Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!!

The only good thing about Halloween ...  By the way, that's Rapunzel and Pascal ...
Today was a great day because:  I lounged in bed until 10am, although not entirely by choice; pizza at the Doik with the fam; two little trick or treaters named Lindey and Everley

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Beginning The Magic Book

Okay, so maybe it's not magic.  Maybe it's just one more last-ditch effort to get my stuff together and get healthy.  But for whatever it is, I finally opened it and started logging in my days.

Each day has a quote to get you pumped up.  Today's quote is from one of my favorite women - Beverly Sills.  It's appropriate for the beginning, because beginnings are often met with skepticism and doubt.  Will this time really work?  Will I keep this up?  Will I have any measure of success? What happens if I don't do everything right all the time?

But as Beverly says, disappointment may (and will) probably come.  But nothing comes if you don't try.  Even if it means trying anew every single day, meeting disappointment sometimes along the way, and beginning again the next day.

Today was not perfect, but it was a start.  And all I have to do tomorrow is start again and keep going.  And maybe one day, when this is all in the past, I will see that any disappointments I had really didn't matter because I just kept going.   And finally succeeded.

Today was a great day because:  I actually got 8 slow miles done; Everley time

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Oops, I Did It Again ...

Technically, it's "we're doing it again."
In Philly in September of 2014.
Apparently we don't understand the full meaning of 
"We're not ever going to do this again."

But we do understand this ...

... and this ...

Today was a great day because:  I finished Everley's Pascal Halloween jacket; I picked up Lindley from school; I enjoyed some Everley and Lindley time; I saw the movie "Last Vegas" with Steve and Molly and Adam

Monday, October 28, 2013

Signs, Signs, Everywhere A Sign ...

Today as I was driving about, I noticed the number of signs planted in front lawns.  The signs suggested that I vote against this, or for that, or a combination of both.  Since I didn't know who/what many of the signs were about, I must say that I remained neutral on their suggestions.

It's not that I don't care.  I do - but mostly about the immediate issues in my own personal life, which at times, there can be a bookoodle of them.  Sure, many of the issues represented by those signs probably do affect me in some way.  But since they do not affect me or my family right this very minute, I'll have to put those signs and their issues on the back burner.

Right now there are many people who have opinions about what is going on in Washington, D.C.  And just like the last Presidential election, there are many people who have vehement opinions about who is right and who is wrong.  And rather than be lambasted for what I do or don't believe, I prefer to remain quiet on the (or any) subject.  Call me Switzerland, call me an ostrich sticking my head into the sand, call me whatever you may like - just don't call me on the phone and ask my opinion.  Because if it's different from yours and you take it personally, I certainly don't want to hear that.

Yes, I should probably be more dedicated to a cause.  And when I find a cause that deeply moves me, I will be dedicated, possibly even erecting my own sign.  Just don't bang me over the head with it if you disagree!
Today was a great day because:  I deposited and picked up Everley at school; made some successful phone calls; found the numbers necessary to add flights to my American account

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sunday at the Doik

Today was a great day because:  family day at home; Lindley and Everley time; stroller ride with Everley; Molly picking us up and loading the stroller; kitty at Maribeth's house; couponing with Molly and the nice clerk at Walgreens

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Halloween Is Coming!!

I am not a Halloween fan.  It's one of those holidays that I see no point celebrating.  Why?  Here's why:

1.  Halloween candy.  If I buy the good stuff, it's gone in an hour.  If I buy the cheap stuff, nobody comes to my door and I have 95 pounds of cheap candy leftover that I have to eat.

2.  Candy corn.  I don't like it.  Invariably, if I buy it, nobody will eat it and I will have it leftover.  Since I only tolerate the orange parts, it's tricky to eat.

3.  Halloween is scary.  I don't like or do scary.  Why?  It's scary!

4.  Trick or treating.  It's part of the scary part.  Because I believe if I don't treat every child that rings my doorbell, I will have 2-year-olds leaving dirty diapers on my doorstep.

5.  Costumes.   The ones in the store are overpriced.  My sewing skills consist of Elmers glue and a stapler.  So basically, my go-to outfits would be (a) ghost (as long as I have a white sheet), (b) hobo (just a quick rummage through the dirty clothes), or (c) business person (choosing which of Steve's suits needs to go to the cleaners next).

6.  Pumpkins.  I am firmly against the needless slaughter of pumpkins for carving.  Especially if you can buy a plastic one at the store.  Which may or may not have Mickey ears already on it.

