Monday, August 31, 2015

And Then There's This ...

Last night Everley spent the night. At some point as we were getting ready to go to bed, she decided she needed a nighttime snack. Being Lala, I said sure and told her to go to the pantry and get something (because LaLa is too lazy to go supervise the snack procurement). She came back with this - "silver peas" as she called them and a bottle of power water (technically Propel water). I dumped some of the peas into a bowl and handed the bowl to her. With her unheated peas. Which she ate most of. Kids these days!!
Thankful today for: Everley and her antics; taking her to school; Steve's safe travel to California

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Just A Lindley Kind Of Day ...

First there's some chocolate chip pancakes at First Watch ...

Then there's legos while lounging on a couch while watching "Frozen."
Thankful today for: breakfast with Molly and Lindley and then some Target shopping; safe travel home for Maribeth and Everley; safe travel home for Steve

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Okay, So Just A Few Final Pics

Of the bridesmaids. From the old days. Because even though we got off the ship a week ago, the memories still linger. And to show the kids how we remember the good old days. Not on a disk, not in cyberspace, not on Just some old newspaper clippings and fuzzy photos. 

Pam, Laura, and me in a group, and Elizabeth off to the side.
I guess she got there late for the photo.
Or had the sense to not be associated with us.

My wedding. I didn't have bridesmaids.
Pam served the cake and Laura served the punch.
Elizabeth was in Florida.
Laura caught the bouquet.

My birthday party.
Pam's on the end with the curls and the big bow on her dress.
Elizabeth and me.
Dressed up in Pam's mother's curtains.
I have a pillow on my head as a hat.
Because that's what you did back then.
Thankful today for: Lindley sleepover; watching "Mary Poppins"

Friday, August 28, 2015

Movie Review Update - Because I Know You've Been Waiting For It

Unfortunately this month I've been lax on my movie watching. I haven't even gotten my MoviePass's worth!  Oh well, on to my reviews ...

Tomorrowland. I saw this on the ship with my bridesmaids buds. First of all, there's George Clooney - need I say more? But on to the plot. There's this young girl who is trying to sabotage an abandoned NASA launching place from being demolished because then her dad will be out of work. She also has a little brother. But there's another party (maybe this was at the beginning) where there's a bunch of scientists at the 19?? World's Fair and they are looking at stuff people have invented. A young boy had invented a flying backpack out of a vacuum cleaner, but the head scientist doesn't like it because it doesn't work. But a little girl gives the little boy a pin and then she and the scientists walk away and the little boy follows them and gets on some Disney ride and everybody gets transported to the future or a parallel universe - I'm still a little clueless on that one.  Anyhoo, back to the girl and NASA. She gets caught and put in jail and finds a pin that is like the little boy had. When she picks it up, she gets transported to this other world, wherever it is. There's a bunch of chasing and trying to find George Clooney (who is the little boy) and robots and stuff. And at the end, George and the girl and her brother and her dad and a bunch of other people are at this other place and they send out a bunch of little kids (who may be robots) to recruit smart and artsy people to come to this place to make the world a better place. My rating?  Five George Clooneys.

Walt Before Mickey. I had such high hopes for this one. I mean - Walt and Mickey?? Unfortunately those hopes were dashed once the actors started speaking. To say they were terrible actors is an understatement. Perhaps they were miscast - Napolean Dynamite played Walt's brother. Payson from that gymnastics television show played an illustrator - and her only expression was one of surprise. The dude who played Walt had two emotions - total boredom and rabid anger. I think the story was one worth telling, but I think I would have rather read the book. If there is one. But apparently this movie is getting good audience reviews, so perhaps I am being too harsh. Or maybe these audiences have drunk too much of the Disney kool-aid.

The Man From UNCLE. I never watched this when it was a television hit in the 1960s. So I really had nothing to base this on other than the photos I have seen of Robert Vaughn and David McCallum. And they looked pretty cool. I like spy movies, so I thought this would be a fun romp. And it was. Except that every time I looked at the Robert Vaughn character (that would be Napolean Solo), all I could think of is, "That's Superman." And since he isn't my favorite Superman, I couldn't see him being all cool like Robert Vaughn. However, I did like the dude who played the David McCallum character (that would be Illya Kuryakin), possibly because he was sort of tough-goofy cool (as you can see from the previous review, I am quite the expert on acting ability). Anyhow, here's the plot - Superman goes into old-time East Berlin to rescue a lady mechanic whose father built a super bomb. Toughgoofycool dude is a German agent who is supposed to get Superman and probably the girl. They chase around and Superman and girl escape. But then their bosses get together and say all three of them have to work together to get the bomb. And so they go to a party and meet the rich girl and the race car driver who have the dad and the bomb. And then they have to get the bomb and destroy all the bad guys. And they do. And then they become the UNCLE team. It was entertaining - I just hope Superman gets more roles so I can begin to think of him differently.

And those are my reviews for August. Maybe I'll do better in September!!
Thankful today for: taking Everley to school and Ms. Shirley and her teachers; 

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Let It Go

I know - you want to break out in song. Nope, today is not about snow. It's about letting go of stuff that you need to let go of. In my case, it's these boxes.

