Sunday, April 17, 2016

Half Marathon Day! And Travel Home Day!!

This is why I do these races - the bling!!!
Today was another super-early start, since the actual race started at 5am (that would be dark-thirty in the morning). Along with Katie, Molly, David, and Steve, I got on the bus before 4am along with the gazillion other runners, and trudged our way to the start. Eventually our corral started and off we went (some faster than others - all faster than me). The day got warm fairly quickly, and I questioned my ability to finish since my knee was getting all wonky. But God saw me through and eventually I made it to the finish line. Where I had to wait for the bus back to the hotel along with the gazillion other runners in the hot sun (but still thankful for a bus at all). Since we had an early afternoon flight, there was enough time to shower and get our stuff packed up before we headed to the airport. It was a quick trip, but a good one!

PawPaw, Emmatha, and Total Stranger Dude taking naps on the flight home!
Thankful today for: travelling to the race start with Katie, Steve, Molly, and David; starting and finishing the race; John and Anne and David taking the little girls to brunch; safe smooth flight home; sleeping in my own bed

Saturday, April 16, 2016

10K Day!

This morning was the 10K. For this race weekend (The Star Wars Dark Side Challenge), we are doing the 10K and the half-marathon. Why?  Because if you do both, you get an extra medal. And because since we did the Star Wars races in January at Disneyland, we get an extra medal for doing those and these. Obviously we like medals. However, we obviously did not spend the money to get the official race photo. Oh well - do we look like we are having fun?

Tomorrow is the half marathon - super fun awaits!!
Thankful today for: early wake up with Molly, Katie, and Steve for the 10K; Molly and Katie hanging with me during the race; finishing the race

Friday, April 15, 2016

Animal Kingdom!!

Today's agenda - Animal Kingdom!!  And pool time.  And nap time. Just another Disney Day!!

Tusker House with Donald!!  Emmatha's first character photo!
Clearly she's all over it ...

Cousin David and Everley parading around during lunch!
Who's having more fun - David or Everley?

Uncle John and Emmatha - I think Uncle John is fully prepared for any spit-up incidences!

The Lion King with Cousin David!

Donald and Everley!
Thankful today for: family time at the Animal Kingdom and lunch at Tusker House; David having fun with Everley

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Magic Kingdom!!

Lunchtime for everyone!
Today we had fast passes at the Magic Kingdom, so Maribeth, Anne, and I loaded up the girls and headed out. Of course, once we arrived, Everley decided that she didn't want to ride the fast pass rides, so she decided on other activities.

Meanwhile, it got pretty warm pretty quickly, so I decided to take Emmatha to the baby center to change her diaper and sit in the cool air. Eventually Maribeth and entourage joined me (Maribeth needed to pump), so Anne and I took the girls for some lunch. Once that was accomplished, we decided to return to the hotel, since PawPaw was back from golfing and was ready to take Everley to the pool. And if Everley is going to the pool, you know what that means - naptime for the rest of us!
Thankful today for: Molly bringing back Cobb Salad from WWOS; fun times at MK with the girls and ladies; baby center at the MK

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

And We Made It!!

No babies slept with stuffed toys.
This is a photo op only ....
We all made it to Disney World!! Molly actually took the butt-crack-of-dawn early flight, and arrived hours before we did. Unfortunately our rooms weren't ready, but she managed to keep busy by eating around the World at the Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot.

Steve and I loaded Maribeth and the girls and their stuff (stroller, rock-n-play, breast pumps, breast milk, diapers, etc., etc,) into the van and to the airport. Once we boarded the plane, Maribeth, Everley, Emmatha and I found a seat at the back so Maribeth could pump indiscreetly. We didn't choose the back seat - that was taken by three college dudes who thought they were hilarious - they weren't. Luckily for everyone, they quieted down and the flight went by quickly.

Soon we were in Orlando and Maribeth, Steve, and the girls went to procure the rental car while I procured the luggage. Soon we were on our way to Disney World!!  The rooms were ready when we got there (not so our magic bands, some of which worked and some of which didn't), so once we had unloaded, we decided to take naps. Or go to the pool, depending on our wishes. John and Anne will be arriving later this evening, and David arrives tomorrow.

Time for some Disney fun!!
Thankful today for: safe, smooth flight for everyone; Emmatha's first flight success; great car rental; ease in loading bags here and there; rooms ready upon arrival; finding Bing Bong in time for bedtime