Sunday, August 2, 2015

Dingity Dang It!!!

No, I have not fallen off the edge of a cliff. Nor have I been in rehab or fat camp. Nor have I learned to quilt or become a clean house freak or yoga instructor. Nor have I given up social media or joined a cult or become like the Amish. Nor have I gone into seclusion or entered the Witness Protection Plan or gone AWOL. In other words, I've just been sittin' around doing nuttin' as usual. Oh, and I went (well actually that would technically be that I'm going) on a cruise with my three buds from the old days.

Anyhoo, now it's drivel time for a few days, so get your fave drinkie and hunker down - it's catch-up time!!
Today is a gift because: Everley time; quiet Sunday at home

Saturday, August 1, 2015

What The What - It's August?!?!

Things August has in store:

1. Anniversary (to the same dude - for two-thirds of my life)
2. Cruise (it's about time - haven't been on one since March!)
3. Bridesmaids Reunion (with childhood friends I haven't seen in many years)
4. Birthday (yay for another year to try to get it right)
5. Friends and family birthdays (even though I probably will forget to wish them well)
6. School starting (even though I won't be attending or teaching, it still stirs my soul)
7. Changing the blog's look (and hopefully keeping up with it)

In other words, August looks to be a pretty good month!!
Today is a gift because: it's the beginning of August; picking up E at the pool and chatting with Barry; Everley time

Friday, July 31, 2015

I Know - Really?!?!?!

I know what you're thinking - "She gets all caught up and then falls off the face of the Earth." And you would be right. I don't know why - it just seems to be my pattern of late. I'm not happy about it. I've tried to analyze my motivation - or lack of it. But no answers have come my way.

There have been suggestions that I might need to quit this blog. But I know if I quit, then I will not get back to it. And then my identity as a writer will be no longer in existence.

And so instead, I shall work at getting caught up. Again. And maybe once that happens, I'll get back on track. I just have to catch up by Friday - I'm going on a cruise then, and you KNOW I'll be current for that week!!
Today is a gift because: Sounds game with Steve and Sam

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Lindley Shopping Day #2

This morning we sorta slept later and watched "Annie" (the Jamie Foxx version). Once that was over, we put on our daytime clothes and headed to the Brushfire Pottery to paint pottery. Lindley chose a cupcake shaped holder that will be used to hold her teeth for the Tooth Fairy (another one is loose) while I chose a teeny-tiny vase. Which I'm sure everyone will want, once it has been fired. Because I am such a wonderfully gifted artist - wait, no I'm not. And all it takes is a trip to any pottery place to remind myself of my lack of artistic genes. Anyhow, we painted our respective pieces and left them with the real artists at the store to be fired - we'll pick them up in about 10 days (I hope they call me when they're ready).

Our next stop was Target, but I decided to stop at the Carters store first. They are having an amazing sale, and I also had a coupon. We first found matching outfits for Baby and Bitty Baby, and then proceeded to look for clothes for their mommy. We found quite a few on the sale rack (plus they were an additional ?% off) and a few other things like $5 t-shirts. We racked up quite a bit, and then headed to Target. Where we bought one on-sale shirt and one on-sale pack of My Little Pony Pops (because we did the math and these were a great deal - at least according to the 5-year-old genius with whom I was shopping, although she does keep track of my spending by asking if I have enough money to buy whatever it is we are buying).

Once finished, we quickly headed home for a bite of lunch (of course I heated up the mac and cheese, just a portion of what I thought Lindley would eat, and of course she wanted more when she was done, but since we were headed to pick up KB for an airport run, I convinced her to wait until we got back). Lindley miraculously also had time to assemble the Pop Ponies - and eat lunch. I told you she was a genius! We had plenty of time to pick up KB and drop her off for her fun weekend in Denver.

We got back to the house and had dessert (who wants mac and cheese when you can have a bowl of cookie dough ice cream). Lindley changed Big Baby and Bitty Baby into their new matching outfits and soon Lynnette arrived to pick up Lindley and return home (they have to pack for their trip to Dallas to see Grandmom and Granddad).

Steve and I had some dinner before heading to the Sounds baseball game, where a family of Amazons sat next to us (really - they were all about seven feet tall and fill out proportionately). Our seats are on the end of the row, so we had to get up about a dozen times for them to go get food - apparently when you are large,  you need to eat a lot. The other down side was when one of their friends came to chat awhile and decided to chat while she was standing up - right in front of us, blocking our view of the field. We probably would have asked her to sit her carcass down, but we were rather in awe of the size of the family, so we didn't. After five innings, we decided to leave. The Sounds were winning, but ended up losing in extra innings.  Oh well - tomorrow night we will return again and guess what - free blanket giveaway night (who doesn't need a blanket in 90 degree weather!).
Today is a gift because: shopping with Lindley; taking KB to the airport; baseball game with the giants; nice saleslady at Carters store

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Lindley Shopping Day

Since Lindley will be starting kindergarten in the fall, I told her that I would take her shopping for some back to school clothes (my mother-in-law did this for my girls). Since Lindley and I both have very busy schedules for the next few weeks, it seemed that today would be our best day. Her daycare days have ended, and Sam and Lynnette had to work today, so I went over this morning and picked Lindley up. We first stopped at my house for a bit before the outlet mall opened and headed there. And now I will give you a pictorial of our day ...

Post outlet mall, Pre- regular mall
Busy day means napping whenever possible!
Lunch with LaLa at Panera
Mac and Cheese and required flip-flop cookie!

Lindley's first trip to the American Girl Store
I told her the store only sold dolls.
I don't think she quite got the picture.
Until we got there. Overwhelming might be an understatement!
Yeah, we might have bought a few things ...
Bitty baby of her choice!
I love Bitty Baby!
And after 20 years of not buying anything,
I'm still in their computer system (smart on their part!).
The aftermath of shopping - yay for sales at H&M and Old Navy!!
Lindley's favorite doll, Baby, with her new little sister, Bitty Baby.
Lindley put them both in time out later because they were
arguing over the fairy wings.
New sandals from Old Navy - half price!!
Our day ended with a sleepover.
And watching "Cinderella" - the Brandy version.
What a great day!!
Today is a gift because: shopping with Lindley; American Girl store and Bitty Baby; lunch at Panera; watching "Cinderella"