Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pictorial Diet Lesson Of The Day

I am going to try to remember this picture the next time I want to eat the entire carton of chocolate ice cream out of the freezer. With chocolate sauce on top.

First of all, the sucker is not a bad thing. For the right person, a sucker is a good thing. But for other people, the sucker should not be sucked.

Second, temptation is always there. Usually within reach, but also capable of being rejected. While it may not help that somebody's got it right in front of your face, it helps if they keep it out of your reach.

Third, laughing and enjoying family is much more satisfying than any food.

And finally, one should be careful of pictures showing what one is eating - the proof is in the pudding (or sucker).

Oh, and for the record, no suckers were sucked by Lindley. Lynnette is another matter.
Things that make today great: weeding and picking up limbs in the yard; 5 slow miles in the neighborhood and seeing boot camper; picking up Lindley at day care; McAllisters dinner with Steve, Sam, Lynnette, and Lindley (and delivered by Steve)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Maybe I Should Just Eat Some Words

I'm trying a new diet. It works great during the day, until I get to the meal I'm supposed to eat that's healthy and reasonable. Instead, I lose all reason and eat crazy. But I'm not discouraged. It's a work in progress, and because my eating habits have been so out of control, I know it will take some time. So, while I work on it, I just thought I'd remind myself of a few thoughts on dieting:

When we lose twenty pounds... we may be losing the twenty best pounds we have! We may be losing the pounds that contain our genius, our humanity, our love and honesty. ~Woody Allen

It's okay to be fat. So you're fat. Just be fat and shut up about it. ~Roseanne Barr

I've been on a diet for two weeks and all I've lost is fourteen days. ~Totie Fields

The older you get, the tougher it is to lose weight, because by then your body and your fat are really good friends. ~Author Unknown

You can't lose weight by talking about it. You have to keep your mouth shut. ~Author Unknown

I think I just ate my willpower. ~Author Unknown

When I buy cookies I eat just four and throw the rest away. But first I spray them with Raid so I won't dig them out of the garbage later. Be careful, though, because that Raid really doesn't taste that bad. ~Janette Barber

So there - just a few funny things to think about while I think about trying again tomorrow.
Things that make today great: BSC with Lindley and walking 5 miles and shopping

Monday, June 28, 2010

Blah-Blah or Not?

I am watching "The Big Break" on Golf Channel. Basically there are 11 women who are in a golf contest of sorts. The eventual winner gets an exemption to play in an LPGA event. It's interesting and entertaining, except for one thing - the jibber-jabbing between every stroke.

There are several challenges and contests. It seems that after every player hits the ball, we have to listen to her explain how she felt and why her shot wasn't great and what she thinks, blah, blah, blah. It gets very boring after awhile.

Sure, it's interesting to hear people talk and explain themselves - sometimes. But sometimes it's time to just be quiet for awhile.

I read several blogs of people - most of whom I don't know but happened upon, usually from a link from someone else's blog. Most of them are interesting because they talk about things that are happening in their lives. But every now and then, a blogger goes on and on and on - expressing every single thought that crosses her mind. I keep reading, hoping for a morsel of written word to chew on. But sometimes it just isn't there. Sometimes

It's just

a sentence



What's the moral of this story? Simply this: what's blah-blah to me is golden nuggets to someone else. Every blogger has that reader that salivates while waiting for that blog to load, eager to read that day's epistle. It's the same for "The Big Break." There's a viewer out in TV Land that held on to every word the lady golfers spoke. They loved every syllable and utterance the golfer put out.

So blah-blah on, people. There's somebody out there waiting to hear and read what you have to say.
Things that make today great: $7 loungy shorts at Target; picking up Lindley at day care; Steve's Bubba Burgers for dinner with Molly, Lynnette, and Lindley; 5 slow miles in the hood wearing the jogging dress

Sunday, June 27, 2010

What I Got

Get it?
Things that make today great: Pancake Pantry with Steve, Molly, Lynnette, and Lindley; productive remodel shopping with Molly; babysitting Lindley; Lynnette bringing dinner from Calypso Cafe

Saturday, June 26, 2010

My Eye Poem

I cannot lie,
I have a stye.
It's in my eye,
I know not why.

