Saturday, June 30, 2012

How To Group Train 13 Miles On A Hot Day

1.  Meet at 5am to avoid the hottest part of the day.
2.  Come prepared with extra water, sunscreen, visors, and anything else that one might need on a 100+ degree day (consider hauling an air conditioner and generator on a little red wagon).
3.  Agree to adjust the mileage based on heat of the day and general well-being of the group.
4.  Begin the training walk, staying in as much of the shaded path as possible.
5.  Walk the three miles to Pancake Pantry, go in, and eat breakfast with the rest of the group.
6.  Call for a ride back to the cars (except for the two die-hards who decided to walk the three miles back).
7.  Call it a day and start over again tomorrow!!

(sorry for the fuzzy picture - as usual, we forgot the camera!!)

Today's blessings:  Three miles with Udderly Pink and Kim and breakfast at the Pantry; Steve picking us up after breakfast;  IKEA/Trader Joe/OK Cafe trip to ATL with Molly

Friday, June 29, 2012

It's Hot Here!!

Some people like hot weather.  I do not.

Some people like to sit at the beach in hot weather.  I do not.

Some people prefer hot weather to cold weather.  I do not.

However, tomorrow, our Udderly Pink 3-Day team will be getting up at 5am for our weekly training walk.  It's supposed to be 13 miles, but we'll see about that.  And yes, we'll be packing sunglasses and sunscreen and water and hats and possibly dragging an air conditioner in a little red wagon.

I don't like hot weather but if it occurs while I need to be training for a breast cancer walk, I'll get out in it.

For a little while, anyway!!
Today's blessings:  working out session with KB at the park; house painted with primer; den floor started; dinner with the fam; sweet note from Emily

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Productive Day

At least I got my to-do list done!!
Today's blessings:  4 miles with KB; Bingo bust with family and friends; Everley and Lindley time; MB's kitten friend

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Tonight my brother John and his son Michael are in town so that Michael can attend a basketball camp at Lipscomb.  It's great that they can visit for a few days.

In July my sister Marilyn will be in town to hear a few tunes by James Taylor, who will also be in town at the Arena.  While the upstairs will not be ready to receive visitors, the downstairs will be ready for a sister visit.

With both our parents gone, it's a blessing to have a part of yourself still here on this earth.  It's a blessing to have someone who shares the same memories and can still make new ones by sharing new adventures (like going segway-ing at Disney World).

I guess that's the reward for getting through childhood with brothers and/or sisters - if you can manage to make it through without killing each other, you find that you actually have grown up with your best friends.

Today's blessings:  dinner and visit with the fam and John and Michael; Lindley and Everley time; chatting with Marilyn on the phone (Happy Birthday Marilyn!); sweet story from Laura

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


 There has been a lot of hammering and nailing and thumping and yelling going on upstairs.  This afternoon after things got quiet and the framers had gone home, I went upstairs for a look.  We have the beginnings of walls!!

It's amazing how much bigger the upstairs is going to be.  But it's equally amazing how big we thought the upstairs was before all this started.   It was plenty big enough for two teenaged girls who wore it out.  Now we're getting twice the space with really nobody to put up there.

Unless you want to come visit!  If you're coming anytime soon, bring your paintbrush and hammer.  If you're going to wait until it's all done, bring your cookbook and favorite spatula - you may get a bed, but don't count on breakfast here!!
Today's blessings:  Watching a movie with Maribeth and Everley; brickwork and framing

Monday, June 25, 2012

Old Home Week

Last week the doorbell rang and it was the pest control dude, letting me know he was here for the monthly pest inspection/annihilation.  He looked at me and drawled in a perfect slow Southern accent, "Are you Mrs. Davidson?  Did you used to teach?"

As it turned out, he was a former student of mine.  I would have never recognized him.  As he told me, he is about to turn 30, and when I taught him, he was probably 13.  Apparently I am still recognizable.

Today as I was returning home after having a burger out (at Burger Up) with Maribeth and Everley, Bill The Remodeler Dude called me.  He said that he had somebody that wanted to talk to me.  She got on his phone and said, "Lu, why are you never home?"

It was Lynn, a teacher I taught with many moons ago.  We taught across the hall from each other and shared in many adventures.  The last time we talked/got together, her second daughter was a baby.  That daughter is now in middle school and Lynn had a third daughter in the meantime.

