Saturday, June 9, 2012

Thangs is Gettin' A-Seeryus 'Round Here!!

Team Udderly Pink completed our first 10-miler today. It was a real awakening for that 18/15 weekend that's in our future!  We're making hotel and flight arrangements, and checking in and choosing tentmates.  September is just around the corner!!

The Remodel of 2012 in gaining steam.  The building permit has been secured (a very expensive piece of paper).  The electrical/HVAC dude has come by, submitted his proposal, and will begin demo/rewiring next week.  The framer/roofer dude came by, and will start week after next after his vacation.  Meanwhile, I am trying to pack up as much doo-daddery as possible for storage in the storage shed.  The building permit has an end date of November 1 - any takers as to if this date is an accurate one?

Yep, things are getting serious around here - and interesting.  Which one might think would provide fodder for interesting blog posts.  Dream on!!
Today's blessings:  10 miles with KB, Molly, and Jo and breakfast after;time with the family

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