I would list more, but I think you get the picture.  I am the Grinch of Halloween.  But no matter.  I'll still have the chocolate ready if you ring my doorbell!!
Today was a great day because:  Molly and I went to visit Charity at Sonic and did some retail therapy; Lindley and Everley time; Maribeth picked up JAlex for dinner

Friday, October 25, 2013

The Latest Plan ...

Today while at Barnes & Noble, I bought a few things.  One was this journal, mainly because I thought it was funny.  But I also hope that maybe, just maybe, it will be the thing that will prompt me into good habits (you know, the ones I rail on and on about).  Will it?  Who knows.  But at least I can try it.

The other thing I purchased was this notepad.  Again, I thought it was funny, but maybe I will fill out a page rather than put a super-sized Hershey bar in my mouth.  Will it?  Who knows.  If nothing else, maybe I will just eat the paper after I fill it out.

I just love a good idea.  I can look at it for hours ...

Today was a great day because: I had a little retail therapy; Lindley and Everley time; Lynnette bringing Sonic drinks; Molly and Lindley's cookie Hello Kitty house

Thursday, October 24, 2013

What We Leave Behind

Earlier this week, Sharon's dad passed away.  Sharon is one of our Udderly Pink team members who has faithfully trained through our training walks, supported our fundraising efforts, and walked 60 miles with us in San Francisco and Washington, D.C.  Today Karen and I attended the memorial service for her dad.

I never personally met Mr. Sorteberg and only knew the things that Sharon had shared with us over the course of many training walks, meetings, yard sales, etc.  But in the space of just a few minutes, I realized that his was a life well-lived.

He spent many of his early years in a hospital due to illness, but that didn't stop him from his many accomplishments.  Among them were serving in the Army, becoming a teacher, excelling in many sports, brewing his own beer, and being an active member of many groups.  From the stories and notes that were read at his memorial, he fully lived his life to its fullest with his wife and two daughters.  It was also a life well-loved, as evidenced by the photographs of him and his wife, and the words shared by Sharon.

For just a few moments, I was able to meet a man and see a life as it should be lived.  I watched as he was given the recognition and gratitude that an Army veteran deserves.  I witnessed the grief as well as pride and joy as a family said goodbye to a loved one.

I learned a lot today about Robert Sorteberg as a man.  But the most important thing was something I already knew.  He had to have been a great dad because I know his daughter.  And if having a daughter as funny and beautiful and kind as Sharon is the result of a great life, then truly her dad can rest knowing that he left his best with us. 

Today was a great day because:  it was a beautiful crisp fall day; KB and I seeing Sharon; picking up Lindley at school (accompanied by Everley); Everley and Lindley time

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Should have accomplished stuff - didn't.  Should have eaten sensibly - didn't do that, either.  Should have done some sort of exercise - nopetty, nope, nope. 

Instead, I thought about how many days have passed in this year and how many are left.  Then attempted to calculate how much I have to do before 2014. 

And then I decided to take a nap.  At least I was productive in doing that ...

Today was a great day because:  it was a super-lazy day; Steve's safe travel to Columbus; Maribeth dropping off a chocolate milkshake; travel plan changes complete

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Little Shel For Today

I love Shel Silverstein.  And today, based on my food consumption, I really like this poem ...


If I could only see the scale,

I’m sure that it would state

That I’ve lost ounces . . . maybe pounds

Or even Tons of weight.

“You’d better eat some pancakes—

You’re skinny as a rail.”

I’m sure that’s what the scale would say . . .

If I could see the scale. 
~Shel Silverstein
Today was a great day because:  I actually got out and took a short walk in the neighborhood; picked up Lindley at school; Steve cooked burgers for dinner; had some Lindley and Everley time

Monday, October 21, 2013

It's Beginning To Look Alot Like - You Know What!!

According to the Internet, there are 64 days until Christmas.  I am trying to process that bit of information and figure out how I am going to accomplish my "category."

In our family, each year we choose a category of gift-giving.  We then procure gifts for the other members of the family, based on that category.  I don't know why we started it - I guess because we're Davidsons.  Mind you, this comes from the family who have in the past had "Cereal Christmas" and "Magic Bullet Christmas."

Anyhow, yesterday we all chose (or had chosen for us) the categories for this year.   You can read for yourself to the left.  Don't even bother asking me what some of them mean or how those people are going to interpret their category into gifts for the supposed loving family members. As usual, I chose "Make It."  I usually have about two good ideas for people, so this year I added the twist of "Break It."  No, I don't know what that will mean, either.

