Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Think Method

This morning I watched the last part of "The Music Man." For the whole movie, Robert Preston sells his "think method" of learning to play music for the town band. Basically, each band member "thinks" about his band instrument and the song he hopes to play - no teaching of notes or actual practice. At the end of the movie, of course it has worked and the boys in the band play their first song, albeit a little off-key. By the closing credits, the band has transformed into a fully-dressed and outfitted big-time marching band.

Wouldn't it be great if the think system really worked? Like if I could just think that I would lose weight and then when I went to try on a bathing suit, the itsy-bitsy one fits.

Or if I could think about saving money and when I went to pay for a new car, I just wrote a check (that would be covered by my ample checking account).

Or if I could think about running a marathon without walking, and when the starting gun went off, I took off and ran 26.2 miles in less than four hours.

The think method would work great and I would get my desired outcome. But what would be the point? Exactly what would I have achieved? How would my success be measured - just by the outcome?

For me, part of the joy in achievement comes from my efforts it took to get there. I would love to wake up tomorrow and weigh the same as I did at 21. But reaching a goal weight comes after seeing each pound melt away. Each clothing size that I lose into becomes an encouragement to keep going.

It would be fun to have an endless supply of money at my disposal to use at will. But just having money has no real value. By earning the money, it becomes a little more personal as to how it is spent. By spending my time to gain money, I am more cautious about where the money goes, because it is my time that is really being spent.

It would be great to go out tomorrow and run for four hours and find out I had run a marathon. But each mile I manage to walk, then wog, then run fuels me to keep going. Each mile encourages me to go for another. Each mile makes me stronger and healthier.

So while the think method would be quick and easy, I think I'll pass. While it may seem great to do a little to achieve a lot, I know I'll get a longer-lasting satisfaction from taking the long way. The rewards along the way are just too great to pass up.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I would write something profound, but ...

... some days it's just not there. So I will go give my brain a rest. Besides, I got today's SAT Question of the Day correct, so my brain deserves a vacation (no comments from the peanut section)!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tandem Sleepover

Tonight we had another sleepover. Sort of. Molly had to go to bed early because she has to open Sonic tomorrow. Maribeth came in very late because she had to close Sonic tonight. However, we still wore our matching pjs and watched a movie - in shifts.

We have no pictures because one wasn't here and when she got here, the other was asleep. But we had our sleepover and we had a good time. Sometimes you just have to make do with what you have. We did and it worked for us.

The important thing is to be together, however you have to do it. There's always a way, if you just take the time to find it.

Monday, January 28, 2008

A Non-Training Day

Yesterday I completed a half marathon. Tomorrow I will begin real training (whatever that means). That meant today was a non-half-marathoning and a non-training day. So I ate everything and anything I wanted, sat on the couch a lot, and watched tv. Tomorrow will come soon enough and soon I will be a toned uber-athlete (in some perspective, anyway).

That's all for now - it's time for my mental preparation. Besides, John and Kate Plus Eight is on!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Miami Half - The Aftermath

"Ouch, ouch, (creak, creak), slow down, you're walking too fast!" That would be me, walking anywhere at this moment. Yes, I finished my twelth half-marathon. I had a decent time of 3:10 (to give you some perspective, the winner of the marathon, twice my distance, had already finished an hour earlier). So maybe wogging 13.1 miles two weeks after wogging 26.2 wasn't the best idea. But apparently 2008 and racing isn't going to be my banner year for good sense.

At any rate, the race wasn't too bad. There were lots of people to observe along the way, interesting sights to see, and pleasant weather for wogging. Tomorrow I will take the day off, then start on Tuesday truly training for my next half in three weeks in Jacksonville. No comments, please.

My goal is to get a little faster each half marathon. Steve says that I said two minutes faster, but I think either he or I were drunk at the time. Wait a minute - we don't drink. Maybe I was just high on life. We'll see what happens.

What is my point for today? I don't have one. Just thought I would exercise my fingers (the few parts of my body that aren't stiff). See you at the races!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

New Bling

Okay, I confess. I mainly do races because of the medals. What can I say - I like the idea of getting a reward for my efforts. Many 5Ks don't give medals, and those that do usually have plastic medals (albeit cute, Disney!). Maribeth, Marilyn, and I even did a 10K for no medal (what were we thinking?)!

Last year was the first year I did the Tropical 5K, and after seeing the medal, I knew I would do it again. Why? Because not only do you get a medal, it is a metal medal, and it is a spinner. And if you know anything about woggers and racing, you know that a spinner medal is something special.

