Saturday, June 30, 2012

How To Group Train 13 Miles On A Hot Day

1.  Meet at 5am to avoid the hottest part of the day.
2.  Come prepared with extra water, sunscreen, visors, and anything else that one might need on a 100+ degree day (consider hauling an air conditioner and generator on a little red wagon).
3.  Agree to adjust the mileage based on heat of the day and general well-being of the group.
4.  Begin the training walk, staying in as much of the shaded path as possible.
5.  Walk the three miles to Pancake Pantry, go in, and eat breakfast with the rest of the group.
6.  Call for a ride back to the cars (except for the two die-hards who decided to walk the three miles back).
7.  Call it a day and start over again tomorrow!!

(sorry for the fuzzy picture - as usual, we forgot the camera!!)

Today's blessings:  Three miles with Udderly Pink and Kim and breakfast at the Pantry; Steve picking us up after breakfast;  IKEA/Trader Joe/OK Cafe trip to ATL with Molly

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