The second part of this equation is the Christmas meal.  As I previously stated, one year everyone brought their favorite cereal.  Another year we all cooked, but the recipes had to involve the Magic Bullet.   Apparently this year everyone is responsible for bringing a dish that is on sticks (I keep thinking about the movie "Mermaids" and Cher's hors d'oeurves dinners).

Anyhow, the only reason I decided to bring this up is just in case you are trying to plan your own Christmas and have run out of ideas.  At least now you know what to avoid!!!
Today was a great day because I:  got some paperwork and travel planning completed; picked up Everley at school; enjoyed some Everley time; had a catch-up chat with Bill

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Scenes From A Davidson Sunday

We nap with friends ...

We also believe in formal wear on Sundays ...
Today was a great day because:  Molly and I found bargains at JoAnn's, got free Starbucks, and visited Charity and Sonic; Lindley and Everley time; boiled shrimp lunch

Saturday, October 19, 2013


While I was recently in New York City, KB and I visited the World Trade Center.  After walking around the memorial, we went into the museum store and I bought a few books.  One was "The Legacy Letters,"  a compilation of letters written by family members to the victims of 9/11.  It's a very sobering yet hopeful book, full of memories and messages to those lost loved ones, from those who knew and loved them best.

It's not a book I can sit down and just read.  I read a letter, look at the picture associated with that letter, and then try to imagine the person and the family member who is writing it.  Of course I can't even begin to comprehend the feelings of the letter writer, but it helps to make a name more real and precious, because of the words that were written and then shared with the world.

As I read the letters, I can't help but think how all those writers wish they could say those words in person.  How they wish that, for even a moment, they could read those words of love and be heard.  How they wish that they could have one more chance to say how much that person means to them.  But they can't.

And then I think of my opportunity.  I have the chance to tell those I love how much they mean to me.  I have the chance to tell the living why they are special to me and how their lives affect mine and make it so much better.  I have the chance to say "thanks" to a person whom I know will hear it.

The question is, will I do it, before this opportunity passes?  
Today was a great day because:  I went to the mall with Molly and Lindley; built a bear with Lindley; Molly brought breakfast and we organized the stockpile

Friday, October 18, 2013

Questionable Choices Day

Today I decided to have Taco Bell for lunch.  While it seemed like an (insert your own adjective here) idea at  the time, it also seemed like a bad idea.  But I did it anyway.  While the meal (burrito supreme + nachos supreme) was pretty much as I expected, as usual I shall await the aftereffects.

That story being told, I think some days we need to make questionable choices.  Not the kind that would possibly incarcerate you, or cause physical or emotional harm to another, but the kind of choices that you normally refrain from making, because you have your wits about you.  You know, decisions like eating a giant-sized Hershey bar (or two or three) or getting three scoops at Ben & Jerry's.  Or buying the t-shirt that will possibly warrant your children committing you to the looney bin, once they see the shirt on you in public (of course this will be after they explain to you what the shirt actually means/represents).  Or maybe even deciding to attend a spinning/zumba/hula-hooping class (been there, done that).

The point is that some days you just have to let go and give in.  Why?  It's pretty simple - so you won't make that questionable choice again.  I would expand on this, but I need to go find the Tums ...
Today was a great day because: I took Lynnette and KB to the airport; brief stop-by from Molly; beautiful fall day; Steve picking up dinner

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Back Up and Broken Lessons

So my computer decided to die sometime this weekend.  I took it to Staples, who said the hard drive was failing.  Unfortunately, because I was out of town, I didn't take my external hard drive to back up stuff (which I learned to do after the last hard drive failed).  Anyhoo, Staples dude said they might be able to do something when the new hard drive comes in.  Which I am hoping and wishing for because my NYC pics and Day 1 and 2 3-Day pics are on it (and yes, I erased the pics from my SD card once I transferred them to the computer).  So, now I know to constantly back up everything.  Which means I will probably lose the back up drive.

Then this morning, as I was walking to the kitchen, I hit my arm on the baby gate and promptly dropped my coffee cup (which still had a little bit of cold coffee in it) which then broke into several pieces, requiring some clean up. Which promptly showed me just how dirty my floors are.  And now I am down one coffee mug, which isn't a bad thing since I have difficulty getting rid of stuff, except that this was a mug I liked and would have preferred to keep.

