Monday, August 14, 2017

It's Time To Get Realz, Y'all!!

Okay, first of all, I’m leaving town tomorrow for about three weeks. One would think I would be packed by now. But by now, hasn’t one figured out that just is not going to happen? 

The plan is to pack in this backpack/suitcase thingy. It’s supposed to be a backpack if you want it, or you can stuff the straps in a handy pouch in the back and use it as a regular suitcase. Since I may have to be trekking around Toronto with luggage tomorrow, I thought a backpack would be the smart choice. 

The problem that has arisen is that the backpack is not interested in holding all the things that I feel the need to pack. Since one of my destinations is Alaska, I will need some warmer things. But since the second destination after that is California, I shall not need those warmer things. Hence I am packing all sort of things, most of which fill up this backpack very quickly. 

Luckily, Maribeth and Lynnette were over, and Maribeth made me out a packing list. Let’s just say it’s “bare bones.” I am thankful that there are laundry facilities on the Wonder, since my two pair of undies, two shirts, and a pair of pants may need some cleaning after a few days (okay, so the list allowed a few more clothes than that, but not many). Once I had fulfilled this list, my other stuff fit a little better into my backpack. And then I had to put away all "packed but culled" stuff. Anyhow, it looks like packing may be complete by tonight, which is my goal. Tomorrow I have an early flight, so I certainly want it done by then. 

Meanwhile, in other news, Steve has to spend a part of his day taking care of his car. While he was in Columbus last weekend visiting GDizzle, a rotted light pole fell on his 6-month-old car. It happened during the night, so they didn’t see or hear it. Steve just noticed something amiss the next morning when he came out to his car to get something.

Since the pole was rotted, the light company will pay for damages. It’s just the hassle of taking the car in to get an estimate, and dealing with the light company and insurance companies. One has to wonder why this happened to Steve’s new car, when there are several old junkers that would have been glad to give up the ghost for such a cause. But then again, one has to be thankful that nobody was hurt in this situation. Since I will be out of town, Steve can drive my baby Prius, but somehow I don’t think that brings him a lot of joy. But then again, neither does a busted up Highlander …

Oh well, I guess that’s a Monday for you! 
Blessings today include: getting stuff packed in backpack and totebag; getting house in some order so I can leave town; Everley and Lindley time and lunch with Moo

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