Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Sea Day!

Today we sailed along the coast. I would have taken more photos, but it was rather foggy. Also, we ate brunch at Palo, which always means a long nap after, so there. Palo was delicious as always, and our server seemed a bit disappointed when we told him we would not be returning for dinner. Why? Because we are going to order it for our room, yo!! It's a perk of staying in the Walt Suite, so why not? And speaking of the Walt Suite, here are some videos of it via Molly - you may want to take a motion sickness pill before you view it, though!!

The rest of today was spent doing a bunch of nothing. We have a full week ahead of us, so I guess we will need today to rest up!  And here are some photos from today ...

Another cruise ship ...

After Palo, Lynnette went looking for new friends.

A rose and a decorated plate for my birthday!!

The bartender in the lounge was very proud of his card tricks.

Clearly he tricked Molly!!
Today's blessings include: a quiet day on the water; Palo ladies brunch and a rose and a birthday plate; card tricks in the lounge

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