So the lesson for today is to appreciate the lessons one learns in the daily pitfalls of life.  Always backup on something and don't be in such a hurry to delete pictures on your memory card.  Watch where you walk and keep your floors clean.  Remember that it's just a coffee cup and you have too many anyhow.

But most of all, remember that none of this means anything if you are blessed to have a roof over your head, food to eat, clothes to wear, and most of all, people to love and who love you.
Today was a great day because: it was a beautiful day after the rain; picking up Lindley at school; Lindley and Everley time

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Some Days You Wish You Were Elsewhere

And no, it's not me, but yes, she is having fun!!
Today was a great day because:  it was a slightly rainy day; picked up Steve from the airport; basically accomplished a few things

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


The suitcases have been put away (lately, whenever Molly and I travel together, somehow I end up with both our suitcases at my house - not sure how that happens) and the clothes have been washed and folded (but not put away).  However, I still have a basket of travel stuff that sits there, mocking me.  There are several baggies of band-aids (regular, antibiotic, blister), along with gauze pads, tape, antibiotic cream, antibiotic wipes, Kleenex (we were expecting lots of blisters and wounds, based on last year's walk).  There's also the usual travel toiletry stuff (not that I bring home the extra unused little bottles of hotel stuff) and paperwork.  In other words, I'm unpacked but not.

There's also the stuff to catch up that came while I was gone.  Stuff to put away.  Stuff to clean.  Stuff to accomplish.  Bills to pay.  Bills to mail. There are cats to feed, cats to pet, and cats to get off of wherever I am currently wishing to sit/sleep.

In other words, I'm home again.
Today was a great day because I:  got some stuff accomplished; had a massage via Breanna; had lunch with the Maribeth and Molly and dinner with Maribeth and Everley

Monday, October 14, 2013

The Day After

For half of Team Udderly Pink, today started with waking up in our own beds.  For the other half, today will be travel back to their own homes with tomorrow being the waking up in their own beds day.  But the best thing is how quickly we will all forget the agony of those last 5 miles and just remember the good and happy times.  Our taped and bandaged feet may tell a different tale, but in our hearts the last three days was just a stroll through D.C.

Will we ever do another one?  If you asked us while we were trudging through those last miles, our answer would be a resounding NO!  But even as we celebrated our team finish, we were talking about "the next time."  Do we have one actually planned?  No, but I think we might be open to the idea.  All it would probably take is somebody saying, "Let's do it again."  Fortunately, no one is saying that now.

In the end, we're all thankful for the experience and the memories we made during this weekend.  We just wish we didn't have to have this type of event to raise funds to end this disease. We hope a cure will be found and women and men won't have to suffer and even die because of breast cancer.  But until then, we'll keep our hearts and minds open to whatever we can do to find a cure.

Even if it means lacing up our sneakers for another stroll through another city ...

Today was a great day because:  I woke up in my own bed; got my laundry done; caught up on some household tasks; picked up Lindley at school; had some Lindley and Everley time; Sam picked up Baha for dinner

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Day 3 - The Best Day of All!!

So how do you even begin to think about doing 20 more miles when you've done the same for the past two days?  Well, you just gather your team together and do it!!  And that's just what we did!  We arrived at camp, had a bit of breakfast, visited the 3-day-old camp porta-potties one last time, and headed out.  Today's route was very similar to yesterday's.  The "official" mileage?  16.5 miles.  Molly's miles?  20.  Apparently they decided to add two miles to the first pit stop without telling the walkers (or noting it on the mileage/route card).  Add that to the "Komen" miles that seem to measure a bit longer than the usual miles, and there you have your 20!

Anyhow, here are today's highlights:
  • seeing our segway buddies one last time - complete with pink sparkly capes
  • pictures of donut mini man and with the police man during the "have to have diet coke/red bull" stop
  • walking to the first pit stop - and walking and walking and walking
  • stopping at the McDonald's en route to first pit stop - and enjoying the bathroom facilities (OK, so some of us used the men's facilities) and having a pancake stop
  • seeing and hearing the semi-truck demonstration 
  • seeing the Million Veteran March
  • finally arriving at Pit 1 and being told it was 2 miles longer than on the route card
  • seeing the Washington Monument - no matter where we walked
  • catching up with Rachel
  • finally arriving at lunch
  • after lunch, people going at their own pace just to finish
  • Bruce encouraging Marilyn to keep going to Pit 3
  • Everybody finishing on their own steam
  • Closing Ceremonies
And here is the official Day 3 walk propaganda:

Sunday: Approximately 16.5 miles
We'll walk past Nationals Stadium, back near the waterfront, taking a second look at the National Mall. Then we'll head north toward the other part of Georgetown, passing by some local favorites. We'll get one last peek at the White House before heading to RFK Stadium - Lot 8 for a celebratory Closing Ceremony with family and friends.

