Wednesday, August 9, 2017

And It's Wednesday

This morning KB and I were going to sculpt class, but when I was attempting to rise from my bed, my sinuses decided that they could use a sinus pill and some more sleep. So I texted KB and bailed on her (I don't think she shed many tears) and then proceeded to do as my sinuses dictated. Two hours later I woke up, feeling much better and ready to start on my day.

Of course I had many things that I wanted to accomplish. And of course instead I decided to piddle around and pretend I was doing stuff. Whatevs. I have read two more books, which I shall now review. Based on my experience with Alison Arngrim's book, I decided to delve a bit further into that genre, meaning I checked out books by Melissa Anderson (Mary on Little House) and Mary McDonough (Erin on The Waltons). While I wasn't hoping for either to tell me all their secrets, I was hoping to learn more about them as people. And here's what I found out ...

The Way I See It by Melissa Anderson. Melissa played Mary in the Little House series. Alison talked about her in her book, and talked about how Melissa was not exactly easy to get to know. Reading Melissa's book didn't help. She mostly talked about specific episodes of the series, telling the reader what happened in that episode, and maybe a tiny tidbit or two. In fact, a majority of the book is written this way. She never really gets into her life, or why other people might have viewed her as standoffish. And while she doesn't really dish any dirt on anybody, she really doesn't give any insight as to who she is. I really wasn't interested in hearing about episodes of the series. I wanted to know who she was as a child actress, and who she is now. I was glad to finish it and return the book to the library.

Lessons From The Mountain by Mary McDonough. This was a total about-face from Melissa's book. While Mary talks about The Waltons, her book is all about her childhood, her life then, the issues she faced, and how she has grown from all the difficulties she faced. She didn't face problems with drugs and alcohol like some child stars, but instead she has dealt with insecurities and physical issues. She has used those experiences to help others, especially the perils and pitfalls of having breast implants. She does tell stories of her fellow castmates, but no bad behavior stories, because they were and still are very much a family. I enjoyed Mary's book because like Alison's, she shares herself with the reader and shows how she has grown up and used her life lessons and experiences to reach other to touch the lives of others.

Meanwhile, the travellers are still on their trips, so here are a few photos from today's activities ...

Hoping Danger Baby stays strapped in!!!

Ranger Badge Time!
Another Ranger Badge!

Guess the tee time was 8:00!! Looks like a chilly morning!
Today's blessings include: sleeping in and late; starting to think about packing for my upcoming trip; making plans for Sunday brunch with the Fitty-Whats

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