Friday, April 14, 2017

Happy Friday!

Today Emmatha and Everley's school was out (but not Lindley's - don't tell her) and Mathieu and Maribeth had to work, so backup day care was called in - aka LaLa. Mathieu has to leave really early to get to his job and Maribeth wanted to get to the Post Office early, so I went over to their house at 5:30am. Last night I had neglected to take my Mucinex at the appropriate time, and paid dearly for it at bedtime, so I also took my morning dose with me today.

Emmatha is also dealing with the allergy phenomena (she didn't have to experience it last year since she was a newborn and stayed inside a lot of the time). When I got to their house, Emmatha was kinda up - Maribeth said she had given her some Tylenol and baby cold meds earlier. So Ems and I rested on the couch until at least one of us (Emmatha) woke up and decided the day had begun.

We went to her room to change her clothes and wipe her eyes (one of her symptoms includes eye drainage - luckily I don't have that, knock on wood), a procedure she is not fond of. But she also likes seeing out of her eyes, so the wiping is necessary. After a diaper change and some fresh daytime clothes, it was time for breakfast. Of sorts. Which means putting some Cheerios and baby crunchies of various types and a bottle of milk and a fruit smoothie pouch on her high chair and hoping for the best. Since I don't use bibs (after awhile it just seems like a wasted effort), I also figured there would be another wardrobe change later.

At some point we went to check in on Everley, who informed us in her own special way that it was indeed not time for her to wake up and get out of bed. So we opted to return to the living room and play and look out the window and find small objects on the floor to put in one's mouth that could cause a possible choking hazard. Eventually Everley woke up and we started our day, which is best shown through photos ...

We watched the mower man for awhile. Because he is fascinating ...
We practiced our "cool" look. And pretty much nailed it.
We took a nap. Because we got up early. And we have allergies.
Once Everley was up and dressed and convinced it was a good idea,
we met Moo at the Puffy Muffin for lunch.
Somebody did not see the point of sitting in her high chair.
Somebody also decided to continue her "cool" look
by mouthing her crunchie stick like a cig.
She said all the cool babies do it.
I told you she would have a wardrobe change.
After Puffy Muffin, Emmatha and I went to the Doik for more naps.
Moo and Everley went shopping.
And had to go to the baby aisle too many times for texted items.
I don't think Big Sister was amused.
After shopping, Moo and Everley went to the movie.
Eventually, Maribeth got off work and came by the Doik. Molly and Everley's movie ended and they came over. Maribeth and Emmatha went home and Everley had some fruit, two tuna sandwiches, and a glass of milk (she later told me that was her snack). I took her to play with Lindley at the park for about an hour and then took her home. I returned to the Doik, thinking I would clean the house.

I am so funny!!
Blessings today include: getting up on time; fun time and lunch with the Es and Molly; naps with Emmatha; Lindley and Everley time;Steve's safe travel to Columbus

Thursday, April 13, 2017

What Did You Say? It's Spring??

Of course it's spring in Nashville. The sun is shining, the grass is greening, the flowers are blooming, and the weather is warming. And to celebrate spring and all of these activities of nature, my throat is scratchy, my nose is runny, and my right ear is stopped up so I can't hear anything. Supposedly Nashville lives in a "bowl" where none of this stuff gets blown away. When we first moved here, I would get really bad sinus headaches. I think my brain eventually gave up and just left it to my sinuses to deal with the stuff. Time to go browse the pharmaceutical aisle at The Wal Mart to see the newest thing that I shall be ingesting for the next however-long-it-takes-to-get-over-this.

Spring on my street is lovely. Our lawn that turns brown in the winter has turned green and our mower man has started his weekly visits. The skeleton trees started their buds and are sprouting leaves. The trees that have flowers have started their shows and the knockout roses have returned to their glory. And yes, pollen happens. It happens all over my car and wreaks havoc on my sinuses.

Instead of a full-blown cold, I just have a fine trickle of pollen-induced drainage that makes its way from somewhere in my nasal cavities down some hidden passageway in the vicinity of my ear and throat. My nose attempts some lame resistance by sneezing, to no avail. My ear just waves a white flag of defeat and shuts down. My throat asserts its dominance by offering a lame attempt at a cough. And all the while, the pollen just laughs.

