Friday, August 18, 2017

Training For One Final Day!!

Today is our last full day on the train. Tomorrow we should arrive in Vancouver. After leaving the prairies, today we started seeing more rolling hills. We also started getting more behind in our schedule, having to move over for more freight trains. I had breakfast with an older couple from San Francisco and an older dude from Scotland (who also apparently travels all over the world). We chatted a bit and then parted ways.

The rest of the day I watched the scenery a lot, and took a ton of photos. Once we hit the mountains, the landscape was breathtaking. We traveled along the river a bit, and around and through the mountains. Tonight I’ll have one last sleep in my little roomette – it’s been a great journey!

The view from the dome car. The problem with photos is that if the glass was dirty,
your photo didn't turn out so great ...

Ice delivery!!

Our stop in Edmonton. Some riders got off, and others got on. It was a short stop.

That's Edmondson over there ...

However, we're on the outskirts - over here ...

Okay, so now for some of my beautiful scenery photos ...

And here's another ...

And the mountains are entering the picture ...

We had a longer stop here. Several passengers got off and several got on. Because we were beginning to run so late, we didn't have long here. It was also raining, so not exactly conducive to looking around.

Jasper - seems like a nice place to visit.

Since it was our last night, we all got a taste of sparkling wine to say goodbye!

A nice view to settle down with!
Blessings today include: meeting new people on the train; stops along the way; beautiful scenery to look at

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