Lynn and I had a lot of fun together.  When the movie "Titanic" came out, we decided to teach a whole unit on the Titanic and take our students to see the movie as the culminating activity.  Luckily I previewed the movie and became aware that while the movie was very resourceful in showing the demise of the ship, it was also very resourceful in showing Kate Winslet's boobies.  Nevertheless, we sent out notes to the parents warning of the totally useless scene (really, Mr. Cameron?) and took the kids anyhow.

Another time I had tickets to see "Rent" at the performance hall here.  We had to work a basketball game (a teacher activity that they don't mention when you're in your college classes) and were wearing our school shirts and blue jeans.  We decided to go to the play anyway, clad in our worn-all-day school outfits, sitting next to those who felt that a night at the theater was a big deal and wore their Sunday-go-to-meetin' clothes.

One other fun memory was the time that I told Lynn that I was still making Sam's lunch every day, and he was in high school.  Lynn, who had no children at the time, told me that Sam was big enough to make his own sandwiches, to which I replied (or maybe just thought) that I would make them as long as I could, because there would soon come a day when I would no longer have him to make sandwiches for.  We both remembered this incident, as she recalled, because now she is the one at home making the sandwiches for her girls, knowing the truth that time goes by so quickly and one day there will be no school children who need sandwiches made.

We had a great time reminiscing and remembering.  Her three daughters were with her, and it was great to see so much of her in them.  She has her hands full, much the same as I did back in the day when we taught together. 

I guess it goes to show that time changes and people move apart, but true friends are never separated.  The ties that bind them together are always there - just waiting to be pulled on to bring you back together.
Today's blessings:  2 miles with Maribeth and Everley; visiting with Lynn and her girls; lunch with Maribeth and Everley

Sunday, June 24, 2012

7 Miles Later ...

Today's blessings: 7 miles with Jo, Molly, Sharon, and Bruce (and missing the Karens); Sonic and Costco with Molly; lunch with Maribeth, Everley, Lynnette, Sam, Lindley, and Molly; Steve picking up dinner

Saturday, June 23, 2012

12 Miles

Team Udderly Pink, on another training walk, walked 12 miles today, and it's only a warm up for the next few months.  We walked up and down hills, on the shoulders of busy roads, and through this neighborhood and that shopping center.  We walked past furniture stores and grocery stores and a garage sale or two.  We stopped at Molly's for fresh water and the Exxon station for a potty break.  Finally we made it back to our cars, with a variance of mileages from the Runkeepers, Garmin, and Nike that accompanied us.  Nevertheless, we got today's 12 in.

Now it's time for a bit of sleep before tomorrow's 7 miler!

Today's blessings:  Walking with the Udderly Pink Team (and missing KB); Everley time

Friday, June 22, 2012

And Then There Were Walls

It's amazing what this group of framers have done in the past 48 hours.  Basically, they have doubled (at least) the size of the former upstairs, added a wall of windows, and made enough room for a full bathroom to replace the half bath.  And to think they were able to accomplish it in only two days.

There are many things that I would like to accomplish in two days, most of them impossible (for a two-day time period, anyhow).  But just for my own amusement, I thought I would list:

My Top Ten Things I Would Love To Accomplish in 48 Hours
  1. Lose 70 pounds.  Like just wake up and be 70 pounds lighter.  Without the resulting saggy skin.  And in that vein ...
  2. Have a belly you could bounce quarters off.  You should try now, but you would lose the quarters somewhere in the 70-pound rolls of belly.
  3. Have my teeth floss-worthy for a dental visit so that the hygienist could try as hard as she could, but could not make my gums bleed.  And I know just the hygienists that I would visit!!
  4. Have Maggie and Minnie decide they hate the litter box and manage to save their business for going outside.  Or at least on the toilet.  And then flush it themselves.
  5. Run 6 miles in one hour.  That's a 10 minute mile.  Which is still slow, but ridiculously faster than I can currently imagine.
  6. Have a huge freezer filled with healthy meals that I would just take out and nuke and eat.  And they would be delicious and so filling that I could barely finish them, thereby eliminating any weight gain from the aforementioned delicious food.
  7. Swim fast for an hour every day, thereby eliminating the stares from the really fast triathlon swimmers who are training and therefore do not appreciate my dog paddling in their lane that we have to share because apparently I decided to show up during their triathlon training times.
  8. Have a wonderfully coordinated and tasteful wardrobe of clothing in my closet.  You know, the kind where you have only 10 pieces but miraculously can create thousands of stylish outfits.  And they would not have stains where last night's ketchup landed or look like I pulled it off the floor from where I tossed it the night before.
  9. Ride my 18 speed (or whatever they're up to these days) bicycle everywhere because that's just what I do and not have the chain fall off because I decided to go from first gear to 15th gear - not because I wanted to but because that's the only gear that I could get to catch, only it caught so well that it knocked the chain off the gear thingy.
  10. Have a fabulous idea for a blog post each and every day.  Because anybody who takes the time to read this deserves it.  Or at least deserves to bounce quarters off my belly!
Today's blessings:  Upstairs remodel moving at lightning speed; pizza at MB's with MB, Everley, Molly, Steve, Sam, Lynnette, and Lindley; hair trim; KB's mom doing well

