Saturday, August 15, 2015

Let's Get On The Cruise Ship!!

Sure, you think it's easy until you have to reload a zillion bags into a bread box. But somehow we managed to do it, AND stop by Chick Fil A for breakfast, AND stop by Walgreens for a few supplies and a selfie stick, AND get gas for the rental car, AND get to the airport to turn in the rental car, AND find the DCL bus place, AND load the suitcases, AND get checked in and on the bus. Hey - if we can do all that, certainly we can get on the ship!!

Loading the car again. It really did all get in there!

This kind lady was not a bridesmaid.
Nor is all that luggage ours.
We just hope that we will see ours later on today ...

Checking in, books in hand. Wondering if they will let us on the bus ...

And apparently they are!!  Let's get this party started!!

Laura and I trying to figure out the selfie stick.
This does not bode well ...

Luckily there are nice people on the bus who will take our photo.

"Da Boat!! Da Boat!!"
What - you never watched "Fantasy Island?!

Elizabeth going through "the side door."
Because we are special.
Although I'm not sure what special might mean ...

This is the way to the actual ship, ladies.

Clearly the bride is excited!!

We needed to get dressed to board the ship.
Because we are "those kind" of people.

Obligatory photo by Minnie statue.
Because they have never been on a Disney cruise before.
And have no idea of the fun times ahead!!

Waiting in line for Princess tickets.
Again, thankful for people who will take photos so we don't have to use selfie stick!!

Lunch. Enchanted Garden. Need I say more??

Lifeboat drill.
Because if the ship goes down, I'm not responsible for these people.
I think Laura is getting better with her selfie skills.

Sail Away Time!
Squinty-Eye is doing quite well with her skills!!

Marilyn sent these for the celebration!!

First dinner at Royal Court. We start out fancy.

First dinner - glad I brought the stretchy pants!!

Our motto for the week that we saw on a door.
Because we are princesses.
And this week, we will be calm!!
Today is a gift because: fun in getting to the airport and on the bus; selfie stick tutorial; getting on the ship; meeting cast members; finding our staterooms and meeting our room steward Melvina

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