Tuesday, June 26, 2012


 There has been a lot of hammering and nailing and thumping and yelling going on upstairs.  This afternoon after things got quiet and the framers had gone home, I went upstairs for a look.  We have the beginnings of walls!!

It's amazing how much bigger the upstairs is going to be.  But it's equally amazing how big we thought the upstairs was before all this started.   It was plenty big enough for two teenaged girls who wore it out.  Now we're getting twice the space with really nobody to put up there.

Unless you want to come visit!  If you're coming anytime soon, bring your paintbrush and hammer.  If you're going to wait until it's all done, bring your cookbook and favorite spatula - you may get a bed, but don't count on breakfast here!!
Today's blessings:  Watching a movie with Maribeth and Everley; brickwork and framing


Marilyn said...

Coming with all the requested tools and more :)

Sam Davidson said...

Lindley has three of your spatulas, FYI.