It needs to go
I hate it so,
I told it NO -
It need not grow.

My lid is red
I'll apply the med.
Now all is said
I'm going to bed.
Things that make today great: 5 miles in the 'hood, Olive Garden with Molly, Lynnette, and Lindley; Lindley's new carseat and Wonderbaby/Hair pictures; picking up Steve at the airport; watching Molly play video games; patching Molly's chair; adidas hat delivery

Friday, June 25, 2010

Buddy Camp

These are some of my buds at boot camp. Nearly everyone is faster and more fit than I am. But we are a group, because although we do our own thing at our own pace, we encourage each other along the way and seem to enjoy busting our butts every morning for an hour. Some of us come every day, while others attend only a few days a week. Some have been doing boot camp for months, and some have just completed their first. Some are single, some are married, some have kids, some work full time - just a huge range of life's adventures.

Hopefully at the end of the four weeks, we've gotten a little stronger and more fit. Hopefully we've lost a pound or two and can run a little faster. Hopefully we've seen changes in the way we feel and we're happy - albeit a little stiff and sore. We've held the legs of our partners as they've attempted that set of ab exercises. We've encouraged each other to keep going as we climb the stairs and jump rope and skip with resistance. We've held sweaty hands during a blob chase, passed basketballs in hopes for a team basket, and ran to the front of the group during an Indian relay.

In other words, we've gained - friends and experiences and memories. What a great way to end a boot camp!
Things that make today great: Last day of boot camp, straightening up parts of the house; fixing the remote control issue; seeing three deer in the neighborhood; Nissan car repair dude; morning Nissan ride home; meeting Sam's co-worker and Molly's furniture buyer lady and her contractor, chatting with Maribeth on the phone

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The "Shuns" of Butt Camp

Tomorrow is the last day of this session of boot camp. I've missed several days for various reasons, but have managed to slug it through. I'm hoping to do better next session (even though I say that every session and have yet to achieve that better status). Anyhow, I just wanted to share some tricks of the butt camp trade, just in case you join me.

1. Modification. This means that when the rest of the group is doing a maneuver where you are doing some version of a sit-up, then you're supposed to roll up, then you're supposed to get up on your feet and jump up, you can do the best you can. Which may be to just lie on the ground and hope that it's close to quittin' time.

2. Justification. This means that you have a reason for modification. It may be because you're: old/overweight/wearing the wrong clothes/still upset over last night's American Idol Elimination/need a Starbucks. As long as you have a reason, you have a chance of living through the workout.

3. Airification. This means that you must put your mat in front of the only fan in the gym, if you wish to continue to breathe. On the other side of the gym, the one with no fan, there is no air, thereby restricting one's ability to do the obligatory side-scissor-crunch-partner-leg throw over your head exercise.

4. Waterfication. This means that you really should have a water bottle handy. Perhaps spiked with a little "extra" encouragement.

5. Laughification. This means that you must tell a few jokes so that when you are supposed to be doing 60 billion partner belly-busters, you can distract your partner from counting. This way you can also be known as "the funny one" instead of the "old, slow, chubby one."

There you have it. You can now join me at 5:45 am - I'll be the one next to the emergency defibrillator equipment.
Things that make today great: Boot camp outside; check-up with Dr. Nylander and her friendly self; picking up Lindley at day care; new suitcase delivery

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Turning The Other Cheek

This dude owns a house and rents it out. One night, two drunk dudes break down the door, resulting in one drunk dude getting hit in the head with a wrench and both getting arrested. However, the owner is not going to press charges, and instead is going to take them out to lunch and get to know them better. That's "turning the other cheek" in action, and I'm proud to know that homeowner - he's my little brother!
Things that make today great: Watching "GI Jane"; moving table to sun room; Molly's new roof; walking Rambo; picking up Lindley at daycare; McAllister's dinner with Molly; telephone chat with Maribeth

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Facing The Facts

Fact #1: It's getting late.

Fact #2: If I post another cute kitten video, there will be severe repercussions by certain family members.

Fact #3: While there are endless tidbits of nothingness on the web, none are inspiring me to comment.

