Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Okay, so maybe that's a little harsh. But maybe that's what being 58 is going to be all about - making changes.

Hopefully you've noticed that the look of this blog has changed. That's one thing I do on my birthday - change the look. I also consider the whole blog thing in general. Am I going to continue it? Am I going to change the content? Am I going to keep it current? So far the answers to those questions are yes, maybe, and hopefully.

I read one blog where the writer has what she calls "Transparent Tuesday." On Tuesdays she bares her soul and tells something about herself, holding nothing back. Could I do that? Could I be brutally honest and not have some of my family members sending the men in little white coats to my side? I don't know either.

Then there's the idea of Wordless Wednesday where I would just post a photo. But does that mean that the photo has to be taken on that very Wednesday? What if I have a photo that I took on Saturday that is just too fabulous not to share? I know, it gets complicated.

I guess I could do Thoughtful Thursday, but who knows if I could even muster a thought on Thursday. I have to corral my thoughts as they trickle through my brain before the thought disappears into nothing, and nobody knows when a thought may trickle.

In other words, I could actually have a plan for this blog. And maybe even follow through with it. But in all reality (is this being transparent), you and I both know that such a plan would probably not work for me. So instead, I shall change how it looks and let that be it. For now, anyway.

I have a friend who was taking photos of her newly decorated bathroom, and didn't realize her photo was showing herself in the mirror. And she had just jumped out of the shower. And decided to snap a photo before she mussed up the towel hanging on the towel bar. Which would have been before she got dressed. My only question is, would that be Transparent Tuesday or Wordless Wednesday??
Thankful today for: family birthday party and nifty gifties; dinner from CPK and Adam and Molly picking it up

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