Thursday, June 21, 2012

See, I Told You!!

9 AM

10 AM

11 AM

3 PM

7 PM
I'm hoping for walls tomorrow!!
Today's blessings:  walk around the block with Maribeth and Everley; KB's mom's surgery; delivery of ordered stuff; dude at UPS

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

If It's Wednesday ...

... then it means that the roof is going to start getting torn off tomorrow for the pop out.  Is it possible for one to be thrilled and terrified at the same time??

Today's blessings:  working out with KB at CPark while MB and Everley walked around the lake; picking up Lindley at school and going to a new park with MB and Everley; Lindley's cucumber song

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


A few weeks ago, I succumbed to a facebook post about somebody's vitamin usage.  Because I respected the person, I decided to give it a whirl.  I ordered the vitamins and started taking them.  The only deal is that you take 8 (that's right - eight) a day - four twice a day with meals.  Needless to say, I expected eight times the efficacy of my usual Flinstones chewables.  So far, I don't seem to be having the desired superwoman effect.

So, I've decided I might be following the wrong advice and now maybe I'll try something like this: 
Vitameatavegamin - watch more funny videos

Today's blessings: 2 miles with KB, Maribeth, and Everley; picking up Lindley at school and going to the park with Maribeth and Everley; siding on carport walls; new jogging shoes

Monday, June 18, 2012

Technically, It's What You Asked For

At some point today, this appeared in my backyard.  Sure, it's for the workers who will hopefully be in my backyard tomorrow to remove the roof, raise the rafters, install the new roof, frame the new walls, install the new windows, etc.  But when I saw it, my first thought was, "Gee, I thought the new bathroom was going upstairs."  Technically, it was what I asked for - it just wasn't what I wanted.

I find that happens often in life.  You ask for the juicy delicious-looking burger you saw advertised on television, only to get some piece of cardboard between two stale pieces of bun.  You ask for the outfit in the window, but when you put it on your body, you look like something that is well past ridiculous.  You ask for a witty blogpost, but instead you get some graphic of a kitten drinking a beer.  In other words, you're sort of sorry you asked in the first place.

So what went wrong?  Were we not specific enough in our asking?  Did we not ask the right people?  Are we just ungrateful wretches who should be grateful for that which we have received?

Nah - we just got a temporary filler on our way to what we really want.  Maybe we needed to hone our vision or buy some time or just have a laugh.  Eventually, with persistence and patience, we will get what we want. 

Especially if we want it to flush.
Today's blessings:  3-Day donations from Kat, Sarah, and Emily; morning time with Everley; afternoon visit from Lindley and Lynnette:  lunch leftovers furnished by Molly; building materials and dumpster delivery in prep for upstairs work; delivery of stuff ordered

Sunday, June 17, 2012


What can I say - it's been a busy weekend!!

Today's blessings:  5 miles with the Udderly Pink team; pancakes at the Doik; Lindley and Everley time; Steve and Maribeth bringing Which Wich for dinner

Saturday, June 16, 2012

And 11 Miles Later ...

So the pictures isn't so great, but as usual, I forgot my camera.  What you see is Team Udderly Pink at the 7-mile point of our training walk today.  We thought this would be a scenic spot for a team picture.  Don't we look happy?