Sam talks a lot in his blog about being remarkable and going beyond the minimum. The Tropical 5K is a perfect example of that concept. The Tropical 5K raises money to benefit the Community Partnership for Homeless - a plus for the community. It is a chip-timed race - a plus for people wanting a personal best time. It provides a cool t-shirt with the race date on it - a plus for participants who like their race shirts. It provides the usual post-race food and drink but at a cool party place on the beach - a plus for runners and their families. And then, to top it off, it awards every finisher a great spinning medal, comparable to the one the marathoners and half-marathoners will receive on Sunday.

I don't know if the medal is the reason every body repeats the Tropical 5K. It is the reason I do. But it is proof of what doing a little extra can mean.

Friday, January 25, 2008

The Lesson of the Tugs

Today I watched from my window as a tug boat was pulling a barge. As it progressed, I noticed the second tug securing the back of the barge. I never thought about two tugs being needed to get a barge to where it needed to be.

I will think about those tugs when I am the tug in the back. I will remember that my part is just as important as the one in the front. I will remember that if there's a person in front and one in back and we're both working for the same purpose, then that makes us a team. In a team, it's not your position that matters most, it's how you use your position to help your team accomplish its goal.

It takes the race winners and the last runners crossing the finish line to make a complete race. It takes the speakers and the audience to make a conference. It takes a CEO and employees to make a corporation. It takes teachers and students to make a school. We all need each other to make a complete action.

In every situation of my life, there will probably always be someone ahead of me or behind me. Maybe sometimes I will be in the lead, and sometimes I will be last. But no matter where I am, I will be there for a reason. My job will to be to make sure I do the best I possibly can, because that situation won't be complete without me.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Here I Go Again

I am in Miami, planning to do a 5K on Saturday and the Miami Half Marathon on Sunday. No, I haven't wogged any since the Disney marathon on the 13th. Am I concerned? Why should I be - it really won't do me any good. I'm just going to go out and do my best. Next week I will start training again in earnest for my new goal - a half-marathon each month for 2008.

I won't even get into the common sense involved in this goal. It just seemed like a good idea at the time. So far I am doing Miami in January, Run with Donna in Jacksonville in February, The Georgia Half Marathon in March, and probably the Country Music in Nashville in April. Races after that are still being planned. My aim is to get better with each succeeding half-marathon, resulting in better times. So, I guess I'd really better go slow on Sunday!!

Anyhow, that's my plan - what's yours?

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I Voted

I really hadn't intended to vote today, but as I was backing out of the library parking lot, I noticed the signs indicating the library as an early voting spot. I made a mental note to come back sometime later in the week. Later ended up being in just a few hours, after I had visited the recycling bins nearby.

It was a painless, even enjoyable process. The election dude was friendly and cutesy (for a retired old guy) and quickly checked me in. Another friendly lady processed my form and readied my voting machine. I chose a candidate and voted, and two minutes later I was out the door.

What's the point of this story? I'm not really political. I watched the recent debates as long as I could - about two minutes. I don't even have a candidate that I'm strongly supporting. But I am an American and I have the right to vote, so I did. Will the candidate I chose win the primary? I don't know, and for me, it's not vitally important. The important thing is that I have the right to choose my political leaders, and today I exercised that right.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I'm A Real Housewife

I admit it. I watch The Real Housewives Of Orange County. I would be just like them, if I just had the Botox, the hair bleach, the chest enhancements, and the Rolex watches that they have. But it seems like I have arrrived. On last week's episode, Bravo teased me with their new series, The Real Housewives of New York City. One of the housewives is, LUANNE!!

I found the following description of Luanne (Bravo spells it one way, this blurb spells it another - welcome to the Luanne World!)

LuAnn de Lesseps is a real-life Countess. Her husband, Alexandre Count de Lesseps,is a French aristocrat (of the Suez Canal dynasty). With LuAnn's Countess title comes a great sense of pride - the de Lesseps presented New York City with the Statue of Liberty. She uses her title to help with her various charities and is a socialite very much in demand, as well as a busy mom of two. The de Lesseps travel extensively around the world, with trips to exotic locales in Italy, Switzerland, France and Africa. She also teaches etiquette on morning television shows and has a local cable show on WVVH-TV in the Hamptons called The Countess Report.

