Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Why I Hate Having A Cold

Yes, like you, I am ready to be done with this cold.  While it is some better today, it is still a pain.  Therefore, since my brain seems to be clogged up, I decided to list exactly why I find colds so annoying:
  1. When only one side of your nose is stopped up.  Part of me want to panic because I wonder if I will die should the other side collapse.  So I turn to the other side so that it can be equalized.  In other words, having a cold is a high maintenance condition.
  2. When your eyes water for no reason.  Unless they are jealous because your runny nose is getting all the attention.  So they start leaking tears and now not only can you not breathe, but you also cannot see.
  3. When you don't feel like eating anything.  Which is about a minute earlier/later than when you want to eat everything in sight.  Which you do, only to realize that you hate everything you just ate and you hate all food.  Except for the one food that you cannot get our of your mind and you have to EAT IT NOW!!
  4. When you head feels hot like it's sunburned.  You think you might have a fever, but by the time you locate the thermometer and determine that is indeed not a rectal thermometer, you are suddenly freezing and now must go locate your long johns and warm blankie.  Which by the time you locate and change your clothes, it's blazing hot again.  
  5. When you take the OTC medicine that you thought worked last time, only this time it just makes you lethargic and sleepy.  But you can't take anything else because then you will be in danger of dangerous drug interaction so you just take lots of naps and then take the same medicine again because your brain is in a stupor and can't remember important facts about thermometers, much less the efficacy of the blue/pink/white/invisible pills.
  6. When another family member (usually male) has the same cold and the same exact symptoms as you do, yet advocates a call to the Mayo Clinic to diagnose his condition.  You, on the other hand, should finish the laundry, the dinner, and the yardwork because you aren't nearly as sick as he is/was/will be.
So there you have it - all the reasons I hate having a cold.  Oh, and the most important reason I hate colds is that it interrupts my workout schedule.   Okay, so maybe having a cold is not so bad after all ...
Today's blessings:  chatting with the guys about the roof re-do; picking up Lindley at school and going to Pinkberry and the book store; airport run with Sam; Everley pics

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