We've started the serious training for our 3-Day which is coming up in September in San Francisco.  Each week the mileage is going up, as are the temperatures here in Nashville.  We were blessed today with a partly cloudy sky - and the fact that we started at 6am.   I think by the time we get to our 18/15 weekend (that would be 18 miles on that designated Saturday and 15 miles 24 hours later) we will probably be starting at 4am.

Anyhow, I'm blessed to have such a great team.  They are all so supportive and willing to do whatever it takes.  We're still hoping to get everyone's goal met by the end of the month, so we have one more fundraiser - Beer, Burgers, and Bingo for Boobies - in two weeks (just in case you happen to be in Nashville that Thursday).

On every long walk there will be a point where each one of us will hit a wall.  We will not want to go on and will be questioning our sanity, our friendship, and our reason for ever considering doing this event.  But that wall won't last long because it won't take but an instant for us to remember why we're doing it.  It's so that maybe one day breast cancer will be cured.  It's so that women affected by this disease can have the resources to cope with and understand this new direction in their lives.  It's so that families and friends can have the resources to support their loved ones through this ordeal.  It's so that everyone can have a lifetime. And if it takes breaking through that wall and taking another step, we're honored to do it.

And in case I haven't shown it to you enough, here's what we'll be privileged to experience in September:


Today's blessings:  11 miles with Karen P, Karen B, Sharon, Jo, Molly, and Bruce; Athens with KB;  Everley and Lindley visits; Steve, GDiz, and Sam picking up Demos for dinner

Friday, June 15, 2012


Sorry.  It's the best I could do today.
Today's blessings:  workout therapy at the park with KB; visiting Everley; safe travel for GDizzle to our house; sprinkler dudes trying to figure out sprinkler issues; clean car; going to wedding with the Karens and Jo; seeing Gloria at Courtney and Reid's wedding; DVC cast member chat

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Today I noticed a fb post by Sam about streaking.  Lest you get concerned that I will be shedding my clothes and heading off down the road, you can rest easy and save your bail money.  I am talking about the other kind of streaking - the hard kind.

You know, the kind that makes a new GOOD habit stick (why are BAD habits so much easier to keep?).  The kind of streaking that you do day after day (after day after day after day) until it is just a part of your life.  The kind of streaking that may not be as fun as the other, but ultimately may be more rewarding.

Anyhow, I like the idea.  I like the idea of good habits sticking and becoming just routine.  I like the idea of doing something purposefully for a period of time until I almost do it without thinking.  I like the idea.

Maybe it's because I have already started a streak.  I started a week ago recording everything I eat every day, and adding the stuff I get accomplished every day.  I bought a new notebook just for this purpose, and have been filling it out every day - for a week.

I'm hoping it will help me eat better and keep focused on things I need to do.  I'm hoping that by recording and seeing and doing, I will develop those good habits that I want.  I'm hoping that this will be the start of a new and better life for me.

And just to think - it all started because I decided to start streaking!

Today's blessings:  4 miles with KB; providing transport for Everley's checkup and shots; electricians starting work on the remodel; meeting Bill's wife; seeing KB at Wal Mart

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


If you're reading this on Thursday, you should have expected this!!
Today's blessings:  Park workout/chat session with KB; lots of reservations made; Everley-sitting; chatting with the ADT people about batteries and smoke alarms and annoying beeping

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Something to Remember

Even though I'm back to using the scales to see if there is any chance that I might eventually start losing an ounce or two, I'm glad I saw this graphic.  Because weight is just a number - while I am not proud of the number I own, it's no indication of who I am or what my life is about.

But sometimes, it's just hard not to let that number take away your joy, your pride, your hope, your dreams, your self-esteem, and everything that makes your life complete.

It's just a number, and in the grand scheme of things, a pretty insignificant one at that.
Today's blessings:  4 miles with KB; planned healthy lunch; beef tips dinner with Sam, Maribeth, Molly, Everley, Lindley, and Steve; watching Lindley talk to Everley

Monday, June 11, 2012

It's Monday. Again!

Wonder if I will finally get that last pile of stuff from the cruise put away.  Wonder if I will plan all those meals that will help me eat like an intelligent human being.   Wonder if I will complete that list of things that I need to get done.

Aren't Mondays great - just full of wonder!!
Today's blessings:  Steve's safe travel to Memphis; laundry room cabinet install complete thanks to Bill Cox; dinner with MB and Everley

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Just Another Sunday Afternoon ...

