Friday, August 31, 2012

Let The Cray-Cray Vacay Begin!

Well, we made it to Cali-forny - Steve, Molly, KB, me, and three over-stuffed $12 duffel bags.  Oh, and let's not forget Missy-Moo, our Udderly Pink mascot (pictures to come later).

The flight wasn't so bad, considering how nervous flying makes me.  Steve didn't mind if we abandoned him (or was he maybe relieved) at the front of the plane while the three of us found a row together at the back of the plane.  Molly kept us entertained with some slicing veggie game on her iPad and KB kept us fed with her stockpile of snacks (somebody ignored the fact that we left Nashville at 11am, scheduled to arrive in LA at 2ish which would be just a little later than lunchtime - except for the fact that it would be 4ish Nashville time - in other words, LUNCH GOT SKIPPED - I should have paid more attention to time zone class in collidge).  Anyhow, once we landed, Steve headed off to secure a rental car, we waited for our bags, and then waited for Steve to pick us up.  Our entertainment was watching the lady picking up two relatives with four large suitcases - which wouldn't be a big deal, except for the furniture she had to unload out of her mini-SUV in order to load up the suitcases.  And then there was her German Shepherd that she had to move so Granny and Bro could get in.

We were planning to eat at In-N-Out by LAX, but when we got there, the line was practically lined up back to the airport, so we decided to drive to another one, which ended up being only a drive-thru/walk-up, which meant we got our food and ate outside on a picnic table - Welcome to LA!

We eventually made it to our hotel, Disney's Grand Californian - along with everyone else.  We got checked in, our rooms were ready, and we (and our bags) made it up to our rooms.  Before we could collapse, we decided to go to the race expo and get our race stuff.  And do a little shopping here and there.   When we finally made it back to our rooms, Molly and KB were in their pjs before I could turn around. So in other words, except for a brief trip to get some dinner (at a reasonable time - not sure what time zone we were going by), Day One of our vacation was in the books.

Now to figure out what I didn't pack ...

The Good Stuff From Today:  the whole airplane experience; playing iPad games with KB and Molly; pictures of Missy-Moo; race expo

Thursday, August 30, 2012

It's Packed!

But Oh. My. Goodness.  I would take a picture of it, but I think my camera is somewhere stuffed in the middle.  It wasn't going to zip shut, and my fear was that the zipper on my $12 duffel wasn't going to hold, so I had to unpack and reassess my stuff.  In the end, I left out some underwear (hoping to wash clothes on Monday), decided to take only one pair of running shoes (and hope for no rain), and leave out various items that I hope I don't need.  So in other words, I will be wearing my 3-Day t-shirts and jogging pants while traipsing around Disneyland. 

Now the question is whether or not my bag will explode when I stuff my roll-on deodorant and toothbrush into it!

The Good Stuff From Today:  Finishing packing; Lindley and Everley time; burgers via Steve; tilework beginning in den

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I Have Alot To Do

Ode to Procrastination

I need to pack, but it's too hard.
I need to write a thank-you card.
I need to wash a load of clothes;
I need to paint my naked toes.
I need to sweep and wash the floor;
I need to close that open door;
I need to wash my dirty dishes,
I need to remember my birthday wishes.
I need to dust the dusty places;
I need to clean the messy spaces.
I need to scoop the kitty's litter;
I need to work out so I'll be fitter.
"I need to do that," I think I said;
But instead I think I'll just go to bed.

The Good Stuff From Today:  donating blood and the ladies sticking the needles; getting the sun room useable again; purchasing the last of the light fixtures (hopefully); send-off party for Udderly Pink team at Cindy's and everyone who came to wish us well; envelope surprise

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Breaking News ...

The Queen wears a hoodie.
And you thought it was a slow news day . . .

And no, my suitcase is not packed. 
I have ignored it today as it sits on the floor, mocking me.
I still have 3 days ...

The Good Stuff From Today:  boot camp at the park with KB and Molly; Everley time; sun room straighten-up progress

Monday, August 27, 2012

The Dangers of Packing

I finally got out the $12 duffle bag and started the packing thing today.  The bag already had the sleeping bag, air mattress, and pump in it - which means there is still some room.  However, it's not the room that's the issue - it's what to pack in that room.

I've got ziploc bags of clothes, bags of meds, bags of first aid supplies, bags of personal products - and I still have stuff waiting to be bagged.  I finally reached the point of not caring, so I scooped the leftovers into a bin and decided to start again tomorrow.  Otherwise, I fear I would end up with five bottles of Tylenol, six pair of socks, and one t-shirt.