Just in case I get mistaken for the Countess, I will henceforth go by my own blurb:

Luanne (one word with an "e" on the end) Lewis Davidson is a really real-life housewife. Her husband, Steve, is a Mississippi boy (from Tennessee parents). Luanne's title comes from her own Mississippi heritage - she was once crowned Dairy Princess of Oktibbeha County. With this title comes a great sense of courage, because in her publicity photo she had to pet a calf, which probably grew up to give milk to Vitamin-D-needing people. Luanne uses her title as a stepping-stone to more important titles, such as Princess Aurora (for those in the know). She is very much in demand to her family and friends who willingly tag along on her extensive travels to the Worlds and Lands of Disney. Luanne has three kids, whom she managed to birth without the use of drugs (even though she begged and pleaded). Luanne eats with a spoon and fork and watches cable television.

I hope this helps you tell the difference between us. If you still have trouble, just remember - I'm the one whose face will still move!

Monday, January 21, 2008

And Now A Word From My Sponsors ...

To prepare you for Super Bowl Sunday in a few weeks, and because I am trying to figure out where I'm headed on my next trip out of town, I bring you this.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

A Question of Crazy

I am currently watching the Green Bay Packers play the New York Giants at the North Pole. At least that's where it is, weather-wise. The players and officials and fans are all wrapped up to prevent freezer burn.

My question is, exactly who is crazier - the people at this football game, or the 50-year-old, overweight, out-of-condition woman who wogged 26.2 miles in 77 degree heat a week ago?

Saturday, January 19, 2008


At this moment I am sitting in beans&cream, the Columbus, Mississippi, answer to Starbucks. I have managed to connect to a wireless service, and am wondering which will run out first - my battery or this connection.

I am here visiting my 90-year-old father-in-law. We came down today for a quickie 24-hour visit to check on him. In the past 8 hours, I have heard more "yalls" than I do in months in Nashville.

Columbus is about 20-odd miles from the place I was born and spent the first 20 years of my life, Starkville. Since my parents have died, I don't get there much anymore. But once you get to this part of the South, most small towns have many of the same characteristics. Everyone knows everyone else, and knows a lot about each other's daily lives. You pretty much wave to everyone you pass. And if you need to see somebody, you pretty much will if you go to Wal-Mart.

It's good to go back home. You look around and wonder who you would be, had you stayed in town. You wonder how much you've really changed. You wonder either how you ever lived there, or why you ever left. You realize how much you've missed, and how much you've gained.

It's good to go home because you get a sense of where your life is now. You get a perspective because you can visualize your past more clearly. You remember who you were, and who you have become.

It's good to go back home, because you realize that's where you started being who you really are. Everything has to begin somewhere, and this is where you did. For me, it's a town in Mississippi. It gave me the roots to go the places I've gone, and for that, I am truly thankful.

Friday, January 18, 2008

My Picassos

In talking with a friend recently, I found out that she doesn't display her personal photographs on her walls. This is quite a departure from me, who literally covers any bare space on any wall with a picture of somebody. On my walls are pictures of trips we taken, pictures from various races I've participated in, pictures of my children from newborn to adult, family pictures of varying time and place, and a myriad of other pictures that probably defy description. For me, my personal pictures are my Picasso's.

I love my pictures because each one reminds me of a happy time. My pictures remind me of three little children who grew up before I knew it, and of the memories contained in those years. My pictures help me remember the influence of those who have passed on. My pictures remind me to appreciate those family experiences captured through a camera lens. and to be thankful. My pictures comfort me, they amuse me, and they remind me of the many blessings I have received over the years.

I will never have a Renoir or a Warhol or a Matisse. It's just as well. They could never compare to the priceless works on my walls of a Sam or a Maribeth or a Molly.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Treasure at Target

Having moved to and from cities, houses, and jobs, I am used to losing people that have meant so much to me. Either we're both too busy or forgetful, or time just passes by before we know it. I've let too many friends slip out of my life. But in the past year, God has helped me reconnect with several of them. Today He caused another one to literally cross my path.

Nancy was the guidance counsellor in the school where I taught seventh grade. We worked together with students and in various school projects. But we also played together by going to movies and out to dinner. She transferred to another school, and although I caught news of her from time to time, we never really got together once she left.

I've thought about her from time to time. Recently, I had even checked the school district's email service to see if she had an email address (I didn't think this too reliable - after all, after almost three years, I still have a school email address). I've wondered how she was and where she was, and wondered if she would even remember me.