... and I decided to rearrange the laundry room.  It's all because Maggie's and Minnie's litter box had to be relocated into the laundry room due to the upstairs remodel.  However, because my laundry room is long and narrow, the offending poop palace displaced my laundry sorting trash cans.  So, not only did I have to step around the litter pit, but I also did not have use of my bins.

So, (as all good ideas do), a germ of an idea popped into my brain.  Maybe the litter box would fit into the bottom of the cabinet that is in my laundry room.  I actually got out a tape measure and measured, and it would fit - exactly!  The only problem is that the dryer vent was threaded through the cabinet, and therefore took up some of the litter box acreage.  So, to put a long story short, here's what I did:

Moved the little cabinet out to the sun room after emptying it of all the beach towels and the drawer because the counter that is currently too large needs to be cut down tomorrow for its future new home beside the moved dryer.  Unthreaded the dryer vent from the big cabinet and took off cabinet doors and attached hardware and moved big cabinet to other side of laundry room.  Unplugged dryer and moved to other side of water heater where big cabinet used to live and then reattached dryer vent and plugged dryer back in.  Moved washer down where dryer used to be.  Moved big cabinet where little cabinet used to be but not has plenty of room since washer and dryer and been moved.  Shoved litter box into cabinet, hoping the one brain cell that Minnie and Maggie share will fire and they will realize that their litter box has been moved to a more private location but it still works the same - dig, poop, cover.  Put out white bins in former location and sort clothes to be washed.

Anyhow, the laundry room is in much better shape.  I just hope Maggie and Minnie think so!
Today's blessings:  getting stuff done at home; time with family; picking up Sam at airport; Molly picking up lunch

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Thangs is Gettin' A-Seeryus 'Round Here!!

Team Udderly Pink completed our first 10-miler today. It was a real awakening for that 18/15 weekend that's in our future!  We're making hotel and flight arrangements, and checking in and choosing tentmates.  September is just around the corner!!

The Remodel of 2012 in gaining steam.  The building permit has been secured (a very expensive piece of paper).  The electrical/HVAC dude has come by, submitted his proposal, and will begin demo/rewiring next week.  The framer/roofer dude came by, and will start week after next after his vacation.  Meanwhile, I am trying to pack up as much doo-daddery as possible for storage in the storage shed.  The building permit has an end date of November 1 - any takers as to if this date is an accurate one?

Yep, things are getting serious around here - and interesting.  Which one might think would provide fodder for interesting blog posts.  Dream on!!
Today's blessings:  10 miles with KB, Molly, and Jo and breakfast after;time with the family

Friday, June 8, 2012

Everley Is Back In Town!!

I don't know if it's because she knew she would see Lala and PawPaw and Uncle Sam and Aunt Lynnette and Aunt Moo and Cousin Lindley and she would be able to sleep in her own bed, but Everley seemed to be one happy girl.

And so were LaLa and Pawpaw as we waited for her and her mommy to arrive at Nashville International Airport.  Wake up Nashville - Everley is back in town!!

Today's blessings:  therapy workout session in the park with KB; more remodel planning with Bill Cox; picking up Everley and Maribeth at the airport

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Today I Bought A New Bed Pillow

Some days it's the little things that end up being the big things.  Speaking of which, it's time for me to go test out my new purchase!

Today's blessings:  Two slow miles with KB; picking up Lindley at school and going to the park; finally framing Molly's elephant print and taking it by for a visit; checking in for the 3-day and making airline reservations; Bill Cox making improvements to the sun room

