Tuesday, December 16, 2014

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Today started with a little more Amazon shopping and then some email clearing up/out and then some bill catching up. In other words, it's been a busy day. I've made some progress on stuff - I'm not sure anyone could tell it, though, since the floor is littered and stuff is slung all over my desk.

Thanks to KB, we now have Mickey watching out for Santa from the living room. He's next to our tiny tree - decorated all in Disney. And the stockings are hung by the chimney. Now to get the presents under the tree ...
Today is a gift because: two miles with KB; getting stuff ordered and wrapped; picking up photos from Disney; picking up Lindley and Everley at school; beef tips dinner with the family; Lindley and Everley time; blow-up Mickey from KB

Monday, December 15, 2014


So let's just start with the facts - Doikmas is this Saturday. You can figure out how many days I have until then. Supposedly my gift category is "make it." Divide that by the number of people I need to make something for and the hours I have left and multiply it by anything you want to. In other words, CHRISTMAS IS COMING AND I HAVE NO GIFTS FOR ANYBODY!!!

This morning I decided to make a list of people I need to assemble gifts for, and to dig out my closet for the purchases I have shoved in there. After getting them out, wrapping them, and labeling them, I discovered pretty much all the gifts fit in to two categories: (1) for Everley and/or Lindley, and (2) stocking stuffers. So I have no real gifts for anybody. Nor do I have any ideas for make it gifts. As if I had time to make anything anyway.

Anyhow, after some head scratching and soul searching, I headed to Amazon.com. Where I found out that I could get stuff and have it delivered in two days because of the membership that Maribeth/Molly signed me up for.

Now we'll see if anybody actually likes the stuff I purchased.  Oh well, there's always the amnesty bin ...
Today is a gift because: getting started on the Christmas list; catching up on the mail

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Best Laid Plans ...

So after last evening's activities, I decided that wogging 13.1 miles would not be in my best interest (every now and then I seem to come up with a grain of sense). I had spent most of the night sleeping/watching television, so I happened to be awake at 5am when I got a text from Molly which read, "I think I've slept maybe 2 hours total tonight."  So in other words, so far we were two for three in terms of skipping the race.

The race didn't start until 8am, so around 6:30 I texted Lynnette to check her status (yes, she and Molly were sharing a room, but in case she was sleeping in, I decided to go to the source). She affirmed that yes, she was headed out. By herself. Luckily she found some fellow runners in the elevator so she at least had some people to walk with. Molly and I amused ourselves in our separate rooms until we decided to attempt to find the finish line and wait for Lynnette. Of course, she made it to the finish before we did. But we did give her a ride back to the hotel so she could shower before we headed back to Nashville.

We got back to our homes in time for Lynnette to make it to the movies with Sam and Lindley (and Maribeth and Everley) to see "Big Hero Six." Molly made it home in time to take down her undecorated Christmas tree (seeing as how time was short, she decided to get rid of the tree and start again next year). I got back in time to do nothing much - my favorite thing.

Anyhow, tomorrow starts the countdown to Doikmas (Christmas time at the Davidsons) on Saturday. Since all I've done in preparation so far is to shove any purchases in my closet, this should be interesting ...
Today is a gift because: much better health; beautiful cold day; seeing all the runners in the race; Lynnette finishing and her medal; lunch at McDs on the road; safe road trip back home

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Road Trip!

So what does one do upon one's return from two weeks of vacation? Jump in the car and head somewhere else, that's what! One is not very smart. But let me explain ...

Some time ago, Molly, Lynnette, and I signed up for the Jeff Galloway 13.1 in Atlanta that is this Sunday. Sure, we figured out that it would be on the heels of this vacation, but did that stop us? Heck no - we be dumb! So, after washing all the clothes, I procrastinated about packing (what does one pack for 24 hours?) until finally I formulated a plan. I was going to shower, put on my basic race clothes, and head for Atlanta after picking up Molly and Lynnette.

Oh wait - I forgot one detail. Molly and I had also planned to do a 5K this morning - we be really dumb! But when I woke up and noted the 35 degree temperature, I decided that it would not be a wise idea and decided against it. Meanwhile, Molly was sleeping through the whole race.

Anyhow, eventually around 10am the three of us were on the road, stopping first at Starbucks for some drinks for the road (this plot point will become crucial in about 5-7 hours). We stopped in Chattanooga to change drivers and take a bathroom break. I was feeling something so I decided to take a nap until we stopped a little later for some lunch. I was not interested in eating, as whatever I was feeling was taking a turn for the worse.

We made it to Atlanta and to the race expo to pick up our stuff. I also headed to the bathroom, as the worse was getting a little worse. We then check into the hotel - well, I did while Lynnette and Molly went for some IKEA-ing and Target-ing. As I was checking in, I had a moment of clarity and asked the desk clerk if they were full. When she said they weren't, I quickly got a separate room for Molly and Lynnette - just in case the worse happened.

I went to my room and turned up the heat and got into bed. Molly and Lynnette returned from their trip with the Dr. Pepper I had requested and then went in search of their room. I decided to take a hot bath. The scalding water helped alleviate the strange rumblings in my GI system - at least until my stomach decided to perform a Mt. Vesuvius eruption. Once this episode was over (with the requisite shower and clean up), I felt better and climbed into bed.

I'm not sure how Molly and Lynnette fared in their room, nor am I sure of what tomorrow will bring in terms of the race. For now I am happy that whatever was in my stomach causing discomfort (and all that was in it was the Starbucks from this morning) is no longer there. And I'm also happy I did bring a change of clothes with an extra shirt!
Today is a gift because: road trip with Lynnette and Molly; skipping the 5K; Molly taking over the driving; availability of room at Marriott; finally feeling better after hot bath produced results

Friday, December 12, 2014

Heading Home

Hard to believe that it's time to head home. It's even harder to believe I've been gone since Thanksgiving. The hardest thing to believe is that Christmas is only two weeks away and I haven't the foggiest idea of what I'm giving people. Oh well, today's mission was to get two adults, four checked suitcases, two strollers, two preschoolers, one mommy, one LaLa, and various other bags and Ipads back to Nashville.

We had to start early because our Disney bus was picking us up at 6:40am to transport us to the airport. I loaded two bags down to guest services for airline checkin and then sat with the sleeping babies while Maribeth loaded the other two. Soon it was time to wake and load the children (in pjs of course) on to the bus, along with the strollers and various bags of preschool entertainment options.

We made it to the airport with several hours to spare. Neither Lindley nor Everley had any intention of changing out of their pjs, so it became an official pajama day. Soon we were in the air and on our way home. A young lady sat next to me who was even less thrilled about flying than I am, so we made perfect seatmates as we carefully monitored our flight on the internet.

Eventually we made it home. Everley and Lindley came home with me to spend the rest of the day rather than go to school. Eventually their parents retrieved them and everyone slept in their own beds. A perfect end to a perfect vacation (or two or three)!!

Airport iPad negotiations

Headed home!! In pajamas!!
Today is a gift because: safe, smooth flight home; listening to Mary Jane's car dilemmas; getting everybody and everything loaded and unloaded; washing all vacation clothes