Today all those questions were answered. Maribeth and I were in Target doing a little shopping. We were headed for the checkout when I look up and see Nancy literally walking in front of my cart. We eyeballed each other, hugged, said the usual, "Hey, it's you!", etc., and quickly caught up on old times.

It's so great to see old friends. Friends with whom you shared a life. Friends you've had laughs with and struggled through tough times with. Friends who haven't changed in spite of the years that have flown past since the last time you were together. Friends who mean as much to you as you do to them.

I gave Nancy my email and phone number, with the promise to get together. I hope we do, because like a buried treasure, once a valued friendship is unearthed, you never want it to be buried again.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Celebrate the Journey

On a running forum today, I read the story of a participant in the WDW Marathon. She told how she had to get on the sweep bus at Mile 18 because she had not kept up the required pace. She wrote,

"So, even though I had the heart and strength to go 8.2 more, I was ushered ever so quickly onto to the bus and brought back to the finish."

I know how sad she must have felt. I was disappointed because even though I finished all 26.2 miles and received my medal, I won't receive a certificate since I finished 2 minutes after the timing mats were stopped.

Sometimes our efforts don't quite get us the results we want. We don't get to celebrate the way we had planned. On those occasions, we need to look at the journey, not just the destination. We need to celebrate the efforts we made and the progress we achieved along the way.

For this marathon, I will celebrate my dedication and training before the race. I will celebrate getting to the start line and taking off when the gun sounded. I will celebrate every mile I mastered. I will celebrate because I did my best on this day for this race. But most of all, I will celebrate because I had the courage to aim for a goal and go for it.

It's great when you achieve everything you set out to do. But sometimes we learn more and can truly appreciate ourselves when we really look at how hard we've worked along the way. Then when we do realize our dreams, we can truly understand why it means so much.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Tonight we are having another one of our slumber parties. Part of the plan was to have mani/pedis. However, after getting home today in the 30 degree weather, I decided to skip that part of the festivities. After all, why have pretty toes when you have to cover them up with socks and shoes to prevent frostbite? Why not wait until it's warmer so my pretty tootsies can be on display? So I decided to wait until another time ... until I thought, "Why wait? My feet just walked a marathon. If not now, when?" So Molly and I went for pedis. After 30 minutes of listening to a discussion of cooking in Vietnam and getting stains off of cookware, we left with freshly painted digits.

The point is to treat ourselves whenever we need it, whenever we deserve it, whenever we can. Treat ourselves when we've done something worth rewarding, or not done something we shouldn't. Treat ourselves for a reason, or no reason at all. We should treat ourselves because there comes a point that we should stop and say to ourselves, "You deserve this, right now."

Sunday, January 13, 2008

It Was the Best of Times, It Was the Worst of Times -- But It's Over, Thank Goodness!!

I told you yesterday's pictures were a preview of today, although I think my gorilla friend is not as sore as I am. Yes, I finished the Disney marathon. I am able to post because my fingers can move easily, unlike everything below my waist.

This marathon was very important to me, because I had decided awhile ago that it would be my last. I have completed 12 marathons in 10 states since September of 2000. The physical, mental, and emotional toil of preparing and participating in marathons has become something I no longer choose to have as part of my life. So, I decided that I would go out by completing the only marathon I have repeated in a place that I enjoy so much.

It started at 3:15am, when I could no longer sleep, so I decided to get up and catch the marathon bus from our hotel (the last one would leave at 4am). Arriving at the staging area, I then waited for about two hours until we were directed to walk the half-mile to the actual start. Finally, after Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy appeared and we all counted down, we were off to a burst of fireworks. We ran in the dark until sunrise, beginning at Epcot, moving on to the Magic Kingdom, then to Animal Kingdom, to the entrance of Wide World of Sports, to Disney Hollywood Studios, to Boardwalk, and ending once again at Epcot. Mind you, there are buses and monorails that go these places, but for the third (and final) time, I wogged.

I finished and received my medal, which was worth the 7 hours (although they decided to turn off the timers at 7 hours, 12 minutes, and I finished three minutes later, so I have no finish time). Perhaps doing a full marathon 4 months after surgery wasn't the smartest idea, but I finished. This marathon was a good one to end on.