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Why I Hate Having A Cold

Yes, like you, I am ready to be done with this cold.  While it is some better today, it is still a pain.  Therefore, since my brain seems to be clogged up, I decided to list exactly why I find colds so annoying:
  1. When only one side of your nose is stopped up.  Part of me want to panic because I wonder if I will die should the other side collapse.  So I turn to the other side so that it can be equalized.  In other words, having a cold is a high maintenance condition.
  2. When your eyes water for no reason.  Unless they are jealous because your runny nose is getting all the attention.  So they start leaking tears and now not only can you not breathe, but you also cannot see.
  3. When you don't feel like eating anything.  Which is about a minute earlier/later than when you want to eat everything in sight.  Which you do, only to realize that you hate everything you just ate and you hate all food.  Except for the one food that you cannot get our of your mind and you have to EAT IT NOW!!
  4. When you head feels hot like it's sunburned.  You think you might have a fever, but by the time you locate the thermometer and determine that is indeed not a rectal thermometer, you are suddenly freezing and now must go locate your long johns and warm blankie.  Which by the time you locate and change your clothes, it's blazing hot again.  
  5. When you take the OTC medicine that you thought worked last time, only this time it just makes you lethargic and sleepy.  But you can't take anything else because then you will be in danger of dangerous drug interaction so you just take lots of naps and then take the same medicine again because your brain is in a stupor and can't remember important facts about thermometers, much less the efficacy of the blue/pink/white/invisible pills.
  6. When another family member (usually male) has the same cold and the same exact symptoms as you do, yet advocates a call to the Mayo Clinic to diagnose his condition.  You, on the other hand, should finish the laundry, the dinner, and the yardwork because you aren't nearly as sick as he is/was/will be.
So there you have it - all the reasons I hate having a cold.  Oh, and the most important reason I hate colds is that it interrupts my workout schedule.   Okay, so maybe having a cold is not so bad after all ...
Today's blessings:  chatting with the guys about the roof re-do; picking up Lindley at school and going to Pinkberry and the book store; airport run with Sam; Everley pics

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Name That Thing

Wrong.  It's a cold virus.  And I hate it!

Today's blessings:  getting errands complete; obtaining permit for remodel; picking up Lindley at school and going to Pinkberry

Monday, June 4, 2012

A Souvenir?

So apparently I brought a cold home with me from our vacation.  It's probably the cold that Lynnette had on Friday, and that Molly had on Sunday (both took sick days today).  I spent a lot of today reclining on the couch, aided by some cold meds.  My face also is itchy with some sort of hives, so it must be a cold virus of some sort.

Of all the things I brought home from the cruise, this is my least favorite. 

Oh well, at least it was at the end of the cruise, and not the beginning!

Today's blessings:  eating KB's welcome home cupcakes; talking with Bill Crocs about the remodel plans; Steve bringing McDs for dinner

Sunday, June 3, 2012

What A Great Vacation!!

Maybe a two-year-old had a little something to do with it ...


Today's blessings:  safe road trip home in the van; safe travel home for all the cruisers

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Avis - They Try Harder?

Dear Avis,

Thanks so much for a totally awesome end to our cruise – NOT!  In case you weren’t aware (and I’m sure you aren’t because you aren't answering your phone), here’s what happened:
A few weeks ago, we found an awesome deal on your website.  For only $38-ish, we could rent a car and drive back from our cruise, which represented a huge savings on three airfares (which we probably spent on various sundries while on the cruise).  Anyhow, since we were going to spend that night at Disney World (isn’t that the way to end every cruise?), we would also then have transportation in case some outlet mall shopping was needed.  We went ahead and procured (or so we thought) a mini-van, thus insuring a comfy ride back to Nashville with plenty of space for luggage and anything else we decided to bring back with us.

So, Saturday morning we disembarked our cruise ship with our bags and headed to the Avis shuttle stop.  Only there was no shuttle.  Budget and Herts and Bubba’s Rent-A-Wreck shuttles were there, but no Avis.  We were sort of in a time crunch, because we wanted to get to our resort before the rest of our cruise party, since Anne had sprained her ankle riding a bike on Castaway Cay and we wanted to make check-in as quick and painless as possible.  But I digress – let me get on with my story.

After a phone call to your local office, soon the shuttle arrived, with Consuelo driving.  First of all, please direct her to drive all the way to the end of the shuttle parking lot – it would save a few steps from having to lug our heavily-laden-with-Disney-cruisecrap suitcases to the road and back when she decides to move the van.  Second, please do not ask her to work on her religious holiday.  I assume it was her religious holiday as she seemed to be praying every time she lifted a bag (I assumed that was why she was calling out our Saviour’s name every time she hoisted a bag – was this the first time she did the cruise route – did she not know the added loads of returning cruisers?).  

Anyhow, once she had herded all of us and our bags onto her shuttle, we were off to the Avis station.  We had a second religious service as she unloaded our bags.  One of her co-workers came out and told her she could go back to her regular route, and she quickly sped off to what I can only assume is picking up lunch for the guys back at the office.

