Saturday, August 29, 2015

Okay, So Just A Few Final Pics

Of the bridesmaids. From the old days. Because even though we got off the ship a week ago, the memories still linger. And to show the kids how we remember the good old days. Not on a disk, not in cyberspace, not on Just some old newspaper clippings and fuzzy photos. 

Pam, Laura, and me in a group, and Elizabeth off to the side.
I guess she got there late for the photo.
Or had the sense to not be associated with us.

My wedding. I didn't have bridesmaids.
Pam served the cake and Laura served the punch.
Elizabeth was in Florida.
Laura caught the bouquet.

My birthday party.
Pam's on the end with the curls and the big bow on her dress.
Elizabeth and me.
Dressed up in Pam's mother's curtains.
I have a pillow on my head as a hat.
Because that's what you did back then.
Thankful today for: Lindley sleepover; watching "Mary Poppins"

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