Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Just Enough Rope ...

The twine of this story
... to hang yourself or complete the task.  Let me explain ...

For reasons that are not totally important to this story, I decided that Maribeth needed a box spring to go under her mattress (one reason - she didn't have one, instead she had a steel foundation/bed frame contraption that looked like something prisoners in old movies would put their blanket on to sleep).  I decided to get the box spring at the local Sears Outlet Store that is basically just down the street.  (For future reference, it is also close to Maribeth's house, which is not far from mine).

Steve is in California this week, so I knew I could use his big tank-car to transport the box spring.  I even did my research and found out that a queen box spring is 60 inches wide, which is also the diagonal measurement of the back of his vehicle.  It seemed like a perfect solution.  Unfortunately, my ninth grade geometry proved pointless, as I failed to take into account the depth of the box spring.  In other words, it was not going into the car on the angle.

Luckily, the Dude who brought out the box spring and was going to load it into the car until we both determined that it was not going in (perhaps he remembered more of his geometry than I did), said, "I got some twine."  Obviously the box spring was going to have to go up on top of the car, tied on.  Obviously this meant he was going to put it on top of the car and secure it for the ride to Maribeth's house.  Some things are not obvious.  This was one of them.

Dude meant he would put the box spring on top of the car - it was going to be up to me to secure it.  He then brought out the twine (NOT rope) and asked, "How much you think you'll need?"  Again, geometry failed me (and I wondered if I should have taken physics and advanced math during my educational years) as I was unable to give him an answer.  I mean, it wasn't as if he was expecting an actual measurement.  Basically, I was supposed to roll off enough twin to secure the box spring.  I don't think there's a mathematical formula for that.  Or even an App for that.

The first of many rest stop re-ties
Now, as a side note, I will tell you about the time that my sister and I and our daughters went on a trip to Disney World.  We were driving a van with a roof rack and we decided to get these huge army/navy duffel bags to pack stuff in, because we figured it would be easier to tie fewer bags to the roof of the car than a bunch of little bags.  So, we tied them as best we could and headed off down the highway.  Until we noticed several cars passing us, honking their horns, and pointing to the roof of the car.  As if we didn't notice the bag that was now hanging down by the passenger side of the car.  Anyhow, after several stops to re-tie the bags, we eventually made it to Disney World.  I do not remember what we did with the bags on the way back ...

Anyhow, you can see that my history with tying things to the roof of the car is not so great.  I stammered around a bit, hoping Dude would take pity on me, but he did not.  Instead, he waited for me to roll off my desired length of twine.  I did, quite arbitrarily, and he went back inside.  He did say if I needed more to come in.  Since I had no idea how much I would need, how would I know if I needed more?

Anyhow, I tied it here and around there and back there and ran out of twine, so I decided it was time to go.  Eventually, after driving 5 mph and constantly looking in my rearview mirror for honking drivers and/or a box spring flying off the car,  I arrived safely at Maribeth's house.  The box spring stayed on and the twine did it's job - I guess I chose the right length.  Of course, I think the real reason it didn't fall off is because God kept it on the car.  After all, God likes a good laugh every now and then, too.

Today was a great day because:  beautiful cool spring day; fun times with a box spring; getting tasks complete; lunch with Molly; Molly's beef stew for dinner

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

And Winter's Back ...

Winter came and winter went
Winter didn't like where it was sent.
Winter came back to visit again,
Winter, winter - where you been?

Yes, I know.  Poetry for a six-year-old - terrific.  For a 56-year-old - pathetic.  But that's the way the weather works here in Nashville.  Any day it could be spring-like, and the next day the weather people are forecasting snow flurries (they forecast it quite often here - which usually means there shall be nary a flake).

Anyhow, just when we thought spring was here, and we were scampering about like Olaf in his dreams, a cold wave decided to come through.  The funny thing is how cold a relative cold wave seems, now that we've experienced warm weather.  Forty degrees now?  Brrrrr - turn up the heat!!  Forty degrees earlier this winter?  Heat wave!!

The current temps will only be around for a few days, when it shall return to spring.  Which has covered my car and caused my sinuses to go berserk.   But not to worry - May will soon be here, when we will not only experience spring, but also summer and winter - most likely in the same 24 hours!!

Winter, spring, summer, and fall
I know one place that has it all.
Cold and warm and wet and dry,
Want some weather? Give ours a try.
We like it all, or so we say,
We'll have a change by end of day.
And that's the weather for Nashville, y'all,
Today's forecast? Think wintsummsprifall!
Today was a great day because:  I accomplished many tasks; rented redbox movies

Monday, April 14, 2014

Maybe I Will Start Wearing Hats ...