So, Molly and I were sitting with our six suitcases (we volunteered to bring back unneeded luggage for those members of our party who had enough to handle with a two-year-old, much less three tons of luggage).  And here’s where the fun began.

Steve came out with the paperwork for our rental.  We say, “Which van?”  He says, “The white one.”  We say, “Oh, this one right next to us?”  He says, “No, that one over there.”

And there it was.  Was it a mini-van?  No.  Was it an SUV?  No.  Was it a Jeep?  No.  What was it?  A 15-PASSENGER VAN!!!!!  

At first, Molly and I thought he was joking.  Then he said that the Avis guy said there were no mini vans headed back to Nashville.  But had Avis called/emailed/texted/tweeted us about it?  No!!  Did they offer anything other than the church van?  No!  But reality sunk in when he clicked the remote lock thingy, the headlights flickered,  and Molly and I went into shock.  Had we not been in shock, we would have marched right back into your office and pitched a Grade A Southern Girl Hissy Fit, but instead we just loaded all the bags into the back of the van, which was a pain because apparently the back-back-back seat will not fold down.

So off we went to Orlando, Tigger-ing it all the way (in case you were not aware, riding in a 15-passenger van with only 3 people means the shocks go bouncy, bouncy, bouncy).  Adding insult to injury, the console kept telling us that we needed an oil change soon.

We finally got to the resort and got half-way checked in (the studio was ready, the 3-bedroom was not) and got everybody situated.  By that time, the gravity of our situation was sinking in, mainly that we were going to have a lovely ride back to Nashville, not in the car you promised and we contracted for, but in a van that you want taken back up North.  Can you say bait and switch?

Molly decided to call your 800 number.  She spoke to someone, and after explaining our situation, she was told to call the local branch where we rented from – 50 miles away.  Still being nice, she did – but nobody answers the phone and it switched back to the 800 number.  So, Molly hung up and called again – three more times, each time the phone switching back to the 800 number.  On the fourth call, Molly just lets the 800 number answer it, and she explains the whole situation again, including the fact that Avis Port Canaveral will not answer the phone.  She finally asked, “Is there anybody there who can help me?”  And the answer is – No!  Molly promptly replies with her version of “Go jump in the lake.” to which your phone person said, “Thank you for calling Avis.”

Later in the day, Steve and Molly decide to visit the Orlando Avis branch, who also are unable/incapable/unwilling to help.  So we are left with our huge van to relocate for you back to Nashville.  We considered putting a sign on the van that said, “Davidson Singing Trio” in hopes of raising funds for the gas, but want to get home as soon as possible.

Avis, your slogan says, “We try harder.”  My final question for you is this – “When?”
Today's blessings:  Bay Lake Tower rooms; watching the fireworks at the top of BLT; Olive Garden takeout with the cruisers

Friday, June 1, 2012

How To End A Cruise

Just do a 5K on the island of the last day.  Last year, this 5K was listed in the last day's activities.  I participated, only we got no bib, no medal, and there was no t-shirt to purchase.  In fact, once the cast member started us, he left to go do other stuff.  At least that's my story, since nobody was at the "finish line" when I managed to roll in.

However, now it is different.  It is still listed on the last day's activities, but it is much more organized.  Everyone met in one of the bars early that morning (too bad the bar was closed), got our bibs (with only one pin), and then we all walked to the starting point (which I think should have been counted as part of the 5K).  The weather was a bit muggy, but the sun was covered with clouds, so while it was warm it could have been much worse.

We were given the "GO!" by the cast members and off we went.  For those of you in the know, we started over by the 2nd shuttle stop (to Serenity Bay), ran down the landing strip, around the circle by the lighthouse, down the landing strip to Serenity Bay, and then did it all in reverse back to the start.  Which was now the finish.  Cast Member Dude was there with our lovely medals in hand, and another cast member store clerk was there to sell us our t-shirts.  I was tenth from last, but this week's heavy eating did not help by adding an extra butt or two to my rear section.  Molly stuck with me throughout the race and once finished, we celebrated with a ride to our cabana, then lunch, then a celebratory Konk Kooler.  All in all, a great way to finish off our cruise!!
Today's blessings:  5K with Molly, Sam, Steve, and David; cabana #20; Lindley and her energy today