Wednesday, April 19, 2017

And It's Travel Day!!

Today (technically this afternoon), Steve and I are headed to Disney World. Shocking, I know. This weekend is Star Wars Dark Side Half Marathon Weekend, and there are intentions to do a couple of the races. Molly is coming down tomorrow and will also be doing the races. So, most of my day was spent doing two loads of laundry and putting them away, doing a load in the dishwasher, making sure the litter box was cleaned, and attempting to straighten up the house. Amazingly, I managed to get it all done in time to leave for the airport.

We had a nice flight down. We decided not to take the early flight and this flight was just right. We arrived in time to eat dinner at Freddy's and run by Publix for some groceries. While we were leaving Publix and putting our groceries in the car, a mom and her teenage kids stopped us and asked us where the nearest "Wendy Burger" was. She wanted to know if it was within walking distance (it isn't). We directed her to Freddy's, which was just across the parking lot. She then informed us that they were from England, and Wendy Burger was the thing to go to here. Hope she wasn't disappointed!

We got to Boardwalk and got a cart dude to get all our stuff. Our room was ready and I headed there to wait for the bell dude while Steve went to park the car. Of course, when I got to the room, my Magic Band wouldn't work. Steve came up and his wouldn't work either, so I sent him down to the desk to figure out the problem. Meanwhile, the bell dude arrived with our stuff and didn't seem to happy that I couldn't let him in - luckily Steve was right behind him and all was resolved.

By the time we got unpacked and the groceries put away, I was ready for bed. Molly decided to come in on the early flight, so we need to be up to go get her!
Blessings today include: getting the house ready for my departure; safe, smooth flight to Orlando; dinner at Freddy's; Publix run and chatting with the English family; Steve getting the Magic Bands resolved; seeing video of Emmatha's first steps walking

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