Friday, April 14, 2017

Happy Friday!

Today Emmatha and Everley's school was out (but not Lindley's - don't tell her) and Mathieu and Maribeth had to work, so backup day care was called in - aka LaLa. Mathieu has to leave really early to get to his job and Maribeth wanted to get to the Post Office early, so I went over to their house at 5:30am. Last night I had neglected to take my Mucinex at the appropriate time, and paid dearly for it at bedtime, so I also took my morning dose with me today.

Emmatha is also dealing with the allergy phenomena (she didn't have to experience it last year since she was a newborn and stayed inside a lot of the time). When I got to their house, Emmatha was kinda up - Maribeth said she had given her some Tylenol and baby cold meds earlier. So Ems and I rested on the couch until at least one of us (Emmatha) woke up and decided the day had begun.

We went to her room to change her clothes and wipe her eyes (one of her symptoms includes eye drainage - luckily I don't have that, knock on wood), a procedure she is not fond of. But she also likes seeing out of her eyes, so the wiping is necessary. After a diaper change and some fresh daytime clothes, it was time for breakfast. Of sorts. Which means putting some Cheerios and baby crunchies of various types and a bottle of milk and a fruit smoothie pouch on her high chair and hoping for the best. Since I don't use bibs (after awhile it just seems like a wasted effort), I also figured there would be another wardrobe change later.

At some point we went to check in on Everley, who informed us in her own special way that it was indeed not time for her to wake up and get out of bed. So we opted to return to the living room and play and look out the window and find small objects on the floor to put in one's mouth that could cause a possible choking hazard. Eventually Everley woke up and we started our day, which is best shown through photos ...

We watched the mower man for awhile. Because he is fascinating ...
We practiced our "cool" look. And pretty much nailed it.
We took a nap. Because we got up early. And we have allergies.
Once Everley was up and dressed and convinced it was a good idea,
we met Moo at the Puffy Muffin for lunch.
Somebody did not see the point of sitting in her high chair.
Somebody also decided to continue her "cool" look
by mouthing her crunchie stick like a cig.
She said all the cool babies do it.
I told you she would have a wardrobe change.
After Puffy Muffin, Emmatha and I went to the Doik for more naps.
Moo and Everley went shopping.
And had to go to the baby aisle too many times for texted items.
I don't think Big Sister was amused.
After shopping, Moo and Everley went to the movie.
Eventually, Maribeth got off work and came by the Doik. Molly and Everley's movie ended and they came over. Maribeth and Emmatha went home and Everley had some fruit, two tuna sandwiches, and a glass of milk (she later told me that was her snack). I took her to play with Lindley at the park for about an hour and then took her home. I returned to the Doik, thinking I would clean the house.

I am so funny!!
Blessings today include: getting up on time; fun time and lunch with the Es and Molly; naps with Emmatha; Lindley and Everley time;Steve's safe travel to Columbus

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