Thursday, August 20, 2015

Day Six - Our Last Sea Day!!

Today was our last leisurely sea day. That meant a lot of rainforest room - at least until the dude in an adjacent chair told us to be quiet. We also saw "Inside Out," got a surprise gift bag, and looked at all our beautiful photos in Shutters.

It's pretzel day!!

And it's drink of the day time!

And it's Rainforest Room time!

Three restful ladies - and one crotchety dude ...

The sauna - if it weren't so hot, it would be my favorite spot.

Just some loveliness!!

The bride and her maid of honor. And the cruise director. Because they're all besties, too!

And so they brought me a cake for my birthday. Which also isn't today.
But it's coming up!!
Today was a gift because: pretzels and drinks of the day and movies and rainforest rooms and invites and gift bags and a birthday cake!

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