Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Day Four - St. Maarten!

Today was my birthday day! We arrived in port and decided to go ashore and shop. Laura was looking for a watch for her son's upcoming wedding, and so we decided to help her out. We got off the boat and started to take a picture, until the po-po on the segway told us to get on the other side of the yellow line on the dock. Then we boarded a boat that took us to the shopping area, where we did find a watch. We headed back to the ship for lunch and a nap - tonight is Palo dinner!

Happy Birthday to Me!! And the selfies continue ...

St. Maarten!

In front of the ship - once we were on the legal side of the yellow line.

We made it on the taxi boat! With the selfie stick!

They sort of have matching hats ...

If we made a picture, we got a free bag.
But we didn't buy a watch there.

We did buy a watch here.
And managed to work the selfie stick.
It's been a busy morning.

Some people try to climb into tile carriages.
Others try a large George Clooney photo.

We had a glass of guavaberry alkyhaulic smoothie.
And then tried the selfie stick.
Which got stuck on "burst."
So we have 400 photos like this.
But the smoothie sure was tasty!!

This lady sold Laura some flip flops.
So we took her picture.
'Cuz we make friends wherever we go!

Waiting for the taxi boat.
We're hotter that we appear.
Like in temperature hot
Although we're hot in the other way, too.

Our tootsies in the water.
'Cuz we like feet pictures.

Eliza Belle got us a prize in the ship's store.
Look - it's all of us!

Dessert at Palo.
This was all Laura.
The rest of us ate fruit and veggies.
For realz.

Sitting in the fancy chairs at Ooh La La.
We were too full to imbibe in any champagne, though.

Eliza Belle in the princess chair.
She always looks regal ...

The fluffy chairs.

And it's pirate night!
And no, we didn't plan to match ...

Fireworks from the pirate party!!

Melvina makes another creation!!

Today is a gift because: it's my birthday day (but not really my birthday); going ashore at St. Maarten and finding Laura's watch; dinner at Palo; pirate party and fireworks

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