Fact #4: I skipped boot camp this morning so I have to go tomorrow morning, and I need my rest before attempting my crunches.

Fact #5: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Things that make today great: Airport run for Steve; Starbucks; Lindley at Doik Daycare; new stroller; walking Rambo; new sandals; CPK with Sam, Lynnette, Lindley, and Molly

Monday, June 21, 2010


During my recent trip to NYC, Molly and I walked through a street fair. She had a skewer of meat chunks, and I had some sort of cornbread with mozzarella cheese melted in the middle. Mine was delicious and Molly got the meat sweats from hers.

I figured it would be one of those culinary treats that I would rarely have - until I started google-ing tonight. As it turns out, the treat is called "Mozzarepa" and actually has the possibility of being made - if I can find a willing cook.

If I can't find that cook (like someone who is having her entire kitchen remodeled), then I guess I'll just have to go find this guy in The Big Apple!!
Things that make today great: making it through boot camp after nearly a week off; taking over Molly's desk and file cabinet for my room; chasing Rambo with Roger; construction discussion with Roger, Jason, Christian, and later, Molly; Steve's burgers on the grill; picking up Lindley at day care; afternoon Starbucks run

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Things that make today great: brunch with Molly, Steve, Sam, Lynnette, and Lindley; shopping with Molly; Stephanie at Massage Envy; chatting with Maribeth

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday at the Doik

I spent most of the day shopping for necessary and unnecessary items and appliance price comparing with Molly. I also ate too much and unwisely (finishing up the chocolate ice cream and chocolate sauce). I then passed out on the sofa while watching the US Open Golf Championship on television. All that's left is to go to bed - it is dark now.

Hello middle age!!
Things that make today great: shopping with Molly; corn dog at Sonic; Spud Max at McAllister's; Tiger Woods golf

Friday, June 18, 2010

I Don't Get It

I don't know how they do this, but I like it.

Things that make today great: cleaning and storing stuff with Molly; having an easy Friday, new suitcase delivery, beautiful rainbow after afternoon rain, chicken salad sandwich

Thursday, June 17, 2010

And You Get Free Socks, Too!

All you have to do is get a colonoscopy. Let's start at the beginning.

The year of my 50th birthday, I went to my gynecologist for my annual checkup. She casually asked if I had scheduled my colonoscopy, apparently the "thing" for all 50-year-olds to do. There are many other things I could think about doing, but I listened and said I'd look in to it - just didn't say when. She gave me the card of her favorite butt-doctor (probably has a specialist name, but I like to get to the point).

Every yearly checkup since that year, Dr. N asked me again if I had had my coly (again - my term - certainly more interesting). And each year I reply, "No, but I'm going to." Last year I even mentioned reading about "virtual colonoscopies" just to through her off my trail. But no - she's read up on them and even knew someone who did those (a virtual doctor, I guess).

Anyhoo, about a month ago, Marilyn told me that a friend of hers (that I also know) was recently diagnosed with colon cancer. So, I decide to take the plunge. Or should I say have the plunge take me. I did, and here's my report:

First I had to get a doctor. Luckily for me, my gyno Dr. N gave me the business card of a good one - Dr. S. At least I assumed he was good - Dr. N is the best and I would probably do whatever she suggested. Or at least consider it, since I considered Dr. S for two years (more on that in another step).

Next you have to schedule an appointment. I didn't know what kind of appointment I would need to make. Would I say that I needed a camera up my butt, and when do they do that? Or would I say I want the "50 Year Old Fart Factory Special'? Just what does one request? I decided to just lay my cards on the table and say, "I need to schedule a colonoscopy." Apparently that worked, because the receptionist said, "Ok. You will need to see the doctor first," and scheduled me an appointment a few weeks later.

The day eventually came that I was going to meet the doctor. This was a good idea, since I expected my first meeting would be when he came into the "procedure room" wearing waders and heavy-duty Platex gloves, and carrying a garden hose. So, on the appointed (or appointment) day, I head off to the doctor's office. I was way ahead of the curve, since I had already googled the directions (that were conveniently printed on the card Dr. N gave me) to the office and knew where I was going. Of course, I pass the building on the first go, but I turned around and was promptly at the address. The building had free valet parking, so I gave my keys to Valet Dude and quickly headed to the second floor.

