Sunday, April 2, 2017

Happy Birthday Everley!

Today is Everley's fifth birthday. Since Maribeth was working and Mathieu had Guard duty, I went to their house early this morning. Emmatha was already awake, so she ate and then we played in her room (the safest place in the house for Danger Baby) until Everley woke up. Once she woke up, she was not exactly in a "happy birthday" kind of mood, but eventually turned the corner when I announced that we needed to go to Publix to pick out her cake. Once everyone was properly dressed, we headed to Publix, got all the food and supplies we needed, and returned to the Doik to play until the family birthday party later on. First, a little fun sister time ...

Danger Baby decided to crawl into the magna-tiles box by herself.
And I guess then decided to pick out which things she wanted to build.
Or have built so she could knock it down ...

Playing with the birthday gifts.
And/or keeping someone from wrecking the birthday gifts.

And the birthday girl blows out her candles!  Eventually!!
Today's blessings include: grocery shopping with the Es; Lindley, Everley, and Emmatha time; family birthday party and pizza and chocolate cake and presents; watching the ladies Final basketball game

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