Saturday, June 16, 2012

And 11 Miles Later ...

So the pictures isn't so great, but as usual, I forgot my camera.  What you see is Team Udderly Pink at the 7-mile point of our training walk today.  We thought this would be a scenic spot for a team picture.  Don't we look happy?

We've started the serious training for our 3-Day which is coming up in September in San Francisco.  Each week the mileage is going up, as are the temperatures here in Nashville.  We were blessed today with a partly cloudy sky - and the fact that we started at 6am.   I think by the time we get to our 18/15 weekend (that would be 18 miles on that designated Saturday and 15 miles 24 hours later) we will probably be starting at 4am.

Anyhow, I'm blessed to have such a great team.  They are all so supportive and willing to do whatever it takes.  We're still hoping to get everyone's goal met by the end of the month, so we have one more fundraiser - Beer, Burgers, and Bingo for Boobies - in two weeks (just in case you happen to be in Nashville that Thursday).

On every long walk there will be a point where each one of us will hit a wall.  We will not want to go on and will be questioning our sanity, our friendship, and our reason for ever considering doing this event.  But that wall won't last long because it won't take but an instant for us to remember why we're doing it.  It's so that maybe one day breast cancer will be cured.  It's so that women affected by this disease can have the resources to cope with and understand this new direction in their lives.  It's so that families and friends can have the resources to support their loved ones through this ordeal.  It's so that everyone can have a lifetime. And if it takes breaking through that wall and taking another step, we're honored to do it.

And in case I haven't shown it to you enough, here's what we'll be privileged to experience in September:


Today's blessings:  11 miles with Karen P, Karen B, Sharon, Jo, Molly, and Bruce; Athens with KB;  Everley and Lindley visits; Steve, GDiz, and Sam picking up Demos for dinner

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Marilyn said...

I love that video- could watch it a million more times! What a great 3 day you have ahead of you. I want to join the next one you do.