Friday, August 28, 2015

Movie Review Update - Because I Know You've Been Waiting For It

Unfortunately this month I've been lax on my movie watching. I haven't even gotten my MoviePass's worth!  Oh well, on to my reviews ...

Tomorrowland. I saw this on the ship with my bridesmaids buds. First of all, there's George Clooney - need I say more? But on to the plot. There's this young girl who is trying to sabotage an abandoned NASA launching place from being demolished because then her dad will be out of work. She also has a little brother. But there's another party (maybe this was at the beginning) where there's a bunch of scientists at the 19?? World's Fair and they are looking at stuff people have invented. A young boy had invented a flying backpack out of a vacuum cleaner, but the head scientist doesn't like it because it doesn't work. But a little girl gives the little boy a pin and then she and the scientists walk away and the little boy follows them and gets on some Disney ride and everybody gets transported to the future or a parallel universe - I'm still a little clueless on that one.  Anyhoo, back to the girl and NASA. She gets caught and put in jail and finds a pin that is like the little boy had. When she picks it up, she gets transported to this other world, wherever it is. There's a bunch of chasing and trying to find George Clooney (who is the little boy) and robots and stuff. And at the end, George and the girl and her brother and her dad and a bunch of other people are at this other place and they send out a bunch of little kids (who may be robots) to recruit smart and artsy people to come to this place to make the world a better place. My rating?  Five George Clooneys.

Walt Before Mickey. I had such high hopes for this one. I mean - Walt and Mickey?? Unfortunately those hopes were dashed once the actors started speaking. To say they were terrible actors is an understatement. Perhaps they were miscast - Napolean Dynamite played Walt's brother. Payson from that gymnastics television show played an illustrator - and her only expression was one of surprise. The dude who played Walt had two emotions - total boredom and rabid anger. I think the story was one worth telling, but I think I would have rather read the book. If there is one. But apparently this movie is getting good audience reviews, so perhaps I am being too harsh. Or maybe these audiences have drunk too much of the Disney kool-aid.

The Man From UNCLE. I never watched this when it was a television hit in the 1960s. So I really had nothing to base this on other than the photos I have seen of Robert Vaughn and David McCallum. And they looked pretty cool. I like spy movies, so I thought this would be a fun romp. And it was. Except that every time I looked at the Robert Vaughn character (that would be Napolean Solo), all I could think of is, "That's Superman." And since he isn't my favorite Superman, I couldn't see him being all cool like Robert Vaughn. However, I did like the dude who played the David McCallum character (that would be Illya Kuryakin), possibly because he was sort of tough-goofy cool (as you can see from the previous review, I am quite the expert on acting ability). Anyhow, here's the plot - Superman goes into old-time East Berlin to rescue a lady mechanic whose father built a super bomb. Toughgoofycool dude is a German agent who is supposed to get Superman and probably the girl. They chase around and Superman and girl escape. But then their bosses get together and say all three of them have to work together to get the bomb. And so they go to a party and meet the rich girl and the race car driver who have the dad and the bomb. And then they have to get the bomb and destroy all the bad guys. And they do. And then they become the UNCLE team. It was entertaining - I just hope Superman gets more roles so I can begin to think of him differently.

And those are my reviews for August. Maybe I'll do better in September!!
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