Monday, August 7, 2017


Before Lynnette boarded the Suburban for the road trip, she asked if I would take her car to get the emissions tested so she could renew her car tag. I said I would be glad to (it's a service I routinely do for my clients in the LaLa Will Do It business I run). She also mentioned that her car was also due for an oil change, so I said I would do that, too. So this morning I took her car to Beaman for an oil change. She also needed a tag lamp replaced as well as an air filter, so we got it all fitted out ready for the return of Lynnette next week.

Today it rained almost all day, so once the car work was complete, I headed home for lunch before getting the emissions testing done. Once all that was complete, I decided it had been a full day and I should return home. I did pick up two movies to watch, which I will go ahead and review here.

Table 19. This is a pleasant little romantic comedy about a wedding and some of the guests. Apparently table 19 is comprised of the wedding guests who are the "odd man out" guests. Of course they each have a story that unfolds over the course of the wedding reception. I liked it because it was sweet and fairly mindless - I didn't have to keep a scorecard of what was going on. It was a pleasant way to spend 90 minutes.

The Zookeeper's Wife. Okay, so a story about the Nazis and the hiding of Jews? It's exactly what you expect it to be - very interesting and very tragic. It's the story of a couple in Poland who run a small zoo. When the Nazis take over, they take the animals they want away (and end up killing the others eventually). The owners of the zoo are not Jewish, but the zookeeper comes up with a plan to hide Jews at the zoo until they can get them out. There's a head Nazi who wants to breed buffaloes and wants to breed the wife himself but that never happens. The story is true, which you can read about here, and is a sad tale that does have a good ending.

Meanwhile, in road trip news, Steve and his group are playing golf and the girls road trippers made it to Fort Worth, Texas and to the Magnolia Silos (which you should know about if you ever watch Fixer Upper on HGTV. Happy Monday!!

The Silos - apparently there are toys on the grounds
and cupcakes in the bakery!

The Pebble Beach crew!!
Blessings today include: time to read while waiting on the car at Beaman; safe travels for the road trip crew; golf time for the Pebble crew

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