There's no point in going to the clinic. I have no fever, no visible drainage of any significance, and no obvious symptoms. The last couple of times I went, each medical person would tell me what OTC meds I should take, only to be told on the next visit that that med was totally inappropriate and the worst thing I should take. Of course, once I was told to take an OTC med, and it worked, but do you think I remember which one it was? Of course not! So I shall repeat my trial and error method of finding some relief. Right now it's Mucinex for the cough and other things and Aleve for my ear when it acts up.

Anyhow, I really do like spring. It's beautiful and welcoming to a season-oriented person like me. It's almost like fall, when it's beautiful again. And when all the foliage that this pollen creates begins to die back and turn into dust and irritate my sinuses once again. Gesundheit, everyone!!

Blessings today include: cleaning a few items; Everley, Emmatha, and Lindley time

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

I'm A Farmer!

For Christmas, KB gave me a chia pet, Mickey of course! He has stayed packed up in his box until last week when I came across him (maybe I finally cleaned part of the room in which he was hiding). Anyhow, I unpacked him and loaded him up with seeds. And he sprouted quite nicely! Of course, now I don't really know what to do next. Do I cut the sprouts? And if I do, what do I do with them? And once they are cut, what do I do next? Plant more seeds (apparently the kit has enough for three plantings)? And what about when all the seeds are done? Then what? Clearly farming is more involved than I remember.

Meanwhile, the weather has been beautiful today, so Everley and Lindley (and Steve and Sam) made it to the Sounds game. Although I'm not sure how much of the actual game was watched ...

Blessings today include:  moving things and lunch with Maribeth; drive-by visit from Molly; Everley getting to go to the Sounds game; hanging hooks and magnetic boards; 

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

It's Sounds Time!

Our local AAA baseball team is the Nashville Sounds. They opened their new ballpark two years ago, and we've had season tickets ever since. It's a fun way to spend time with the family and is very family oriented. There's Booster the Rooster and giveaways and lots of pricey food to eat. Tonight was the Sounds' opening home game and Everley and Steve and I had intended to go.

Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate. Well, at least not for Everley and me. Steve went ahead and sat through the showers (our seats are under the awning at least) while waiting for the game to start (it was delayed). Everley was extremely disappointed, but was somewhat consoled by the fact that tomorrow night is another game and Lindley and Uncle Sam will be going then.

Just another sign of spring in Nashville - let's play ball!!
Blessings today include: Everley and Emmatha time; getting a few tasks accomplished; 90 minutes with Irina at Massage Envy

Monday, April 10, 2017

And It's Monday Again

'nuf said!
Blessings today include: airport pickup for Steve: Everley deciding that she was going with me to pick up PawPaw and then spend the night

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Beautiful Sunday!

Today was Everley's official birthday party with her friends. She decided on a skating party, so I offered to keep Emmatha at my house during the party (yeah, I sacrifice like that - not that falling on the skating floor and breaking my whatever didn't sound appealing).

I had offered to make cupcakes for the party, and didn't bother to get the ingredients yesterday, so I had to go out this morning. The request was for Funfetti cupcakes with Rainbow Chip Icing (if you haven't had it,  you don't now the hypnotic effect it has on some people). A few years ago, they discontinued Rainbow Chip Icing, and it was a national scandal. They brought it back, much to the relief of some members of my family. This morning I needed to go in search of his delicacy (to some). Of course, the first two stores that I went to did not have it. Finally the third store had some, and I promptly bought four containers. One never knows when one might need this - possibly as currency in a barter situation.

Anyhow, on the way home I picked up some biscuits from Holler and Dash (one was the rasberry jam and nutella - strictly for Molly as I'm not a nutella person). I got the cupcakes baked and iced in time to give them to Mathieu for the party when he dropped off Emmatha.

The party was a success, and Lindley decided to leave the party early and come to the Doik to play with Emmatha. It was a beautiful day, so we grabbed a blanket and headed outside. There was swinging and playing on the blanket and a little adventuring off the blanket. The only squabble was when Emmatha was walking with NetNet and NetNet wouldn't allow Emmatha to walk over to the yard next door!

