Sunday, March 26, 2017


Today I actually got a few things accomplished. Cleaning - not so much. but still, a few things accomplished.

I had to adjust a reservation for next February's Princess Weekend. I would try to explain, but it has to do with DVC points and booking windows and borrowing points - all pretty boring unless you are trying to do more than you are allowed, based on points and booking windows and borrowing points. At any rate, I did get what I wanted to do, done.

The next thing I decided to do was bite the bullet on my train trip. What train trip, you might ask. Well, it all has to do with my 60th Birthday Trip. There are many elements, but this one has to do with the train part. Yes, I am travelling on a train. And not the one that Lynnette and I and Lindley and Everley took last year that took a few hours from Seattle to Vancouver. No, this one goes from Toronto to Vancouver and takes five days and four nights. And yes, once I get to Vancouver, I will be eventually getting on a ship and going to Alaska - but we can discuss that later.

Anyhow, back to the train. I have been looking at this trip for quite some time. I have you-tubed it and read peoples' reviews on it, and of course, everyone has their own opinions - they liked it or hated it. And so therein lay my hesitation. A couple of weeks ago I made my flight to Toronto - step one. But I knew that eventually I was going to have to actually purchase the train ticket. And today just seemed like the day that it was going to happen.

So, I go to the Canada Rail website and try to log in. Of course, my password is wrong, so I have to have them email me a new one. I get that done, and then get all the reservation details and go to the payment page. And I get a pop-up message that says the credit card was denied. What?? I know that the card has $$, because I paid it off. Two seconds later, I get a text from my credit card asking if I had made the charge, and of course I said yes. Then it says for the "company" to resubmit the charge. And so I attempt payment again. And again it gets rejected. I decided that maybe the texting had not had time to take effect, so I waited a minute and tried again - rejected!!

By this time, I'm wonder if God is trying to tell me that I shouldn't be going. But I didn't get the feeling from Him. Instead, I felt like perhaps He was asking me to make sure that I really wanted to make this trip. And I decided that I did. So I called the credit card people and talked to a very nice lady who explained that they tag transactions like this that were out of the ordinary (thank you for that!). I told her that I had tried to charge the ticket three times, and I didn't want three tickets. So, she deleted all those and made sure that the next time I attempted the charge it would go through. And so it did. And now I have a train ticket across Canada. Uhhhh...

By this time, Molly was up and ready to go for breakfast at Holler and Dash. This time we had the Pork Rambler (fried pork tenderloin, blackberry butter, fried onion straws), the Tot Bowl (tater tots, cheese, bacon, green onion, and hollerback sauce), and Chicken Set Go (fried chicken, pimento cheese, jalapeno-on the side today, and sorghum. It was all very yummy. Once we were done there, we picked up a curtain rod at Target and headed to my house.

Yes, I'm sewing on a stool.
The least of what's wrong
with this photo ...
We picked up my sewing machine and a few other tools because Molly had a few tasks for us to complete. My main one was to hem her curtains. She started putting together a table, but realized that the pack of screws she needed was not with the table. A call to the store yielded the information that they had the pack of screws at the register, ready to be collected by whomever wanted to come get them. So Molly headed to the next project, which was putting together her patio chair (which also had been sent without the correct package of screws, but since this chair was ordered online, they mailed her the correct package). Once that was complete, Sam arrived and put up the new curtain rod, hung the guest room headboard, and put legs on the expedit in Molly's office. Meanwhile I was pinning and hemming curtains - while they hung on the curtain rods. My mother would have been mortified, perhaps even more by the finished product, but I got the job done.

By this time, Molly had left for a meeting with her school group so I headed back home. Lynnette and Lindley were there, on their way to pick up Everley for some park fun. Meanwhile, I headed out for milk for Steve and a broom and dustpan for Molly (hers disappeared during the remodel).The girls eventually returned for some playtime at the Doik and soon Steve pulled in from Columbus. By this time, it was time for everyone to return to their homes to get ready for Monday morning work and school.

It's been a pretty good weekend. A lot of tasks accomplished, new things purchased, and fun times with family. And on we go to Monday!!
Blessings today include: brunch with Molly; getting tasks completed at Molly's' texting with Pam and Laura; Steve's safe travel home from Columbus

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Saturday Goings-On

This morning Molly and I decided to start by eating breakfast at Puffy Muffin. While we were finishing up, we were texting KB to try and convince her to do Dopey next January (in case you didn't know, that means doing four races over four days, from a 5K to a full marathon and two distances in between). She wasn't exactly responding to our texts, so we decided to track her (we can do that on our iphones - because one time she let us and has probably forgotten about it).

Anyhow, Molly said, "She's at the fairgrounds," and I knew exactly where she was - it's Flea Market Weekend!! Of course we decided to go find her, even though we are not really flea market people (although Steve and GDizzle are). We even paid the $5 for premium parking (even though the money collector lady said all the spaces were full and if we couldn't find a spot, if we came back out, she would refund our $5) and after a few turns around the parking lot, found a spot.

