Friday, April 7, 2017

Friday Fun!

Today we managed to improve the new swing. Lynnette climbed on top of my Prius and with a broom and determination, she maneuvered the new strap into place and rehung the swing. Now it doesn't hit the tree and is low enough for everyone to climb on without needing a step stool. All the girls came over and we had some fun outside. A great way to start the weekend!!

What one does when she wants to make sure
Lala sweeps/cleans the floor.
I think some made it into her mouth ...
Although dropping it on the floor is a lot more fun!

Fun times!!

Improved swing!! And a great day for swinging!!

Everyone gets in on the fun!
This one just needs A LOT of supervision!!
Blessings today include: Lynnette fixing the swing (wish I had taken a photo of her standing on top of  my Prius!); all the girls enjoying the swing; Everley and Emmatha spending the night

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