Upon reaching Office 203, I notice on the door that this office is for "Cornea Specialists." After studying the card a few more times, I realize I am indeed at the correct office. I wonder if there are indeed doctors who specialize at both ends of the human body. I decide probably not, and head back downstairs to the building directory, only to find there is no Dr. S in the building. So I call the number on the card and ask for the address - which I get, and off I head for my new destination, which I already know where it is, because Dr. N's office is in the same building.

Eventually I park the car myself and manage to find the correct office. I mention to the receptionist that I went to the other address and she says, "We haven't been in that office in several years." About the same amount of time that I've procrastinated about making the appointment.

I fill out the forms and am soon ushered in to the exam room. I'm wondering what will be examined - do they have to make measurements so they know what size instruments to use? I don't have to wonder long, because Dr. S comes in. We chat, mostly about colonoscopies, and then he says he will send in the nurse to make the big appointment. She comes in with papers, we make the appointment, and she gives me the instructions and prescription for "THE COLONOSCOPY PREP."

I have heard all the horror stories about the colonoscopy prep. I am figuring it's basically drinking Elmer's Glue. The orange instruction sheet tells me I am going to have to mix it up, so already I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to mix it up in, and if I will want to keep the mixing container once it's done. But as soon as I get home, I pull a Scarlett O'Hara, and decide to think about it another day, because I am going to Disney World.

I live in denial until Monday after my return, when I decide I need to purchase THE COLONOSCOPY PREP. I go to Walgreen's and hand in my prescription. I figure the pharmacy techs giggle every time they get one of these - I probably would. I tell her I will wait and shop around in the store. I decide I will buy some swimming goggles, so when I check out, I have this ginormous container of what is something akin to antifreeze, a box of Ducolax, and swimming goggles.

I know the attributes of Ducolax, having used the product on two occasions - after natural childbirth when I didn't want any pressure in certain areas, and when I was on the Atkins Diet and realized that not only did the diet clog your arteries, but also other tubular areas of your body. I read the directions on the vat of COLONOSCOPY PREP, and got ready for some fun.

On the day before the actual colonoscopy, you have to do two things: go on a liquid diet and the prep. The liquid diet is easy - you get clear liquids and Jello. The prep is this: you swallow two Ducolax, then two more two hours later. After about an hour, you start drinking your vat of PREP MIX - 8 ounces every 10 minutes. Then you go to the bathroom and wait. Of course, I had my bathroom prepared:

Of course, I had to document all my drinks, since I had to consume an 8-0unce glass full of goo every 10 minutes. One of my issues was that I needed to pick up Lindley at 3:30 pm, and I had "Beauty and the Beast" tickets that night. So, I started earlier than the orange instruction sheet said. But everything seemed to work out. Literally.

I made it to pick up Lindley and to the play. When we got back home after the play, I had a few more chasers (literally) to make sure everything would be a go for today.

Steve and I headed for the surgery center this morning, I checked in, and soon was called back to the "getting ready room." Here Nurse #1 checked all my info, inserted the first IV line then decided it wasn't good enough, pulled it out, and inserted the second (and better) IV line. She gave me my gown, hat, and complimentary socks and then brought Steve in. Soon Nurse #2 came in and went over the same info as Nurse #1 and wheeled me back to "the room."

At first glance, it looked like the equipment supply room, because of all the gadgets hanging around. Nurse #2 gives me the "good medicine" (which wasn't so great at the end) and Nurse #3 opens a cabinet of things that look akin to something my brother might use in scuba diving. Maybe the good medicine had started to take effect, because I'm wondering if Dr. S is going to show up in flippers. Alas, he doesn't - he's in his business casual, he says something akin to "Howdee do," and we get started. I assume the position, and realize I will get to watch TV. Of course it's the Colon Channel. At one point, I think, "WHAT THE CRAP IS THAT?!!" (which of course, it is). Anyhow, soon the show is over and Nurse #4 is wheeling me back to the "get ready to go home room."