Once the party was over, Everley and Maribeth came over and Everley and Lindley opened all of Everley's party gifts. Pretty soon it was time for everyone to leave - tomorrow's a school day! But what a lovely Sunday afternoon!
Today's blessings include: finding Rainbow Chip icing; biscuits with Molly; finishing the cupcakes; afternoon time with Lynnette, Lindley, and Emmatha; dinner with Maribeth, Lynnette, Lindley, Everley, and Emmatha from CPK; visit with Cheryl and Camille and cruise talk

Saturday, April 8, 2017


After a good night's sleep, the Es and I got up and started our day. Molly brought over breakfast and stayed around a bit - and tried to teach Emmatha to walk without help. You can judge for yourself if she made any progress ...


Molly left to go attend to her day, and after work Maribeth came and collected Everley and Emmatha for a pizza party with friends. And I put on my pjs and got into bed. My favorite way to spend a Saturday night!!
Blessings today include: Molly bringing Chick Fil A for breakfast; fun with Emmatha and Everley and Lindley

Friday, April 7, 2017

Friday Fun!

Today we managed to improve the new swing. Lynnette climbed on top of my Prius and with a broom and determination, she maneuvered the new strap into place and rehung the swing. Now it doesn't hit the tree and is low enough for everyone to climb on without needing a step stool. All the girls came over and we had some fun outside. A great way to start the weekend!!

What one does when she wants to make sure
Lala sweeps/cleans the floor.
I think some made it into her mouth ...
Although dropping it on the floor is a lot more fun!

Fun times!!

Improved swing!! And a great day for swinging!!

Everyone gets in on the fun!
This one just needs A LOT of supervision!!
Blessings today include: Lynnette fixing the swing (wish I had taken a photo of her standing on top of  my Prius!); all the girls enjoying the swing; Everley and Emmatha spending the night

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Happy Thursday!

Today I picked up Lindley at school and she came to the Doik for awhile since her mom had to teach a class. It was a nice day, so we spent a little time outside, a little time inside, and a little time watching tv. Steve is in Orlando at a wedding, so it's going to be a quiet weekend. One would think I could spend the weekend getting a lot of stuff done. One thinks silly thoughts sometimes!!

Meanwhile, life goes on. The DC drama continues, it got cold in Nashville, and I still have a long list of things I need to accomplish. So onward and upward - or something to that effect ....
Blessings today include: picking up Lindley at school and having Lindley time

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

At The End Of The Day ...

When I was little, my mother used to watch her soap opera every day at noon. Hers was "As The World Turns." These days, I do pretty much the same thing, although mine is "As Sean Spicer Speaks." In other words, around noon every day, I turn on CNN to watch Sean Spicer's news conference. And in case you don't know who Sean Spicer is, he's the the White House Press Secretary. Or one of Melissa McCarthy's funniest bits ...

Anyhow, there are several reasons I watch, none of which are in admiration of him. I watch to see what he's going to say and do. I watch to see what he's going to spin and how. I watch to see how quickly he's going to go off the rails. Sometimes I go off the rails with him. However, there is one thing that lately is driving me absolutely cray-cray. It's how often he says, "at the end of the day."

I guess this is a current phrase, as I seem to be hearing other people saying it. And I don't know why all of a sudden I hear it all the time, or why it irritates me so much. The good thing is that apparently I'm not alone.  For instance, here's the Urban Dictionary definition:
Rubbish phrase used by many annoying people. An irritating verbal crutch, indicating closure or synopsis, for morons who are incapable of finishing a sentence without incorporating at least one tired cliche.
And then in Googling this phrase, I came across this - that this is the name of a song in "Les Miserables." And so I listened to it. And after listening to the words, it brought all of Sean Spicer's words to new meaning. And not in a good way.

So I thought about what I would like to say about "at the end of the day." And here's what I would wish and pray for. At the end of the day, I would hope that ...