It's going to be an exciting 10 days - if for no other reason, just to see what I packed!
The Good Stuff From Today:  Beginnings of the packing thing; pictures framed; Everley time; new bathroom vanity

Sunday, August 26, 2012

It's Packing Time Again

These are the facts:
1.  I am leaving town on Friday to go to California for 10 days. 
2.  I have to pack clothing for touring Disneyland, seeing the sights of San Francisco, wogging a half marathon, and walking a 3-day/60-mile walk, which means I have to pack two pair of running shoes.
4.  I have to pack a sleeping bag, air mattress and pump for airing it up, and a pillow.  I have to pack 2 shower curtains and 3 garbage bags for inclement weather.  I have to pack my backpack and all my essential 60-mile walking emergency supplies (think a gross of blister band-aids and six bottles of Tylenol).  I have to pack our tent flag and all sorts of stuff for the 3-Day camping out experience.
5.  I have to pack all this stuff in a bag that weights less than 35 pounds.
6.  I hate packing and usually put it off until the last minute.

So I guess maybe I'd better get started.  Now where's that 3-page packing list . . .
The Good Stuff From Today:  6 miles and Bongo Java with KB, Jo, and Sharon; Lindley and Everley time; birthday dinner made by Sam; book and poster from Sam, Lynnette, and Lindley; Molly's IKEA delivery; visiting with the Drinnen parents, kids, and grandkids

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Did you hear it?  That huge thud as I feel off the Weight Watcher Wagon?  I still managed to hang on to the wagon by my fingernails, but I definitely strayed from the path.  In other words, I managed to eat over my daily point allowance - as I have done several days this week (that's what you get when people give you cake and you tell yourself that you should eat it to be nice and then you eat pizza because you haven't had it in awhile and think that gives you a reason to eat a piece . . . or two).

Falling off the wagon, while a bit discouraging, is not the end of my weight loss world.  I have to remember that thought and not give up the whole plan.  I have to pick myself up, get back on the wagon, and ride on.  I have to admit defeat, make changes (like NOT eat the cake and/or pizza), and forge ahead.

Sometimes we fall down and don't want to get up and keep going, especially those times when it seems so hard because we have to start over.   But if we do, if we pick up the pieces and put it all back together, maybe we will find that our "put-back-together" self is stronger.  Maybe by realizing where and why we fell, we resolve not to let it happen again.  

At least that's my theory for today.  Bring on the cake - I'm ready to just say no!
The Good Stuff from Today:  5 early miles with Sharon; shopping for stuff; Everley time; more birthday cards; den painted first coat

Friday, August 24, 2012

Change Is A Good Thing, But It's Not The Main Thing

It's been a great day, starting out with friends at breakfast  who gifted me some awesome presents (pictures to come later), then birthday cards in the mail, many facebook greetings from friends old and new, and ending with my trying to change up my blog appearance - which has take me quite some time.

Every year on August 24 since I started this blog (that would be the year I turned 50 - you do the math), I have changed the format and look.  I keep thinking that if I change the outer appearance, I will be motivated to write great things.  And every year I click and try to import and change fonts and sizes and colors, hoping to find just the right combination that will be just right.

In the end, I end up with what I end up with.  I'm never sure it's just the right thing, but it is what it is, as it is with me.  Maybe it's a reminder to me that I can try to change my outsides, hoping that I will be inspired to do great things, but in the end it's my content that matters.  It's who I am that's important and that will shine through whatever it may look like on the outside.

Thanks for reading and hanging in there with me.  On a day like today when I realize how blessed I am in my life, I always count you as one of them.  And yes - I mean YOU!

The Good Stuff from Today:  First Watch with the girls and their fabulous gifts; Lindley and Everley time; birthday cards; facebook wishes from friends; Molly bringing me Starbucks

Thursday, August 23, 2012

I Remember When 55 Was Just A Speed Limit ...

Today's blessings:  Joint birthday dinner with Sharon, Jo, Michele, the Karens, Molly, Maribeth, and Everley; chocolate cake made by KP and party food by KB; a quick mile in the hood with KB; new contacts delivery; chatting with laser lady Abby; chatting with back in the day hairstylist Charity; new red phone protector from Maribeth

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

This Time The Cause Has A New Name

With our 3-Day Breast Cancer Walk a mere 16 days away, I keep going back to the video of the San Diego Walk I did a few years ago with my sister Marilyn.  I've probably posted this video before, but for me it never gets old, because it brings back the reason for walking.  It brings back the memories of the volunteers, the cheering spectators, the survivors, and those who walk in memory of others.  This year became special when a group of friends decided to join me, but I had no idea how special this walk would be, because this year in addition to all those friends and family members that I walk for, I am also walking for my sister.  She's going to be fine, but this year I am proud to walk for her.