When I get busy cleaning something at home, there's usually something that I don't have for the task and must make a Wal-Mart run.  Because I am in the middle of the task, I don't take the time to clean up and attempt to look presentable - I just grab my keys and purse, jump in the car, and get my stuff at Wal-Mart as quickly as possible.  Today was such a day. 

However, I am going to have to slow down these little trips, at least long enough to take a gander in the mirror.  Why?  Today, as I was unloading my purchases at home, I happened to look at my reflection in the windows of the car, most notably my hair, as it was sticking straight up on top of my head.  I'm sure it was a real treat for my fellow Wal-Mart shoppers - "Attention Wal-Mart Shoppers - Crazy Hair Lady in Aisle 9".  Oh well, at least I didn't see anybody I knew.  Or did someone see me and run the other way?
Today was a great day because:  finishing kitchen cleaning; airport run to take Steve and his safe travel to California; a little shopping; face-timing with Everley and Maribeth

Sunday, April 13, 2014


As I continue my never-ending attempts to clean and/or declutter my house, I find that I do a lot of totin' - that would be Southern for carrying things from one place to the next.  In my house's case, I am carrying boxes and bags of things from one room to the other.

Here's how it starts ...  I decide on a room to be cleaned, and set about doing it.  I usually have a box or bag and put things in it that belong in another room.  By the time I determine that I am done with a room (clean or not - I am done), I have a bag of stuff to deposit in another room, because the stuff in question belongs there.  The problem then becomes the other room, because now it has more stuff in it, so I clean that room, putting away the sacked stuff, only to have a new sack with more stuff - that belongs in another room.

My question it, how did all this stuff, that cannot move on its on, end up in all the wrong rooms?  I know stuff procreates at night and creates new stuff, but I am just now realizing that in addition to the ability to multiply, stuff also seems to have the ability to ambulate.  In other words, I have some pretty talented stuff.

So now, much like the conundrum of the chicken and the egg, the question is this - what comes first - the moving or the multiplying of my stuff?  And, more importantly, which is the more time and mind consuming - the moving or the multiplying?  I have no answer - just lots of misplaced stuff.

Oh well, gotta get back to totin' more stuff - before it has a chance to multiply!!
Today was a great day because:  Going to see Charity at Sonic with Molly; kitchen reorganizing with Molly; Steve's safe travel home; late night visit to Molly's; Lindley time; Lindley going with me to pick up Sam at the airport

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Saturday With LaLa. And Moo.

Our morning started a little early - like 4:30ish am early. Lindley and Everley were both sleeping with me in my bed since Steve was out of town. Everley prefers to sometimes sleep across the bed, and sometimes needs to be repositioned so that the largest of our threesome has a little slumber room (instead of the space at the foot of the bed).

I was attempting the repositioning but unfortunately managed to hit Lindley with Everley's foot, thus awakening Lindley. Since she was awake, I decided to give her another dose of Tylenol, since she felt a little warm (last night she was running a fever and her mom dosed her up).

I came up with the brilliant idea to watch "The Incredibles" in hopes that it would lull Lindley back to sleep. If Everley ever woke up during this time, it wasn't for long and was soon back asleep, but Lindley and I dozed off and on (at least I did - I have no idea about Lindley). Anyhow, soon it was daylight, so to borrow from Anna of Arrendale, "The sky was awake, so they were awake." Next activity - Legos.

It was now time for breakfast. Before coming over, Aunt Moo went to Starbucks, McDonald's, and Chick Fil A to get us started and give us energy to make it to the real breakfast - Krispy Kreme. Which, as you can see, consisted of the most nutritional doughnut possible - the chocolate covered with sprinkles.

Fully charged with copious amounts of sugar, we headed to the mall for some indoor playground playing and Disney Store and Build A Bear shopping (really not necessary to go into all those details, except to say perhaps two matching Hello Kittys came home from the mall with us). We were planning to lunch at Fridays, but Lindley's fever started to return, so we decided to return home with our now-packaged-for-takeout lunch. We all ate (except for the meatballs that were green inside) and headed off for naps.

Finally, after a full day of shopping and snacking and napping, we had our snack outside before everyone headed back home (complete with our headband adornments).

What a great weekend at LaLas!!

Today was a great day because:  spending the day with Lindley and Everley and Molly and Lynnette; beautiful spring day