Sunday, August 9, 2015

Just Me and The Rooster ...

Yes, it's me. And a life-sized rooster. Actually it's Booster the Rooster, the mascot of the Nashville Sounds baseball team. And in case you're wondering why a rooster is the mascot, here's the official story from the Sounds website:
How did Booster come to be? Here's the story from the Sounds website: "On Opening Night at the new First Tennessee Park, an incredible phenomenon took place when a Nashville Sounds baseball was accidentally knocked into a deep fryer at the "Hot or Not Chicken" concession stand."
Anyhow, the point is not to debate why the baseball team has a rooster for a mascot. The point is that I was at the concession stand, ordering chicken fingers, when Booster came up behind me. So the question is, what was his point? That I was eating some of his kin, or that I was eating far off my supposed diet of healthy good food.

So the question remains - what should have been the first consideration - the diet or the relatives? Whatever. I ate it anyway!! And it was pretty yummy!!
Today is a gift because: going to the Sounds game with Steve; quiet Sunday

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