I have been saving them for a few months - you know, just in case I need to mail something. But today the tower just got a little too high. And they started to look stupid in my dining room. And so today I flattened them and put them out for the recycle dudes.

Yes, I will probably need to mail something tomorrow. And I will wish that I had kept the correct box. But I hear that if I need to mail something, there are places that will sell me a box. I know - the world is just a wonder.

The best part is now, when you come over (like I know you've been waiting to do), there's a chair just for you!

Thankful today for: clean dining room chairs and less clutter; going with Maribeth to her appointment

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Some Days LaLa Doesn't Cook ...

... and for those days, we are thankful for Krispey Kreme!!

Not saying who got the gigantic apple fritter ...
Thankful today for: taking Everley to school and a stop at KK

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Okay, so maybe that's a little harsh. But maybe that's what being 58 is going to be all about - making changes.

Hopefully you've noticed that the look of this blog has changed. That's one thing I do on my birthday - change the look. I also consider the whole blog thing in general. Am I going to continue it? Am I going to change the content? Am I going to keep it current? So far the answers to those questions are yes, maybe, and hopefully.

I read one blog where the writer has what she calls "Transparent Tuesday." On Tuesdays she bares her soul and tells something about herself, holding nothing back. Could I do that? Could I be brutally honest and not have some of my family members sending the men in little white coats to my side? I don't know either.

Then there's the idea of Wordless Wednesday where I would just post a photo. But does that mean that the photo has to be taken on that very Wednesday? What if I have a photo that I took on Saturday that is just too fabulous not to share? I know, it gets complicated.

I guess I could do Thoughtful Thursday, but who knows if I could even muster a thought on Thursday. I have to corral my thoughts as they trickle through my brain before the thought disappears into nothing, and nobody knows when a thought may trickle.

In other words, I could actually have a plan for this blog. And maybe even follow through with it. But in all reality (is this being transparent), you and I both know that such a plan would probably not work for me. So instead, I shall change how it looks and let that be it. For now, anyway.

I have a friend who was taking photos of her newly decorated bathroom, and didn't realize her photo was showing herself in the mirror. And she had just jumped out of the shower. And decided to snap a photo before she mussed up the towel hanging on the towel bar. Which would have been before she got dressed. My only question is, would that be Transparent Tuesday or Wordless Wednesday??
Thankful today for: family birthday party and nifty gifties; dinner from CPK and Adam and Molly picking it up

Monday, August 24, 2015

Happy Birthday To Me!!

Yup. That's me. I know - totes adorbs. Sporting a bracelet. Don't know the chick who's holding me - probably my Aunt Ruby who would later traumatize me by giving me inoculations. A note on the back of this photo says I was 3-4 hours old, which meant my mom was still probably sleeping off the "having a baby" drugs. Looks like I was sleeping it off, too!
Thankful today for: safe, smooth plane ride home; sleeping in my own bed; birthday cards and gifts

Sunday, August 23, 2015


Back in the old days, people got out paper, wrote a letter, put it in an envelope, stuck on a stamp, and mailed it. A few days later, the recipient would receive the letter and read it. I believe now the kids call this snail mail. Back then it was a paper delight. Since long distance charges were exorbitant, a letter was the cheapest way to stay in touch. There was nothing better than looking in the mailbox and finding letters from friends and family. This week during our Bridesmaids Reunion cruise, letters took on a new meaning.

We were having such a great, fun time. We were laughing and staying up until 2am laughing and yakking. And then one late night, Laura brought out the letters.

Before we all left our homes, Laura had mentioned that she had some letters we had written back in the day. I had forgotten about them until Laura brought them out (she is obviously the saver in this bunch). There were letters written from us to her, probably around the time Pam and I were married and Laura and Elizabeth were away at college. Apparently we were planning parties and get-togethers. We had a great moment of reading them and laughing (because we hadn't laughed enough).

It was a moment that brought this whole trip together for me. Sure, I knew we were friends, but after 38+ years, the memories of why we were friends and close enough to be in Pam's wedding were fading. I did remember that we did everything in church together, but had that been enough to maintain a close friendship when all our other interests were so varied?

And then we read the letters. And suddenly the years faded away as we read how four young women, although separated by distance, were still great friends. Even though those young women were pursuing vastly different paths, we were still bound together as friends. And as we read those letters, I realized why we were having such a unbelievable great time on this cruise.

There are some friendships that never die. Friendships that are wrapped up in memories and love. Friendships that can pick up, even after 30+ years of being apart. Friendships that are bound by the hearts of little girls brought together by one thing - the love of God. He brought us together and kept us together all these years. Even though we are separated by circumstances and location, we are still bound together by the love that God put in each of us. In fact, now that I think of it, I think our friendship as God's love letter to each of us. A letter that we can open whenever we want, and remember the love that binds us all together.
Today is a gift because: quiet Sunday at the Animal Kingdom Lodge; Le Cellier with Molly

Saturday, August 22, 2015

And Then It Was Over

Today we had to have one last breakfast in Cabanas, then leave our stateroom and head to the bus that would take us to the airport. Because Elizabeth had an early flight and Pam and Laura had checked their bags on the ship, we all had to leave as soon as we could. We got on our bus, got to the airport, checked Elizabeth in for her flight, and sent her on her way. Pam and Laura are on the same flight to Charlotte, NC, where they will catch other flights to their homes. Molly is picking me up at the airport to spend the weekend at my favorite WDW spot - Animal Kingdom Lodge.

