Thursday, August 10, 2017

Bits and Pieces

Today I knew I was going to have to get serious about getting some stuff done. A few orders I had made to aid these projects had come in, so as lovely as it was to just stare at the boxes, I did feel the compulsion to actually open them and get busy.

And I did manage to get a couple of things accomplished. I decided that since Emmatha no longer sleeps in the porta-crib, I would take that down, thus making that guest bedroom less crowded. And I commenced on my latest "organized the DVDs" project. In doing that, I found some videos that Sam had put together for me, so I took some time to watch those - which was a nice use of my time! Other than that, I managed to go to the Wal Mart and get the mail and go to the library, all things that are mind-numbingly boring, unless you are the one counting them as major accomplishments.

I needed to get something at the mall, and walked past the Godiva store. I rarely go to the mall, and only if I have a specific mission, which I did today. And when I passed the Godiva store, I went in and found a new sin - dark chocolate soft serve ice cream. I'm sure it was a year's worth of calories, but it was so worth it. I'm just glad I am not in the habit of shopping at the mall - although I may find more errands to run there ...

Everley called from the road to tell me about her wiggly tooth - her first one to get loose. She then proceeded to sing me Little Rabbit Fru Fru and then proceed to make up a song about a little fox. We had quite a long conversation as she and her mom and her sister travelled from Texas through New Mexico to Colorado.

As far as the travellers go, today was their last full vacay day. Tomorrow each will head home and return to Nashville tomorrow afternoon. And here are their photos from today ...

Last day of golf!

At dinner, the golf group celebrated Steve's birthday!
Since it's still six weeks away, wonder if this counts or does he get another cake?

Meanwhile, Everley finds out how the early road trippers travelled.

Emmatha is more interested in finding something of questionable value ...
Everley also got to walk on a volcano, which she told me hadn't erupted in a long time.
And one more Ranger Badge!
Blessings today include: another sleep-in morning; library time; dark chocolate soft serve; chatting with Everley on the phone; texting with friends from far away; getting projects complete to my satisfaction; Molly's safe return from her St. Louis business trip; watching old videos

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