Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Happy Birthday To Me!!

Yup, today is my birthday. I am 59 years old, which means I am beginning my diamond year - my 60th. In anticipation and appreciation of such a momentous birthday/year, I am planning a big project. And what is that project? Why, it's Luanne's Sixty Things, of course! Let me explain ...

I have 60 things/activities/projects/habits that I am going to work on for the next two years. Why two years? Because I am actually starting my actual 60th year on Earth, and once that is done I will be legally 60 on this Earth, so in my crafty little mind, I have actually two years of 60 (and not to mention that for some of these items, I am going to need all two years). The notebooks to the left are my ways of making sure I stay on task.

What kinds of things are on the list? Some are trips/activities. Some are habits that I really want to either break or make. Some are projects and tasks. Some are things that I'm going to do 60 times or 60 versions of. And some are just things. I would list them all here for you, but the list is "fluid". Because two years is a long time. But along the way, I'll share them with you.

And yes, one is keeping this bleeping blog updated. Because technically, this "50+" blog is definitely in its last year. We'll see if Luanne@Sixty comes next!!

Meanwhile, here's to year 60 - both of them!!
Thankful today for: yellow roses from Lisa, Jeff, Grace, Mabry, and Kate; birthday dinner with the family; chia pet, serving platter, painting, photos, and earrings from the family; birthday cards from Pam, Emily, and Marilyn, blog catch up days - August 7, August 8, August 9

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Just A LaLa For Me, Please

Today Emmatha started school. Okay, so technically it's day care, but since it's licensed, they do have a plan. Which in my case would be nap time all day, hence the reason there is no LaLa Day Care.

Once at Disney World, I was on a bus going to one of the theme parks. I was chatting with a lady who said that she took care of her grandchild because the lady couldn't imagine putting the child in a day care. And while I knew it was good for that lady, I also knew that it would not be good for me.

I have the blessing that my grandchildren live in the same city as I do. And since I have a degree in education, I should be qualified to do the day care thing and provide wonderful learning experiences for them.

But I don't want to be their full time teacher and caregiver. I don't want to be their parents' sole childcare provider. And I'm pretty sure their parents don't want that either.

I just want to be LaLa, however good or bad that may be. All three of the girls are having excellent educational experiences at the schools they attend for preschool and elementary school. And I love hearing about their adventures and what they learn. Sometimes I'm on pickup duty, which means a visit at LaLa and PawPaw's house. I'm also the backup for sick days and on no-school days. And on those days, we take the day off, maybe squeezing in a fun thing or two.

So maybe for now there is no LaLa Daycare. I think we're all good with that!!
Thankful today for: Everley's happy attendance in her new class; Emmatha's easy transition to her class; Lindley day at the Doik

Monday, August 8, 2016

Time To Return To Normal - Whatever That Is ...

The house has been empty for awhile. Maribeth, Everley, Emmatha, and Steve have all been out in Wyoming and Montana since the end of July. I was gone for several days to meet up with friends at the beach, getting back home last night. Tonight, the rest of the crew will be flying in, and the cats will lose their peaceful existence - although I think they like having us around.

There will be unpacking to do and laundry to catch up and day care to get started. Emmatha starts tomorrow and will be attending the same one as Everley, a real blessing since they just started a baby class. Since I've been taking care of her on Maribeth's work days, I will have some time to get things accomplished - and there are too many of them to name. I just now no longer have an excuse a valid reason for not doing anything!

Molly's and Maribeth's houses are about to start the remodel process (hence the reason Maribeth and the girls are living with us), so that should be fun. And then there's the travel for fall (I may have a Disney trip or two in the mix). So there seems to be plenty to keep me busy in the upcoming days. Like maybe updating a certain blog?

So, where to start? That's always the part that is the hardest. I guess for today I'll just start by unpacking my suitcases so that when the rest of the crew lands, at least my stuff will be done.

That's probably enough for today, don't you think??
Thankful today for: Delta getting itself together in time for the Montana party to catch their plane and get home safely; unpacking my stuff and getting back with the program at home

Sunday, August 7, 2016

So Long For Now!