It's been a fantastic cruise - possibly the best one ever. There are many reasons for that, which hopefully I can articulate in the days to come. Until then, I'll just relive the memories of a week spent with some very special friends!

Sadness at leaving. But at least Laura is in her daytime clothes!!

The view from my new balcony - it'll do!!
Today is a gift because: one last Cabanas breakfast; no problems in getting Elizabeth on her plane; fun texts from Pam and Laura; Molly picking me up; great room at AKL

Friday, August 21, 2015

Castaway Cay - Need I Say More?

Today was a beautiful day at Castaway Cay. The water was wonderful (not too cold) and the beach was beautiful. There were cabana massages, there was food, and there was fun. Yesterday we were invited to a special meet and greet with all the characters and got some really great photos. All in all, a perfect day!!

Apparently somebody ate her Wheaties and decided to wake the others up ...

Elizabeth and a friend ...

Our buddy Brodie. Who clearly knows his way around a selfie stick.

The selfie stick in action.

Castaway Cay!!!

Serenity Bay

Elizabeth. Very serene.

Laura. Even more serene.

Pam. Serenest of all?

We're here!! 

Mickey saluting the bride. Minnie was obviously elsewhere.

The bride and her bridesmaids. Have you caught on to the color scheme yet?

The princesses and the bridemaids and a couple of other dudes.

Best. Cruise. Photo. Ever!!

Cinderella waving to us. Because we're besties. And the cruise is almost over!!

Reality hits. Elizabeth needs to pack. And it's midnight!
Today is a gift because: beautiful time at Castaway Cay; special meet and greet; getting photo books complete; final dinner with our servers; final shows

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Day Six - Our Last Sea Day!!

Today was our last leisurely sea day. That meant a lot of rainforest room - at least until the dude in an adjacent chair told us to be quiet. We also saw "Inside Out," got a surprise gift bag, and looked at all our beautiful photos in Shutters.

It's pretzel day!!

And it's drink of the day time!

And it's Rainforest Room time!

Three restful ladies - and one crotchety dude ...

The sauna - if it weren't so hot, it would be my favorite spot.

Just some loveliness!!

The bride and her maid of honor. And the cruise director. Because they're all besties, too!

And so they brought me a cake for my birthday. Which also isn't today.
But it's coming up!!
Today was a gift because: pretzels and drinks of the day and movies and rainforest rooms and invites and gift bags and a birthday cake!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Day Five - St. Thomas/St. John

Today was Elizabeth's birthday celebration. Elizabeth has been a big fan of watching the sun rise. Which we happily allow her to view, while we continue to snooze away in our beds. However, since today was her birthday, we thought it would be so sweet of us to join her in her sun rising viewing. And so we did. Although I have to say that she was the much more perkier of any of us.

Once that was done, we watch the ship dock. And then went to Cabanas for breakfast. In our pjs. To which Laura mentioned that her children would be horrified at. I then pointed out that nobody around us cared, which seemed to relieve her feelings. Especially since it was time to dig into breakfast.

We celebrated Elizabeth's birthday, and then the three of them went on a snorkeling adventure on a pirate ship (like Captain Jack, not Captain Phillips). I stayed back instead of snorkeling. They had a great time and returned to ship. Tonight was the show dinner at Animator's Palate!

The birthday girl leading the trek to find the sun ...

The minions following her lead ...

The sun is going to rise. Really, it is. In just a few minutes ...

I see the sun!!

The official Sunrise Club. Some of us might consider this a one and done ...

This is not a sunrise bar ...

Again, Ms. Fancy Pants Photographer arranges a fancy schmancy shadow shot.

Here she is in action. In her pjs. Before she goes to breakfast.

The aftermath of getting some people up to see the sunrise.

And it's time for breakfast!! In our pjs! In public!
Needless to say, nobody wears negligees anymore.
At least not in this group.
At least not on this trip.

We're in St. Thomas!

Elizabeth's birthday celebration!

I told you we were in St. Thomas. Yay for cell service!!

Sending them off on a pirate ship.

The view from the Fantasy. They're the ones in red and blue at the front of the ship.

The view from the pirate ship.
I'm the one on the railing.
Oh - the only one on the ship apparently.



Returning from snorkeling. They're the ones at the front in their princess pose!

Dinner at Animator's. Yes, we're wearing matching shirts. Because we're our own fan club!

Some of our artwork.

More of our art work.

Tinkerbell. And our sassy pose. Because we are sassy.

Belle waving to us. Because we're her besties!!
Today is a gift because: seeing the sun rise; Elizabeth's birthday celebration; snorkeling adventure on a pirate ship; Animator's Palate animation show; waving to Belle