Today's blessings:  skipping boot camp (due to KB and Molly's bad influence) and going on a Wal Mart and Kroger run instead; painting commencing upstairs; Lindley and Everley time; sweet blog comments; MM contribution to the 3-day and becoming a fb friend; all of Udderly Pink meeting their fundraising goals

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Thangs Be Getting Busy 'Round Heah!!

Along with the remodeling of the upstairs, 4-month old and 2 1/2 year old granddaughters, another attempt at losing weight with Weight Watchers, and trying to get back with boot camp, I will soon be adding travel to my life.  Here's how it will go (or maybe I should say I will go):

Next Friday on August 31, Steve, Molly, KB, and I will travel to Anaheim to that other Disney place in order to participate in the Disneyland Half Marathon on September 2 (hoping to finish and receive our Coast to Coast Medals).  After the half marathon, Molly and Steve will return to Nashville.  KB and I will fly to San Francisco where we will go to a Giants game on Monday and wait to KP to arrive.  On Tuesday the three of us will tour Alcatraz and hopefully return from the island. On Thursday, the three of us will change hotels and await the arrival of the rest of the Udderly Pink team - Molly, Jo, and Sharon.  On Friday we will all arise before the sun has even considered rising, in order to board the bus for the Opening Ceremonies of the Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walk.  On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, we will walk for a total of 60 miles and spend two nights sleeping in little pink tents.  On Sunday night we will head for the airport to catch the red eye back to Nashville, where I hope some poor soul at Massage Envy will be able to knead out the knots in my body.  On Tuesday I shall go to Signature Nail Spa where another poor soul will attempt to remedy the damage and pitifulness of my last pedicure.  On Tuesday night Steve, Molly, and I will fly to NYC to spend the night before we board the Disney Magic and meet up with my sister Marilyn and her husband Eddie and their daughter Rachel.  We will spend the next five days cruising up to Canada seeing the sights before we return the following Monday on the 17th.  I will then have a few days to catch up on the remodel progress until the Women's 5K here in Nashville on Saturday, September 22nd, which will be a great warm-up because on the following Wednesday, September 26, I will be headed to that other Disney place down Florida way to participate in the Tower of Terror 10-Miler which will be on Saturday, September 29, at 10pm (yes, PM).  I think I'm supposed to return to Nashville on Sunday, September 30.

And yes, I know how blessed and lucky I am!!

Today's blessings:  eye appointment and new glasses; Lindley and Everley time

Monday, August 20, 2012

In Case You Need Some Running Tips ...

You obviously don't need to contact me ...
Today's blessings:  lots of work done upstairs; Everley time with the lactation lady; 35 years with Steve

Sunday, August 19, 2012

What List???

Somewhere in between folding a load of laundry and realizing that I had left out an ingredient in the banana bread (because although the ingredient in question was listed in the ingredient list, my printer left off about an inch on the right hand side of the recipe, thus omitting the part that said where to put the ingredient in the mixture), I decided that the list I made on Friday was ridiculous.  So I promptly decided to pretend the list never existed, or was merely a figment of my imagination, neither of which mattered, since the real issue is how the banana bread is going to turn out.

There's a reason I don't cook ....

Today's blessings:  5ish miles with KB and Sharon; Athens with Steve and KB; Everley and Lindley time

Saturday, August 18, 2012

What Was I Thinking??

1.  Last yard sale for San Francisco 3-Day Breast Cancer Walk
2.  10 mile training walk with the 3-Day team
3.  Clean the house
4.  Straighten up my desk/pay bills/file stuff
5.  The Big Ls - laundry and litter box
6.  Organize the tool side of the pantry
7.  Pull the weeds in the flowerbed/trim the hedges
8.  Clean/arrange the sun room
9.  Purchase Giants game tix
10. Pay for January cruise
Today's blessings:  Successful yard sale for the 3-Day and spending time with the Udderly Pink team; all those shoppers who came by; Lindley and Everley time; dinner via Sam at Sam and Lynnette's house

Friday, August 17, 2012

Ten Things To Do This Weekend

1.  Last yard sale for San Francisco 3-Day Breast Cancer Walk
2.  10 mile training walk with the 3-Day team
3.  Clean the house
4.  Straighten up my desk/pay bills/file stuff
5.  The Big Ls - laundry and litter box
6.  Organize the tool side of the pantry
7.  Pull the weeds in the flowerbed/trim the hedges
8.  Clean/arrange the sun room
9.  Purchase Giants game tix
10. Pay for January cruise

So how many of these things do you think I will accomplish by Sunday night?