But here's the best - Today's pictures!!

Udderly Pink - or as we like to call ourselves, Bruce and his Sister Wives

The car always had hot coffee and donut holes in the morning.

The driver of the donuts - his wife is a survivor and a walker.  He was on the course at least three times a day, every day.

This was about a mile into today's walk when a Coke and Red Bull break was desperately needed.

My favorite safety dude - always wore a skirt and had rockin' music playing to get you going!

Jefferson Memorial - from a distance - some walkers actually walked over to it - I thought it was just fine from this distance!

The White House - the residents did not invite us in for snacks ...

Another group of supporters - I guess if one has a Mercedes, this would be the way to decorate it.

The guys were out everyday, too - they were amazing with their encouragement!

Our motorcycle safety team that kept us safe crossing the streets - they were amazing!!

The reason we walk - the survivors who were also walkers - walking in to Closing Ceremonies.

Two more cheerleaders who were out every day - and to the end at Closing Ceremonies.

As the survivors walk in, we all raise our shoes to honor them - an unforgettable moment.

Our own Udderly Pink survivor.

A survivor, with her shoes around her neck, who finished all 60 miles - and she's our teammate!

And we're done.  And waiting to get our luggage. And celebrate one last time.

The feeling of every walker, no matter how many blisters they have, no matter how tight their muscles are, no matter how exhausted or sleep-deprived they feel is - We Will Never Give Up Until Breast Cancer is Cured!!
Today was a great day because:  Udderly Pink finished 60 miles in 3 days!; closing ceremony; safe, smooth ride home

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Day 2 - So Much Better!

Today we boarded the bus from the hotel at 6am.  We arrived at camp in time to eat a bit of breakfast before heading out on the route.  Today's mileage?  According to the route chart, 17.0 miles.  According to Molly's GPS thing, 18.3 miles.  Anyhow, we made it and had a great day.  Here are the highlights:
  • Having a bit to eat before heading out.
  • No hard rain - a sprinkle here and there, but nothing like yesterday.
  • Walking and eating lunch in Georgetown (no lunch stop sandwich today!)
  • The pink fireman and the fireboat.
  • Supporters along the route.
  • Rachel surprising her mom.
  • Finishing today's mileage!
Here's today's official course description:

Saturday: Approximately 17 miles
On Saturday morning, we'll rise and shine, ready to hit the trail. No matter the weather, you'll wake dry and cozy. Then we're off to tour the magnificence of the D.C. area! We'll begin the journey walking along the Potomac and then after a short bus ride will end up in Arlington,  where we'll see the hipster part of town near Clarendon Ave. After lunch, we'll head back into D.C. using the historic Key Bridge and walk through the Georgetown area. Then it's back toward the National Mall but not before passing by the White House. As we walk near the National Mall, be sure to look up to see the awesome view of the Capitol.

And here's today's official route card:

And here's today in pictures:

At the start of Day 2.

Breakfast in the camp tent - the floor was flooded mulch, so you can imagine the smell!!

At the ballpark - game called on count of rain (not really).

One of the many valued and amazing crew members who kept us safe.

Some of the amazing supporters who kept us going.

The fire boat in the harbor.

The same fireman from yesterday - today he stood in honor and memory of his three sisters who died from breast cancer.

An example of treats along the way given by supporters who cheered us on.

One reason we walk - so those who come after us won't have to walk.

And the team comes on down the hill!

One of the reasons I walk!

At least we're walking in the right direction ...

Washington Monument.  Closed.  Even if it wasn't closed for repairs.

So we're walking along the mall and Marilyn says, "There's Rachel!"  Her daughter had ridden a bus down from NYC to surprise her!  Molly had been arranging logistics to help her find us!

Marilyn saw the sign first and thought to herself, "That's what Rachel always says," and then saw the red hair and knew the sign was for her!!  The walkers behind us were tearing up and clapping along with us!!

The Capitol.  Closed.  But Rachel was there and a Starbucks was down the street and camp was only about four miles away, so all was good!!

Today was a great day because:  the weather was great; we had lunch at Johnny Rockets; Rachel's surprise; finishing today's walk; dinner at Legal Seafood and the women who came to our table to thank us for walking