the store and buy new toys). Anyhow, I do not have new toys, so it looks like a shopping excursion might be in order (we did go - Lindley got a little Rapunzel doll because while she has 497 Rapunzel dolls, she did not have this one. Everley got a purple ball, because she said she already has a Frozen ball).  Anyhow, since Steve will be gone, it means we will all be sleeping in my bed, again with me in the middle.  Everley tends to sleep sideways, and since there are moments that the mere touching of one on the other is grounds for Cousin World War III, I shall be Switzerland and sleep in the middle.

Anyhow, it should be a fun weekend. Especially since we now have a new Rapunzel and purple ball!!
Today is a gift because: MB picking up the girls and bringing them over; Lindley and Everley time; shopping trip to Wal Mart; Wendy's Frosty treats

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Throw Back Thursday's Story

So these were some of our first medals of 2014. These were the full marathon medal, the Goofy medal (for doing the half and the full), and the Dopey medal (for doing all four of the weekend races). This picture was taken in January, which seems eons ago and yet just yesterday.

Of course, I had many goals and plans for doing all the Disney races this year. For one thing, I was going to train harder and more consistently and get faster. That did not happen.

I was also going to lose weight, what with my new sensible eating plan and my exercise regimen and my training. None of that happened either.

I was going to make cute running costumes, which would be doubly cute because I was going to be so thin after losing all that weight from working out and eating sensibly. Yeah, none of that happened either.

HOWEVER, I did manage to get through all of the Disney races, some at a snail's pace and some even slower. Even if I didn't accomplish all my goals, I accomplished the big one, and I have the medals (but not so much the stellar finish times) to prove it.

So what's the moral of this story?  That some goals are important and others not so important? That there's more than one way to reach a goal? That even if you don't make all your goals, making at least one is satisfactory?

Maybe it's all of them. Maybe it's that you're never too old to set a seemingly impossible goal and make it. Maybe that it's not the goal that matters, it's the journey to get there. And for me, as thrilling as getting all those medals is, it was the journey with Molly that truly was the best part.
Today is a gift because: MB's lunch soup; taking the tent down and getting caught up on laundry; pretty yard thanks to lawnmower dude; beautiful day to wash car