Today's blessings:  working out with the girls at the park; Everley and Lindley time; friends; dumpster removal

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Times Change ... And I'm Glad I'm Past It!

Back in the day when I gave birth to my first child, there was a labor room, a delivery room, a delivery table, stirrups, nurses, and an OB-GYN in full dress.  It was pretty much the same routine with the second baby, and when number three arrived, it was in a labor room that was also the delivery room.  There was no delivery table, just a bed where the bottom dropped out and instead of stirrups I was supposed to hold onto my knees (as if I could reach them).  Steve didn't have to change into a hazmat suit and soon as the doctor left, the nurse asked me if I wanted to go ahead and take a shower - to which I replied no, I would prefer to take a nap.

Since the birth of my two granddaughters, I realize that things have changed a little more (although I wasn't actually a part of the delivery experience, I watch "A Baby Story" and Lynnette and Maribeth's stories seemed to go along with those basic story lines).

However, I am glad that I have not evolved to the point where Josie Maran is. Apparently she gave birth in her backyard in a kiddie swimming pool.  While her daughter skipped around, picked flowers, and passed out cookies.

I'm happy that she got to have the birth experience that she wanted and that worked for her.  I'm just glad I'm past all that.  I mean, it was enough for me to worry about that my legs were shaved in time for the big event - but to make sure the grass was mowed, too?  Way to much pressure for this girl!

Today's blessings:  Pancake Pantry with KB; quiet morning nap; floor leveling done; telephone chat with Marilyn; Everley and Lindley time; Steve's turkey burgers on the grill

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Worn Out Wednesday

Today's blessings:  working out the the group at the park; Starbucks with Molly; Everley and Lindley time; telephone chatting with Marilyn

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Slow Blog Day

Aren't there just days that you want to 
put on your princess dress, 
your matching shades, 
your comfy Crocs, 
your beaded necklace 
and head off to the mall?

Yeah, me too ...

Today's blessings:  4 miles with KB, Sharon, and Bruce; lots of errands complete; Everley and MB time; visiting with Molly and Micaela; fresh peaches

Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday. Again.

But by the time you read this, it's Tuesday, so you made it through Monday!
I aims to please ...
Today's blessings:  Hughes finishing sealer on walls; floor leveling people came and will finish on Wednesday; Everley time; finishing 3-Day flags

Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Walking We Will Go ...

Today's goal was to walk 10 miles.  Guess what - we did five.  I know, it's a shocker with our dedicated training, but the closer we get to our Komen 3-Day Walk event, the less inclined we are to do the big numbers.  Today we started out walking and talking and cut it a bit short.  We took a group picture at the Governor's mansion and Martina McBride's house (at least we think it's her house), we think we saw Ronnie Milsap's house, and we listened to Molly and Karen discuss some dude's guitar pool.  We heard some funny stories, picked up a perfectly good unopened package of sandpaper that was abandoned on the side of the road (for sale in our last garage sale coming up on Saturday), and discussed where we will purchase our three houses once we win the lottery. 

In the end, we didn't get all those scheduled miles in, but we certainly enjoyed the miles we did do!
Today's blessings: 5 miles with Sharon, KB, and Molly; breakfast at Athens with KB and Steve; leisurely soak in the tub; Everley time; week's worth of food via Molly and Maribeth

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Well, We Walked ... At Least Some of It

We met at 5 am as planned, we being me, Molly, KB, and Sharon.  Of course it was pitch-black dark, but since the first five miles were going to be on the "boulevard" in the "rich" neighborhood (we were bused in), we knew we would be safe.  We were going to save the remaining 11 miles of our 16-mile training walk for the park hills.  Yes, the same hills we cursed only a few weeks ago.  Apparently in the weeks since then, we had convinced ourselves that "it wasn't so bad," and "it was good training for the San Fran hills," and "we should do it again."  We is dumb.