Only for me, it's the "I feel sick" room. I don't feel so great - I'm hot and want to barf - which I do, which grants me some more meds for nausea that was caused by the "good medicine". I get crackers and Diet Coke and eventually feel better, which means I can get dressed and leave. By this time, a thunderstorm has developed outside, so Steve has to retrieve the car and bring it to the tunnel, where Nurse #4 can wheel me. Which is good, because I knew there would be no walking without barfing and fainting at that point.

I manage to make it home to the carport, where I promptly offer back up the Diet Coke and crackers into the handy little tray I also received as part of my colonoscopy package. Once that happened and I got a nap, life seemed good again.

So, it wasn't so bad. The beginning and middle were bearable - it was just the end that kinda sucked. My report was good - I don't have to return for five years. And I did get pictures of my healthy colon - you just won't see them here. You'll just have to wait for our 2010 Christmas card!
Things that make today great: good colonoscopy and report; Steve's help and suppport; picking up Lindley at day care; Molly bringing me a diet coke

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Big Picture

I just got back from seeing the "Beauty and The Beast" touring stage show. It's a favorite of mine, both the play and the animated movie. I like the extra songs that the play has, but I also like the imagery that only animation creates.

Tonight was a great performance, although it wasn't my favorite performance. In an effort to "freshen up" the play, creative minds have made a few minor changes, probably noticeable to nobody except me. The staging was a little bit different and the costumes seemed a bit underwhelming. The actors had great singing voices, but their portrayals of the lead characters seemed unconvincing. With all that being said, I still enjoyed the play. The story was the same, and they lived happily ever after at the end.

I guess that's one way to see things - that it's the story, not the little details, that makes life meaningful.
Things that make today great: picking up Lindley at day care; TPAC with Steve, Lynnette, and Molly

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Blogging - Not

In the process of trying to blog tonight, I googled to find a list of suggested topics. I found a blog with 100 topics, but I found that I didn't understand many of them. So much for outside help.

At least I didn't post a kitten video!
Things that made today great: BSC with Lindley; Demos dinner with Sam, Lynnette, Lindley, and Molly; Whole Foods field trip with Lindley

Monday, June 14, 2010


I know about jet lag and how travelling through time zones can make one lethargic and depressed. Yesterday I crossed one time zone and am wondering if I can qualify for jet lag. If not, I have come up with some other "lags" that I hope will explain my current state of "pooped-out-ness."

Disney Lag - comes after chasing after the Mouse, or standing in long lines, or maneuvering through the throngs of strollers/scooters, or shopping for the perfect Disney doo-dad.

5k Lag - comes after wogging yet another 5k for which one is miserably unprepared

Anxiety Airplane Lag - comes after any flight that causes one emotional distress - like any flight that takes off and flies in the air

Unpacking Lag - comes when the vacationer unpacks the suitcase, realizing the clothes that were packed apparently multiplied into six loads of laundry

Catching Up Lag - comes when the vacationer returns to regular life and has to bust a butt to catch up with the mail, the dishes, the laundry, the chores, the repairs, etc., that happened at the home place during the vacation

Shut Up - I Want A Lag - comes when you're of the age you can lag whenever you want - and nobody better say anything different!
Things that make today great: Surviving Monday boot camp after being gone a week; getting errands done; moving more of Molly's boxes; late afternoon rain

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Home Yet Again

Just got back into town, after a delayed and extra-security-screened flight from Orlando. Unloaded the bags, unloaded Steve's car, then went to Molly's to load her boxed up household stuff to put in storage. The plan is for the carpenters to tear out her den and kitchen tomorrow. Or the next day, since one of the workers quit to start a new job. Tomorrow, before the carpenter dudes come at noonish, I will return to Molly's after unloading the carload of boxes at the storage place, to get more stuff for the storage place and other stuff to store at my house. I will also unpack my stuff and start the post-vacation laundry. This of course will be done AFTER 5:45 am boot camp. At least that's the plan for now.

Sounds like a Monday to me!
Things that make today great: Safari at Animal Kingdom; lunch at Mimi's with Steve; safe, smooth-ish flight home; Molly's airport pickup; cold pizza slice; sleeping in my own bed

Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Brain On A Diet

Yeah, my brain needs to go on a diet - in a variety of ways. But for now, let's just deal with the diet the rest of my body is on.