Now it was time to find KB. We were trying to track her, but iphone tracking doesn't exactly get that specific. By this time, she was answering our texts, and it wasn't a minute later that we literally ran into each other! We spent the rest of the morning walking around and looking at stuff. I bought a formica dining table and four chairs, mainly because it reminded me our my and Steve's first "dining table" and KB dickered with the lady to get the price down (although after her husband had to work and work to get the legs off so KB could cart the table and chairs home for me, he probably thought we owed him money). Anyhow, KB left with my purchase to run her errands, and Molly and I walked around a bit more. I bought two Disney glasses (shocked anyone?) and Molly tried to talk with a dude about his furniture, but he was more interested in his lunch than any potential customers.

It didn't take much more time for Molly and me to decide our flea market experience was over, and we headed out. We went to a couple of furniture and salvage stores (Molly is looking for things) and eventually decided to call it a day. KB came over to deposit my new dinette (didn't reassemble because I want to pait the legs) and we chatted a bit before she left.

By this time, it had been a super busy day, so I decided to pack it in. I did forget to get a pack of socks at the flea market, though ...
Blessings today include: brunch and shopping with Molly; flea market fun with KB and Molly; planning for Molly's Disney birthday trip

Friday, March 24, 2017

Everybody's Home Again!!

I don't think this is an acceptable
plane seat assignment ...
Just as all good things sometimes have to end, the ladies trip to NYC was over today. They all arrived home on time at the airport, and Mathieu went to pick them up. Since Lynnette's car was at my house, the first stop was here, and Everley and Lindley decided to hang around a bit and play. Eventually everyone went home and I decided to do what seemed like a good idea - watch some tv. Since the healthcare drama has been decided (no vote), everything else on tv seemed boring, so eventually I just fell asleep. Happy Friday!
Blessings today include: safe travel for all the NYC ladies; Mathieu picking up the group; Steve's safe travel to Columbus; Everley and Lindley time

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Thursday Fun

Today was the day I was going to clean all those rooms that were on my list. Guess what - I didn't quite make it. I did make it to Costco (since I now have a card) and purchased some things that Steve had requested, and a few other things that looked good as I passed by them (isn't that Costco's marketing policy?). I'm sure there are other things that I might have accomplished, but I was too glued to my soap - "As Washington D.C. Turns." It's almost like the days that Baby Jessica fell in the well, and we had to watch nonstop to see if/when she was going to get pulled out. How is the healthcare drama going to end??

Meanwhile in NYC, the little girls and their mothers had another great day. Today they had lunch at the American Girl Store. And maybe purchased a few things. Isn't that the American Girl Cafe's marketing plan? Anyhoo, on to some adorable photos ...

Lindley and the other girls didn't bring their AG dolls,
but apparently you can "borrow" one for lunch.

Emmatha thought "having lunch" at the AG cafe meant
actually gnawing on an American Girl ...

Perfectly sized lunch for a perfectly sized Everley!!
Meanwhile, back in Nashville, Molly and I decided to get our toes did. All in all, we all had a pretty good Thursday!!
Today's blessings include: Costco shopping; photos from NYC; pedis with Molly

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Happy Hump Day!

I actually cleaned (theoretically) a room today. To be specific, I cleaned out/organized it. And which room was it? My bathroom! To be honest, the "cleaning" part still needs to be done, probably with a pressure washer and some heavy-duty cleaner and possible a sand blaster. But I emptied all the drawers and cabinets and got rid of stuff I didn't need/want and then organized it all into little organizer boxes. It's certainly a better system than the "just throw it (whatever it is) into a drawer and hope you can find it when you need it." For instance, the other day I could not find a fingernail clipper anywhere in the bathroom. As it turns out, I have four of them. Hooray!! Now I'm only two rooms behind ...

I also decided to clean off my desk and my desk drawers. In doing so, I found this little brush, so I decided to clean out my keyboard. Yuck!! Not that there was a lot of yuck in between/underneath the keys, but there was a lot of something between/underneath the keys. Giblets and hair (thanks Minnie and Maggie Cats) and microscopic other debris. Sort of scary as to what other kinds of stuff lurks in and about other parts of my house ...

Other than that, I think I did some other stuff, while keeping an eye on the goings-on in Washington. Sometimes I'm wonder if I'm watching a tv drama or the real thing. Unfortunately, it's the real thing. And with the news of the attack in London, it helps me realize the importance of prayer and hope and love in this world, and how to get that across.

The bright spots were when I'd get photos of the girls in NYC. They are having a great time, and Lindley even lost a loose tooth - at Lady Liberty, no less!! Anyhow, hope these photos brighten your day too!!

She doesn't eat sauce with her noodles.
And I'm not sure I would either - with this syringe!!

Does this really need a caption??

Does this count as a NYC/Statue of Liberty souvenir?

All the ladies!!

Blessings today include: cleaning the bathroom and keyboard/desk; photos from NYC; making air travel changes to save $$; dinner at GHG