I will continue to wog, just with races of shorter distances (think HALF-marathons). I'm fifty and completed another marathon. But I also decided that at 50, it's time for me to retire that activity and go on to other things. That's the great thing about being 50 - you're able to decide what's best for you, just for you, and only for you.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Preview of Tomorrow

After visiting with my friends at the Animal Kingdom, I saw a preview of what I will be doing at this time tomorrow (providing I am not under the care of medical professionals). I will be sitting, quite proud of myself; eating anything and everything; and resting, hoping blood will once again flow through my lower extremities.

That is, provided I accomplish that which I hope to accomplish. As I was riding the buses today, I couldn't help notice the water, tables, and porta-potties out for tomorrow's race. As I saw runners come in with their half-marathon medals, I was reminded that tomorrow I am attempting two half-marathons back to back.

I am a bit nervous, but I'm going out there and just doing my best. Stay tuned - see you tomorrow!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Disney's Family Safari 5K

As you can see, we finished the 5K. Marilyn and I are trying to cover the clock, so that you will not be discouraged by our very speedy time. By the time we got to the car after the race, Steve had already had his post-race meal, changed shirts, taken a nap, fed all the animals at Animal Kingdom, and repaved the Giraffe parking lot. We all received our wonderful big medal, and then Marilyn and I went to the MK for our mandatory Mickey Bar.

It was a fun race. Families of all shapes and sizes participated, including one family whose t-shirts listed all those running, from grandkids to grandparents. There were babies in backpacks and children waiting impatiently on the sidelines for their parents to catch up. Very similar to the Boston Marathon, I believe.

Marilyn and I chose to take our own sweet time, because we follow these very simple yet important guidelines:

1. It's not important how fast you go, as long as you run the last few yards to the finish, because that's when your picture gets taken and you look like a real runner.

2. It's not how fast you go, but how many people are still behind you that's important.

3. It's not how fast you go, because you still get freebie snacks at the end, as long as you have adhered to #2.

4. It's not how fast you go, but how much chatting you get done during the race, because you're not going to win anyway, so you might as well gain valuable gossip information during that time.

5. Finally, it's not how fast you go, but how many new friends you can make and how much fun you can create on the course that makes it all worthwhile!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Disney Expert or Annoyance?

While on the bus going from Downtown Disney back to Boardwalk today, I sat next to a married couple. She had on a Disney "Happy Anniversary" button. I wished them a happy anniversary and we continued with small talk. In the course of the conversation, I found out that they were headed to Epcot, but were unsure as to exactly how to get to The Seas. I promptly put my two cents in, and showed them where to get on a boat when we got to the hotel and gave them further instructions on how to get to their final destination.

What's my point? Normally, I work very hard at minding my own business when I hear people discussing their vacation plans at Disney. I don't want appear a "buttinsky know-it-all." Today I decided to try to help.

There's a fine line between wanting to help and getting in the way. Sometimes the line is so fine it's nearly invisible. Sometimes we don't even notice the line until we cross it. But many times we are able to help simply because we weren't afraid of the line and reached out.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

That Trip and This One

So here I am again, at the Worlds of Disney. The crowds are about one-third of what they were Christmas week. The holiday decorations are down. The weather is nice and warm. And I am here to wog 26.2 miles. I must be nuts.

Maybe that's what 50 does for you - you believe there are still objectives to accomplish, tasks to complete, and goals to achieve. The difference is at 50, I may not go out with the bold determination of a 20-something, or the growing self-confidence of a 30-something, or even the unwavering determination of a 40-something. I'm going out as a 50-something with the faith that this is something I want to do just for me.

Sunday I plan to wog through all four parks - using every minute of the seven hours allotted. I worry whether I will finish, whether my feet will ever forgive me, and whether there will be enough Tylenol in the state of Florida for the aftermath.

But I'm going after it, to do one more marathon. Fifty is fabulous - just remind me of that Monday morning!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Leaving For Disney (Again)

1. Packed - sort of

2. Annual pass

3. Hotel Ressie

4. ADRs

5. Marathon registration materials

6. Trained for marathon - oops - I knew I forgot something!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Molly and Her Mixer

This is Molly.
She has a fancy schmancy mixer.
She made a carrot cake and cupcakes for her brother's birthday.
She used vegan recipes, so they are healthy treats.
She even put Chip on the cakes!
Go Molly, Go!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

I Declare War ...

... on chocolate. I have decided that this horrible traitor known as chocolate is dead set against my losing weight. It sits and calls my name, until I have devoured it, usually with a spoonful of peanut butter. It is evil and must be stopped.