Today was the last day for our Starkville Girls Weekend at Pam's. Madeline was driving back to Starkville where she lives and Carol was driving back to Ft. Worth (yes, Texas) where she lives, so they were going to have to leave early - which ended up being just before noon. Elizabeth had an early afternoon flight to Indianapolis, and Laura and I had late afternoon flights to Johnson City and Nashville. But before Madeline and Carol pulled out, we had enough time to get a group photo:

That's Eek Eek on the bottom (dolphins are quite strong, you know), and left to right - Madeline, Carol, Elizabeth, Laura, Pam, and me. What this photo doesn't show is the effort it took to pull it out - and interminable time working with a selfie stick until we discovered that Madeline's phone had a timer on it. So we planted the self stick in the sand, put on the timer (once we figured out how to work the timer), and viola - this stellar photo!!  Of course, you will have to imagine the effort and sweat that it took these six menopausal to achieve this feat ...

Anyhow, we got our group shot and said a bittersweet farewell to Madeline and Carol. After they pulled out, Laura, Pam, and I headed to Pam's pool again for a cooling-off. Elizabeth still had some packing to do, and joined us once that was done. We all had some great pool time before returning to Pam's. Pam and Elizabeth left for the airport and Laura and I got out all the leftovers for some lunch.

Shortly after, Gregg (Pam's hubs) came home. He had been sent to his parents for the weekend (wasn't that nice of him?). He's also from Starkville and an old friend, so Laura and I had fun catching up with him (and tried to convince him that Pam needs a swinging bed on their screen porch). A little while later, Pam returned from the airport and we got a text from Elizabeth saying her flight had been delayed.

Soon it was time for Laura and I to make it to the airport, so we all said our final farewells. We made it to the airport without a problem, returned the rental car, and found out our flights had been delayed as well. Apparently Elizabeth was still there and was boarding her plane as we were walking through the terminal.

Eventually our planes took off, and we arrived home. Well, I did. Laura had to connect in Atlanta, and apparently Delta was having problems, so she got a night at a hotel before eventually getting home the next morning.

All in all, it was an amazing weekend. One truly blessed by God, who blessed us all with our friendships nearly 59 years ago. In many ways, we all had changed. And in many ways, we were still the same. But we left knowing each other a little bit better, and being thankful for all the years we shared, and all that is yet to be.

Thankful today for: safe travel for friends returning home; safe, smooth flight home for me; Molly picking me up at the airport; relaxing in Pam's community pool; group photo fun

Saturday, August 6, 2016


This morning after our breakfast book discussion, most of the crew opted for some beach time. I opted to stay in Pam's super comfy and quiet home and take a nap. Or two. I am not exactly a beach person, especially when it is about a billion degrees outside. My one exception?  That would be Castaway Cay, of course, but that's a different story ...

Anyhow, after a few hours, everyone returned and opted for their own personal activities. Some decided to chat a bit, some decided to nap a bit, and some of us decided to go to the pool a bit. Pools I like - there's no sand to get all caught up in one's various cracks and crevices, no hungry ocean creatures looking for a snack, and no ocean waves lurking about to pull you out to sea.

Laura decided to take the inflated dolphin with us, presumably to float on. As you can see, being in the pool kinda excited Eek Eek (named via its owner Pam), and he/she because quite animated, thus rivaling his/her cousins we had seen last night.

We taught Eek Eek how to jump over us.
Seriously. Laura is just holding on so he/she won't go too high ...

Laura did bring Eek Eek for floating purposes (or should I say porpoises).
After a while at the pool, we headed back to Pam's to clean up. She had a yummy place for us to eat (and the only reservation we could nab was at 4:30pm), and we were super excited about it. Because next to talking and sleeping, eating was a big agenda item for the weekend. We went, we ate, and we came home to watch "Fried Green Tomatoes" while our food settled us into a lull.

It's been a great weekend. It's been a weekend to catch up the past 40+ years for some of us, and to renew those friendships that started when we were kids. And after watching the movie tonight, I think Ninny Threadgood (via Fanny Flagg) said it best -

Thankful today for: breakfast chats with friends; Pam making pop-em-out rolls; quietness of Pam's house; pool time with Laura, Pam, and Elizabeth; dinner with the whole gang and photos in the sun; movie time with friends