Anyhow, the remaining two members of our team, KP and Jo, called to say they would put out the Gatorade bucket somewhere up the mountain and join us for that part of today's walk, that part starting somewhere around 6:30 am (nobody said we were speedy walkers).  Everything was going as planned until 6:30 when the two speedy walkers called to say that they were going to go ahead and start up the hill without us.  We didn't mind, since we knew they would be halfway finished by the time we made it to the park gates.

We made it to the park and started up the first hill, at which point reality raised back her hand and slapped us soundly in the face.  WHAT WERE WE THINKING (like we were thinking at all)!!  As we huffed and puffed up the hill, somebody in the group suggested we do the 5-mile route instead of the 11-mile route.  When we came to the first fork in the road, we took the one that we knew would lead us back to our cars - about a mile down the road.  Upon our arrival at the parking lot, and perhaps feeling a little guilty, we decided to go up the steps that are put into the side of the hill (and don't look so bad if you have no intention of doing them).  After we heaved ourselves up the final step, we decided we had done enough for the day and headed back to our cars.  And breakfast at the new crepe place.

And what became of our two speedy Gatorade teamies?  We called and asked if they wanted us to pick them up, but they declined, deciding instead to finish the course.  And since we believe "No means No," we got in our cars and headed out.  The shrimp grits were calling our names.  Too bad the hill wasn't!!
Today's blessings:  8 miles with Sharon, KB, and Molly; Steve's safe trip back home; good report about GDiz; Lindley and Everley time; dinner at Sam and Lynnette's

Friday, August 10, 2012

On Second Thought ...

Oh wait - that means tomorrow is Saturday and the team is scheduled to walk a 16 mile training walk up the park hills that we said we'd never do again.  Never ever ever.

So, we have either (1) forgotten all that misery, (2) have brains the size of peanuts, or (3) have some sort of desire for pain.  Or maybe we're just committed to the cause.

Or maybe we should just be committed ...

Today's blessings:  Everley and Lindley time; beef tips with most of the fam; drywall finished

Thursday, August 9, 2012

What I Did Today

Today Everley spent the day at my house so her mom could get some stuff done (like clean the kitchen, run some errands, take a nap, etc).  While we stuck to the bottle schedule, Everley was not at all interested in sticking to the nap schedule, preferring instead to take a 20-minute cat nap as opposed to her regular 2-hour nap.  I couldn't help but wonder one thing - at what point does a 4-month-old who fights against taking a nap turn into a 54-year-old who will fight to take a nap??
Today's blessings:  2 miles and breakfast at Athens with KB; prize box from Marilyn; telephone chat with Aunt Laura; Everley time

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Retail Therapy

I generally hate shopping.  One form of torture for me is to wander the mall, just looking in random stores at random stuff.  However, there is an exception to every rule, so there is an exception to this one and I can say it in two words - Dollar Tree.

In this store, I can load up my cart and it rarely go over $50.  I go up and down the aisles, looking at every little thing no matter how trivial.  I look at stuff that I would never even consider purchasing - just to weigh my options about a potential purchase.  I look for little surprises for family members, and interesting little doo-dads that might come in handy.  There always seems to be something on every aisle that piques my interest.

Today I left with 38 items (that would be $38 plus tax) of stuff.  My brain rested for an hour and even got a little refreshed.  Considering the current going therapy rates, I think $38/hour is pretty good!
Today's blessings:  Everley time; Dollar Tree and Target shopping; working out with the girls and boy at the park

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I probably have posted this before - but today I wanted to be happy and smile, and this video always does it for me.  So turn up the volume and watch and listen as joy and friendship and love unfolds - and it didn't matter who you are or what you believe or who you love or anything.  It's just people coming together and dancing - and loving the moment.

Today's blessings:  Everley time; drywall progress; speaker dude at Electronic Express; good report from Marilyn; AKL DVC purchase via Steve

Monday, August 6, 2012


Some days are just like that ...

Today's blessings: drywallers working on the remodel; Everley time; chatting with Marilyn on the phone; WDW ressie for Maribeth/Mathieu/Everley

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Updates on My So-Called Life

1.  iPhone - getting the hang of it, except for my big fat fingers and texting.  Auto-correct helps some, although I have to pay attention to it, else I end up on some auto-correct fail website.  And no, I still don't facebook or get mail on my iPhone.  Talking, texting, and playing Sudoku are about all I can (or want to) handle right now.

2.  New boot camp - hanging in there with KB, and so very thankful that the young-un in charge is very amenable and willing to accept the modifications needed to make me appear as one of the group.  As in while everyone else is crab-walking up and down the way, I am struggling to lift and hold my trembling body in a semi-crablike position.

