Sunday, August 23, 2015


Back in the old days, people got out paper, wrote a letter, put it in an envelope, stuck on a stamp, and mailed it. A few days later, the recipient would receive the letter and read it. I believe now the kids call this snail mail. Back then it was a paper delight. Since long distance charges were exorbitant, a letter was the cheapest way to stay in touch. There was nothing better than looking in the mailbox and finding letters from friends and family. This week during our Bridesmaids Reunion cruise, letters took on a new meaning.

We were having such a great, fun time. We were laughing and staying up until 2am laughing and yakking. And then one late night, Laura brought out the letters.

Before we all left our homes, Laura had mentioned that she had some letters we had written back in the day. I had forgotten about them until Laura brought them out (she is obviously the saver in this bunch). There were letters written from us to her, probably around the time Pam and I were married and Laura and Elizabeth were away at college. Apparently we were planning parties and get-togethers. We had a great moment of reading them and laughing (because we hadn't laughed enough).

It was a moment that brought this whole trip together for me. Sure, I knew we were friends, but after 38+ years, the memories of why we were friends and close enough to be in Pam's wedding were fading. I did remember that we did everything in church together, but had that been enough to maintain a close friendship when all our other interests were so varied?

And then we read the letters. And suddenly the years faded away as we read how four young women, although separated by distance, were still great friends. Even though those young women were pursuing vastly different paths, we were still bound together as friends. And as we read those letters, I realized why we were having such a unbelievable great time on this cruise.

There are some friendships that never die. Friendships that are wrapped up in memories and love. Friendships that can pick up, even after 30+ years of being apart. Friendships that are bound by the hearts of little girls brought together by one thing - the love of God. He brought us together and kept us together all these years. Even though we are separated by circumstances and location, we are still bound together by the love that God put in each of us. In fact, now that I think of it, I think our friendship as God's love letter to each of us. A letter that we can open whenever we want, and remember the love that binds us all together.
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