Friday, June 29, 2012

It's Hot Here!!

Some people like hot weather.  I do not.

Some people like to sit at the beach in hot weather.  I do not.

Some people prefer hot weather to cold weather.  I do not.

However, tomorrow, our Udderly Pink 3-Day team will be getting up at 5am for our weekly training walk.  It's supposed to be 13 miles, but we'll see about that.  And yes, we'll be packing sunglasses and sunscreen and water and hats and possibly dragging an air conditioner in a little red wagon.

I don't like hot weather but if it occurs while I need to be training for a breast cancer walk, I'll get out in it.

For a little while, anyway!!
Today's blessings:  working out session with KB at the park; house painted with primer; den floor started; dinner with the fam; sweet note from Emily


Denise in PA said...

Oh my, I thought it was hot here at 99. I' ll shut up now. o:)

Karen said...

It was fun this morning, especially the hash browns and eggs!