Sunday, August 16, 2015

Day Two - Sea Day!!

Today was our first full day of cruise ship fun. While we all were planning this trip, there was some back-stage planning. Laura and Elizabeth and I planned some things behind Pam's back. First, I asked the other two if they still had the necklace Pam gave us as our bridesmaids gift (they couldn't find theirs - I could because I don't have a lot of jewelry anyway). However, Laura still had the original bridesmaids dress. Laura's mom had saved many of Laura's formals, and Laura found the dress in a ziploc bag in her mom's attic. So, Laura got the dress (her mom had taken off the long sleeves so Laura's sister could use it for a dance back in the old days) and took it to the cleaners to be cleaned. The cleaner basically said to thrown it in the washing machine, because it was made of 1970s polyester, and there was very little that could hurt the dress. And so Laura did.

The next question became, what to do with the dress. We threw out a few ideas, and in the end Laura just tossed the dress (and I tossed the necklace) in the suitcase and brought it with us. Needless to say, I could not even fit my big toe into the dress. Laura could sort of get it on - well, I won't display the photo she sent of that - but would not venture outside with the dress on, less she be arrested for indecent exposure. However, Elizabeth could fit in the dress (no, we didn't kill her for that fact).

I had a reservation for Palo, so Pam and I went there to wait for the other two (who had come up with some excuse for going to the room first). Pam and I were waiting, when in walks Elizabeth in the dress. Needless to say, Pam was shocked!! We were escorted to our table and Elizabeth put on a sweater so she could unzip the back of the dress to eat - after all, this was Palo brunch.

Anyhow, on to the photos ...

Minnie. She would have been a bridesmaid in 1977,
but she was busy that weekend ...

SOME people wanted their own photo with Minnie.
Technically this is Cinder Laura (we all have our princess names).

And this would be Spam White ...

Reception food before Palo brunch.
Because we wanted to test the stretchiness of our stretchy pants.

Eliza Belle in THE bridesmaids dress.

Pam's first reaction to seeing Elizabeth in THE dress.

And seeing the necklace.
Which I can still fit in to, by the way.

Every day we celebrated someone's birthday,
so we could catch up on one person at a time.
Today was Pam's day.
(Dorinda is her official first name).

Eliza Belle and the reason she is wearing a sweater.

Eliza Bell, Spam White, Ariel, Aurora Lu, and Cinder Laura.

Belle and our princess poses.
Obviously some are better at it than others ...

Cinderella - Cinder Laura's alter ego.

Elizabeth had never heard of her.
This was a trip of firsts for Elizabeth.

Some people think everything is about them.
However, one cannot get into a tiled wall carriage.
Even if they think it belongs to them ...

Sisters all around!!

Fun cast members who put up with our shenanigans!!



Now Ms Photographer is trying to get all fancy.
It only took 15 shots to get this one.

Spam White's birthday celebration.

Elizabeth. Rain Forest Room.
I think somebody told her to get towels for everybody!!

The Duck. All fancied up.

Minnie in her hootchy-kootchy outfit. Ours were still in our suitcases.

Dessert at Animator's Palate. Make your own dessert!

Obligatory towel animal by Melvina, our room steward.
Today is a gift because: characters and cast members fun; Palo brunch; bridesmaids dress surprise; Pam's birthday celebration

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