Thursday, April 20, 2017

Molly's Here!

As usual, Davidson travel plans are fluid. For example, Molly was originally supposed to come on the late flight tonight, getting in around midnight. But yesterday she went to the doctor for her allergy crud and got a steroid shot and a z-pac and decided what the heck, she would just come early today. So Steve and I picked her up, we all ate at KeKes for breakfast, Steve dropped us off at the expo to get our race stuff, and then he headed back to the hotel to go swimming/golfing. While we were at the expo, we met up with our cruise/race buds, Katie and Nancy. We lost them at some point, so Molly and I caught the bus back to the hotel to take a nap.

Once we were rested, we decided to go to Disney Springs to the movies to see "Gifted." This movie is about Chris Evans who is raising his niece who just happened to be a math genius. By the way, she's 7. Eventually you get over the fact that Captain America is now living in Florida working on boats and get involved in the story. Uncle Chris decides that niece needs to go to regular school (he had been home-schooling her). Once she's at the school, the teacher and principal discover she's gifted and want her to go to smart school. But Uncle Chris says no, so they track down the grandmother, which is when you find out all about the family dynamics and why Uncle Chris has custody. Eventually things get worked out in spite of the family issues. I would give this a total two thumbs up - I liked it a lot. All the characters were good and I quite enjoyed it.

Once the movie was over, we met Steve at Wolfgang Pucks for dinner and then headed back to the hotel. We have a 5K tomorrow!!
Blessings today include: picking up Molly and eating at KeKes; going to expo and seeing Katie and Nancy and Aisling; watching the movie with Molly and then having dinner with Steve

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