  • we could all speak kindly and with love to others
  • we could look for the things that would bring us together
  • we could give up that which is unnecessary for us to gain that which is necessary for others
  • we could stop hating and start loving
  • we could all realize that the only way to live in peace is to work together
And then maybe, at the end of every day, we could have peace in our hearts and in our world.
Today's blessings include: nice day to open the windows and let the spring air in; cleaning and organizing my closet

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Speaking of Swings ...

In our front yard, we have a round swing (see photo - not our swing). We've had it pretty much since we've owned our home, which means it's probably 20 years old (at least). When we had dogs, the swing was in the backyard, and they would play with it. Once the tree that the swing hung on was cut down, I decided to transfer the swing to the front. Everley and Lindley had begun to play on the swing during the past year.

In January of this year, Lindley had her friend birthday party at our house. The kids played on the swing and at some point the swing rope broke (the rope holding the swing is also 20+ years old, so nylon doesn't always last forever). One of the dads in attendance tied a knot in the rope and rehung the swing. The only problem is that it was a few feet higher than it was. Another problem was that only one child can ride on the swing at a time, which isn't always feasible, if the children who want to ride the swing are not in a "sharing" mood.

After taking a look at the swing and noticing that the re-rigged rope was fraying even more, I decided to upgrade the swing. I decided to get one of those "net" swings (see photo - similar to the one I ordered). Of course I had to contemplate again which one to get, and decided to get the one that would hold 600 pounds - just in case I decided to get on it. The good thing is that several kids can ride on it at once - as long as they don't have a combined weight of 600 pounds (a math lesson that Lindley and I had as we were discussing the swing this afternoon). Anyhow, the good news is that the swing came fully assembled. The other news is that somebody was going to have to hang it from the tree.

Lindley wanted to come over, so after school she and Lynnette came over. I suggested getting take out for dinner, so pretty soon Maribeth and Everley and Emmatha also came over. We stood under the designated swing tree and looked at the swing and discussed ways and persons who might climb said tree to hang it. Eventually Lynnette volunteered, and after several attempts on various sides of the tree to actually climb the tree, she hoisted herself into place (see photo - this is actually Lynnette in tree with former unacceptable swing - first we she had to get dangerous swing out of tree). Unfortunately, our first location choice would make the swing way too high for anybody to get into it, much less the kids. We then chose to hang the swing where the old swing was. After a bit of maneuvering and clamping the ends together, the swing was in place. However, there were a few issues ...

First, the swing was still a little too high. Everley could not get on the swing without help or the step ladder (which Lynnette had used to get into the tree). Lindley could hoist herself onto the swing, but that usually caused the swing to slip and go lopsided, which was not at all acceptable. Then there was the issue of the swing being a little too close to the tree, which meant limited swinging, unless one wished to bang into the tree.

Somebody had to babysit!
With all these swing issues, interest waned after a bit, and we went inside for dinner. I ordered a "swing strap" to hang on another branch further away from the trunk and possibly higher (the strap is 10 feet long, which means the swing should be low enough for everyone to get on, which means it will be a magnet for Danger Baby). Once it gets here, we should be back in the swing business.

The only problem is who's going to climb that high in the tree to hang the new strap ...

Today's blessings include: Lindley, Everley, and Emmatha time; Lynnette getting up in the tree and hanging the swing; take out from Cheesecake Factory

Monday, April 3, 2017

Everley's Birthday Present

A couple of months ago, Everley and I went to Centennial Park to feed the ducks. While we were there, she saw the lawn swings scattered about and announced that she wanted a "bench swing." I told her I would get one for her birthday. She was happy with that, and I was happy to get her something that wouldn't tear up in a week's time.

Of course I had to contemplate over which kind of swing to get. Should I get a wood, metal, or recycled bottle swing? Should I get the cheapest one available or spend a few $$ for a better one? Should I get one locally made or mass made somewhere? I looked at the flea market, at Home Depot, at the local patio furniture place, and online. Eventually I decided to spend the $$ and get a recycled bottle one online. I figured that it would take less maintenance and last longer, and best of all, it could be delivered to their house. However, there was one catch ...

It would have to be assembled. That also included assembling an A-frame for the swing, because Everley's house doesn't have a covered porch with beams for hanging. So I ordered both and both were delivered last Saturday, just in time for the birthday.