3. Weight watchers - tracking the points, thanks to the app on the iPhone (the only reason I switched over).  Do I see any results?  Not so much, but I hope for big changes - eventually.   I am an optimist.  Most of the time.

4.  Remodeling the upstairs - drywall people are supposed to start installing in the morning.  Could take a week.  Could take more.  There's hanging and mudding and sanding and more mudding and more sanding.  And then probably more of the same, but I stopped at the second verse.  After drywalling there's pouring stuff on the floor to level it out.  In other words, don't be calling and making ressies at "Lu's Bed But No Breakfast" just yet.

5.  3-Day Breast Cancer Walk - we took a vacay from training this weekend after we got caught in a bit of a rain shower.  One team member still needs a few $$ to reach her goal, but we've got a month, so we think we'll be fine.  Now we've got to start gathering our stuff for the trip - my, how time has flown since we signed up last fall!!

6.  Next Disney trip - Disneyland during Labor Day weekend and Disney World the last weekend in September.   Oh, and a Disney cruise out of New York somewhere in between the two.  Maybe I should just rename September to Disneytember.

I guess that's it for now - at least until I win the lottery (note to self - buy that winning ticket this week!).

Today's blessings:  not having to get up before daylight; Everley time; picking up Sam, Lynnette, and Lindley at the airport; finding the correct tile

Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Crappy Job Done Well

Today the drywall for the upstairs remodel was delivered.  It was going to have to be carried upstairs and resulted in an extra delivery charge, but considering the steepness of our stairs, it was totally going to be worth it.

As scheduled, the delivery truck arrived at 7 am.  Two men got out of the truck to see exactly where the drywall was going - and probably wondered what they had gotten themselves in to.  Five hours later, they carried the 127th piece of drywall up the stairs.  They said their feet hurt and their legs were pretty much gone, but they had accomplished their task.  I asked if they were told what they were in for, and they replied that they had been told how many steps - but they had no idea how steep the climb would be.  They usually drive the lift that lifts several sheets up at a time through an opening in a window.  Today they had to carry one piece at a time.

They went through 4 bottles of water and 8 bottles of Gatorade, and probably wished they had several dry, clean shirts to go through.  But no matter how hot and sweaty and parched and sore they were, they never complained.  They stopped to chat (or rest) as they came down the stairs to go out to the truck for another piece of drywall.  They thanked me for the water and donuts (I should have thanked them for keeping me from eating them).  They never once (at least in my presence) gave any indication of how difficult this unexpected job was for them.

I've always heard that when life gives you lemons, made lemonade.  Today there was no lemonade to be made, just a job to keep doing until it was finished.  And in the end, while those guys will probably be sore tomorrow (if not today), they made lemonade for me - I got the pleasure of their company and drywall for next week's installation.
Today's blessings: a quick mile with Sharon, Jo, and Molly before the rain started (and stopped); two drywall delivery dudes; Everley time

Friday, August 3, 2012


Unfortunately, nothing happened ...
Today's blessings:  working out with the girls at the park; taking Sam and Lindley to the airport; Everley time

Thursday, August 2, 2012

My Thoughts On Judging Others (Well, Actually Someone's Thoughts I Admire)

"We can never judge the lives of others, because each person knows only their own pain and renunciation. It's one thing to feel that you are on the right path, but it's another to think that yours is the only path."

- Paulo Coelho -

"It you judge people, you have no time to love them."

- Mother Teresa -

"Do not judge others, and you will not be judged. For you will be treated as you treat others. The standard you use in judging is the standard by which you will be judged. And why worry about a speck in your friend's eye when you have a log in your own? How can you think of saying to your friend, 'Let me help you get rid of that speck i your eye,' when you can't see past the log in your ow eye? Hypocrite! First get rid of the log in your own eye; then you will see well enough to deal with the speck in your friend's eye."

- Jesus Christ -
Today's blessings:  shopping at the mall with Lindley, Maribeth, and Everley; riding the carousel with Lindley; 2 miles and Bongo Java with KB

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What? It's August 1?

Sorry, I've been busy trying to keep up with Chick-Fil-A's "Christianity", whether Phelps and/or Loche will win gold, who will be the guardian of Paris, Prince, and Blanket, and that affair thing that happened with those people that star in that vampire movie series.  Obviously I've been too busy to keep up with the passing of time.

And apparently too busy to come up with a great blog post, too ...
Today's blessings:  pool time with Lindley and Everley and Maribeth and library time with Lindley; working out in the park with the ladies