Sunday, June 10, 2012

Just Another Sunday Afternoon ...

... and I decided to rearrange the laundry room.  It's all because Maggie's and Minnie's litter box had to be relocated into the laundry room due to the upstairs remodel.  However, because my laundry room is long and narrow, the offending poop palace displaced my laundry sorting trash cans.  So, not only did I have to step around the litter pit, but I also did not have use of my bins.

So, (as all good ideas do), a germ of an idea popped into my brain.  Maybe the litter box would fit into the bottom of the cabinet that is in my laundry room.  I actually got out a tape measure and measured, and it would fit - exactly!  The only problem is that the dryer vent was threaded through the cabinet, and therefore took up some of the litter box acreage.  So, to put a long story short, here's what I did:

Moved the little cabinet out to the sun room after emptying it of all the beach towels and the drawer because the counter that is currently too large needs to be cut down tomorrow for its future new home beside the moved dryer.  Unthreaded the dryer vent from the big cabinet and took off cabinet doors and attached hardware and moved big cabinet to other side of laundry room.  Unplugged dryer and moved to other side of water heater where big cabinet used to live and then reattached dryer vent and plugged dryer back in.  Moved washer down where dryer used to be.  Moved big cabinet where little cabinet used to be but not has plenty of room since washer and dryer and been moved.  Shoved litter box into cabinet, hoping the one brain cell that Minnie and Maggie share will fire and they will realize that their litter box has been moved to a more private location but it still works the same - dig, poop, cover.  Put out white bins in former location and sort clothes to be washed.

Anyhow, the laundry room is in much better shape.  I just hope Maggie and Minnie think so!
Today's blessings:  getting stuff done at home; time with family; picking up Sam at airport; Molly picking up lunch

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