I left them at her house rather than wrapping them, but she knew what the boxes contained. Originally the idea was for Sam and Mathieu to assemble them (not sure Mathieu knew that plan) and then Plan B was for Molly to assemble the swing part, since she had recently assembled her own recycled bottle chairs (one of which actually came with swing hardware instead of the chair hardware). Unfortunately, Sunday's party went a little long, so nobody got anything assembled. And then came Monday ...

I'm really not the type of person who purchases things for other people to assemble. Well, most of the time. And since Mathieu was starting a new job today and Maribeth was working, I decided I would go over and assemble it myself. And so I did.

I decided to start first with the A-frame. It all went pretty easily, I was able to put things together and get them screwed together with a little help from my drill (although I had to abandon that because I really don't know the correct method for using that as a screwdriver without nearly stripping the screws), the vise grips, and the electric screwdriver (the current one I have is garbage - it has about the same battery capacity as the horrible dust busters I once owned but scrapped because their battery life was nonexistent). Once the frame was together, I moved it into place. Well, at least into Place 1.

Next was the assembly of the swing. Which looked easier than it seemed. Things did not start off well because the assembly instructions were ripped on the corner, a corner which apparently held very important assembly instructions. I spent a good portion of time attempting to assemble the page with the instructions, only to find that it started with Step 3. I searched in the garbage can for any instructions about Steps 1 and 2, but couldn't find any. I finally turned the page over and there they were - the missing steps.

Eventually through a series of comical moves and adjustments and leaning the swing on everything from the patio to the stairs to the driveway to other deck chairs, and cursing the day the Allen wrench was invented,  the swing was actually assembled. Did I mention that it was windy and the instructions kept trying to blow away? Or that my helper Everley was helping me (thank goodness, because at least she was strong enough to hold up the swing at a crucial minute, although she asked me several times why I was groaning)? Everley decided that the swing frame needed to be in a different place, so I moved it, and then had Maribeth come out to help me hang the swing. In the end, we all had a seat and a swing and decided that everything was good.

Next year I'm giving her crayons and a coloring book ...

The finished product!!
Today's blessings include: Steve's safe travel to Chattanooga; e-chatting with friends; assembling and swinging in Everley's new swing

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Happy Birthday Everley!

Today is Everley's fifth birthday. Since Maribeth was working and Mathieu had Guard duty, I went to their house early this morning. Emmatha was already awake, so she ate and then we played in her room (the safest place in the house for Danger Baby) until Everley woke up. Once she woke up, she was not exactly in a "happy birthday" kind of mood, but eventually turned the corner when I announced that we needed to go to Publix to pick out her cake. Once everyone was properly dressed, we headed to Publix, got all the food and supplies we needed, and returned to the Doik to play until the family birthday party later on. First, a little fun sister time ...


Danger Baby decided to crawl into the magna-tiles box by herself.
And I guess then decided to pick out which things she wanted to build.
Or have built so she could knock it down ...

Playing with the birthday gifts.
And/or keeping someone from wrecking the birthday gifts.

And the birthday girl blows out her candles!  Eventually!!
Today's blessings include: grocery shopping with the Es; Lindley, Everley, and Emmatha time; family birthday party and pizza and chocolate cake and presents; watching the ladies Final basketball game

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Certainly Not April Fools!

I don't do April Fools. It's one of those holidays that I do not like. So instead I shall show you some videos from last night's MSU Ladies Basketball Team that beat UConn, who was on a winning streak of 111 games - until last night! I couldn't watch the game straight through - it made me much to nervous. I kept going back every new minutes and watching a minute or two - at least until it went into overtime. It was an amazing game, and the last 12 seconds were outstanding!!


All week Robin Roberts, who is a Mississippi native, wore her maroon on "Good Morning America" and rang her cowbell. She was at the game, and spoke to the team afterwards.

So I hope you have a great April Fools Day and get by with no silly pranks - unless you like that kind of thing. As for me, I'm going to watch the last 12 seconds of the game and watch Robin - and know that it's the real deal!!
Blessings today include: Emmatha and Everley and Lindley time