I started on one of those diets where you eat the diet food that the diet people send you. I shall not reveal the name of said diet, thereby eliminating any opinions of the aforementioned diet. That way, I won't have to hear how another diet is better, like the "Elmer's Glue Diet" where you glue your lips together, or the "Twiggy Diet" where you eat only that which falls from a tree, or the "Zip It And Sip It Diet" where you pound all your food in a baggie and then drink it, or the - well you get the idea. For the purposes of this blog post, let's just leave it at the "Eat This" diet.

This is where my brain comes in. My brain, who is certainly in favor of less baggage in my trunk, is convinced that food (any and a lot of it) is my friend. My brain gets in a tizzy, thinking I must eat (insert any inappropriate food here), and I must eat it immediately and in large quantities. My brain thinks I "deserve" (insert any food treat here) because I did some aerobic activity (like breathe in and out). My brain thinks I am on vacation, so I am entitled to eat (insert any greasy, yummy meal here). My brain refuses to count calories, make sense of what I am eating, or come to terms with food reality.

But it is learning, albeit on a very slow learning curve. I try to teach my brain that, if I were on a required medical diet, I could eat only those things on the prescribed diet - so isn't this similar to that situation? I try to teach my brain that food is just food - and there are lots more things in the word that are enjoyable. I try to teach my brain that I am not banning (insert food of desire here) forever - just until I can get things under control - and fit into clothes that aren't made by Nashville Tent and Awning.

My brain is slowly getting it. It still has lapses (like last night's coke float in the Magic Kingdom) but it's trying to learn. Maybe the real success of a diet is this - my brain gets trained into doing what's best for the rest of my body. Isn't that the brain's purpose anyway?!
Things that make today great: sleeping in this morning; shopping at the outlets and getting a few things on sale; lunch at First Watch with Steve; afternoon nap

Friday, June 11, 2010

Aging In The Kingdom

Tonight the Magic Kingdom was open until 2 am - as if I could possibly stay awake until then, much less fight the people and strollers in an attempt to ride the choo-choo train. Which proves that now the Magic Kingdom is proving to me that I am indeed, getting older. How do I know this? Let me give you a few pointers that you too, may be aging a little bit:

1. You make a beeline for the WedWay People Mover. You have to be old to continue to call this ride by this name. And if the name-calling was enough, you also squeal as you take those hairpin turns - at the equivalent speed of a turtle crossing the road.

2. You eye those scooters and think maybe they're not such a bad idea.

3. You get a Coca-cola float at 11:00 pm, because you know the caffeine will not keep you awake. In fact, you're just hoping it will keep you awake through the 10 pm fireworks.

4. You look at people with strollers and thank God that you were not one of your peers who thought having a baby at 50 was a good idea and would keep you young.

5. You look at people with teenagers and thank God you had kids early in life - so that when yours were teenagers you were so busy trying to keep your sanity that you managed to get through those years with a few brain cells left.

6. You really don't care what you're wearing or how you look, because you know there's somebody older, fatter, and wearing a more ridiculous outfit that yours. And besides, you realize nobody's looking at you, anyhow.

7. You finally have to admit that you no longer look cute in that Mickey Mouse shirt. And matching pants. And matching hat. And more Mickey Mouse stuff that doesn't match but you would probably wear anyhow. But you remember that nobody is looking at you, so you buy it anyway and wear it. So your child who is no longer a teenager can roll his/her eyes to the top of their heads.

8. You start mentally making notes on when you will bring the grandchildren - which month, how long in the parks, and when to go back for naps - mostly yours.

But in the end, you realize that nobody really gets old at Disney World because you can accommodate whatever aging you have. All it takes is pixie dust and happy thoughts - and you're a kid again - which is why you keep coming back anyhow!
Things that make today great: Sitting by the pool with Steve; seeing Tricia and friends at hotel; picking up race packets; dinner and fireworks at the Magic Kingdom

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tonight's Blog Is Brought To You By ...

The number O. That's right - zero. Because that's about all the words I can come up with tonight.

Note to self: blog earlier in the day when the brain cells are fresh!
Things that make today great: Disney shopping; walking around Epcot; people asking about my Five-Finger shoes; grumpy bus drivers; Wolfgang Puck's with Steve

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Where In The World Is Luanne?