So, I hereby declare that henceforth from today I am banning chocolate - this is after I ate the last of that dastardly chocolate left over from the Christmas box Steve brought home from the office.

Well, I'm almost banning chocolate. There are two exceptions: my beloved Starbucks non-fat mocha frappuccino light and the occasional Mickey Bar (which may only be consumed at certified Disney-affiliated locations). After all, peace must start somewhere.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

I Was Going To Write More, But ...

... Molly made me order dessert at lunch.

.... I keep looking out the window to see if it's raining so I can have an excuse for not wogging today (wait - I think I saw a drop!).

.... I need a nap.

... I need to clean my house (but I'm not going to do it).

... There's an episode of "Designer Finals" on that I haven't seen yet.

... I probably need to go to the store. Any store.

... I need to mentally prepare for the marathon (especially since I haven't physically prepared).

... I'm going on another diet, and need to write down everything I've already eaten today, and that alone will wear my writing hand out!

... My laptop's ribbon is out (hey, it worked in typing class).

But the real reason I was going to write but didn't, is because ... I'm going to Disney World!

Okay, so I'm not going until Wednesday, but why put off packing until the last minute, especially when you can use it as an excuse for something!!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Waiting but not Wasting Time

Today I went to my doctor's office to get a B12 shot. I had to wait in the waiting room for quite a while. When I finally got in, the receptionist was very apologetic.

I had two choices - be nice or be outraged. I chose to be nice. Since I had no other place to be, I wasn't pressed for time. While waiting, I had a chance to finish the book that was due at the library last Wednesday. I had time to play bowling on my cell phone. I had some quiet time.

I also had an opportunity to observe human behavior, which I always find intriguing. Today's winner was another waiting patient who asked me (a) when was my appointment, (b) why was I there, and (c) what kind of shot was I getting, because she was thinking about getting some, too. Since she was a day late for her appointment (which required several consultations with the receptionist), and kept trying to sneak back to the doctor's office when the receptionist stepped away from her desk, I could only imagine her true story.

There are times when we think everything has to go our way on our time frame. Sometimes those moments are valid. But I think there are equally valid moments when God wants us to stop and live on someone else's reasoning and schedule. If we get flustered without cause, then we miss those moments that point out the uniqueness of this human experience.

I don't know if this patient got in to see the doctor or got any shots. I do know that I'm glad I was able to meet her and catch a glimpse of her life. All it took was a long wait in a waiting room.

Thursday, January 3, 2008


The best thing about a new year are the fresh possibilities that abound. Maybe this will be the year that I really fit into those skinny jeans. Maybe this is the year that there's no family drama. Maybe this is the year that I win the lottery. Maybe, maybe, maybe.

But it's also those possibilities that inspire our optimism and enthusiasm. It's those possibilities that keep us looking forward and believing in our abilities and potential.

This year I have my own possibilities. I want this to be my best year yet. To do that, I hope to make each day my best day.

But my best day may have little to do with what I do on that day. It may be my best day simply because I kept alive my belief that I can do anything. On those days that I can barely fit into my fat jeans, or my entire family thinks they hate each other, or I'm looking under sofa cushions for spare change, my optimism and belief in possibilities will be the thing that keeps me going.

Possibilities - what an exciting way to start the year.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Just for Today

Today ...
... maybe I won't eat all that chocolate.
... maybe I will run longer and faster.
... maybe I will write that letter, make that phone call, say hello first.

Today ...
... maybe I will organize my closet and desk.
... maybe I will clean my house from top to bottom.
... maybe I will figure out how to use my new sewing machine.

Today ...
... maybe I will eat Mickey bars and ride rides and see shows.
... maybe I will watch the "Law and Order" marathon from start to finish.
... maybe I will read that stack of magazines.

Today ...
... maybe I will visit with my family.
... maybe I will have lunch with my friends.
... maybe I will start to volunteer somewhere.

Today ...
... maybe I will sit outside and dream.
... maybe I will sift through old pictures and remember.
... maybe I will study something new and learn.

Today I will do something. But it will be today's goal, not this year's. And in 365 days, when I look back, I will see all that I have done and be proud. Not because I accomplished many things, but because I didn't waste one single day.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Resolution Run 5K - Nashville, Tennessee - January 1, 2008
32 degrees, 18 mph cold winds

And we did it anyway! I guess it's a good way to start the new year - certainly better than the polar bear swims (somebody please stop me before I go that crazy)!