Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter!!

We decided to have Easter brunch at the Doik today. Steve is in Columbus, but most of the rest of the crew were available, so we assembled here. I had the brunch catered by my favorite chef, Molly, who brought it all over and finished preparing/cooking her deliciousness. And there was plenty of deliciousness! KB also came over and then the rest of the crew came over. At some point there was an Easter Egg hunt and more eating and naps. Maribeth had to work but eventually even she made it over.

I've never been one to do the Easter basket route. I felt it was too hard to reconcile the Easter bunny with the concept of what Easter is all about.

So instead, we celebrate spring and new beginnings and the fact that life is eternal, thanks to the love of God and His Son. It's a day to remember the ultimate sacrifice that one can give, and to attempt to understand what sacrificial love is all about.

And today, it is all about being blessed because I had family all around me.
Blessings today include: Easter time and egg hunts with the little girls; Molly preparing and serving dinner; family at the Doik

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