I am in the Kingdom of Animals, deep in the World of Disney. Tomorrow when I wake up, I hope to see giraffes from my balcony. I've already seen zebra and some antelope. There are probably even more outside, but I am too tired to go explore for tonight.

I am here to do the Expedition Everest - an event consisting of a 5k (for which I have not trained), an obstacle course (on which I plan to break a hip), and a scavenger hunt (which should be ridiculous for me to complete). During last year's race, the weather turned stormy, we got soaking wet, my camera died from drowning, and the race ended up being cancelled. But I got my medal, so all was good.

Tomorrow morning I plan to sleep in, which means I will probably wake up at 5 am, unable to fall back asleep. I guess I could go to the fitness center in the spirit of boot camp, but we'll just have to play that one by ear. Maybe if I get lost in the lion's den ...

Anyhow, so there you have it. I am on vacation to wear myself out. Isn't that what vacays are for?
Things that make today great: Meeting with the windows guy, Jason, and Christian at Molly's remodel; safe, smooth flight; chicken at Mara; outlet shopping (Linders needed a new outfit); riding around with Steve

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesday's Ecology Lesson

Today Lindley and I ran a bunch of errands. We had a house key made at Home Depot, we picked up photos at Walgreens, we met Jason the carpenter at Molly's house and picked out a shingle color for her roof, and we rented a storage shed for Molly's doo-dads. It was a busy day, especially when you have to take naps, drink bottles, and eat pureed sweet potatoes.

So, because I am worn out (and still have to pack for a trip tomorrow after I meet with the window dude at Molly's house), I thought I would just leave you with some useful information about:

Just my way of saving the planet!! (and going to bed)!
Things that make today great: running errands with Lindley; Jason the carpenter and beginning of remodel at Molly's; another moving excursion; back to butt camp

Monday, June 7, 2010

How I Feel Right Now

So good night for now! (And no, this is not a cat of mine!)
Things that make today great: Sleeping later than usual (thus missing boot camp - oops!); meeting Jason the Carpenter at Molly's; meeting Dr. Whatshisname; Five Guys with David; picking up Lindley and David giving her a bottle; CPK with Molly, Lynnette, and Sam; helping Molly move stuff

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Travel Weekend #3

I'm back from a fun weekend in New York City with family. We saw plays, we shopped, we ate, and we talked and laughed. It was great!

But it's nice to be back home - well, for a little while, anyway. I'll be out again this weekend, hopefully for a mini-vacation at "you know where." More on that later.

This is the third weekend in a row to be gone from home. Maybe because I'm getting older, it's just as nice to return home as to be going away on a trip. Which makes the whole "getting away" a little perplexing. Why go if it's so great to come home?

I don't know. I love going and doing, and I love coming home and doing nothing. I guess it's not important to figure it out - it's just important to enjoy where you are.

For me, I'm here now. At least until Wednesday, when I leave again!
Things that make today great: brunch with the family in Rachel's neighborhood; seeing Rachel's great apartment; shopping and riding with subway with Molly; safe, smooth flight; sleeping in my own bed

Saturday, June 5, 2010

One of These Things Is Not Like The Others

Which person does not belong? Here's a hint - it's the person without the hat on her head.

Sometimes as much as we want, we have to admit we're out of place, or out of our league, or just out of it. For me, it was trying to heave my leg up onto the police barrier in Times Square along with the chicks promoting "Chicago."

But it doesn't mean you can't try. It doesn't mean you can't have hope. It doesn't mean you can't achieve something.

I got my foot on the barrier. Perhaps not in the same style as those with the red leotards, but I got it up there.

And some days, any effort is counted as success!
Things that make today great: shopping with Molly; "Next to Normal" and "A Little Night Music" with Marilyn, Rachel, Lucy, Molly, and David; street fair snacks; Juniors dinner and post-play desserts; new Reeboks

Friday, June 4, 2010

Family Travels

Today Molly and I flew to New York City to meet up with Marilyn, Lucy, Rachel, and David to celebrate David's high school graduation. There will be lots of eating, shopping, walking, and play-going this weekend.

