Thursday, August 3, 2017

The Little Mermaid!!

Tonight KB, Lynnette, Lindley, Maribeth, Everley, and I went to TPAC to see the musical, The Little Mermaid. VP Pence was speaking downtown, so KB and I went early to pick up Lynnette and Lindley, expecting a lot of traffic (MB and Everley were coming in her minivan). Of course, there was no traffic, so we picked up McDs enroute to Lynnette's house and had a quick dinner before heading out. KB went in to get our food at McDs, and when she came out, she said she had forgotten ketchup. I told her I was sure that Lynnette had ketchup at her house, so KB didn't go back in. And guess who didn't have any ketchup? Yup! So the lesson learned is to always get the ketchup.

Anyhow, after eating our ketchup-less fries, we loaded up the car and headed to TPAC. We parked and walked over with plenty of time to spare (they hadn't even opened the door to the auditorium). Eventually Maribeth and Everley arrived and we settled in our seats (which were really great) to watch the show.

And to put it mildly, the show was absolutely fabulous. Ariel was performed by an actress of Asian descent. Lynnette told us that a friend of hers, who has two Asian young daughters, went to see the show with her little girls. Afterwards, they all got to meet with this actress, and they were all in tears at the opportunity for these little girls to see someone in such an important role who looked just like them.

Speaking of actors, the ones who were in this production were amazing. Ariel was a tiny little thing with a tremendous voice. Eric was a dream to see and hear, and Ursula was over the top. And then there was the choreography, which was superb, and made you feel like you were "under the sea." It was an absolutely wonderful production and night to be together.

By the time it was over and everyone got back home, it was nearly 11:00pm. Maribeth dropped Everley off at our house because E wanted to spend the night. It wasn't long until she was asleep and I followed soon after. What a great Thursday night!!
Today's blessings include: girls night out; McDs and no ketchup with KB

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