Meanwhile, Steve is in Kansas with Maribeth, accompanying her for part of her trek to Yellowstone. They will part ways in Denver, where Steve will board a plane home and Maribeth will continue to her summer job.

Two trips, celebrating new directions in life. A great way to start the summer!
Things that make today great: Safe, smooth flight; sloppy joe at Hamburger Heaven; meeting up with David, then Lucy, then Marilyn, then Rachel; meeting the Mississippi couple and grilled cheese sandwich at Roxy's; "Lend Me A Tenor

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Tonight Maribeth and I crammed her car full of stuff for her summer in Yellowstone. I didn't ask what she was taking - I just helped her jam it in. She knew what she wanted to take, and hopefully she has everything she needs.

Afterwards, I packed a few things for my weekend in New York City with Molly, my sister Marilyn and her daughters Rachel and Lucy, and my nephew David. We're going there to celebrate David's high school graduation. I packed the same way I usually do - put clothes in there that I think I will need and hope for the best.

As hard as it seems sometimes to physically pack for a trip, it's much easier than packing that emotional baggage. I wish I could pack up the junk I don't need in my life - bad habits, an unbridled mouth, laziness (you get the idea) - and send them on a trip of no return. I wish I could just toss them in a suitcase and put them on a bus.

But I can't. It's still there, waiting to show up. I just have to remember that even though I can't pack it up and send it away, I don't have to carry it around with me. Maybe I can just learn to let it sit there and gather dust. Maybe if it sits long enough, I'll forget they were ever there to begin with.
Things that make today great: Shopping and packing with Maribeth; picking up Lindley at day care and making videos; Factory takeout with the family

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Almost Like Being There

It's been a busy day. Boot camp at 5:45 am followed by assorted house cleaning. Walked 2 miles in the neighborhood in noon day heat. Cleaned up to pick up Lindley at day care. Did other assorted things too mundane to mention.

So, I thought it was time for a video vacation. Here's one of my favorite places:

Things that make today great: getting stuff done; happy Lindley at day care

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Today is Tuesday, June 1 - Isn't It?

The worst thing about Monday holidays is that I spend most of the following Tuesday trying to figure out what day it is. It's sort of like Sunday because Monday seemed like Saturday. But it also seems sort of like Monday because Monday sort of felt like Sunday. I don't know if it would be any easier if I had a job to go to - I would probably still be confused.

It didn't help that today was the first day of a new session of butt camp. I do not know how I can fall so far out of shape in the space of one week - well, it probably has to do with the lack of activity I do in that week off. Anyhow, today was one killer workout - and it was an easy first day!! It was hot, so I sweated and perspired and leaked water from my pores - every one of them. I considered not going - and I reconsidered my decision with every drop I sudated (look it up - I found it on from my person. Molly is sitting this one out, and it would appear that everyone in this boot camp session is physically fit. Even Karen, who has a bum foot, was lapping me as I wogged and she walked around the gym. Anyhow, I went, I attempted, and when it was over, I came home.

Lindley came over for Babysitter's Club, which should be even more confusing, because during June she will attend day care on Mondays, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. I will pick her up from day care on those days, so I may never know what day it is.

The hvac dude came today for the spring tuneup of our ac systems. I had forgotten he was coming, because I didn't bother to look at my calendar. Luckily, the lady who is supposed to call and tell me dude is on the way called to say that he was at my house, but he hadn't called her to call me. I was not at home because I was on my way to Quodoba to pick up a nipple set for Lindley's bottles - at four months she has still not learned to drink from a cup - slacker!! Anyhow, by the time lady called, I was on my way back and met dude who pronounced my systems AOK.

I did keep the TV off all day - I had decided I needed to curtail my wasteful TV viewing. It's probably just as well, since I probably would be looking for Law and Order SVU daytime edition, which wouldn't be on because it comes on Mondays, and today is not Monday. Or does it come on Tuesday?

So, in review, today is Tuesday, June 1. At least I think it is. Guess I'd better look at the calendar to see what's on tap for tomorrow.
Things that make today great: BSC and naps with Lindley; Lewis trip saga to NYC; James and Carole on PBS